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Neighbours Episode 1576 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1576
Australian airdate: 02/12/91
UK airdate: 27/11/92
UK Gold: 16/11/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Ashley Denton: Steve Kidd
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
A man sees Lucy in trouble in the park and takes her back to his house to strap her ankle. But it turns out he's obsessed with Lucy, thinking she's a girl called Claire.
Scary Man's House
Lucy tells the man that her name isn't Claire. The man tells her to go into a room to meet Claire, but the room is just a shrine to Lucy. Lucy tries not to panic and tells the man there's no harm done - if he opens the door and lets her out she won't tell anyone about this incident.
LUCY: None of this makes sense!
SCARY MAN: Of course it does, Claire, you're back with me, where you belong.
LUCY:(panicking) I've never seen you before, you loony! My name is not Claire, my name is Lucy!
But the man just shows her a photo of him and Claire. Lucy says they do look alike, but it's not her in the picture.
SCARY MAN: (to the photo) You know I love you. I always loved you.
LUCY: Let me go, or I'll scream!
SCARY MAN: Go ahead. With the window closed, no-one outside can hear a thing.
Lucy tries to talk to the man down and asks why he's been stalking her. She then makes a break for the door, but the man drags her back.
Helen wonders where Lucy has got to with the pamphlets. Toby has got his head in Dorothy's National Geographic magazines and really enjoying them. He goes off to the spare room to have a look for some more.
Faye drops around to see Dorothy and immediately lays into her about her "whole selfish plan".
DOROTHY: Who are you? What are you talking about?!
Faye introduces herself and says Dorothy won't get away with building her gazebo. Dorothy says the carpenter will be here tomorrow, so Faye says she'll get on to the council. Dorothy says that won't help, she's on the council herself! Then she shuts the door.
DOROTHY:(to Helen, laughing) Did that really happen, or did you put something in the tea?!
Doug and Pam are putting up the Christmas decorations and missing Cody and Adam. Faye comes in and tells them she's been to see Dorothy. Doug says that they should just drop it, but Faye accuses him of being weak.
FAYE: No-one pushes the Willises around if I have any say in the matter!
PAM: And you've sure got plenty to say(!)
Faye flounces off, oblivious.
Helen is still wondering where Lucy is - it's dark now and she still isn't back. She opens the door and looks out into the street, and then closes it again, despondently. Then she picks up the phone and calls the police.
HELEN: I want to report my grand-daughter missing.
Scary Man's House
The Scary Man suggests that Lucy calls home to tell her family she'll be late. Surprised, she starts to do so, but then the man flips out and starts ranting about "what she did to him". He tells her noone will ever find her - at least not tonight and maybe not ever. He makes her sit down to a candlelight dinner with him.
LUCY: You're going to keep me here tonight?
SCARY MAN: Don't be scared. I've made up the spare room. I know how you feel Claire about...you know, getting real close before marriage.
No.28, the following morning
Faye is making herself breakfast while Pam and Doug sit at the table reading the newspaper. Faye goes to put her washing out and Pam tells Doug she's fed up of Faye hinting that Pam doesn't keep a good home. Faye comes back in and says the builders have arrived next door to start building the gazebo. Doug tells her there's nothing they can do. Faye says they could re-plant the veggie garden with veggies that thrive in the shade. Pam wonders if any such vegetables exist(!)
Helen comes around, very worried about Lucy. She's terrified that something has happened. Dorothy suggests that she could have stayed over at a friend's house, but Helen isn't convinced - Lucy had a feeling she was being followed. She goes off to ring the rest of Lucy's friends.
Toby still has his head in a magazine.
Garden of No.30
A builder who looks suspiciously like Kim Timmins(!) is pegging out the land to build the gazebo. Dorothy is surprised, saying she rang him last night to ask him to change the position of the gazebo - so it won't block the light to Doug's veggie garden.
Meanwhile, Doug and Faye have finished planting vegetables that thrive in shady conditions(!) Faye overhears Dorothy talking about moving the gazebo and says Doug will just have to replant his original vegetables! Doug says from now on they'll get veggies out of tins(!)
Scary Man's House
The scary man has made Lucy try on one of Claire's dresses. It's an old-fashioned dress and he thinks she looks wonderful in it. Lucy looks very distressed.
SCARY MAN: You look beautiful, Claire. It will be such a wonderful wedding.
He squeezes a ring on to her finger and says they're man and wife now, after all this time.
Garden of No.30
The builder tells Dorothy that there's a problem with the new site for the gazebo - it's full of sandstone. The only place it can go is the original site. Dorothy says that'll have to do.
Faye is nosing over the fence and says Dorothy doesn't need a gazebo anyway! Then she rouses Doug from his sun lounger and says he'll have to re-plant the vegetables all over again!
Helen is practically beside herself about Lucy and the boys have gone out to look for her. Dorothy asks if she's told Jim yet - Helen hasn't. Helen returns to No.26 and Dorothy goes with her.
Ramsay Street
As Dorothy and Helen are crossing the street, Dorothy's builder is just packing up to go to another job. Dorothy says he hasn't done any work, so she's not paying him. In fact, she's decided to call the whole thing off!
Garden of No.28
Doug is replanting the veggies yet again! He's fed up and Faye tells him to stop sulking.
Scary Man's house
The scary man is taking photos of Lucy, who sitting in a chair. She tells him to let her go, but he says her life is with him. Then he tries to kiss her, and gets angry when she resists.
SCARY MAN: Don't play games with me! I love you, but that doesn't mean I won't hurt you, so smile!
LUCY: It's just...that I feel uncomfortable in this wedding gear. When can I put my own clothes back on?
SCARY MAN: You can't. The dress makes you mine, only, for all the world to see.
LUCY: OK then. So why aren't you in yours too? Why is it just me?
The scary man pauses and says he could put his tux on. He dashes off to change. As soon as he's gone, Lucy leaps up and tries to get out of the window. But it's locked shut.
Dorothy has come to tell Pam that she's decided not to bother with the gazebo after all. They chat about Lucy and then Doug and Faye come in, so Dorothy makes a sharp exit.
DOUG: I'm never going to eat anything except meat again, ever!
Faye starts icing Pam's cake while Pam breaks the news that Dorothy's given up on the gazebo. Doug groans in disbelief and Pam offers him a cup of tea.
Toby is on the phone telling Ben about the naked African ladies in Dorothy's magazines(!) Dorothy comes in and asks to use the phone. While she's dialling, Toby asks if she's got any videos of tribal dances(!)
Dorothy gets Helen on the phone who informs her that Lucy still isn't home.
HELEN: If anything happens to that child, I'll never forgive myself.
Scary Man's house
Lucy is still trying to open the window when the scary man comes back. He vows that he won't let her run out on him again.
SCARY MAN: You ran out on me, only one day before our wedding!
LUCY:(screaming) It wasn't me, I'm not Claire!
SCARY MAN: Liar! You ruined everything for me. Now you'll pay.
<<1575 - 1577>>
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