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Neighbours Episode 1563 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1563 (Andrew Robinson's birth)
Australian airdate: 13/11/91
UK airdate: 10/11/92
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Dr Parsons: John Benton
Ice-Cream Vendor: Dino Nicolosi
Baby Robinson: Shannon Holmes
Martin Tyrell: Nicholas Bell
- "Chopins Piano Concerto In E Minor Arr" by Johnny Pearson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul has run out of petrol after doing so many dry-runs of taking Christina to the hospital.
Paul's car
Christina is panicking that her baby will be born in the car! Paul gets out his mobile to call while Christina has another contraction (they are only two minutes apart). Paul realises they are lost and leaves the car to look for a street sign.
Paul runs round a corner and sees an ice-cream van. He pushes past all the kids in the queue and asks the ice-cream man for his help - he needs him to take Christina to hospital. The ice-cream man isn't keen, but Paul says he'll buy every ice-cream he's got in the van(!)
Todd is writing to his email girlfriend. Pam Willis comes in looking for Brad. She asks Josh to tell Brad to get his own dinner - she's off to work.
Josh teases Todd about his girlfriend. Todd is trying to find out what she looks like (via a primitive chat program on the computer) by asking her the very tactful question, "Are you a spunk?"(!). The girl says she is ok - or she was. Todd tells her he doesn't care what she looks like.
Ice-cream van
The ice-cream seller and Paul are helping Christina into the ice-cream van(!). The ice-cream seller is nervous that she'll give birth in his van!
They set off for the hospital. The ice-cream seller asks if he should put the "siren" on. He puts the ice-cream van jingle on(!)
Paul gives Christina an ice-lolly to eat. It will take her mind off things and help with the fluid. Also he is paying for them all(!)
Paul's Office
Caroline is working on a Sunday. She is having stomach pains. She suddenly realises she is having sympathy pains and calls Christina. She is worried that she's not answering.
Christina and Paul have arrived. Pam Willis comes in. Christina says they took ages coming in because they had to serve icecreams to some kids(!). She gives Paul her half-eaten ice-lolly and he starts eating it himself(!). Christina is very nervous about giving birth.
Todd is waiting for his email girlfriend to tell him if she wants to meet him in real life. Todd says she reminds him of Cody and that he's got a feeling about her.
Caroline has beeped Paul and is talking to him on the telephone. She tells him she's not coming to the hospital, she would freak out to see Christine in so much pain. Paul says she's probably right - one person screaming in the delivery room is enough - him!
Caroline is feeling guilty about not going to the hopsital - she is still having sympathy pains.
Delivery Room
Paul tells Christina that they should create a relaxed atmosphere with music - he has brought some tapes. He suggests Madonna - Like a Virgin(!) or Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture, both of which are turned down. They settle on Chopin.
Todd is on the phone trying to get his email girlfriend's address from the "computer operator"(!). They won't give it to him. Todd tells Josh she lives in Anson's Corner and used to go to St.Theresa's school. He asks Josh to hack into St.Theresa's computer to have a look at their records. Josh isn't keen.
Josh says he knew a girl who used to go to St.Theresa's. Her name is Jenny Chung, but she went back to Hong Kong last year.
Paul's house
Caroline is still having sympathy pains. Martin is making her a cup of tea. He tells Caroline that he is separated from his wife.
Christina is still panicked and can't understand why it's taking so long. Finally she gives birth to a baby boy.
Josh is tracking down Rebecca - he has phoned Jenny Chung in Hong Kong and found out that Todd's email girlfriend is Rebecca Huxley. Josh looks her up in the phone book.
Paul's house
Caroline is sleeping. She wakes to a call from Paul to say that Christina has had a baby boy and that everything is alright. Martin kisses her on the cheek. Then they have a proper kiss.
Christina is holding her baby. She thinks he might look like Paul. Paul tells Christina that she was very brave. Paul tells the baby that he might not be much of a dad to his other kids, but this baby will be different.
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