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Neighbours Episode 1560 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1560
Australian airdate: 08/11/91
UK airdate: 05/11/92
UK Gold: 23/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul cathces up with Caroline, blissfully unaware that she is fuming. Paul tells her that he's explained everything to Martin and it was a simple misunderstanding. Caroline doesn't buy this and thinks Martin did it on purpose. Caroline accuses Paul of only giving her the job because Christina pressured him. Paul tells her off for being paranoid - she's worrying about nothing.
Lucy is on edge about her advert - she thinks the company might like Emma's ad better. Glen says he'll take them both to the ad agency as soon as he's finished his morning coffee.
Gaby is wearing an outfit from her shop in the hope of inspiring some sales. Pam has been on the phone to Bert at the hospital - he's feeling a lot better. Doug thinks Pam will make a great district nurse. Pam isn't entirely sure about leaving the hospital, but is looking forward to the new challenge.
The Office
Gaby comes in and finds Caroline still in a foul mood. They chat about the boutique and Caroline says they've got a major cash-flow problem. She suggests that Gaby diversifies into lower-priced clothes - the high-priced items are only selling on lay-by. Gaby isn't sure - she doesn't want to run a bargain basement. But she agrees to think about it rather than go out of business.
Ad Agency
Glen has dropped the adverts off at the agency. The lady (Heather O'Toole) likes the look of Glen and asks him if he'd be interested in earning some extra money.
Coffee Shop
Pam and Doug come in and see Gaby at a table. She's looking a bit down and tells Pam about Caroline wanting her to make the boutique more down-market. Doug suggests that she does both - some mundane stuff and some high-end too.
Glen comes in and Lucy jumps up excitedly, wanting to know what they said about her advert. Glen tells her the lady didn't really look at them. He can't stop - he's got a lunch date with a "business associate" at the Brasserie. Lucy is suspicious - Glen is a builder after all(!)
The Office
Caroline is still in a bad mood. Paul is very excited about the baby and tells Caroline to call him if Christina needs anything at all - even if he's in conference with the Prime Minister(!)
Martin comes out of the inner office and apologises to Caroline for the misunderstanding they had yesterday. He invites her to lunch at the Brasserie, saying he's got a lot of grovelling to do. She accepts.
The Boutique
Glen pops in to see Gaby, dressed in a suit. She tells him about the down-market range they're planning - and admits that Glen was right in his previous advice.
The Coffee Shop
Pam is off to see about her application to be a district nurse - she's decided to go for it. They chat about the kids and their plans for the future. Doug thinks Gaby is pretty serious about Glen, but Pam can't see her marrying him - they're heading in different directions. Doug gets a bit offended - Glen won't be Doug's apprentice all his life.
Outside the Brasserie
Martin and Caroline meet at a table. Martin is trying to be charming to make it up to Caroline. Caroline warns him that she's not easily threatened by other colleagues. Then she asks for an explanation of the conversation she overhead this morning - about her being moved out.
At another table, Heather is trying to recruit Glen as a model! He isn't too keen, but looks interested at the thought of money and the female interest! Gaby walks past and sees Glen with Heather and does not look pleased.
Glen comes home to find Lucy studying at the kitchen table. They get round to talking about modelling and Lucy tells him how they treated her like a piece of meat. Glen looks a bit worried(!)
Lucy answers the phone to the ad agency who tell her that they loved her advert and want her to come in to see them.
Pam has completed her district nurse application form. Gaby comes in and goes straight to her room.
The Office
Martin and Caroline come back from lunch, so Paul decides to go home to see how Christina is - the baby is coming at any time.
Martin tells Caroline that he enjoyed their lunch, and invites her to dinner this evening. They seem to have cleared up all their misunderstandings so Caroline agrees.
Ad Agency
Lucy has arrived to speak to Heather. Heather says that the creative staff all loved her advert - it was outstanding. They're happy to offer her a trainee position once she finishes school. Then she holds up the advert and shock horror, Lucy's submission has got mixed up with Emma's. Lucy looks conflicted and tries to confess, but at that moment, the phone rings and Heather has to leave.
HEATHER: Do you want the job or not, Lucy?
LUCY: Yes.
<<1559 - 1561>>
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