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Neighbours Episode 1558 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1558
Australian airdate: 06/11/91
UK airdate: 03/11/92
UK Gold: 21/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug tells Pam about his mate Bert who is living in sheltered housing, but is very lonely. Pam suggest making a nice flask of tea to take around with him when he visits.
Todd is telling Helen about a film he and Lucy saw last night. Josh has apparently been as sick as a dog all night. Todd and Helen talk about Phoebe's party and how Josh was unable to go - Phoebe won't give Josh a chance to explain. Helen goes off to see how Josh is.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is chalking up today's special - "Tuna Quiche". Toby comes in and starts helping her to tidy up, then starts hinting for a job(!) Brenda says she only needs help at busy times, but she'll keep him in mind. Toby tells her that Joe has rung and Mrs Mangel is out of hospital and doing OK. Brenda gives him a free piece of tuna quiche to cheer him up - and she'll find out what the regulations on employing minors are, just in case. Toby heads off "to the travel agent"
Phoebe comes around to see Josh. He tells her he's been trying to call her. He tells her he's sick, but she's not having any of it. He explains he was sick and fell asleep.
JOSH: What do I have to do to convince you, die?
Phoebe is not impressed and thinks it was all a joke on her. She storms out.
Helen pops around to see Dorothy about Toby - that he's asking for odd-jobs to raise extra pocket money. But then Lucy saw him at the travel agent. Dorothy doesn't think it's anything worth thinking about, but Helen thinks it's deeper than that - what if Toby is trying to book an airline ticket to Europe?!
Bert's place
Doug wades through a load of rubbish to get to Bert's front door. He knocks and Bert shouts at him to get lost. But when he hears it's Doug, he opens the door. Bert is clearly not feeling well at all. Doug gives him a blanket he's brought and then pours him some tea and gives him some fruit cake. Bert drops his belligerence and relaxes a bit. They reminisce about how good builders are at brewing tea, but then Bert starts coughing. He's clearly in a bad way.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is serving up quiche. Phoebe is sitting a table looking rather miserable. Todd comes in and joins her. Phoebe moans that her birthday party was terrible. Todd assures Phoebe that Josh really was sick last night. Phoebe thinks Todd is covering for Josh. Todd suggests organising a metting between them at lunchtime, but Phoebe just walks off.
Helen and Pam are having a cup of tea and chatting about Josh's sickness. Pam says he should rest until he's feeling better.
Doug comes in as Helen is leaving. He tells Pam that Bert is in a bad way - but he is too stubborn to see a doctor. Pam offers to have a chat to him - she deals with old people at the hospital every day.
Dorothy comes in for some chocolate cake. Josh is sitting at a table looking terrible. He gets up and runs to the toilet, telling Brenda to keep an eye out for Phoebe.
Brenda tells Dorothy that Toby has been in looking for a job. As they're talking, Phoebe puts her head round the door, and seeing Josh isn't there, heads out again. Todd comes in and tells Josh he's just missed Phoebe.
Bert's place
Doug and Pam have brought Bert some soup and are having a chat. Pam tells Doug quietly that Bert isn't looking after himself - they must get him to see a doctor. Pam tackles Bert on the subject, but he refuses. However, he'll allow a doctor to come to the house. Pam suggests Meals on Wheels, but Bert would rather that Pam visited him. Pam agrees to visit, as long as she can contact Social Services on his behalf.
BERT: You drive a hard bargain. But I like you.
PAM: Done?
Helen and Dorothy have prepared a nice tea for Toby. He says he's got a bit of tuna quiche from the Coffee Shop, but he'll give it to Bouncer.
Helen delicately brings up the subject of Toby looking for odd-jobs. They ask him if he's intending to buy a plane ticket to London - it would cost a lot and also he couldn't travel on his own. Toby tells them it's nothing like that - he's actually bought a lottery ticket for Dorothy! He was in the travel agent because he knew how much Dorothy misses travelling and he could get some brochures - and if she wins the lottery, she can go travelling for real. Dorothy is surrpised and touched.
Coffee Shop
Josh is sitting at a table looking terrible. Phoebe comes in and tells him she finally believes him about the food poisoning, but she's off on a field study for Science now. Josh is disappointed - Phoebe will be away for ten days!
Pam has rung Social Services about Bill and they're taking care of things. Pam can't believe how many people slip through the system. She thinks there must be a lot of other Berts out there. She'd really like to be a district nurse. Doug thinks she'd be excellent at it.
Coffee Shop
Josh and Todd are having a chat. Brenda suggests some tuna quiche and Josh suddenly realises - it may have been the tuna quiche that made him sick.
JOSH: You poisoned me! And probably everyone else that's come in here to eat it as well!
<<1557 - 1559>>
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