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Neighbours Episode 1556 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1556
Australian airdate: 04/11/91
UK airdate: 30/10/92
UK Gold: 19/10/98
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Mandy Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug is spoiling Pam with flowers and chocolates, saying that they don't get $40,000 every day. Pam warns him that the bank could easily take it away again, so they didn't go mad. Although it's true that she's asked them to check the balance, but she hasn't heard anything back yet. Doug tells Pam he's booked them dinner at Lassiter's!
The bell rings and it's Paul. He asks her to go over to his place and have a look at Caroline, who's got a virus - even if it's just to put Christina's mind at rest.
Brad is looking at the half-pendant and Gaby tells him not to read too much into there being one on Guy's keyring - there must be hundreds of the necklaces in circulation. Gaby suggests that he talks to Guy about it. Brad isn't keen and begs Gaby to sound Guy out about the other half of the necklace. She reluctantly agrees.
Paul and Christina are talking about Caroline's new job. Paul says he doesn't really need a Special Projects Manager, but he did the best he could for her. Pam comes down from Caroline's room and says she just needs to rest. Christina is quite uncomfortable due to her advanced pregnancy, but she's looking forward to going for a tour of the maternity ward.
Coffee Shop
Gaby comes in to see Guy. When he's in the kitchen, Gaby looks at his keys again, just to be sure. When Guy comes back, Gaby asks how Guy survived without a full-time job and then picks up the broken coin pendant. Guy says if there's another half to it, he wouldn't have a clue where it was. He looks a bit shifty, though.
Lassiter's Restaurant
Pam and Doug are all dressed up and out to dinner. Doug is enthusiastically ordering lobster and says he wants to take Pam shopping tomorrow - to get her nice clothes, and a dishwasher too!
Gaby tells Brad that's she's a bit suspicious of Guy. Brad wonders if they should just ask Guy straight out, but Gaby says she's done enough.
A girl called Paige from the surf shop comes to the door. Apaprently she offered Brad a job a while back, and she'd like him to re-consider working for her. She heard about the robbery and asks Brad if he can start tomorrow. He happily accepts. Paige is very pleased.
(The following morning)
Brad is cooking breakfast - noisily. Doug really enjoyed his meal last night, but Pam is still full. Gaby staggers out of her room and complains it's not even 7am yet! Brad tells her that he's starting a new job today, at the surf shop.
Caroline is still in bed with a virus. Christina has been kept up most of the night by the baby. They talk about Caroline's job again and Paul tells her not to worry - they'll make it work.
Surf Shop
Paige is showing Brad the ropes at the shop. She's pleased to have Brad on board because he's considered an expert by the local surfies. Paige says she's pleased to have Brad there - she hasn't had much chance to practise her surfing lately.
Guy comes in to talk to Gaby about the necklace. He says he had nothing to do with the robbery - he had his own reasons for being evasive about the necklace. A woman came on strong to him when he first arrived in Erinsborough and he took her out, but stood her up the second time because she was too pushy. It was she who gave him the broken coin. He thought Gaby knew her and was looking for dirt on him to feed back to her, but he knows that's not the case now. He doesn't think she'd have anything to do with the robbery though - she was too classy.
Surf Shop
Brad and Paige are eating sandwiches for their lunch. They make plans to go surfing and flirt a bit. Paige then has to go out to grovel to the bank and Brad says he'll try to sell some stock while she's out. Suddenly Brad realises he was supposed to give his parents a message about the bank.
Doug is showing Gaby their purchases - they've got presents for everyone and Pam has a new designer outfit. Gaby tells them that Brad rang - the bank manager want to them to get in touch due to a problem on their account. Pam and Doug look at each other in horror.
Surf Shop
Brad has made some sales while Paige was out at the bank and she's very pleased. Brad says that one guy came in for a "special board" but looked a bit shifty. He's looking for a designer board.
PAIGE: If a customer's got money, I don't care what I have to do to make sure he spends it in my shop.
Pam is packing up the stuff that they've bought in the hope they can return it. But Doug has been on the phone to the bank and it wasn't about the $40,000 at all, it was about a superannuation payment - they're in the clear. Doug wants to go and test-drive a BMW, but Pam has come to her senses and says they aren't buying cars. And everything that can go back, is going back. She also wants to ring the bank and confess. Doug begs her not to. She doesn't care - she likes to live her life honestly - it's the one thing that keeps them strong and she won't risk losing that. Doug finally relents.
Coffee Shop - outside
Christina is having lunch at a table when Paul comes along. Christina is fed up of being heavily pregnant - she's got terrible indigestion. Paul offers to drive her home - Martin is settling in fine. Maybe they could do another trial run to the hospital on the way. But Christina would rather go home and lie down.
Surf Shop
Brad is engrossed in a surf magazine when a bloke comes in with a board. He's smashed it on some rocks and needs in fixed. The fin is broken and there's a graze, but Brad says that won't be a problem. But suddenly he looks more closely at the board.
BRAD: Hey, this board - where'd you get it?
BRAD: It was stolen from my place a couple of weeks ago!
BLOKE: No, there must be some mistake. I bought this board right her in this very shop! I paid an arm and a leg for it, too.
<<1555 - 1557>>
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