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Neighbours Episode 1545 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1545
Australian airdate: 18/10/91
UK airdate: 15/10/92
UK Gold: 02/10/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Front drive of the Willises
Brad tells Todd that he's optimistic about his surf business - he's got loads of orders, and soon he should start to break even and even turn a profit. Todd asks if he's heard from Cody. Brad has had a letter and she's having a ball. Todd is upset that Cody has another boyfriend. Brad advises him to forget about Cody.
TODD: How do you make yourself forget? Cos I don't know.
BRAD: Neither do I, but thinking about it all the time isn't going to do you much good.
Caroline comes in late from work and finds Paul curled up on the sofa with Christina, still reading baby books. Christina awkwardly tells her that Paul would like to be her support partner. Paul feels it's his job and Caroline understands. Paul thanks her. Caroline tells him that Melanie accidentally overbooked the executive suite, so now they'll have to send the other customer to Parkside Pacific. But Paul says it will give him a chance to rub in how they missed out on the Daniels Corporation deal!
No.26, evening
Todd is depressed about Cody dumping him. He doesn't know how to handle it. Josh agrees that life can be a real bummer and tells Todd about Phoebe. She's found out about the bet and was really hurt - now he feels very guilty. Josh thinks they went too far, but Todd isn't really bothered - he thinks Phoebe is so weird she wouldn't really notice(!)
JOSH: She's not that weird. And she has feelings too. We kind of forgot that. I'm going to her house tomorrow and I'm going to apologise.
TODD: You're going to her house?
JOSH: Yes. Why not?
TODD: You've got to remember that her father is an undertaker!
JOSH: So? I don't think he'll have any corpses in the house!
Todd thinks the whole family is odd and they probably all sleep in coffins(!) Josh isn't impressed and tells Todd to knock it off.
Guy and Brenda are having a chat. Apaprently the local kids are starting to hang out at the Coffee Shop. Brenda tells Guy off for using steroids and takes his pills off him. Guy says it's no big deal but Brenda points out that this race is only local - it's not worth risking his life. Brenda insists that the pills are affecting his moods but Guy just stomps off.
Ramsay Street
Josh tells Brad that he's off to see Phoebe. Brad isn't sure it's a good idea as there might be zombies there(!)
Guy comes over and invites Brad for a run, but he says he doesn't want to run with someone who's on drugs.
Outside Phoebe's house
Josh is surprised that Phoebe's looks normal from the outside. He knocks on the door and Phoebe answers. She's not pleased to see him, saying she's busy helping her mother clean the windows. Then she shuts the door in his face!
Josh shouts his apology through the closed door and begs her to open the door. But she doesn't. When he steps back from the door, Phoebe is on a balcony above with a bucket of soapy water which she tips all over him!
PHOEBE: Go away.
Coffee Shop
Guy has come to give Brenda a hand in the shop. They row about the steroids again - Brenda tells him that it's cheating to use them and also she's worried about him. Guy reckons he's just stressed out about the race - it's very important to him. Brenda reckons it's better to win fair and square, but Guy just wants to win.
Joe comes in and Brenda starts talking to him about his footballing days. She asks him if anyone ever took steroids. Joe doesn't think they had them back then. But he doesn't know a bit about them - he had a swimmer mate who was training for the Commonwealth Games and took them. It really messed him up.
The Office
Paul writes a cheque for Rosemary and asks Christina to drop it in to her. The phone rings and it's the manager of Parkside Pacific. He tells him he needs to book him into their executive suite. He gets on to the topic of the Daniels Corporation deal and it seems that Parkside Pacific don't know anything about it. Paul is surprised - Rosemary said he was really interested.
PAUL: You know, I'm beginning to smell a rat. I think it's about time we rang some of our contacts in the States.
Josh has been washing the window detergent out of his hair. Todd can't believe that Phoebe did it - she seems so polite normally. Josh tells Todd off for laughing at Phoebe - she's quite pretty in her own way, and is very intelligent. Josh says he'll have to try again to make it up to Phoebe. He tells Todd off for being insensitive.
Todd is still upset about Cody and Josh advises him to just put up with the pain for now - eventually it'll get less.
Coffee Shop
Brad comes in for some sandwiches and some cake - he's off to the beach for a surf. He and Guy eye each other silently. Brenda tells Brad she knows about the steroids, but she can't get through to Guy about them. She's got to think of some way to get through to him - even if she has to do something drastic.
Garden of Phoebe's house
Phoebe is playing with her snake when Josh comes to find her.
PHOEBE: This is private property, you're trespassing.
Josh tells Phoebe that her father let him in - he just wants to tell her how sorry he is about what happened. She accepts his apology and he sits down with her. He asks her out on a proper date, and it's not because of his guilty conscience - he likes her.
PHEOBE: Even though I'm strange?
JOSH: Says who?
PHOEBE: Everyone.
Josh thinks snakes are quite fascinating and agrees to hold Phoebe's snake. He's amazed how cold and smooth the snake feels. Phoebe explains that some snakes are lethal, but Oscar, her snake, is harmless. Oscar is named after an old relative who he mother used to refer to as "that old snake"(!)
JOSH: You know, I think Oscar likes me.
PHOEBE: I think he does. He's got good taste.
The Office
Both Paul and Caroline have been on the phone to the States. Caroline has spoken to a contact who says the real story about the loss of the executives is that Rosemary couldn't afford to keep them. Paul wonders if Rosemary is playing him for a sucker. He rings Chrissie urgently to stop her handing over the cheque, but he can't get hold of her.
Guy is off to the gym. He's got himself a new bottle of steroids. Brenda starts again about the steroids - Guy has got sores all over his back. Guy says they're doing him good, so Brenda says that she's going to start taking them too.
BRENDA: As long as you're taking them, so will I.
GUY: But you're not training for anything!
BRENDA: So? If they're not doing any harm, what difference does it make?
GUY: You can't take them like that.
BRENDA: Why? What are they going to do to me?
Guy reckons it's all about building muscle, but Brenda says they have terrible side-effects, like weakening his liver.
BRENDA: Look, it's just not worth it Guy for some stupid little race!
GUY: OK, well I'll stop taking them.
He gives her his bottle of tablets and promises not to take them anymore.
Ramsay Street
Brad is back from surfing. He met a bloke who liked his board and got another order!
He goes to the garage to continue his work, but all his boards have gone.
BRAD: No way, I've been robbed!
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