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Neighbours Episode 1543 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1543
Australian airdate: 16/10/91
UK airdate: 13/10/92
UK Gold: 30/09/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy has joined Dorothy for a long study session and insists on staying on for more study, rather against Dorothy's wishes.
Gaby rushes in and asks Pam what the result of her pregnancy test was - Pam is relieved to say that it was negative. Gaby hasn't made any big sales today, although two women tried on about twenty dresses. Gaby isn't sure she ever wants another relationship - she doesn't think she'll ever find a permanent one.
Helen asks Paul how business is going. He hasn't completely given up on the vineyard, but he was put off a bit after getting lost in the bush on the way back from it! Helen thinks he should look to expand his present interests - Rosemary happened to mention that she's expanding on the West Coast. It could be a good opportunity to break into the USA scene. Paul is interested - he wanted to go global with the Henson deal, there's no reason he couldn't do it with Rosemary. He wonders why she didn't come to him direct, though.
Pam has taken all of Gaby's library books back and paid the fine too, so Gaby can't really complain that she has nothing to read(!) Doug tries to coax Pam into bed and she isn't amused. She puts the late-night movie on and tells Doug not to wait up for her. Doug says she can't avoid him forever(!)
No.26, the following morning
Helen tells Rosemary that she mentioned her hotel expansion to Paul. She says she didn't think consultancy was really Paul's thing, so is surprised to hear he's interested. Lucy is going over to Dorothy's place again to do more study, much to Helen's surprise.
Doug has hidden Pam's supply of The Pill. Pam is not amused. Glen pops around and Gaby tells him she read The Little Prince last night and it was great. Doug heads off to work, kissing Pam goodbye. She glowers at him.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Lucy runs after Dorothy and tells her she won't be able to come over tonight to study. She wants Lucy to write her a synopsis instead. Dorothy tells her she's better off reading the book but Lucy says she'd hate Helen to find out about Dorothy breaking Helen's plate the other day.
Inside the Coffee Shop
Caroline invites Gaby and Lucy to a dinner party she's having. Lucy says she can't as she's studying. Caroline says she'll invite Glen as a partner for Gaby. Gaby isn't sure - they have a stormy track record. Gaby doesn't want to push things with Glen, but Caroline says there's nothing wrong with a casual dinner party.
The Office
Caroline greets Rosemary who has come to see Paul. She offers her a coffee while she waits for Paul. Rosemary tells Caroline that she's done well with Gaby's boutique, it was a good business idea. Caroline asks if there's anything going on as Rosemary as lost some of her top executive recently. Rosemary says it was just a bit of pruning.
Paul comes in at that point and sets up a meeting with Rosemary later. She tells him he'd better make it soon.
Dorothy has come to confess to Helen about the plate. She explains that Lucy took the blame for her and now she's blackmailing her. Dorothy didn't own up in case Helen thought it was a spiteful attack because the plate was given to Helen by Rosemary. But it wasn't, and Helen knows that. Dorothy says she'd help Lucy any time to improve her grades, she didn't need to blackmail Dorothy. Helen has a confession too - she hated that plate!
Gaby is talking to Caroline about employing Mrs Kirkwood at the creche to do some pattern cutting, which would leave her free for the more creative stuff.
Glen comes in with Doug and Caroline invites him to her dinner party. He says he can't make that particular night.
Dorothy is refusing to write Lucy's synopsis for her. Lucy says she'll tell Helen about the plate. Dorothy says she couldn't care less!
When Lucy has stormed out, Helen comes out of the kitchen. Helen is appalled and says she'll sort Lucy out.
Doug is slipping out to see an architect, leaving Glen at the table. When he kisses Pam goodbye, she tells him she wants her Pills back and she had to buy a whole new course at the chemist today. Doug feigns ignorance.
DOUG: Don't worry, they'll turn up. If not...something will!
When he's gone, Pam hits her finger and starts to cry. Glen comforts her and sits her down at the table, offering to make her a cup of tea. She pours out the story about Doug wanting another baby. She's trying to get her career together and Doug wants to turn the clock back. Glen looks a bit uncomfortable. Gaby comes out and comforts Pam too. Pam doesn't want more kids and Gaby urges her not to give in to Doug. Glen says he'll have a quiet word with Doug at work and try to get him to see the serious side of things.
When Pam has gone off to wash her face, Gaby thanks Glen for being nice to Pam.
The Office
Paul is asking Rosemary where his investment would go - it seems it's initially in shares. Paul wants to know *who* he'd be doing business with. Rosemary says there are three private investors, and also she's hopeful of getting Parkside Pacific on board. Paul says he has the funds, and if Rosemary will do an exclusive deal with him, he's in. Rosemary shakes hands on the deal.
Helen tells Lucy that she's found a replacement for Rosemary's plate, but it's going to cost $400. She wants Lucy to pay half. Lucy immediately confesses that it was Dorothy that broke the plate. Helen tells her not to make up stories and tells her she's very disappointed in her(!)
Gaby is rubbing Pam's shoulders and tells her that she thinks Glen is a really sensitive bloke. She quite likes him. Pam laughs and says they're always on again off again. Gaby says this time it's different.
GABY: Glen's available, and I want him. And one way or another I'm going to get him.
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