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Neighbours Episode 1535 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1535
Australian airdate: 04/10/91
UK airdate: 01/10/92
UK Gold: 18/09/98
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad wonders if they should go back over and apologise to Guy, but Todd says not. He tries and fails to rip the polaroid photo up, but they fail, so just shove it in the bin.
Helen comes in and tells them that Caroline has just got in, and was in a very bad mood. Just then, Lucy comes in, also in a bad mood. Helen comments that everyone seems very irritable today(!)
Josh and Trish are having a nice dinner. They talk about Josh's bet with Todd. Josh tells Trish that he's having a fantastic night. She is really pleased, but then Josh says he's pleased he managed to give Todd the slip so beautifully(!)
Gaby asks Pam what she's going to do. She says she'll probably throw him out of the house. Just then, Brad comes in and asks what's wrong.
GABY: Dad's having an affair.
He turns away and walks off to his bedroom.
GABY: Five...four...three...two...one...
Brad comes back.
BRAD: Dad's having what?!?!
GABY: Blast off!
BRAD: For a minute I thought you said Dad was having an affair.
GABY: He is. With Brenda.
BRAD: This is a joke, right?
PAM: 'Fraid not.
Brenda has got a facepack on. Guy has just got home from his date. He tells Brenda again not to get her hopes up with Doug and he doesn't want to see her get hurt.
No.26, the following morning
Lucy tells Todd and Helen that she's really excited about getting in to advertising. She suggests that she could speak to Michael about it, and Helen tells her firmly to get her information somewhere else.
Glenn is getting ready for work. Todd asks Josh where he was last night and Josh smiles knowingly. He says if Todd wants to win the bet, he'll have to catch Josh out. He tells Josh about the polaroid photo.
JOSH: Who was she, anyone we know?
TODD: ...Yeah.
Doug is stiff after sleeping on the couch. Pam, Gaby and Brad are all giving him the silent treatment.
PAM: I suppose I'll have to get used to using my maiden name again.
DOUG: Alright, first of all, let me assure you there is absolutely nothing going on between me and Brenda!
BRAD: Yeah, right, Dad. That's why you were pashing her - by accident.
DOUG: I didn't pash anybody! *She* pashed me!
PAM: Oh...yeah...(!)
DOUG: I was flirting with her. She took me more seriously than I expected!
GABY: Ha! You both looked pretty cosy when I saw you at the Coffee Shop.
DOUG: I was being nice to her because she was down in the dumps. I was just trying to boost her ego! And out of the blue she just launched herself at me, I didn't know what to do!
BRAD:(disbelievingly) Injured party, were you Dad?
DOUG: That's all that happened, Pam, I swear. I shouldn't have been flirting with her, I realise that. And I'm sorry.
Pam takes this in.
PAM: Do you *swear* that nothing else happened? That Brenda just misunderstood?
DOUG: I *swear*.
GABY: Brenda's got a nerve, trying to get it on with a married man.
PAM: Oh, she's desperate to find herself a bloke, but your father should have realised.
DOUG: I know, I know...
BRAD: Jeez, she must have been fairly cut up when you told her you weren't really interested, Dad?
DOUG: Well, I...
PAM:(incredulously) You haven't *told* her yet, have you?!
DOUG: I...I didn't know what to say...
PAM: Well, you'd better think of something, Doug! Because as far as I'm concerned, you're not coming anywhere near me until you tell her it's definitely not on.
She walks out.
GABY: Or me!
She walks out too!
BRAD:(amused) Don't bother coming home until you tell her, Dad!
DOUG: Can I at least have some breakfast?!
Helen is heading off to work at Home James. She is going to give LUcy a lift to Vocational Services to talk about her career.
Joe pops round to see Glen to ask him to be his groomsman, on account that Glen got him and Mel together. Glen is pleased, and accepts.
When Joe has gone, Glen empties the bin and finds the polaroid photo. He looks at it in surprise. Then he holds it up to Todd and Josh and asks what the story is with it.
Ramsay Street
Gaby is moaning at Doug to get things sorted with Brenda. Guy comes along and tells Doug that Brenda has gone into work early. He decides to go and see her there.
GUY: Be nice to her, OK?
DOUG: Of course I will!
GABY: Not *too* nice, either, this time, Dad!
When Doug has gone, Guy invites Gaby to the show again, but she tells him crossly that she doesn't want to. She saw "Guy and his girlfriend" leaving Dorothy's last night. Guy says the girl is just a friend, but Gaby is not impressed.
GABY: Sorry, Guy, but I'm not really interested in being just one of your options, and neither is Caroline!
Apparently Caroline witnessed Guy and "his girlfriend" last night too.
Coffee Shop
Doug comes in and Brenda is very pleased to see him. She offers him a cup of tea and a piece of carrot cake "nice and sweet, just like you"(!)
BRENDA: Doug, what's wrong?
DOUG:(awkwardly) Can we sit down?
BRENDA: Yeah...what is it?
DOUG: Well it seems I've given you the wrong impression, and I'm very, very sorry.
BRENDA: The wrong impression about what? Us?
DOUG: That's it, Brenda. You see, I think you're a great girl...but to me, there never, ever was any "us". It's my fault I admit it. I enjoyed flirting with you, and now I think about it, I enjoyed you flirting back. I don't know what to say except I'm sorry...I'm flattered, I really am, but...
BRENDA: But to you, I'm just a friend, right?
DOUG: How did you know I was going to say that?
BRENDA: Last part of the speech always goes that way, I've heard it before. But hey, no worries, I mean, no offence, but I was never actually head- over- heels in love with you or anything. I mean, it was just a bit of fun, right? I never actually believed that anything was going to come of it.
DOUG: Really?
BRENDA: Yeah...so why stick round here looking glum? Get back to work, right?
She forces a smile. Doug leaves, and Brenda goes into the kitchen and cries.
Trish Longley calls for Josh and he tells Todd to tell her he's out (though it pains him to do so). Lucy comes in in a bad mood, saying that apparently advertising is very difficult to get in to, and she'll have to study very hard to get it.
Glen comes out.
GLEN: Ah, so you're home.
LUCY: Where else did you expect me to be?
GLEN: Dunno, maybe off with some jerk called Guy Carpenter? Like you were last night?!
Aha, so Lucy was the mystery girlfriend. Lucy isn't happy that none of them like Guy. Glen shows her the polaroid photo and Lucy isn't happy. Glen tells her off for sneaking around - Jim wouldn't like it.
GLEN: He's chasing Caroline and Gaby as well!
LUCY: He is *not*!
GLEN: Be smart, Luce.
He leaves.
Gaby is frantically looking for her sketch book. Brad casually tells them that he's been offered a job down at the surf shop, but he's not sure about working for a boss rather than himself. Brad says he'll think about it. Pam finds the sketchbook, and then Doug comes in. He tells them he's hurt Brenda badly, and all of them too. Pam and Gaby hug him.
Suddenly, Doug realises he's late for work and rushes off.
PAM: It's frightening how quickly things get back to normal in this place!
GABY: Since when has this place *ever* been normal?!
Coffee Shop
Doug and Joe are chatting to Guy. Glen comes in and calls Guy over and shows him the polaroid.
GLEN: I don't ever want to catch you with my sister like this again, alright?
GUY: Where did you get this?
GLEN: Just leave her alone.
GUY: Cut the tough guy act. I'm not scared of you.
GLEN: You ought to be.
Glen joins Doug and Joe at a table while Helen chats to Brenda at the counter. Brenda invites her into the kitchen to talk and tells Helen that she's made a big fool of herself and is really embarrassed. Helen reassures her and says people will soon forget it.
Guy pops round to see Lucy. She tells him that Todd, Brad and Josh were responsible for the polaroid photo. Guy tells her that Glen has warned him off.
LUCY: What?! What is happening?! It's like he's on some weird power trip.
GUY: I don't care what he says, I mean...but maybe we ought to cool it anyway. Seems to be causing a lot of hassles.
LUCY: Has this got anything to do with Gaby or Caroline?! Glen said that you were seeing them too.
GUY: Nah...they're just...friends, they happen to be girls, that's all.
LUCY: Good. Because I don't care what Glen says either. I think that we should still keep on going out together, don't you?
GUY: I *am* a bit old for you, Lucy. Why don't you go out with someone from school?
LUCY: I *told* you before, I love older men. Now, you won't break it off with me, will you?
GUY: There's going to be trouble...
LUCY: Oh, well!
Joe, Doug and Glen are planning picking up their suits for the wedding. Doug and Glen say they'll have to have a bucks party tomorrow night, but a quiet one. Joe says he's more than happy with that - he's retired from big nights out. When Joe has popped out to check on the kids, Doug and Glen smile at each other.
GLEN: Poor guy. He's not going to know what hit him!
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