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Neighbours Episode 1533 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1533
Australian airdate: 02/10/91
UK airdate: 29/09/92
UK Gold: 16/09/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen is preparing for dinner - but only Brenda is coming now, Guy can't make it. Glenn is wrapping a thank you present for Gaby.
Brenda arrives with a bottle and starts inspecting the contents of the saucepans(!)
Paul is ringing his lawyer and leaving a message on his answerphone. Just then, Christina arrives home unexpectedly (she was missing Paul) He sits her down and tells her that he's in big trouble - attempted fraud and obstructing the course of justice.
PAUL: Oh, Chrissie. I could go to jail.
Gaby is looking for her sketchpad as she wants to go and draw out some new designs. Pam moans about Brad, but Doug points out that he's doing well with her surfboards. They talk about Brenda and Doug thinks that Brenda just has to find someone who's her type.
Dorothy pops round to see Gaby - she does want the dress after all. Dorothy is interested in the conversation about matchmaking for Brenda. Dorothy says she should have first refusal on any men Doug knows! They laugh
Helen, Brenda and Guy are talking about men. Brenda says the guy she likes is involved with someone else, but it's not a happy relationship. Glen says she should hang in there(!)
Chrissie can't understand why Paul took the money. He points out that he didn't even go through with it, and it wasn't totally premeditated in any case(!) They'll just have to wait and see what happens. Chrissie assures Paul that she'll stand by him.
Brenda is moaning that she didn't know Felicity Brent had it in for Dorothy. They talk about Guy and what a lady- killer her is. Brenda says that Gaby is always "bumping into" Guy at the Coffee Shop. Brenda thinks Gaby is interested - and Glen looks worried.
No.28, the following morning
Pam is resting up this morning - she's still feeling tired after the night shifts. Brad is still in bed.
Glen comes in to meet Doug for work. Gaby has already gone to work. Glen gives Pam his thank you present and asks Pam to give it to Gaby. Pam suggests that he delivers it in person, but he doesn't want to, and leaves it on the table.
Paul's lawyer has arrived. His name is Rowan Fleming. Paul and Chrissie sit down to talk to him. He thinks Paul's best bet is to try to get the charges dropped - if not, it'll be a case of damage control. The courts are keen to make an example of white collar crime in recent years. But jail is only the worst case scenario. Paul and Chrissie look worried.
Coffee Shop
Brenda tells Gaby in a roundabout way that she knows Gaby likes Glen. Gaby doesn't know what she's talking about and goes off looking confused(!)
Dorothy comes in for a coffee. She and Brenda have a barbed conversation. Brenda says that Helen was defending Dorothy. Dorothy counters that Doug was defending Brenda. Brenda looks pleased.
Paul's lawyer has been on the phone to the Crown Prosecutor's Office. The lawyer thinks that they'll go for dropping the charges - they're keen to nail McCann as he's slipped through the net before, but they'll need Paul's testimony - so it'll be in their interests to keep him sweet. They aren't so sure about the charges against Paul now - while Paul didn't report the $40,000, they can't prove that Paul didn't find it until after McCann contacted him. Also, they can make a case for post- shock trauma, and that he is being threatened. Destorying the evidence may not be conclusive either. Now they just have to keep their fingers crossed.
Ramsay Street
Glen and Doug are just arriving home from work. Helen comes over and is pleased to hear that Glen is doing well. Helen tells them that Brenda came for dinner - she's not sure Brenda is as carefree as she makes out. Glen thinks she's depressed about her love life. Doug says he'll pop over later with the "old Willis charm"
Gaby come in and is pleased to find a present from Glen. She's surprised to see it's a children's book. Glen has written "For being a good listener" inside.
Gaby shows Pam some pink fabric which was an off- cut.
Gaby tells Pam that Guy has asked her out. She's accepted, as Glen doesn't seem to be interested. Gaby suddenly realises that she's forgotten to bring Dorothy's dress home - so goes off to get it in Pam's car.
Dorothy pops round to see Josh - but they are both over at a mate's place studying. Apparently Josh is going to look after Dorothy's house while they're away at a health farm, so she's brought a list for him. Helen walks by and says hello, but nothing more.
The phone rings - the charges have been dropped against Paul. Paul is delighted and says he'll take Rowan out to dinner soon! Apparently it took a lot of doing to get the charges dropped. Chrissie is pleased and suggests that they go out to dinner to celebrate.
Just then, there's a knock at the door and it's the policeman.
POLICEMAN: You think you've outsmarted us? Well, don't go thinking you can buy yourself out of trouble with a fancy lawyer. Be warned, Robinson. We're watching you. You put so much as a toe wrong, we'll hit you with everything we've got!
Coffee Shop
Doug pops in after closing time to say hello to Brenda. He says he hates to see her depressed. He says if it wasn't for Pam, he'd be after her himself.
DOUG: You're a very special lady.
BRENDA: I think you're pretty special too!
She grabs him and kisses him on the lips!
Just then, Gaby walks past on the way to the boutique and sees this. She looks shocked.
<<1532 - 1534>>
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