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Neighbours Episode 1531 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1531
Australian airdate: 30/09/91
UK airdate: 25/09/92
UK Gold: 14/09/98
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- The shady bloke who shot Caroline blackmails Paul for $20,000.
Melanie has come to see Dorothy, who tells her she's going away for a few days to a health farm with her friend Winnie.
Melanie gets upset and tells Dorothy that she and Joe aren't getting married after all. Melanie starts to cry and Dorothy comforts her.
MELANIE: It's so stupid. Joe found out about this one night...this...reasonably quick relationship that I had with someone that we both know. And he's taking it really badly, he's just gone completely off the deep end. So we fought about it and I said 'OK, well, let's call the wedding off' but he took it the wrong way and agreed!
DOROTHY: Ohhh...is that all?! Surely he didn't expect you to be a vestal virgin?!
MELANIE: No, it's not that I've had other boyfriends that's not the problem, it's the fact that I've been with this *particular* person.
DOROTHY: But that's absurd, how bad can it be?
Melanie looks at her.
MELANIE: It was Paul.
Dorothy nods in understanding.
Paul is stewing in the lounge when Christina arrives home with Caroline in tow - apparently she's allowed home as long as she rests. Christina has bought Caroline a present - a new briefcase. Caroline says she'll miss her old case as she went through a lot with it.
While Christina goes off to make dinner, Caroline talks to Paul about improving the security arrangements at Lassiter's. He says he doesn't want to go overboard, and then the phone rings and he snatches it up. It's not the shady bloke, it's actually Caroline's mum.
Melanie comes home and tells the kids that she's going to stay with Dorothy for a couple of days. Toby says (in front of Joe) that Joe is being dumb(!) and tells him to do something!
TOBY: Dad, dad, do something?!
JOE: About what?
TOBY: Melanie's leaving, stop her!
JOE: She's a free agent, Tobe. If she wants to go, I can't stop her.
TOBY: Aren't you even going to try?!
Joe is silent, so Melanie hugs the kids and heads off.
TOBY: She's really going!
The front door bangs.
TOBY: You let her go! How could you do it?! What's wrong with you?!
JOE: Tobe, you don't understand, mate, stay out of it, it's none of your business.
TOBY: It is so my business! She was going to be our mum! If you don't get her back, I'll never forgive you as long as I live!
He flings his jigsaw on the floor and storms out.
No.30, the following morning
Dorothy is trying to get Melanie to eat breakfast when Toby and Bouncer pop round. He asks Melanie for help with his project on cicadas - and it's such a big project, she'll have to come round to No.32. Melanie says that she can't do that. Toby demands to know why she and Joe are fighting.
MELANIE: Toby, look. There are some things that are really difficult to explain to children.
TOBY: You're the ones acting like children!
He heads off with Bouncer in tow.
Toby is dejectedly playing football by the lake and kicks his ball into the water. Bouncer refuses to go in to fetch it, so Toby tries to reach it with a stick, but fails. He decides to wade in to get it. While he's in there, he comes across...a mysterious briefcase with "C A" on it.
Dorothy has popped round to get Melanie's address book.
DOROTHY: How's everything going here?
JOE: Oh, good as gold, yes! Has Melanie mentioned how long she might be staying with you?
DOROTHY: No, but she's very welcome to stay as long as she likes. She's a joy to have around, so bright and bubbly. (Pointedly) Only a fool would let her go!
JOE: Dorothy, you don't know the full story...
DOROTHY: I'd better get going! Melanie probably has some important calls to make.
JOE: Yeah, sure.
DOROTHY: She did mention Simon...probably wants to catch up with him now that she's free again.
JOE: Doesn't waste any time, does she?
DOROTHY: Well, I suppose she feels there's no sense in crying over spilt milk.
JOE: We haven't called the wedding off, yet, it's not official! We haven't told everyone!
DOROTHY: Oh, that's the other reason she wanted this - to let everyone know. Although she's a bit worried about what to say when people ask why. What are *you* going to say?
JOE: I'll just say that we...when it came to the...I'll just say that *she* didn't...I'll just tell them something came up.
DOROTHY: 'Something came up'?! Oh, Joe, you'll have to do better than that!
Caroline tells Christina that Guy Carpenter bought her flowers. There's a knock at the door and it's Toby and Bouncer. Caroline recognises her briefcase and Paul recoils in shock.
TOBY: Yeah, I thought it might be yours! I found it in a lake!
CAROLINE: Oh, thank you! Hope my things are still inside!
TOBY: It's pretty heavy, maybe it's still full of money?! Will I get a reward?
CHRISTINA: I don't know, what do you think, Paul.
Paul is looking like the proverbial stunned mullet.
PAUL: I think Toby should stay out of lakes!
Caroline opens the briefcase and finds it full of rocks. They all groan in disappointment. Toby says it's not his day today - no money and also Joe and Melanie have split up. Everyone is shocked at this news.
PAUL: Your father is...(he stops himself)
TOBY: Don't worry, I know(!)
Dorothy and Melanie are hanging out reading magazines. Dorothy is going through some potential health farm destinations - some of them look a bit full- on with hiking and no alcohol or cigarettes!
Christina comes round to see Melanie about the breakup and she awkwardly tells her what happened without mentioning Paul's name(!)
CHRISTINA: That's silly! Joe's had lots of girlfriends, not to mention wives!
MELANIE: Well, I don't think it's the fact that I've...been with someone else before, I think it's the actual *choice* of the someone else that's bugging him.
CHRISTINA: Who was it?
MELANIE:(strained) That's not important!
CHRISTINA: Well, it must be! Joe's really easy- going, is this guy a real creep or something?!
Melanie looks at Dorothy, who is also looking awkward.
MELANIE: No...I wouldn't say that.
CHRISTINA: Do I know him?!
DOROTHY: Good heavens, the washing!
She makes a sharp exit(!)
MELANIE: Yeah...
CHRISTINA: Mel, why can't you tell your best friend?
MELANIE: Because...I don't want to lose her.
CHRISTINA: That's silly, wh...?
MELANIE: It was Paul.
Christina looks stunned.
CHRISTINA: And you and Paul have...?
MELANIE: You hate me, don't you?
MELANIE: Well, why are you looking at me like that, then, Chrissie?
CHRISTINA: I'm surprised. I knew Paul had played the field, but I didn't realise he'd played it with you...
MELANIE: It was only once, and it was like ages, ago, before you two even met or anything.
Christina takes this in.
MELANIE: Chrissie, I hope this doesn't cause any problems between you and Paul.
CHRISTINA: No, why should it? It's in the past. It's got nothing to do with *us*
MELANIE: I wish Joe felt that way.
CHRISTINA: Joe's being really weird if you ask me.
DOROTHY:(coming back in) That's the consensus! the trick is to make him realise that before it's too late.
Front garden of No.32
Christina approaches Joe who is doing some gardening.
CHRISTINA: Sorry to hear about the bust- up between you and Mel.
JOE: Yeah, well...that's life.
CHRISTINA: I think Melanie's a bit mixed- up, if you ask me.
JOE: I'm glad somebody is finally seeing things my way!
CHRISTINA: She's saying that you've called the wedding off because of a one minute fling she had with Paul...
Joe nods.
CHRISTINA: ...and I told her you wouldn't be that stupid to let a little thing like that ruin everything!
JOE: Aren't you upset about it?
CHRISTINA: No. Well, maybe a little, but it was a long time ago. And you could look at it this way...he's got great taste in women, huh?
JOE: Yeah, but...
CHRISTINA: Ah, speak of the devil!
Paul's car has pulled up the street, and Christina waves to him.
CHRISTINA: Actually, the more I hear about Paul's past, the more special I feel. He could have married anyone, but he chose *me*. You could say the same about Melanie.
JOE: Do you think I'm being a dill?
CHRISTINA: Actually, Joe, *everyone* thinks you're being a dill!
Paul asks Caroline anxiously if there have been any calls for him, but there haven't. Caroline asks if she should call the police about the briefcase, but he says there's no point as the briefcase has been in the lake. Caroline is surprised at Paul's lack of interest and wonders how the thief knew the combination for the lock and then why dispose of the case so close to home? Paul jokes that she should have been a private detective.
Toby calls Melanie and tells her to get over there on a matter of "life or death". Joe comes in and just then Melanie rushes in.
MELANIE:(rushing through the front door) TOBY!!
TOBY: In the kitchen!
JOE: What's going on?
MELANIE: Oh, you're here!
JOE: Well, I do live here!
MELANIE: What's the problem, Tobe?
JOE: What problem?
MELANIE: Toby said there was some kind of emergency!
JOE: What emergency?
TOBY: Well...I lost my compass.
Joe and Melanie roll their eyes.
MELANIE: That was the matter of life and death?!
TOBY: Yeah, I can't draw circles without it...but now that you're here, Dad had something important to say to you.
Joe looks up.
MELANIE:(vulnerable) Well?
JOE: Well, um...your mum rang.
MELANIE: That's it?
JOE: That's it.
MELANIE: Fine, I'm going to go then.
Melanie walks out.
TOBY: Dad, you've done it again, what are you, some sort of dumb dork?!
JOE: Toby, that's enough of your lip, and you had no right setting me up like that!
TOBY: I was just trying to help.
JOE: Yeah, well it was a dumb way of going about it!
TOBY: At least I'm trying! What are you doing, huh? Nothing! If I'm dumb, you must be brain- dead!
JOE: Toby, I'm sick of being talked to like that, now get out and just leave me alone.
TOBY: OK, if that's the way you want it!
CAROLINE: Paul and Melanie?!
Caroline can't believe it. Christina says it was weird at first, but it was a long time ago, so she's over it. She's not even going to tell Paul she knows.
Just then, the phone rings and Caroline answers it - it's the shady guy! He demands to speak to Paul. Paul takes the phone.
SHADY GUY: Listen, I want the money today!
PAUL: I can't, it's Sunday.
SHADY GUY: You'll find a way.
They arrange to meet on Monday morning at 10am.
SHADY GUY: And no tricks. You be there alone, or I'll be making a little call to the cops, alright?!
Christina heads off - she's going to stay with her mum for a few days, but Caroline is staying home. Christina kisses them goodbye.
When she's gone, Caroline wants to talk about the briefcase again. She is determined to tell the police.
PAUL: No...you can't do that.
CAROLINE:(suspicious) You know something, don't you?!
PAUL: Caz...it's just not as simple as you think...
CAROLINE: Paul, you either tell me what's going on, or I'm calling the police.
Melanie is watching TV when there's a knock at the door. Dorothy goes to answer it, telling Melanie to play it cool.
Joe comes in holding Sky.
JOE: Mel...
JOE: Can we talk?
JOE: Er...I've got dinner on over there for us all, and I think we should straighten things out.
Melanie stops playing it cool immediately(!)
MELANIE: So do I...let's go! (To Dorothy) Oh, you don't mind about dinner, do you?
DOROHTY: Of course not, off you go.
JOE: What about Tobe?
MELANIE: What about him?
JOE: Well, he's here with you, isn't he?
MELANIE: No, I haven't seen Toby since the compass emergency.
JOE: Well, neither have I, I thought he was here. Oh, don't tell me.
JOE: We had this big blue after you left and I told him to nick off and leave me alone.
MELANIE: Joe, that was hours ago!
DOROTHY: You don't think he'd have taken you at your word, do you?
Joe looks worried.
A road
Toby is walking along a busy road with Bouncer.
TOBY: Some family! I might as well be invisible! We've got to get as far away from home as possible. And then... I wish granddad was here. He'd understand. But he's not coming back. And neither am I.
He starts hitching a lift.
Paul has explained the whole sorry story to Caroline.
CAROLINE: Have you gone mad?!
PAUL: I didn't plan this, Caroline!
He explains that he only found the $40,000 after he'd reported the full amount to the insurance company. Anyway, the insurance company robbed him blind before, so he was evening things up(!) Now he has no choice but to do what this guy says.
CAROLINE: What if the next person he shoots dies, how can you live with that, hmmm? You know who he is, you know where he'll be, you've *got* to turn him in, Paul!
PAUL: Oh, sure, sure! And turn myself in with him. Is that what you want, is it?!
CAROLINE: You've got no choice! And if you don't, I will! If I keep quiet about this, it makes me an accessory to the crime! I'd be condoning what you've done and I just can't do that!
PAUL: OK, go on, call the police, Caroline, I can't stop you. I've probably got everything I deserve coming to me. But I want you to think about Chrissie, and the baby. I mean, what's it going to do to them if I go to jail, hey?
Caroline looks conflicted.
PAUL: Can you live with that?
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