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Neighbours Episode 1529 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1529
Australian airdate: 26/09/91
UK airdate: 23/09/92
UK Gold: 10/09/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Caroline is shot by a man trying to rob the safe.
We open with a shot of No.32 showing the real- life house's "19"(!)
Melanie tells Joe they'd better think about the wedding but he seems distracted. Melanie reads out her guest list which is very complicated. Joe says it's bigger than Ben Hur's wedding(!) and advises her to keep things simple.
Christina has arrived, just as the ambulance people are taking Caroline away on a stretcher. She is very upset.
A policeman is there and suggests Christina goes in the ambulance with Caroline while he asks Paul a few questions - the amount of money ($50,000). Paul tries to give a description of the bloke, but he can't remember.
POLICEMAN: Look, if we don't get a good description, you can kiss that money goodbye.
Ramsay Street (late)
Guy calls hello to Lucy and Helen. Lucy suggests they could invite him to dinner and Helen agrees.
Dorothy drives up and tells Helen that she's got a lot of reading to do, and intends to "knock them sideways" at the Council meeting tomorrow. They talk about Lucy's grades, too. Dorothy thinks she could be doing better than she is currently.
Guy agrees to come to dinner one night. They talk about parents divorcing and Lucy says they have a lot in common.
Paul has arrived. Christina tells him frantically that Caroline is in surgery and they're not sure about the full extent of the damage yet. Paul hugs her and says he's already been on to the insurance company (which doesn't go down too well). Paul tells her not to get too stressed because of the baby, but she insists that she's fine. Paul is sorry that he tackled the guy now, but Christina says they have to worry abour Caroline's operation - what if there's permanent damage?
No.32, the following morning
Melanie is feeling sad about Harold's disappearance this morning. Joe lets Bouncer in. They talk about Dorothy going to her first council meeting tonight - they think she'll do great.
Just then the phone rings, and it's Christina to tell them that Caroline has been shot(!)
Christina and Paul have been at the hospital all night. Caroline has come round and Christina and Paul are at her bed. She's feeling groggy, but apparently the operation went well - she will probably just have a little scar on her upper arm. Christina assures her that she'll be able to cover it up with makeup.
Caroline asks Paul if the bloke got the briefcase too, and it seems that he did. Paul says he'd better get to the office, but Christina would rather go home first.
Melanie is ringing the hospital to enquire about Caroline. She tells Joe that Caroline is OK and not on the critical list. Joe looks very serious and says that it could have been Melanie instead of Caroline.
Paul pops round and asks Melanie to come in to the office. Melanie says she wanted to visit Caroline, but Paul says she'd better get down the office ASAP as he's short- staffed. Melanie and Joe are unimpressed.
Glen has send Caroline some flowers, and Helen and Lucy are visiting. Helen and Caroline advise Lucy to do more study - the better her marks, the better her career opportunities.
Guy pops in with some flowers. He thanks Helen for her dinner invitation, then Helen drags Lucy off.
When they've gone, Guy tells Caroline that he's hoping to get to know her a lot better!
CAROLINE: I think that could be arranged!
Joe sees a friend of his (Jan) and they talk about the wedding. Jan is happy for Joe and Melanie. In conversation, Jan reveals that Melanie had a fling Paul Robinson(!) Joe is shocked.
Paul thanks Melanie for staying late at the office.
MELANIE: Well, don't thank me, Paul, how about leaving a little bit extra money in my pay envelope at the end of the week?
PAUL: Ha, ha, yeah, very funny.
MELANIE:(seriously) It wasn't a joke.
She heads off.
When Melanie has gone, Paul gets a briefcase out from behind a filing cabinet - it seems the thief didn't take Caroline's briefcase after all! Paul puts the money into his own briefcase, then hides Caroline's back behind the filing cabinet. (It seems that naughty Paul is trying to take advantage of the insurance people!)
Just as he shuts his briefcase, Christina comes in and asks him for a lift home, saying that it's a shame the thief got away with all that money. They head off.
Joe is washing up and is somewhat out-of-sorts. Melanie comes in and hugs him. She tells him that she's managed to work *and* organise the menus for the wedding reception today.
JOE: Mel, you got to tell me something straight.
MELANIE: Yeah, what?
JOE: Have you slept with Paul Robinson?
JOE: Have you?
MELANIE: Who would go and say a thing like that?!
JOE: It doesn't matter who said it, the point is, is it true or not?!
MELANIE: It's silly.
JOE: It is not! Is it true? Have you slept with Paul Robinson?
MELANIE: Well, it sounds kind of crude when you put it like that...
JOE: Just tell me straight, Mel, yes or no?!
MELANIE: Well...yes...but it's not that simple, Joe...
JOE: Him, of all people!
He mutters to himself.
MELANIE: It was a mistake!
JOE: How could you, Paul Robinson!
MELANIE: Joe, it happened a long time ago, why don't you let me explain...
But Joe is in no mood to listen. He just walks out, shaking his head.
MELANIE:(calling after him) Everybody makes mistakes!
Lucy answers the door to Dorothy. She's been to the Council meeting and has some news - Helen's workshop isn't going ahead. And Dorothy didn't speak in favour of it - there were lots of other requests for the cottage. In the end, they decided the cottage will be put to very good use by someone else. Dorothy tries to explain who, but Helen is very upset and says that Dorothy has let her down, and the whole of Erinsborough too.
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