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Neighbours Episode 1515 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1515
Australian airdate: 06/09/91
UK airdate: 03/09/92
UK Gold: 21/08/98
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad and Todd leave a blind Josh on his own to help a lady who has dropped her shopping. Josh stumbles into the road and a car is heard, braking hard.
Shopping Centre
Luckily the car stops in time. The man driving gets out of his car and yells at Josh. Brad and Todd rush off and help a shaken Josh back to the pavement. He tells them to take him home.
Doug and Pam are stewing about what they've heard about Adam dropping out of University. Pam thinks that maybe it's just a silly rumour. Pam also isn't too pleased about Gaby's new venture, but Doug has been putting shelves up for her at the boutique.
Adam comes in and Pam and Doug confront him about dropping out of University. He confirms that it's true.
Helen is making dinner for the family. Lucy answers the phone and it's Michael. Helen says she'll take the call. She takes the phone from Lucy and then puts the phone down, looking upset.
HELEN: I'm afraid that if I start talking to him I'll start wanting to forgive him.
LUCY: You couldn't!
Just then, Todd, Brad and Josh come in. They tell Lucy and Helen what happened. Lucy is not happy and fusses over Josh. She vows to look after Josh herself from now on. Brad and Todd look suitably chastened.
Adam is telling Pam and Doug that he intends to apply to Newcastle University so he can be near Gemma. Unfortunately, their standards are a lot stricter than Erinsborough, but he has thought about it hard. Doug isn't very pleased about this, but Pam is more supportive.
Brad comes in. He hears that Adam is moving to Newcastle hopefully.
BRAD:(casually) Oh, well, we'll miss you, mate. When are you going? Awww can I have his room?!
ADAM: Hey, fair go, my bed's not even cold yet!
No.22, the following morning
The twins are chatting about wines. Paul says he might name a wine after them! He's going to go up there today, but Christina doesn't fancy the long drive - it would be uncomfortable wearing the seatbelt for all those hours with her baby bump. Paul and Caroline will go on their own.
Pam instructs Brad not to turn on the water while she's having a shower. He looks offended at the suggestion(!)
Brad and Todd chat about Josh. Brad suggests that Todd covers his eyes for a while to see what it feels like. He puts a tea-towel over Todd's head and he ends up walking into things. They think it must be awful for Josh - he can't do any of his normal hobbies like reading or surfing. Suddenly, Brad gets an idea. He starts washing out the mixer that he's been making smoothies in and in the bathroom, Pam screams!
Pam is just off to the hospital, but takes a bit of time to reminisce about the kids - she hates them being away from home.
Brad and Todd have been working on something for Josh - it's taking quite a long time.
Helen pops around to see Christina while Caroline and Paul are off at the vineyard. They chat amicably at first, but then the conversation turns to Jim and Paul's relationship. Christina thinks Jim is in the wrong for not trying to make up with Paul, especially on his birthday. Helen is not impressed and says that Jim is doing his best.
HELEN: Christina, I think I'd better go before either one of us says something we're going to regret.
Lucy has made Josh some toast. He says there's no need - he's had a shower, dressed and made the bed on his own. Unfortunately he's wearing loud, mis-matching clothes. When Brad and Todd come in they laugh at his choice of clothes but Lucy shushes him. They give Josh his present - they've been taping the science fiction book he was reading before the accident. Josh is pleased.
Brad suggests that Bouncer could be trained as his guide dog(!) but Josh says quietly that he won't need one - his sight will be back soon.
Adam is talking over his decision to move to Newcastle with Doug. He thinks he and Gemma can make a pretty good life up there. Doug wishes him well, but that he'll miss him a lot - Adam has been such a help to the family.
Doug has got a nice shirt on - he's meeting a new friend at the Waterhole today.
A road, in the dark
Paul and Caroline are heading back from the vineyard when the car breaks down. Neither of them knows anything about cars, and the battery is dead on Paul's phone, so they decide to walk to the nearest house. They can see some lights in the distance so head off towards them.
Paul and Caroline are wandering around in the bush. Caroline is dressed in a mini-skirt and heels and therefore is not really dressed for the occasion. Suddenly she slips and falls into a river, losing the torch as she does so. Paul helps her out. She's freezing cold and he gives her his jacket. They continue to make their way toward the farmhouse. Suddenly they realise that the light has gone out. Paul suggests that they head back to the car, but they realise they're lost.
Doug gets back from pub - he was playing darts with Brenda. They chat about Adam and Pam is disappointed that he'll be leaving in a week or so. She's worried about him dropping out of Erinsborough on the off-chance of getting into Newcastle - and he'll have to repeat most of his third year.
Suddenly the lights go out and Brad yells that he's blown a fuse. Pam and Doug laugh.
Lucy and Josh are playing chess and Josh is doing very well at remembering where all his pieces are. Helen comes out and tells Lucy that she's popping over to see Christina and take her some cake. Lucy delicately brings up the subject of Josh's clothes and he's disappointed to hear that he's put mis-matched clothes on.
JOSH: I don't know what to do. There's no way I can cope with all of this. I've just been kidding myself.
LUCY: You can't expect to adjust to it overnight, Josh.
Lucy says that Josh's other senses will kick in and compensate. He's one of the most resourceful people she knows, and if anyone can do it, he can.
LUCY: I'll be around as long as you need me. I can promise you that.
Christina is on the phone when Helen comes around. She apologises for their argument earlier, but Christina has more important things on her mind - Paul and Caroline are late back. Christina has rung the police and there haven't been any accidents in the area. Helen tells her not to worry - they've probably stopped for food or something.
The Bush
Paul and Caroline are bitterly regretting not staying with the car. They are absolutely freezing cold with no chance of rescue. Caroline starts to take off her wet clothes.
PAUL: Well. As long as we get through tonight, eh?
They both look at each other, grimly.
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