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Neighbours Episode 1512 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1512 (Joe Mangel and Melanie Pearson get together)
Australian airdate: 03/09/91
UK airdate: 31/08/92
UK Gold: 18/08/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim and Glen are wondering how Josh is getting on as his parents are still overseas. Jim has just got back so he goes off to freshen up.
Melanie is packing her suitcase and Madge observes that she's taking an awful lot of stuff. Madge tells Joe quietly "not to waste any opportunities" while he and Melanie are away. Joe tells Madge that he'll just have to take things as they come.
Dorothy is trying to get Harold and Brenda involved in a rally - for tonight! She's got the Year 10 art students making a banner already.
Toby and Sky come in with Madge because they're staying over this weekend while Joe and Melanie are away. Toby wants to move Bouncer in too as Bouncer'll be lonely on his own. But it's not possible with Harold's allergies. Brenda suggests that she could just look after the kids at No.32. Madge and Harold agree, but warn Brenda not to let the kids con her!
A Posh Hotel
Melanie and Joe have arrived in a chauffeur-driven car. They're very impressed with the hotel and Melanie runs in, leaving Joe to struggle with the bags!
Brenda and Toby are playing Scrabble. She suggest lamb chops and veggies for dinner, but Toby would prefer pizza and icecream. Toby claims that's what Madge normally gives them and they have lollies as well! Toby tells Sky quietly that they're on to a winner(!)
Toby answers the phone to Joe who is lying on a lounger at the side of a pool. Melanie has a word with him too and says she's got him a good present.
Posh Hotel
Joe suggest to Melanie that she gives Simon a ring, but she says she hasn't even given him a second thought. Joe asks her gently if she's really all that wrapped in marrying Simon. Melanie tells Joe that she'll really miss him and the kids. Joe looks quite pleased, but can't bring himself to broach the subject of him and Melanie.
Toby and Sky are eating crisps and staying up late watching scary videos. Toby insists that he doesn't have any homework to do.
Village Hall
Madge tells the assembled people that she's resigning from the council in order to concentrate on the Save Our School campaign.
Dorothy then gets up and speaks. She thanks Madge for her support and encourages everyone to talk to their friends and get them on board. If Madge and she can unite, everyone can(!)
Joe and Melanie have had a great dinner and Melanie observes that they've never been out on their own before. Suddenly courage takes hold of Joe and he leans in and kisses Melanie!
There is a bit of a pause as he releases her.
JOE: I'm sorry, Mel. I just had to do that. I've been wanting to tell you what I think of you for ages. It's just that when I try to...well, it come to...somehow...I can't get the words out.
MELANIE: I don't understand.
JOE: I care about you, Mel. More than just good friends. I think you're fantastic. I think you're beautiful.
JOE: Please, don't get me wrong. I'm not just trying it on because I'm here. Maybe I've left it too late. Oh, hell. I'm probably making the biggest fool of myself. I love you, Mel.
Melanie is speechless.
JOE: I'm sorry.
He walks away, quickly.
Jim, Harold, Dorothy, Madge and Glen are toasting the Save Our School campaign and planning a door-knock campaign. They talk about Helen and wonder what to do. Harold thinks she should be informed immediately - after all, she is living in sin.
Glen answers the phone and it's Helen herself. She's coming home and wants someone to collect her from the airport tomorrow. Jim says he'll do it, and break the news to her about Michael.
Brenda is crying at the movie, even though the Strangler went to bed. Toby is still giving her the run-around and the house is a tip. They start dancing, but then Madge comes in and demands to know what's going on. She switches off the music and says that Brenda has some explaining to do. She tells Brenda off, but Brenda says she's got it wrong. Madge won't listen and says the kids can come back home to her place.
Posh Hotel
Melanie rings Joe from her hotel room and says they should really have a chat.
JOE: Mel, I shouldn't have said all that.
MELANIE: Yes, you should. If it's how you feel. Did you mean it?
JOE: Of course I meant it. I meant every word of it.
MELANIE: You love me?
JOE: I'm head over heels, mate. I've been so mixed up lately, haven't known what to do with meself. Especially since Simon arrived on the scene.
MELANIE: Yes, well, I've been thinking about Simon.
JOE: Well, I've got no...
MELANIE: Joe, would you just listen? Stop talking.
JOE: Do you want to hang up?
MELANIE: No! Would you just listen to me, I'm trying to tell you how I feel.
JOE:I'm sorry, go on.
MELANIE: Well...Simon asked me to move in with him and I said no. Then he proposed and I said yes because it was romantic. Then he wanted to hurry the wedding up and I kept telling him that I wanted to wait. Now I finally realise what was holding me back.
JOE: Yeah.
MELANIE: It was you.
JOE: Me?
MELANIE: Well, you know, since I've been living in the house with you and the kids...being together every day...it's been the happiest time of my life. But you know, you've just lost Kerry and I just never thought it was you know...right.
JOE: What was right?
MELANIE: Well, you and me. Joe, I think I might be in love with you, too.
Joe drops the phone in shock!
MELANIE: Joe, are you there?! Joe?!
Joe picks the phone up again.
JOE: Yeah, I'm here! Did you say you were in love with me?!
JOE: Um...would you like to um...finish this discussion in person?!
MELANIE: I'd like that!
JOE: Your place or mine?!
MELANIE: How about I meet you half-way?!
JOE: Great idea. I'll see you there!
They open their hotel room doors, which are next to each other, and hug and kiss in the corridor.
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