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Neighbours Episode 1493 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1493
Australian airdate: 07/08/91
UK airdate: 04/08/92
UK Gold: 22/07/98
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh wakes Todd up in his own inimitable style - tipping him off the bed and on to the floor! Josh is looking forward to a "vengeance" soccer match against Elliot Park this afternoon and intends to spend the morning psyching himself up. And also having lunch with Emma because apparently "no girl can resist the Anderson charm"!
In the kitchen, Glen is cooking a hearty breakfast for everyone. He tells them that Karen's baby is his. Josh and Todd look shocked, and they look even more shocked when Glen tells them that he and Karen are getting married.
JOSH: ...well, congratulations.
TODD: Yeah, congratulations.
GLEN: Thanks.
Paul is off to pick Julian up. Apparently Julian's parents want them to treat Julian as an equal, rather than a 7 year old or a genius.
Ramsay Street
Madge and Harold are out for a walk when Paul reverses out of the driveway. They go over to see Joe, who is in the foulest of foul moods, and trying to fix the ute.
JOE:(threatening the ute with a tool) You rotten mongrel! You ROTTEN mongrel!
MADGE: Morning, Joe!
Madge asks Joe how his date went.
JOE:(sarcastically) *Really* good. She went ga-ga over some other bloke!
MADGE: Oh, no.
Harold tries to hustle Madge away as Joe is late for work, but Madge tries to console Joe, saying he mustn't give up. Harold tells Madge that he wants to call by the Coffee Shop to see how Joe is running things.
Paul introduces Julian to Christina. Apparently he calls his mother "Nancy and Michael" and doesn't want to play chess because he's too good and adults don't like it.
Coffee Shop
Joe is run off his feet in the Coffee Shop when Harold come in. He is not pleased and goes to inspect the kitchen. He nearly has another heart-attack while Madge tries to calm him down.
HAROLD: How can I relax?! Everything I've worked for is being flushed down the drain before my very eyes!
MADGE: Sshhh!
Eventually Harold calms down enough for Madge to hustle him off home. Glen comes by and tells Joe that he's decided to get married to Karen. Joe tries to reason with him but Glen is adamant. Glen tells Joe that he shouldn't give up on Melanie.
GLEN: Often things don't work out how you plan, do they mate?
JOE: Often? Once would be enough!
Todd, Emma and Josh are sitting at a table. Emma has found out from Lucy about the earrings and throws them back at Josh.
JOSH: I should have asked the guy in the shop where he got them. The mummy's tomb or something! These are cursed!
Julian has checkmated Paul in six moves. Christina suggests they play Scrabble, but Julian gets a bit sad and says he'd rather play cricket - his parents never let him. Paul and Christina are rather surprised, but Julian explains that he's fed up of educational stuff - he got a calculator for Christmas when he really wants the Simpsons CD. Paul takes him off to find a cricket bat, while Christina looks pensive.
Coffee Shop
Todd is depressed about Cody and Emma sympathises with him, but she can't stand the sight of Josh at the moment. She invites Todd to a movie, but Josh says they have a big football match on. Emma says she'll come and watch Todd, but not Josh(!)
Josh goes to get another milkshake and passes the time by banging his head on the counter.
JOE: Hey, what's the matter with you? You look as happy as a turkey at Christmas!
JOSH: Yeah...woman trouble.
JOE: Aw. Aw, yeah tell me about it. I think they put something in the water.
Madge has just been on the phone to one of her constituents who has insisted she comes over to inspect something for her.
MADGE: Silly cow! Who cares about her stupid guttering!
Just then Joe calls round, so Madge asks him to keep Harold company while she's gone. He agrees - he wants a bit of a chat with Harold anyway.
JOE: If you're not happy with the way things are going at the shop...
HAROLD: Don't be silly. I'll be forever in your debt.
Harold does admit that he was a bit concerned about the levels of ordering and the stock, but explains to Harold that the veg order is coming on Monday and the company are coming to get the extra serviettes back. Harold is mollified and says that he's come to realise that life is too short for petty aggravation.
HAROLD: It's time things changed.
Coffee Shop
Josh and his team were thrashed 6-2 at football. Josh is not pleased and reckons that Todd wasn't concentrating.
Paul has been to take Julian home. There wasn't a single toy in his bedroom. Paul and Christina talk about the cost of this "hot-housing" business. They're not as keen on having a super-baby anymore - Julian's virtually had his childhood taken away from him. They decide to take things a bit more slowly with the pre-natal learning.
Madge comes in to find Harold making the dinner. He is in a very calm mood and sits Madge down in the living room.
HAROLD: Madge, wouldn't it be good to get rid of those niggly irritations out of our lives?
He goes on to explain that he's had a second chance at life - he thinks they should take some time off and get out and see the country. He thinks it's time they re-assessed their priorities.
Todd is moping around because he let 4 goals through at the football. Glen tells him not to worry about it - everyone has off-days. Josh is trying to get Emma to see a movie with him, but she doesn't want to, she'd rather stay with Todd. Josh reckons that he has more problems than Todd - like stopping the rest of the team kicking Todd off. Josh goes on to brag that he was the one that got Todd on the team in the first place. But Todd overhears and isn't impressed. He stalks off, saying he's resigning from the team, and their friendship is over, too.
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Todd Landers, Josh Anderson in Neighbours Episode 1493
Todd Landers, Josh Anderson

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