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Neighbours Episode 1483 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1483
Australian airdate: 24/07/91
UK airdate: 21/07/92
UK Gold: 08/07/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Philip East
Guests: Darren Wood: Troy Beckwith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam and Doug hear that Brad is in jail in Bahgee.
Pam is very upset - Brad has never been into drugs. She thinks it must have been a mistake. Pam starts panicking and wants to get Brad a lawyer.
DOUG: We have to stay calm!
PAM: How can I stay calm when my son's in a foreign jail accused of something he didn't do!
Pam starts to cry.
DOUG: One thing's certain. From this distance, we can do absolutely nothing.
Ramsay Street
Josh and Todd are kicking the football around when Cody comes along. Josh talks to her, but Todd hangs back making himself scarce. Cody tells Josh that she's had a couple of interviews for the student exchange programme, but nothing is certain yet. She calls out to Todd, but he is quite uncommunicative. She tells Josh off for not hanging out with her lately. Todd tells Josh that he doesn't have to avoid Cody on his account.
Coffee Shop
Joe is shining a glass when Darren comes in looking for Cody. After a while, Gemma comes in and starts showing Joe the ropes of running the Coffee Shop. There's a lot to know and Joe is a bit overwhelmed! Gemma still hasn't found a job, so she might as well help out in the Coffee Shop for a while.
The Office
Paul is telling Adam that they thought his winning the prize was a set-up because he used to work at Lassiter's. Adam apologises for the trouble he's caused.
Christina comes in and says she's going home - the gift shop is very quiet today. She thinks Paul ought to try more of Melanie's promotion ideas. But Paul has a better idea - he's been looking at some of the campaigns they've had in the past.
PAUL: I'm thinking of reviving the old idea of the Lassiter's girl.
Christina looks thoughtful.
Pam and Doug are looking for their birth certificates so they can renew their passports and go to Bahgee. There's a knock at the door and it's Darren looking for Cody. She's not there though.
Doug tells Pam decide not to tell anyone about the drugs charge on Brad - mud sticks.
The phone rings. It's Gemma, calling for Adam. Doug makes conversation and tells Gemma that the job at Newcastle Uni sounds great. She doesn't know what he's talking about, of course, but soon twigs that there's a job Adam hasn't told her about.
Doug and Pam are debating whether to tell Cody and Adam. Pam says that maybe they could tell Adam, but they won't tell Cody. Just then, Cody comes in and wants to know what's going on. They cover and say that Brad's just run out of money in Bahgee.
The Football Oval
Josh and Todd are practising penalities. Josh is fed up - and he's decided to give up on Lucy. They chat about Emma and Todd reckons she was very cute before she transferred to Elliot Park High. Josh says that maybe he should give her a crack(!)
Adam comes in and Cody tells him that Brad has run out of money in Bahgee. Pam hurriedly sends her down the shops for some milk so they can talk to Adam about the drugs charge.
Coffee Shop
Gemma is on the phone to Newcastle Uni about the job. It sounds really good and they agree to send her the forms. She tells Joe that she's mad with Adam for not telling her about the job.
Paul and Christina come in and Christina tells Paul that she wants to be the Lassiter's girl! Paul says she isn't quite the right look, and besides, she's pregnant. Christina is not pleased and storms out.
Pam and Doug are just off to sign some papers to get their passports. As they're leaving, Darren comes in.
ADAM: Ah the great lover!
DARREN:(to Cody) Is it true?
CODY: What, that Dorothy Burke's really Count Dracula?!
But no, Darren wants to know if it's true that Cody has split up with Todd. She allows that it is. Darren is chuffed and asks Cody out. Before she can answer, the phone rings and it's the Student Exchange people. She listens intently and then looks really pleased.
CODY:(exciting) Oh really, you're kidding! Oh, wow!
Number 22
PAUL: Chrissie, I am not using a pregnant Lassiter's girl!
For Christina is still banging on about being the Lassiter's girl. Finally Paul tells her flatly no.
Number 24
Adam comes round to see Gemma. She's not happy to see him and tells him off about not telling her about the job in Newcastle. She's already filling in the forms that have been faxed through. Adam looks gutted.
GEMMA: Why didn't you tell me, Adam? Didn't you think I was up to it.
ADAM: No, it wasn't that.
GEMMA: Well, then, what possible excuse could you have?
ADAM: I was just being selfish. I love you, Gem. I really love you. And I don't want you to go.
Gemma looks stunned.
Josh is off to work, but he still won't tell Todd exactly what he's doing. Todd decides to sneak off and see Cody.
Cody and Darren are playing draughts. Todd knocks at the door and is rather shocked to see Darren there.
TODD: This is very cosy, isn't it?
He grabs Darren by the lapels. Cody drags them apart and tells them not to be so silly.
CODY: I'm sorry Todd. After the folks went out today, the Student Exchange people rang up.
TODD: You've been accepted.
CODY: Yeah.
TODD: So does this mean you'll be leaving next year?
CODY: No, not next year. One of the kids has backed out of a corporate scholarship. And they're offering it to me.
TODD: Which means what?
CODY: Which means that I'm taking it, Todd. And they want me to go next week.
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