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Neighbours Episode 1479 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1479
Australian airdate: 18/07/91
UK airdate: 15/07/92
UK Gold: 02/07/98
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge and Dorothy quarrel over who is to be Helen's Matron of Honour.
Coffee Shop
Helen is a bit taken-aback and tells them not to be so silly.
HELEN: I haven't been asked to choose a best friend since I was a school-girl!
Luckily, Harold steps in and tells them to stop bickering in his shop. Helen makes a quick escape, saying she'll let them know.
When Helen has gone, Madge and Dorothy discuss how that one thing they dislike about Helen is that she sits on the fence all the time(!) Harold is appalled.
Adam tells Gemma that there's still no sign of Brad in Bargee. But there's some good news for Gemma - the RSPCA are looking into conditions at the circus. She's got an interview at the zoo this afternoon, but she doesn't think she has the chance because she doesn't have the right qualifications. Adam tries to encourage her, saying her principles are more important than qualifications.
Helen comes in looking harrassed. She tells Jim about the spat at the Coffee Shop - she doesn't know what to do.
JIM: You could always toss a coin!
Jim suggests two Matrons of Honour, but Helen says they wouldn't be able to agree on anything - the wedding would be a shambles!
The Office
All the rooms that were damaged in the flood have been fixed, and the insurance company will cover 75% of the damage. That's not a bad result. Also, bookings are only down 5% after Melanie's 250,000 customer promotion - loads of people are booking in hoping to win the prize! Caroline says that maybe they should implement a few more of Melanie's ideas, even if they are a bit far-out(!)
Madge and Harold are practising ping-pong when Helen comes in. She tells Madge that she's been giving the Matron of Honour position some serious thought, and she's decided to keep it in the family. She's decided not to have a Matron of Honour at all, just one bridesmaid - Lucy. Madge takes this fairly well, but she still wants to know who Helen would have chosen(!)
Adam is watching TV when there's a knock at the door. It's Gemma, and she looks very depressed. The interview itself was OK, but the other candidates had degrees and everything. She doesn't think she'll ever get another job working with animals.
Bishops, the following morning
Harold offers Gemma some part-time work at the Coffee Shop, but she'd rather look for something permanent.
Dorothy comes round and tells Madge that she's taking up a collection - so all the neighbours can get Helen and Michael one big present. Madge doesn't want to contribute, saying that she'd prefer to give a personal gift. They start bickering about the Matron of Honour post again and also the ping-pong tournament which is the afternoon.
Madge asks Harold to give her a lift to the tournament, but he is otherwise engaged. He suggests she catches a lift with Dorothy(!)
Paul and Caroline are about to head off to work (on a Sunday!) when Jim comes round with a present he's made for the baby. Paul is very cold towards him and Caroline tells him off.
A road
Madge is trying to hail a cab but isn't having any luck. Presently, Dorothy stops in her car and tells Madge to hurry up or she'll be late for the tournament. Then she drives off(!)
After a while she reverses back to give Madge a lift, but accidentally runs over some nails. Now they're both stranded. They decide to join forces to change the tyre.
The Office
Helen is asking Paul to give her away at the wedding. He is chuffed to bits.
A road
Madge is trying to unscrew the tyre but she and Dorothy can't stop bickering. Eventually, Dorothy gets it off and gets the new tyre on. But they'll have to speed to the tournament now!
Willises, evening
Adam and Gemma are hanging out. He's got a surprise for Gemma - he's going to pamper her tonight and has booked them a room at Lassiter's. She isn't sure, saying they're not exactly Lassiter's favourite people at the moment(!)
Jim has popped by to see how the ping-pong tournament went, but neither Madge nor Dorothy are back yet. He decides to wait for a bit and Harold pours him a drink. Gemma comes in and tells Harold that she's staying at a friends's place tonight.
Dorothy and Madge come in laughing that they missed the tournament. It seems they didn't make it on time, but it's just as well because the woman who won would have made complete fools of them! However, they're not laughing for long and start bickering about organising Helen's hen night(!)
HAROLD: Dear, oh dear, at times like this I can see why people turn to drink!
JIM: Don't worry, Harold. One taste of this and they'll get straight back on the wagon!
Paul comes in and says he'd like to make something for the baby just like Jim. He's planning to make a cradle for the baby. Caroline thinks that's a bit ambitious, but Paul is determined.
Adam and Gemma are checking in under "Mr and Mrs Smith" so they can be incognito. But when they check in, the receptionist tells them they've won the 250,000th customer prize. A man comes out and starts taking photographs. Adam and Gemma groan as Paul and Caroline walk by and see them.
<<1478 - 1480>>
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