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Neighbours Episode 1467 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1467
Australian airdate: 02/07/91
UK airdate: 29/06/92
UK Gold: 16/06/98
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
- "Sweet Guy" by Paul Kelly
- "Stay" by Saints
Summary/Images by: Cyclone49 & Sayaka
Dorothy pries after Helen's relationship with Michael, but Helen is unforthcoming(!)
When Helen has gone to bed, Dorothy gets angry at Lucy for a stunt she pulled at school where she embarrassed a teacher. Lucy says she was trying to save the teacher's life, but Dorothy says she embarrased him and wrecked his toupee. Dorothy tells Lucy that she has to apologise to the teacher in front of everyone, and also tells her that her report card isn't good. She's skating on "very thin ice".
Number 32
Josh comes over to see Melanie, and tells her he has a new job. Melanie asks what it is, and he tells her it's delivering "Strippagrams". Melanie says it's a little weird, and Josh says that's why he came over, because Melanie knows a lot about weird things(!) She offers to help him come up with a routine and a costume. When he's gone, she locks the door very securely, still worried about the nutter in the area.
Josh comes home, and asks Lucy how she is. She says that Dorothy got angry at her for what she did at school and that she was threatened with Saturday detentions. She says Jim and Helen will be angry at her for her bad report that she'll probably get, and that she may not be able to stay at Erinsborough High. Josh suggests that they hack into the school computers to see her marks.
Doug comes home from the pub, and Pam asks where he was. He says he was at the pub. Pam asks him why he was wasting their money at the pub, and Doug says he was not wasting their money, just his own money. They argue about how Pam kicked him out and how she has a separate bank account. Doug then asks if Adam is home yet, and Pam says he is, and his date must have ended quickly.
Josh hacks into the computers, and first looks at his own marks. He got mostly A's and B's, and one C (in Art), and his comments are really good. They then look at Lucy's report card, and she got all A's and B's, but her comments are really bad. Josh then goes to put the bin out, and tells Lucy to turn off the computer, but when he's gone, Lucy starts typing stuff on to the computer.
Number 24, the following morning
Harold knocks on Gemma's door thinking she'll be late for work. There's no answer, so he opens it, and sees that Gemma's bed hasn't been slept in. He is worried.
That morning, Adam and Gemma come out of the Willis's bedroom. Doug and Pam realise what they were doing, and while Doug doesn't care (he says he is proud of Adam!), Pam says they should be more discreet, because even though Adam's old enough to do stuff like that, Cody isn't and she might get the wrong idea.
Number 24
Later, Gemma comes home, and Harold angrily asks her where she was, and Gemma says she was at Adam's. Harold asks her what she would have been doing at Adam's, and slowly it dawns on him. Gemma awkwardly goes to get ready for work.
Number 32
Josh and Melanie are discussing what Josh's costume should be, and they go over a few options, until they finally decide on a Zorro costume. Although Josh isn't sure about wearing tights(!)
Coffee Shop
Harold invites Dorothy to a slide night to thank the neighbours for their kindness while Madge has been away.
DOROTHY: We've done nothing, Harold. And I'd appreciate it if you could do the same(!)
Gemma comes in and Harold goes to talk to her. He wants her to promise to call if she's not coming home in future. He tries to broach the subject of sex, and Gemma looks uncomfortable.
The report cards have arrived. Helen reads Josh's, and she is really happy with it. Then she reads Lucy's, and to Josh's surprise, the comments are really good. He gets angry at Lucy, saying that they could get caught. Lucy is unconcerned.
Doug comes home with some flowers for Pam. Pam is really happy at first, and then asks how he got the money to pay for them. He didn't have enough to fix the television. The police pulled him over and told him off about his bald tyres, so he had to get new ones. Pam gets angry at him, saying he shouldn't be spending money on flowers. Now he hasn't got any money for the rest of the week and wants to borrow some from Pam's special" account. She hits him over the head with the flowers(!)
Ramsay Street
Helen talks to Dorothy about Lucy's marks, and mentions how good they were, and Dorothy says the comments she wrote were bad.
Pam is ranting at Doug for crawling to her for money.
DOUG: If I had access to your account, I'd have had enough to fix the tyres and pick up the telly!
PAM: Doug, if you had access to my account, I wouldn't have an account!
She makes him say an oath about his family and how he shouldn't waste money. He repeats her words faithfully at first, but then starts making funny comments like how his wife is sexier than Bouncer(!) and Pam starts to laugh. They bury the hatchet and start kissing.
Helen is showing Dorothy Lucy's report card.
HELEN: And you're telling me that you didn't write any of it?
DOROTHY: I may have used the words "Lucy" and "Erinsborough High"(!)
They question Lucy about it, and Dorothy says the only person that could have done it would be Josh, and that they will have to suspend him.
<<1466 - 1468>>
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