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Neighbours Episode 1463 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1463
Australian airdate: 26/06/91
UK airdate: 23/06/92
UK Gold: 10/06/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Philip East
Guests: None
- "Oh Boy" by De-Part-Mental
- "More Than A Girlfriend" by No Justice
Summary/Images by: Luke
Outside the Robinson household
Paul and Glen are talking. Glen is trying to get Paul to forget about the past and have a beer and make up as they are brothers. Paul refuses to do so and walks off.
Robinson household
Jim and Adam are talking about the Paul incident. Glen enters and Jim asks if he is ok, he says he is. Helen, Josh and Lucy enter. Helen says he saw Paul walking home and asks what is going on and Jim explains what happened. Dorothy then enters and gives Glen a present, an interesting statue. Dorothy notices the party is dead and so she attempts to liven it.
Bishop household
Adam and Gemma are talking, mainly about their relationship. Adam gives Gemma a big hug and Gemma warns if he doesn't let her go she will end up spilling boiling water on them both. She tells him to sit down while she makes the coffee.
Robinson household
Techno music is playing and the party is very lively. Helen says something and Dorothy calls her a "party pooper." Dorothy ends up being energetic, dancing with Jim and having a lot of fun. Helen says she is off to see Paul and she exits.
Paul's house
Helen enters and starts talking to Paul. Paul says he thinks it is stupid that they are throwing a party for Paul after the incident with Lucy. She accuses Paul of being self-centred and selfish. They argue some more.
Robinson household
It is daytime and everyone is packing up from Glen's party last night. They discuss Dorothy. Lucy talks about this pair of ear rings that she really wants for her upcoming birthday which catches Josh's attention.
Dorothy's house
Josh enters. They talk about the party, Josh saying how she was very lively. Dorothy says she tried to help Lucy and Josh by getting them to dance, but he didn't talk to her much. Josh says she kept going away, and that he needs to grab her attention. Dorothy says she is sure there will be ways to grab her attention. Josh states that there is one way to get her attention.
Paul's house
Christina and Paul enter, Christina has arrived home from hospital. Paul explains what happened last night and how Helen thinks he is self centered. Paul asks Christina if she agrees with Helen and she thinks he can be a little bit selfish, trying to play it down to try and not upset him.
Robinson household
Glen is playing guitar with Lucy watching him when Josh enters. Glen goes into another room when Josh gives Lucy the ear rings. Lucy is very excited, hugging and kissing Josh.
Robinson household
Helen enters after a doctor's appointment and notices Lucy's new ear rings. She believes they are very expensive and Josh tells her that he had a lot of pocket money saved up.
Glen is walking outside when he bumps into Gemma. He tells her that he is ok with her and Adam being an item. Gemma asks if they can still be friends and Glen says yes as that is what they were probably made to be.
Robinson household
Helen is doing some cleaning when Josh enters and makes himself a sandwhich. Helen starts questioning Josh about where he got the money. She says that while cleaning his room she found a piece of paper that had his Dad's signature with Josh's hand writing. Josh says its not what it looks like. Helen states that she also found bank withdrawal forms, and warns Josh that forgery is very serious.
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