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Neighbours Episode 1456 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1456
Australian airdate: 17/06/91
Network Ten Repeats: 07/06/04
UK airdate: 12/06/92
UK Gold: 01/06/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Dr Parsons: John Benton
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Protesting that he's not convinced about women's intuition, Paul begrudgingly drives Caroline to the shops to see if they can find Chrissie.
Pam has spoken to Brad, who's ringing from LA to wish them Happy Anniversary. They had both forgotten, but it's 24 (or 23) years so Doug suggests they picnic under the stars as they did for the first year. Pam looks out at the weather, saying no, she thinks it's going to rain and comments that Dorothy has just driven up in a taxi, having come home alone from hospital.
When they've almost given up trying to find Chrissie, Paul and Caroline find her doubled up in the street and take her to hospital.
Dorothy says there's still some pain but she's feeling better. Pam reminds her she'd said she'd try not to be so fiercely independent. Pam's not impressed that she's planning to go back to work soon and that she's assuming that she can continue more or less normally despite the continued radiotherapy. She promises to keep an eye on her and tells her to stay cheerful. Dorothy agrees but slumps as soon as Pam leaves and looks pensive as she puts her medication on the coffee table.
Pam tells Doug that Dorothy's not looking too well. Doug points out that they have the place to themselves so he has plans for them. There's a knock at the door - it's Jim hoping for a quick chat. He wants Doug to take Glen on and Doug readily agrees.
At the hospital, Paul's pacing anxiously. The doctor tells him and Caroline that it's a threatened miscarriage, but as far as they can tell before the ultrasound the baby's OK so far. Chrissie must be kept calm and relaxed and in good spirits. It's up to them to reassure her that everything's going to be OK.
Doug asks if Glen will mind working at the guesthouse as it's far away.Jim leaves to see Dorothy in hospital, but says he'll pop in on her when Pam tells him that she's home already.Doug plans an 'evening of unending pleasures' for him and Pam, but he needs to go and get some essentials first.
Paul and Caroline reassure Chrissie that the ultrasound was fine but she's beside herself and worried about miscarriage. She panics and decides they're hiding something from her, because (thinking of the 'keep her spirits up order), they exchanged a 'look'. They explain to her that they'd been asked to make her feel all would be well and she tells them how wonderful they are.
Dorothy tells Jim that she's going back to work but not looking forward to it, because there will be whispering and sniggering. Jim promises her she'll have support but puts his foot in it by describing her as a 'woman with her experience'.Jim receives a call from Todd, as it seems there may be something wrong.
Caroline and Paul sit in the public area of the hospital. Paul feels he was a jerk giving Chrissie such a hard time. Jim arrives, having been told by Caroline and receives a frosty reception from Paul. Jim wants to put the problems between them aside at a time like this, but Paul snaps back at him that he can't usually count on his father's support, so why should he be grateful for it now? Caroline says she's sorry and promises to keep Jim informed.
Doug's back and getting 'friendly' when Pam says that while he was out the hospital called and she has to go to work as she's on the emergency roster. He's not impressed, but she asks if they can 'take a raincheck' and he agrees as he hugs her.
Caroline has organised lots of luxuries for Chrissie - but the snag is that their mum's bringing it all. Left alone, Paul and Chrissie chat. She feels she's bringing him bad luck, but he feels he was the one taking out his problems on her. She cries as she says she realises how much the baby means to him, but he says she should realise how much she means to him.
Dorothy's hoping Paul is more sensitive with his wife than he was with his father. She tries to chat really brightly to Jim, but he's not fooled. She feels that she's less of a woman now because of the mastectomy, but he says he has seen her strength and nobody thinks any less of her now.
Doug has arrived with a celebration basket for Pam, telling her he's cleared it with the ward sister. The find a store-room that's normally kept locked - it's full of stuff, so they keep the lights out. As they open the champagne among the 'bedpans and gauze', Pam happily remembers why she married him 'because you're as corny as Kansas in August.
The doctor says the bleeding hasn't stopped and Chrissie's anaemic. Paul wonders if stress is a possible reason. The doctor agrees it's a possibility and warns Paul and Caroline that the next 24 hours will tell - as long as Chrissie's bleeding, there's still a chance of miscarriage.
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