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Neighbours Episode 1454 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1454
Australian airdate: 13/06/91
Network Ten Repeats: 03/06/04
UK airdate: 10/06/92
UK Gold: 28/05/98
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Ramsay Street
Josh arrives and races off to get a ladder, but doesn't get back in time before Todd falls. He calls Doug to help and he takes Todd to hospital as he's hurt his wrist. Todd comments that 'your rotten daughter....'
Adam apologises for upsetting Gemma but she replies that he just took her by surprise. He offers to tell Caroline that he can't see her that night as he wants to do everything he can to help, but Gemma refuses.
Coffee Shop
Harold insists Madge sits down after they've closed the Coffee Shop and tells her that he's thought about the fact she finds him so changed into someone she doesn't like any more. He's trying to find a new way of handling things as he has this enormous feeling of emptiness and wonders if his faith was ever real, but she's sure it's there, he's just lost contact. She tells him she just wants the old Harold back and he says he'll try to be the person she wants him to be.
Doug comes in from the hospital and tells Pam Todd has seriously sprained his wrist and is lucky to have escaped even more serious injury. Cody cynically says it was a trick and is stunned to find that she left 'the guy that I love hanging in mid-air and rushes off dramatically saying she'll never forgive herself for this.
Cody apologises to Todd, who turns on her saying that from the way she treats him she can't feel anything so she should just get out. Josh tells him he shouldn't treat her like that and he can't see a way back for them now.
Caroline is excited about a special meal she's cooked for an intimate dinner at home, but she realises that Adam is very subdued and distant. He's still pensive as she kisses and hugs him.
It's Pam's day off but she's going in to see Dorothy. Cody is being a drama queen again, saying she's ruined everything. Doug's a bit facetious, but Pam points out that Todd's to blame too for not accepting her apology, so Cody quickly decides he's to blame. They both try to convince her to give it one more try.
CODY: Well if he comes to me and apologises for not accepting my apology I'll then I may think about it.
Chrissie's feeling really sick so Caroline makes her a drink and talks about feeling queasy in empathy. Chrissie says he's like a bear with a sore head one minute and a big softie the next. Chrissie says that when they both feel better, she'll take them out for a ride. She can take risks now because Paul won't kill her while she's carrying his baby. They discuss the fact that Caroline and Adam don't seem terribly well suited, so perhaps the relationship has run its course.
Coffee Shop
Doug sees Todd and Josh at a table and asks Todd to apologise, so everything will be fine. Todd says he can't take her out as he's broke, so Doug offers him $10 to use on the date! Josh persuades him to take it as it's what he wants anyway.
Adam's surprised to find Gemma in relatively good spirits and she thinks this is partly because of him. They agree to go off for a swim.
Doug brings Todd and Josh in and Cody and Todd both apologise. Adam mentions the swimming pool so they decide to go too. Cody starts to go off on one of her flights when Todd asks Doug for the money, but climbs down off her high horse when Todd tells her to and mentions that Doug should double the money. He agrees to pay $20 if she stops being a pain.
Swimming Pool
Josh, Cody, Todd, Adam and Gemma have fun and Cody and Josh notice Adam and Gemma playing together in the pool. Cody wonders if Caroline knows.
A road
Chrissie and Caroline are out in Paul's car.
Madge wonders what's happening between Adam and Gemma as they're laughing so happily when they arrive home, but she insists he's still involved with Caroline and she's not going to have a boyfriend for a long time. Adam has been terrific, she tells Madge.
Madge says she's been praying really hard for Harold to get his spark back. Her voice breaks as she says she doesn't know what else to do.
Pam comments that Adam's looking happy after being so miserable this morning. The phone rings and Doug's voice goes flat as he hears Faye telling him she's coming to stay.
Shopping Street
Chrissie and Caroline see an interesting shop with beautiful baby clothes and are looking at them excitedly when Chrissie sees that someone is driving off in Paul's car as she left the keys in the ignition.
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