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Neighbours Episode 1443 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1443
Australian airdate: 29/05/91
UK airdate: 29/05/92
UK Gold: 13/05/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe and Melanie can't find the stamp.
Joe and Melanie think that Sky might have taken the stamp and used it to post a letter to Santa!
Helen has come to see Dorothy.
HELEN: I don't know whether to hug you or rap you over the knuckles!
DOROTHY: I don't think a hug would be too comfortable anyway.
Helen is cross that Dorothy didn't tell her what's going on.
HELEN: How could you got through something like this all by yourself?
DOROTHY: Cancer's nothing to shout to the world, Helen. You know how people will react.
Helen thinks Dorothy should tell the people who care about her. She offers to water her garden while she's away.
DOROTHY: I'd feel a lot better if you stopped being so solemn!
Dorothy tells Helen that she had a bit of a weep last night, but she's feeling better now. Helen tells her it's perfectly understandable.
DOROTHY: I always like to be independent. I realise now it's not always the best thing. I'm sorry I didn't call you sooner.
Melanie has found the letter. Unfortunately the stamp isn't on it. Joe wonders if the stamp could have got stuck to Bouncer and starts searching him(!) But then Toby comes in and mentions that he's swapped the stamp with a mate. He found it on the floor. Melanie tells him to go over to his mate Ben's place and get it back. But apparently Ben is out.
Lucy and Josh are playing chess. Helen starts getting the dinner ready. Glen comes in having had a day out with Gemma. Helen says how nice it is to come home to a happy household for once!
Just then, Jim arrives home and Lucy hugs him.
JIM: So, what's been happening since I've been away?
JOSH: Oh, a few things.
JIM: All been quiet, has it?
HELEN: Let's just say that I'm glad you're home(!)
No.22, the following morning
Paul is reading through the Henson Hotel Handbook. He's appalled at the number of rules and regulations!
CHRISTINA: SOunds like you've bitten off more than you can chew, huh?
Paul insists that he can manage everything by delegating. However, he's not sure about the Henson image that's being forced on them.
Helen pops round to tell them that Jim is home from Adelaide. She wants to attempt a family dinner tonight. She thinks Paul's car is very fancy and says she's surprised he's left it out in the sun.
Outside Ben's house
Joe and Toby have come to get the stamp back. Joe hides while Toby rings the doorbell. It's only 7.30am. Toby tells him he wants to swap the frisbee back for the stamp. Ben doesn't want to. Joe gets involved and Ben twigs that the stamp is valuable. He slams the door.
TOBY: He's right, dad. We did swap it fair and square.
JOE: What am I going to tell Melanie? What a flamin' mess.
Glen offers Lucy a lift, but she says she'd rather walk with Josh. Jim tells them about the gret research facilities in Adelaide. Jim and Josh wonder where Dorothy is as they haven't seen her around. Helen is forced to admit that Dorothy is in hospital with breast cancer.
JIM: Holy moses! Poor old thing. I've come to regard her as quite a good friend these days.
JOSH: Yeah, me too...sort of.
Joe and Toby have arrived home. Joe tells Melanie that Ben won't give up the stamp, but he'll try again later.
Outside No.22
Paul offers Melanie a lift to work. As he opens the door there is a terrible smell. He looks under the seat and finds the empty bag of prawn shells.
PAUL:(angrily) When I find out who's done this...!
Just then Glen passes by in his car.
GLEN: Hey Paul, nice car, mate!
Paul looks at him suspiciously.
No.32 (shed)
Ben has come round to see Joe to make a deal with him about the stamp. He reckons he's feeling guilty about it. He offers to sell the stamp back to Joe for $50(!)
The Office
Christina has been for a checkup and everything is fine. Melanie shows her the new hotel logo - it seems that the Henson Group are changing everything around the complex.
Paul comes in ranting about his car - he can't get rid of the smell.
PAUL: Now why would somebody do that to me, eh?
MELANIE: Maybe it was one of the staff who got sacked. No offence, boss, but you're not exactly the most popular person around here at the moment.
Paul tells them that he reckons it was Glen. Christina and Melanie don't think so, but Paul reckons that Glen is jealous of him.
Dorothy is exercising her arm when Josh calls round. She tells him off for skipping school(!) He asks her how she is and she chats with him, saying the hospital food is awful. Then Jim arrives! He's brought her flowers and chocolates and tells her off for not telling them. Dorothy says she feels very blessed that Ramsay Street are so concerned about her.
Paul, Christina, Glen, Jim and Lucy are having a drink. Josh is helping Helen to prepare the dinner and they all sit down for a family meal.
Jim asks about Paul's car and he tells him about the prawn shells. Glen laughs and tells Paul he's over-reacting. Paul looks at him darkly.
Toby has got a letter from school about a parent talent night. Joe has paid Ben off in order to get the stamp back. Then he took it to the dealers and it was valued at only $45! He's not impressed and Melanie is very disappointed.
TOBY: At least I've still got my frisbee!
Everyone is just finishing up their meal. Jim and Paul wash up. Jim tells him that he's decided to extend his will to include Glen. He feels he owes him nearly 20 years. He reckons there's no point leaving money to Paul - he's already got everything. He wants to reduce Paul's share in favour of Glen instead.
PAUL: Dad, that's not fair you're cutting me out!
JIM: Well, not exactly...
PAUL: It's not my fault that Glen hasn't made anything of his life! What you're doing is penalising me for working hard and being successful.
JIM: Paul, you don't understand...
PAUL: Oh, I understand alright, I understand perfectly! I think it stinks.
He walks into the living room and tells Christina they're leaving. Before he goes he shouts at Jim.
PAUL: I don't want anything from you ever again! In fact, you keep out of my life and I'll keep out of yours!
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