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Neighbours Episode 1441 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1441
Australian airdate: 27/05/91
UK airdate: 27/05/92
UK Gold: 11/05/98
Writer: Margot Knight
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul is alarmed at some of the clauses in the Henson contract.
The Office
Mr Henson can't understand why Paul hasn't seen the new clauses - he didn't mean to spring it on him. He doesn't think it's a big deal but Paul points out that some of the staff are his relatives! Henson refuses to remove the clause, saying the secret of his success is having the right people installed in key positions.
MR HENSON: This is business! What's more important? Winning a popularity contest, or seizing the opportunity of a lifetime?!
Paul thinks about it, and then signs the contract.
Pam has booked Dorothy in for her biopsy first thing tomorrow morning. Dorothy is very anxious. Pam explains the procedure - first Dorothy will have a mammogram and then a needle biopsy. A few cells will be extracted and then tested by pathology. Pam suggests that Dorothy reads up on the subject and gives her some material.
DOROTHY: Are you sure you don't mind driving me?
PAM: In your car? I can't wait!
Dorothy thanks Pam profusely for her help.
The Office
Mr Henson is congratulating Paul on his tenacity. He's still a bit unsure about the staffing clause in the contract though. Mr Henson says keeping business in the family isn't always a good idea - the graduates from his training scheme are the best. In fact, he's already lined up a guy for the manager position at Lassiter's! Paul is horrified that Caroline will lose her job, but now his hands are tied. He shakes Mr Henson's hand.
MR HENSON: Nice doing business with you!
Joe is depressed about his experience at the singles bar and reckons he'll steer clear of all women from now on, except Madge, Sky and Melanie(!) Joe tells Madge that the best thing to do is not to look too hard. Madge says that there may be some truth in that - after all, she wasn't expecting to meet Harold.
JOE: Yeah, that's right! And who would have thought an odd couple like you would get together!
MADGE: Harold and I happen to have a lot in common!
Apparently Harold is due back from the boy scout trip in a few days. Madge is still nervous about avoiding Paul at the Coffee Shop. Joe offers to have a look at the broken juke box for her.
Adam, Christina and Caroline meet Paul and ask if he signed the deal. They are very excited and Adam opens the champagne. Paul isn't very enthusiastic about celebrating.
CAROLINE: Lassiter's has been very good to me, so I'd like to propose a toast - to Lassiter's! The person that I'd really like to salute is Paul. Now we've had our ups and downs and he's a bit of a slavedriver at times, but underneath he's a great boss. The best, in fact. So, here's to working with you, Paul! And congratulations on pulling off such an amazing deal. To Paul!
Paul looks rather guilty.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy and Pam are back from the clinic. Now Dorothy just has to wait for the results of the test - it might even be today. Pam offers to ring up and find out. Dorothy looks very worried.
Paul and the twins are having breakfast. Paul awkwardly tells her about Henson's condition about providing his own staff in key positions.
PAUL: It doesn't necessarily mean sacking people...
CAROLINE:(horrified) Paul! Do you mean to tell me that you signed an agreement giving Henson the right to replace anyone on the staff?!
PAUL: No, it's like I said...just certain key positions.
CAROLINE: Like, hotel manager!
Paul says he tried to have the clause deleted but he couldn't.
CHRISTINA: Wait a minute. Are you saying you're going to sack Caroline?
PAUL: No!...we'll find something for her.
CAROLINE:(coldly) Like what?
The twins are appalled. Caroline stands up and starts ranting at Paul.
CHRISTINA: Am I going to lose my job, too? Madge, Melanie, how many?
Paul says that the franchise is their whole future. Christina tells him he'll just have to try to get out of the contract, but Pau says he won't let it be thrown away on a misplaced sense of loyalty.
The twins are speechless!
Coffee Shop
Joe is fixing the juke box and Madge looks a bit worried(!) Dorothy comes in for a cup of tea. She's been shopping as a boost to morale! Madge asks if there's a new man in her life, but Dorothy says men are the last thing on her mind. Madge wants to see the dress but Dorothy gets upset and walks out.
Adam comes round.
ADAM: Hi guys. Come to see what you're up to today.
CAROLINE: Probably job-hunting.
ADAM: What?
CAROLINE: Paul sacked me.
She tells Adam what's happened with the contract - Paul signed it without even consulting her. Christina tries to stand up for Paul a bit and Caroline accuses her of being on Paul's side!
CAROLINE: The bottom line, Christina, is that I've lost my job. I love my job! And I'm not giving in without a fight!
Pam and Dorothy are having tea and waiting for the hospital to phone. Dorothy didn't buy a dress after all - it was a new nightie, in case she has to go into hospital.
The phone rings and Dorothy answers it with apprehension. From her face, the news isn't good.
DOROTHY: I see. I see. What's the proceedure, then?
She arranges to have the proceedure immediately.
DOROTHY:(to Pam) Not very promising news. An open biopsy. They can take me tonight.
PAM: Tonight? It's not that urgent. Dorothy, give yourself some time to adjust...a few days...
DOROTHY: No. The more time I have to think of it, the more frightened I'll be of what they might find.
Coffee Shop
Joe has finished fixing the juke box. He chooses a song and it plays. But Madge says he hasn't fixed it at all - the song sounds exactly the same as it did before: like it's sticking in the groove!
JOE: It's supposed to do that! It's one of those rap songs!
Paul comes in as they are arguing and is shocked to see Madge working in the Coffee Shop. Madge says she's only filling in for a couple of hours. Paul tells Madge that he's got some bad news though.
PAUL: Madge, I'm sorry about this but I'm afraid I've got to give you notice.
Dorothy has arrived at her hospital room. She doesn't want Pam to ring anyone from her family in case they start fussing over her.
DOROTHY: I've never even thought about cancer. Except as something terrible that happens to *other* people.
Pam tells her not to jump the gun - most lumps are benign. She has every reason to feel optimistic. Dorothy does not look convinced.
Paul comes in and Caroline immediately starts ranting at him - she's heard that he's already sacked Madge. Paul says he's come up with an idea that Henson might go for - he'll call him and say he wants to take over as manager. Then he can still employ who he likes. Caroline isn't convinced that this will work.
Madge is ranting about Paul sacking her. The phone rings and Joe answers it - it's Melanie's Uncle Mort. Joe asks him to ring back later. Apparently Melanie's granddad has left her something in his will!
Dorothy is in her dressing-gown. The doctor comes to talk to Dorothy to discuss the proceedure. Dorothy tells him that if he finds anything, he should perform whatever surgery is required right away.
PAM: Dorothy, are you quite sure?
DOROTHY: Very sure.
Dorothy tells Pam that she's prepared for the worst.
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