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Neighbours Episode 1436 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1436
Australian airdate: 20/05/91
UK airdate: 20/05/92
UK Gold: 04/05/98
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
The Office
Paul rants at Glen for hitting a customer. Helen tries to calm Paul down. It's clear the feelings go much deeper than just this incident though.
Helen says she'd better call her solicitor to tell him what's happened.
Joe is watching an old movie.
JOE: I tell you what, that Marilyn Monroe is a bit of alright.
TOBY: Dad! She's dead!
Toby thinks Joe should get a real girlfriend. He's spoken to the kids at school about it(!) and they reckon Joe should smarten himself up, then go through his little black book. Joe thinks he might be destined to be single.
TOBY: They also said a Harley would help!
Helen is telling Lucy what happened with Glen at Lassiter's and how he could be charged with assault. Glen comes in and apologises to Helen. She says that his run-in with the photographer has nothing to do with her case - it's the photos that will do the damage.
The Office
Paul is brooding. He picks up the phone and tells Melanie to instruct housekeeping to clear out a room and make it into a bedroom for Glen.
Toby suggest a guy's night out to Joe - they can go cruising and work on Joe's pick-up technique(!)
Just then, a friend of Melanie's, Jan, calls round. Toby invites her in to wait for Melanie and offers her a drink.
JEN: You're quite a charmer.
TOBY: Someone around here has to be!
In the kitchen, Toby tells Joe that Jan has come round specially to see him(!) He spruces him up, telling him to tuck his shirt in and tidy his hair!
JOE: Wish me luck, Toby!
Toby crosses his fingers!
Lucy is telling Helen that sometimes Glen gets on her nerves, but she doesn't want him to move out. She promises not to fight with him anymore. Paul rings up, and Helen tells him that Glen is staying on at the Robinsons for the time being. Paul still reckons that Glen is nothing but trouble.
Helen tells Paul on the phone that the photos will probably ruin her chances - her solicitor thinks that they should consider settling out of court. Paul is appalled and tells her to keep going.
The Office
Paul instructs Melanie to get the phone number of the insurance investigator (his name is Richard Slade)
Gemma and Glen are having a walk. They discuss the events of the afternoon. Glen says that Helen has been brilliant to him. They talk about their mums who are both dead. Gemma says she feels like her mum is still with her, like a guardian angel. Glen says he thinks his mother would have liked Gemma. They start messing about and tickling each other.
Jan is telling Joe all about her boyfriend problems(!) He tries to comfort her as best he can. She starts to sob and Toby looks quite pleased(!)
When Jan is leaving, Toby encourages them to go on a date, and she agrees to pick Joe up at 7.30pm.
JOE: Oh yes, does this bloke know how to make a move or what?!
Helen is off to see her solicitor. Glen comes in as she's leaving. Lucy snipes at him about Gemma and Glen raises his hackles. She calls him a thug and criminal. Glen does not take kindly to this.
LUCY: Why don't you just hit me, Glen? What's another assault charge when you're on a roll?
GLEN: You really do take after Paul, don't you?
The Office
Helen calls in to see Paul hoping for a lift home. She's decided to settle out of court. She can't make Josh go through the agony of testifying, and continuing to fight just isn't worth the stress. Paul informs her that he's bought the negatives of the photos at great cost - $10,000 to be exact. Helen is appalled, saying bribery is against the law. Paul doesn't care. Helen point-blank refuses to change her mind. One of the conditions of the settlement is that Slade doesn't press charges against Glen.
PAUL: Oh, I see. So all this is for Glen, is it? Since when did he come first with you, Gran?
Joe is asking Sky(!) for her opinion on what to wear on his date. He thanks Toby for his help. Joe is very nervous, saying he's been out of the dating game for years.
TOBY: Why don't you just be yourself, it's worth a try!
Helen has told Glen about the settlement.
GLEN: You settled to protect me.
HELEN: Nonsense, I'm sick of the whole silly mess.
She says that the solicitor was advising her to settle out of court anyway.
Lucy answers the door to Gemma. She tells her that Glen is in the shower. Gemma asks her to give Glen a message that she can't go out tonight because she has to babysit Toby and Sky, but that Glen can come over if he likes.
LUCY: I'm sure he wouldn't miss it for the world.
GEMMA: Do you have a problem, Lucy?
LUCY: Why? Should I?
GEMMA: Look, if you're upset about me having a go at you yesterday, I'm sorry! I just over-reacted to the idea of Glen liking another girl.
LUCY: Oh Gemma, I shouldn't have stuck my nose in anyway.
They agree that they're still friends.
When Gemma has gone, Lucy gives Glen the message about Gemma. They start bickering and Helen reaches the end of her tether.
HELEN: Right. When we sit down to dinner, we are going to have a very serious talk.
Joe is frantically tidying the house. Jan arrives looking very nice in a short dress. Joe tells her that she's booked a table in a Chinese restaurant, but she interrupts him, saying that she can't go out with him after all. Her wayward boyfriend has returned and they've got back together - in fact, they're getting married. She shows Joe the ring!
JAN: Well, I'd better run, my fiance is waiting for me in the car!
When she's gone, Joe slumps into a chair, dejectedly.
There is a funereal silence at the dinner table.
Helen tells Lucy and Glen that the animosity between them is making life intolerable. She wants to know what the problem is, but of course they won't tell her. Helen tells them she's going out for a while, and they'd better have sorted out their problems by the time she gets back - and there had better be drastic changes! Glen and Lucy are left looking at each other, blankly.
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