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Neighbours Episode 1430 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1430
Australian airdate: 10/05/91
UK airdate: 12/05/92
UK Gold: 24/04/98
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy is upset when she sees Gemma and Glen kissing.
Ramsay Street
An insurance investigator is watching Helen as she walks across the street with her stick to talk to Dorothy. Dorothy apologises for giving Helen the cold shoulder, but Helen is just relieved that Dorothy is feeling better. Dorothy offers Helen a lift to the physiotherapist, but she says she'll get the bus that stops right outside. The insurance investigator is still watching.
Gemma pops in to see Glen while Lucy glowers over her cereal. Gemma is filling in at the shop today and has lost an earring.
When Gemma has gone, Lucy makes bitchy comments about her, much to Josh's surprise.
LUCY: She thinks she's so hot because I'm still at school and she's not.
Josh rolls his eyes and goes off to get his school-bag.
JOSH: Do you want me to get yours too?
LUCY: No thanks, you'll probably go through all my stuff again.
JOSH: Probably.
Glen offers Lucy a lift to school and she nearly bites his head off.
Joe is telling Doug what happened with Bouncer and the look-a-like dog. Joe's heard that Bouncer's been hanging out with kids at the creche, that's why he's been wandering off lately.
Dorothy comes over to ask Joe to do some work on her garden. He agrees, although there's quite a lot of work, so he enlists Doug's help.
Lucy and Josh are casually chatting when suddenly Lucy runs into a bush and produces a change of clothes from her bag. She strips off her school uniform and starts to change into them. Josh is rather embarrassed.
JOSH:(turning his back) Wonderful weather we're having, Lucy!
LUCY: What?
JOSH: Good weather.
LUCY: I heard you the first time, space brain! Who cares about the weather?!
JOSH: Plenty of people. Farmers, meteorologists...women who've just had their hair done!
Just then, Dorothy's car pulls up, and luckily Lucy has finished changing her clothes. She tells Dorothy that she's out of uniform because their washing machine is broken. Dorothy says she'll allow it just this once, and urges them to hurry to school - the bell will ring soon.
Garden of No.30
Doug is digging a hole for a plant, but he's hit a rock. He and Joe digs it out, but it turns out to be an old biscuit tin. Inside the tin is a newspaper dated 19th June 1967. Also, there's something rather surprising.
Helen has invited Dorothy over to lunch with Rosemary so they can clear the air. Rosemary, rather unsurprisingly, isn't too keen on this! Dorothy arrives and is shocked to see Rosemary there, but talks to Rosemary politely (although rather distantly!)
They sit down to dinner and the conversation is rather stilted and they talk about different types of salmon and their quality.
ROSEMARY: Your tastes are obviously rather different to mine.
DOROTHY: Not in men, it would seem.
Coffee Shop
Lucy is glowering at Gemma again and Josh rolls his eyes and tells her she's jealous. When Gemma comes over to take their order, Lucy speaks rather nastily to her and then storms out. Josh apologises to Gemma, saying Lucy's just in a bad mood.
The atmosphere could be cut with a knife as Dorothy, Helen and Rosemary sit in silence. Finally Helen breaks the silence and then Dorothy tips a drink. The washing machine comes up in conversation and it comes out that Lucy lied about the washing machine being broken.
DOROTHY: I'll find some appropriate punishment.
ROSEMARY: Oh, I bet you will.
DOROTHY: I beg your pardon, Rosemary? What exactly did you mean by that remark?
ROSEMARY: Exactly what I said.
HELEN: Oh, for goodness sake you two. This whole idea was to allow you both to resolve your differences. I'd rather you were open and direct with each other than make petty remarks all the time.
ROSEMARY: Fair enough, Mum. Dorothy, for what it's worth, I am truly sorry about the trouble with Colin, I honestly thought he'd been separated for years.
DOROTHY: I appreciate that, Rosemary. But his marital status obviously didn't concern you very much. Evidently you knew that he still had a wife somewhere!
ROSEMARY: So now you're calling me a husband-stealer.
DOROTHY: Well, no. But if the cap fits... I'll let myself out. I'm sorry lunch didn't work out as planned, Helen, but thank you anyway. Goodbye, Rosemary.
HELEN: Goodbye, Dorothy.
She shows herself out.
ROSEMARY: That woman is absolutely impossible!
HELEN: Well, I'd say she feels much the same about you, darling.
Joe and Doug are having a beer and giving Rosemary a progress report. They don't tell her about the biscuit tin. Dorothy asks if they've seen a strange car hanging around and Joe says it's probably a debt collector after Doug(!)
When Dorothy has headed off back to school, Joe and Doug discuss the $2,000 they've dug up. Joe reckons they can keep it if they don't tell Dorothy, but Doug isn't so sure.
Lucy is back in her uniform and eating lunch. Helen guesses that Dorothy has sent her home to change and tells Lucy off for stomping about. Lucy moans that Helen is best mates with the Principal and she can't get away with anything. Helen rolls her eyes and tells Lucy she's grounded. Even adults have rules they have to follow. Lucy strops off.
The Coffee Shop
The insurance investigator from the street approaches Josh and tells him he's the only witness to Helen's accident - he wants to get Josh's side of the story. They sit down at a table. Josh goes through the events of the day that Helen was injured and in the course of conversation it comes up that Helen hadn't eaten all day because she was so worried about Todd. Also, that she hadn't slept for days through worry.
INSURANCE INVESTIGATOR: So, you drove all that way without rest and Mrs Daniels hadn't eaten anything all day. Is that right?
JOSH: ...Yes
INSURANCE INVESTIGATOR: Then I'd say it's entirely possible that Mrs Daniels was feeling faint, and that's what made her fall down the stairs - wouldn't you, Josh?
Lucy is still stomping arond. Glen asks Helen if he can move her car because he needs his to take Gemma out tonight. Lucy glowers and Helen wants to know what's the matter with her. She observes that Lucy and Glen aren't getting on very well.
LUCY: I hate him! I wish he'd never moved in here if you must know!
Doug and Joe are counting the money and wondering who it could belong to. Doug still thinks that the law says the money belong to Dorothy, but Joe reckons it's finders keepers!
Coffee Shop
Glen pops in to pick Gemma up, but she's not ready yet, so he sits and talks with Josh. Josh tells him despondently that he thinks he's given the insurance investigator evidence to get Helen's claim thrown out - they're going to subpoena Josh as a witness!
GLEN: Look, you've got two options. You can either perjure yourself in court, or do the dirty on the Robinsons.
JOSH: I know. Which one do I choose?
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