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Neighbours Episode 1425 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1425
Australian airdate: 03/05/91
UK airdate: 05/05/92
UK Gold: 17/4/98
Summary/Images by: Kulin
Jim and Joe see Colin off
Jim and Joe congratulate themselves for seeing Colin off and reward themselves wih a beer. Melanie says she heard the noise and wonders if it was what Dorothy wanted. They tell her Dorothy wouldn't talk to them after Colin left. They surmise that Dorothy's not as tough as she makes out and tease Jim about knowing her well. He says that she's better off on her own and they drink to a bachelor life, but Melanie doesn't look convinced.
Willis House
Pam Doug and Cody are enjoying a big meal and Cody wonders how poor people can afford this. They're all very happy as Pam and Doug tell her that a client is coming round to make a payment which will solve their immediate problem, Doug has some jobs libned up and Pam will soon be earning as a nurse. She's thrilled to hear they don't have to leave Ramsay St.
Harold Joe and Madge talk about how devastated Dorothy must be. Joe sees the gas-mask and Madge tells him about her campaign, for which she now has full Union support. She and Joe laugh, but Harold points out that she should be careful. She thinks there's no problem, that Paul knows when he's beaten, but Harold looks exasperated with her. He feels Paul will be watching her like a hawk and looking for a reason to get rid of her.
No 26
Jim's back early from his bike-ride and says that Dorothy didn't turn up. Todd's up early because Josh has been talking in his sleep about Lucy. Cody comes in - another one up before midday and tells Todd the good news. They hug excitedly.
Joe comes in angry because Bouncer has made another hole in the fence. The phone rings and Melanie says she's been called in to work. Joe tells Sky never to work for a Paul Robinson. (Sky looks at him and comments 'Big Mouth' but I don't think that was in the script!)
No 28
Doug's all excited because Mick's coming to pay them. However his face falls when Mick presents him with an instalment, money stuffed into a coffee jar. Mich says he has a part-time job and can pay $100 a week from now on. Doug says he thought it would be the full final payment, but Mick replies that this is all he can do.
No 28, later
Pam can't concentrate on study and Doug is just sitting disconsolately dropping coins into the jar. He says 'let's face it, love - it's over, we're sunk' and leaves, meeting Todd and Cody on their way in. Cody realises something is wrong and although Pam doesn't want to talk in front of Todd, she guesses that Mick didn't pay up after all.
Melanie comes in and tells Harold and Madge that Paul has offered to instal two extractor fans above the bar. Madge immediately says it's not enough and Paul has to do better.
Joe comes in, looking for Bouncer again. Harold leaves in a big hurry.Joe tells Madge that Bouncer fits the description of the rogue dog, but Madge won't believe it's him.
Hotel Office
Harold asks Melanie if she's told Paul that Madge refused the offer of the fans - because Madge has decided to accept. Melanie's not as pleased as he expects and admits that the offer came from her and not Paul.
Todd storms in looking for Paul, saying he should have helped the Willis family and he didn't and now they're going to lose their house.
No 28
Cody tries to cheer Pam up by downplaying their plight, but Pam says no, things are really bad; they're going to have to move. Cody says they can find somewhere nearby to rent and it needn't be so bad.
Harold tells Madge that he accepted the fan offer, so she's furious but he distracts her by telling her and Joe that the Willis family have to sell their house. She comments that she feels rotten for complaining about her smaller problems.
They stop talking when Doug comes in. Joe greets him very obviously trying to be ultra friendly and offers to buy him a beer and spread the word round that his friend has been very pleased with Doug's work.
Later, Doug's still there propping up the bar. Madge tells him to cheer up and offers him some left-over pies and pasties to take home. Just as he starts to ask what's going on, Jim comes in and is as obviously fussing over him as Joe was. Doug cuts him off when he talks about the renovation job, so Jim says he'll give the work to someone else then. When Madge says Doug's spirits drink is on the house he goes berserk wondering what's going on. Jim tells him he won't find the answer to whatever his problem is at the bottom of a glass and persuades him to let himself be driven home.
Melanie talks to Joe as she cooks - telling him that Dorothy's not too good and in return he tells hr about Doug. Bouncer comes in and melanie sees that he has blood on his fur but doesn't seem to be cut at all. What has he been up to?
Ramsay St
As they arrive home, Jim asks Doug what's wrong. Doug snaps at him, then yells 'That's what it's about!'. he's seen a sign announcing the mortgagee sale of his house. He pulls the sign out of the ground and smashes it.
No 28
Doug storms in and tells Pam, Cody and Todd, who've been waatching his reaction, that he's not staying around to be laughed at. He knows someone who has a caravan and they're packing up and going to Mount Isa.
<<1424 - 1426>>
Doug Willis, Cody Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1425
Doug Willis, Cody Willis, Pam Willis

Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 1425
Cody Willis

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