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Neighbours Episode 1422 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1422
Australian airdate: 30/04/91
UK airdate: 30/04/92
UK Gold: 14/04/98
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Adam is working on his car when Gemma walks up the street with some shopping. They have a bit of an awkward conversation.
Lucy cuts her finger quite badly while chopping onions. Glen sees to her wound be running it under the tap. There's a lot of hand-holding and sexual tension between them (yuk) as he puts a plaster on it.
GLEN: Hey Luce, take it easy. I've heard of finger food, but this is ridiculous!
Ramsay Street
Dorothy is home late from a staff meeting and sees Helen who tells her that Christina is pregnant. Dorothy invites Helen in for a sherry - she needs her expert advice on something.
No.22, evening
Caroline and Christina are discussing the aftermath of the baby celebration fiasco. Christina says she'll tell Paul tonight - she'll put on sexy lingerie and perfume to soften the blow(!)
Paul comes in with a battered old cricket bat - apparently he and Scott grew up with it. Christina tells Paul she's going to bed and he should follow her very soon(!)
Helen and Dorothy are measuring up the windows for new curtains - Dorothy wants to make compromises for Colin. She's starting by putting away her African artifacts and next she's going to redecorate.
Caroline broaches the subject of the Willises financial problems. She asks Paul if there's anything they can do to stop the Willises losing their house. Paul says he does like the Willises, but there's a difference between a loan and charity - he can't just give handouts from the company. Times are tough.
Josh, Glen and Lucy are sitting around. Lucy is reading her stars and thinks they're quite accurate today because they talk about being careful around domestic situations! Glen reads Josh's stars (Capricorn) and they predict a "possible win" for him in the next week. Lucy thanks Glen for helping her with her finger and Josh rolls his eyes. When Glen is out of the room, Josh tells Lucy that things are getting out of control. She tells him to mind his own business.
Gemma has come to apologise to Adam for rushing off yesterday. He tells her not to worry about it and they agree they don't have to be awkward with each other. It's Gemma's day off today, much to her relief because the stinky koalas are getting to her. Caroline comes in and is a bit surprised to see Gemma there. Adam invites Gemma to the Waterhole this afternoon for a drink with them. She reluctantly agrees and then decides to leave - it's all got a bit awkward.
When Gemma has gone, Caroline asks Adam if they can go for a drive this morning - she's got a bit of time off.
Paul is refusing to give Caroline any time off. She tells him point-blank that he's being unreasonable - all the work is done. He finally caves in and gives her the day off. When Paul is out of the room, Caroline urges Christina to tell Paul about the non-existent pregnancy.
CHRISTINA: I will tell him today. I will.
Lucy is making breakfast and Helen is putting some flowers in a vase. Lucy is having trouble doing up her buttons because of her hurt finger. Helen tells Glen to help Lucy, but Josh quickly jumps in, despite Lucy trying to fend him off! There's a bit of a tense moment between Josh and Glen and Helen tells them off.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Helen and Dorothy are discussing colours for Dorothy's house redecoration. They also talk about Helen's claim. Apparently an insurance investigator is quite likely to be watching Helen. Christina passes by and Dorothy congratulates her on her pregnancy. Christina does not look chuffed. In conversation, Christina mentions that she saw Colin at Lassiter's before and Dorothy is confused - she thought Colin was in meetings all morning.
HELEN:(about the redecorating) Dorothy, you do know that all of this is going to cost you a fortune, don't you?
DOROTHY: I know. But I want it to be special for Colin. You don't often get a second chance. So, whatever it takes, it's worth it.
The Office
Christina comes in to see Paul who is just heading off on a lunch date. She tries to tell him about the phantom pregnancy, but he starts babbling on about their living arrangement.
PAUL: You're worried that I'm not really happy about Caroline moving back in, right?
PAUL: Well, don't. Look, I wasn't crazy about the idea at first, I liked our privacy. Being able to do whatever we liked, whenever we liked.
CHRISTINA: Darling...
PAUL: But, I'm quite happy about the idea of having somebody there while I'm away on business. And, I think she's going to be a good help when the baby does come. I was just a bit worried that we were going to get lumbered with her permanently, that's all.
CHRISTINA: So, what, if I wasn't pregnant, you wouldn't want her back with us?
PAUL: There'd be no need, would there? But I can understand why you need her there at the moment.
Christina looks crestfallen. Caroline comes in at that moment and Paul goes off to his lunch meeting. Christina tells Caroline that she tried to tell Paul, but once again, she couldn't.
CAROLINE: You know the longer you leave it...
CHRISTINA: I know, I know, the harder it gets. That's it! Well, this whole mess is because I'm not pregnant, right?
CAROLINE: Right...?
CHRISTINA: That's what I have to do, I have to get pregnant. I'll get pregnant as fast as I can!
The Pub
Adam, Gemma and Caroline are chatting at a table. Gemma looks a bit fed up and quite rightly as Adam and Caroline are being pretty insensitive and talking about a romantic day out they've been on. At the bar, Gemma tells Glen that she feels like a loner around then. Glen says he feels the same. There is someone actually, but it's not worth the hassle. At the table, Caroline and Adam are still giggling together.
Lucy is blackmailing Josh to drop the subject of her and Glen by threatening to rip up a letter from his parents. They chase each other around the kitchen and living room.
Josh suggests going out for a burger, but Lucy would rather wait in. Josh reckons Lucy just wants to wait in for Glen.
Christina and Paul are all dressed up and ready to go to a formal do.
CHRISTINA: You know, this thing doesn't start till 8.
PAUL: Yeah, I know, I just thought I'd work the room a bit before dinner.
CHRISTINA: I've got a better idea.
She starts to take Paul's shirt off.
PAUL: What, now?!
PAUL: Chrissie, we're dressed and ready to go!
CHRISTINA: So what?! Sometimes a girl gets an urge she can't control!
Glen comes in and Lucy offers him some spaghetti that she's made. Josh is watching TV and they have an entirely random conversation about passive smoking(!) Lucy comes back with Glen's spaghetti and gushes over him.
GLEN: You didn't have to go to any trouble.
LUCY: I wanted to.
Josh tries not to retch in disgust and decides to go over to Cody's place.
Glen looks at Lucy's finger to see how it is. He leans down to kiss her finger. Then he strokes the side of Lucy's face.
GLEN: You're beautiful.
LUCY: You too.
They lean in to each other, about to kiss.
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