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Neighbours Episode 1404 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1404
Australian airdate: 04/04/91
UK airdate: 06/04/92
UK Gold: 19/03/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Det Alan Stewart: James Patrick
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug thinks he's won a bet.
Doug is celebrating - this money will get them back in the black. Pam is forced to admit that she called the bet off - she ran into Glen and told him that Doug had changed his mind.
PAM: You made a promise Doug, not to gamble. I was furious! We're in real strife here, Doug, and you go throwing away $150!
Doug says he wasn't throwing it away, but Pam says he was being reckless - it doesn't matter that he would have won. Doug is angry.
Caroline comes in and sees that Christina has received a subpoena too. They're both jumpy - what might the creeps do to stop them testifying?
CHRISTINA: You don't think that they'd actually...you know.
CAROLINE: Oh, will you stop it!
Caroline says they'll just have to rely on the police to protect them. Christina has had a call from Paul - he grovelled and told her he'd be home next week. Apparently she told him if he didn't she'd have their marriage annulled(!)
Toby and Ben are spying on the No.22 with a pair of binoculars. Ben says he'll call them on the telephone, which will bring them to the window. Apparently Christina comes to the window, looking annoyed at a prank call. Joe comes in and tells Ben and Toby to behave, but he doesn't see what they've been doing.
Ben is surprised that the police are in Ramsay Street again.
BEN: Maybe they're getting evidence so they can do a raid.
TOBY:(doubtfully) In Ramsay Street?
BEN: Why not?!
Cody, Melissa, Josh and Todd are doing homework. Cody asks after the distillery, but Josh hasn't got the equipment together yet. He'll do it today. Todd and Cody offer to help.
Pam comes out and asks Adam where Doug is. Apparently he's sulking out the back.
Garden of the Wilises
Pam finds Doug sulking over a beer. He's not really upset about the bet though, he's more upset about getting them into a financial mess.
DOUG: This shouldn't be happening! It's supposed to be like this when you start off, but I've been doing this now for damned near thirty years and I still can't get it right! I never expected to grovel at my age to some upstart of a bank manager.
PAM: Bank managers are there to make people feel inadequate, comes with the territory.
DOUG: I've let you down.
PAM: I've got no complaints. Things'll pick up.
DOUG: Well, from now on I'm going to turn over a new leaf.
PAM: Don't make too many promises you can't keep, Doug!
DOUG: No, I'm serious, you'll see. I'm going to make you proud of me.
PAM: I *am* proud of you. I married you for richer or for poorer and that still stands.
DOUG: Till death us do part?
PAM: Well...
They hug.
Toby answers the door to Ben who has popped over for a bit more twin-perving. They make another prank phone call to bring them to the window.
Christina answers the phone and isn't amused.
Christina puts the phone down, very worried. Caroline is worried too - maybe the criminals are telling them they're out there. This might just be the beginning. They decide to stay home today, so they'll be safe. Christina puts the chain on the front door.
There's a knock at the door.
CODY: Ah, that'll be my disciples!
She lets Josh and Todd in - Josh asks if he can "borrow!" some potatoes for a "science project".
Doug offers Pam a lift to the hospital while Adam moans that Caroline is freezing him out.
PAM: At least it made you realise how you feel about the poor girl.
ADAM: Maybe.
Caroline has rung the police who are going to try to trace the calls. There's a knock at the door and they jump, but it's only Adam. Caroline lets him in and tells him that she "felt like working from home". Adam asks Caroline to go out for dinner tonight, but she doesn't want to, inviting him to a quiet night at home with her and Christina instead. She wants to stay in as much as possible this week. Adam tells her it's a feeble excuse and won't let her explain.
ADAM: Look, if you don't want to go out with me, OK. Just tell me!
He storms out.
Christina says that Caroline could have gone out with him, but she says she feels safer in the house and doesn't want Adam put in danger either. The police also told them not to tell anybody what the situation is.
Toby and Ben are twin-perving yet again. Toby makes the prank call this time, but Joe comes in as he's doing it. He puts the phone down, but it doesn't quite go on to its hook.
On the other end. the twins decide to leave their phone off the hook to so the call can be traced. Adam pops around again for some "real answers". Caroline says she's just busy, so she can't go out. In the end, Caroline says that they did agree on a more open relationship and Adam hasn't give it much of a go. Adam isn't impressed.
ADAM: I don't rate a single consideration over someone you've just met! That's it. See you around.
He stomps off again and Caroline despairs.
The police call around to see Joe. They tell him that the crank phone calls have been traced to him - and he has history, given that he has "bothered" the Alessi sisters in the past. Ben makes a sharp exit, but Toby, realising Joe is in trouble, owns up.
TOBY: It wasn't Dad, it was me and Ben.
POLICEMAN: Was it, now.
Cody asks Melissa when she's going to tell Josh that she's moving to America. She doesn't know how to tell him.
Science Lab
Josh and Todd are putting together the distillery when Cody and Melissa arrive. They're on the way to their cookery class, but will call back later to see how it's going.
Doug has brought Pam some flowers - hand-picked from a site he had to dig up today! Pam tells Doug that a friend of her's back is playing up - she's going to do a few shifts in the taxi for him. Doug isn't impressed and tells her she's flat out with the nursing course, and they're not that desperate. But Pam has already promised she'll do it.
The police have brought Toby over to confess to the twins. They're not impressed, but accept his apology. The policeman warns Joe and Toby not to say a word about this incident. The twins are relieved that a nutter isn't after them and tell the policeman they're going nuts. He says he'll have a police car stationed at the end of Ramsay Street until the trial takes place.
Science Lab
Josh is talking Todd through the finer points of distilling alcohol. He instructs Todd to turn up the gas.
Outside the lab
Melissa and Cody are approaching the lab when there's an explosion, blowing the door off. Todd and Josh stagger out with a blackened faces. Cody runs in to turn the gas off and tells them the sprinklers have come on. They decide to make a run for it!
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