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Neighbours Episode 1398 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1398
Australian airdate: 27/03/91
UK airdate: 27/03/92
UK Gold: 11/03/98
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Det Alan Stewart: James Patrick
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Caroline is starting the day with an exercise video, much to Christina's disgust. They chat about Gemma and hope last night perked her out.
Harold is telling Madge that she has to see the specialist, but she shushes him. Joe comes in and Madge tells him she's called in sick. Joe sits down for a cup of tea and says he needs an apprentice and Gemma offers herself. Joe and Harold look rather doubtful.
HAROLD: It's not quite the thing for a well raised young lady.
GEMMA: What a couple of narrow-minded sexist pigs!
Harold is rather offended by this, but Gemma insists that she'd be fine. Joe awkwardly tells her that her leg has been injured, but Gemma says it's better. Joe is forced to relent.
Harold pops around to see Pam, but she's at a nurses' re-training course. Adam offers his help and sits Harold down. Harold explains about Madge's throat and the doctor wanting her to see a specialist. But Madge is refusing to go because she suspects the worse. Adam says it's always best to confront the problem.
ADAM: You'll have to get her to the specialist.
HAROLD: I know that. But how?
Gemma is wearing Charlene's overalls and is ready for work. Joe still isn't sure about Gemma working with him, lugging rocks and sacks, but Gemma just wants a chance - she's tired of being cooped up indoors and is ready for work in the fresh air.
Joe is showing Gemma a big pile of manure that he's had delivered.
GEMMA: Haven't you ever heard of chemical fertilisers?
JOE:(quietly) Promised Kerry I wouldn't use chemicals.
He tells Gemma to spread it evenly over the flower-beds while he waters it into the soil. Gemma picks up her shovel and gets shovelling manure into a wheelbarrow.
Coffee Shop
Paul has phoned Caroline at the office to tell her that he'll be yet another few days in America. Christina is not impressed at having been told via a message(!)
CAROLINE: For better or for worse, remember?
CHRISTINA: Yes, but why do we have to start off with the worse?!
She's not happy at all.
Adam has popped over to see Madge, who is languishing in her dressing-gown, about her throat problem. Madge isn't overly impressed and says that it's none of Adam's business. Adam explains gently that Harold is very worried. Adam says it could be anything, from harmless to serious, but Madge should see the specialist. He thinks it could be some form of chord-itis.
MADGE: What if it's incurable?
ADAM: Well, there's only one way to find out.
MADGE: If it was, I don't think I could cope.
ADAM: You under-estimate yourself! The Madge Bishop I know is a pretty gutsy woman.
MADGE: It's all show.
She does agree to think about seeing the specialist though.
Gemma is wheelbarrowing manure and Doug comes over to see Joe. Joe asks Doug about landscaping the guest-house, but Doug says it could be delayed indefinitely - money is tight and he has to talk to Paul about it. Gemma is still shovelling manure. Joe is surprised to hear that Doug is in financial difficulties.
Coffee Shop
Madge comes in and mouths something to Harold. He can't understand her, so she drags him behind the counter mouthing "I'm not allowed to speak". Harold still can't understand her, but he realises she's been to the specialist. Madge gets very frustrated and ends up writing Harold a note, but he can't read her writing(!) Madge has another go.
Outside Lassiter's
Caroline sees Christina moping about. She can't get hold of Paul and thinks he's avoiding her. Caroline says he's probably out doing business with Henson, and it could pay good dividends in the future for them.
Harold and Madge have come to see Adam. The specialist has told Madge to rest her voice completely - it would seem she's strained her vocal chord from talking loudly over the noise at the Waterhole and also at Council Meetings. Adam was right - it *is* chord-itis. Harold thanks Adam profusely for convincing Madge to go to the specialist. Adam looks chuffed.
Outside the Waterhole
Gemma is having a drink and looking a bit fed up. Joe tells Caroline that Christina has a long face as well. Caroline approaches Christina at a table and she starts moaning about Paul again. She decides to write him a fax with exactly what she thinks. Caroline looks alarmed and says that fax isn't really the method - all the staff at the American hotel might read it!
Adam tells Doug about the Madge specialist incident and his correct diagnosis. He's realised that you don't have to become hardened to be a doctor - you just have to handle things properly.
ADAM: I think I can deal with medicine on that level.
DOUG: Does that mean you're thinking of going back to it?
ADAM: Well, if it'll have *me* back, that's exactly what I want.
Doug is chuffed, and jokes that now he'll have to fire him from "Willis and Son"!
Joe is taking a delivery of yet more manure. It smells terrible and is covered with flies. Gemma accidentally steps on a rake and falls into the manure. Joe goes to help her up and she pulls him into it too! They sit in the manure, laughing, and Joe says it's good to see her smiling again.
JOE: Put it there, partner.
They shake hands.
Christina has sent the fax to Paul and says he'd better start taking her seriously(!) Caroline suggests going to the cinema tonight and Christina agrees.
There's a knock at the door and it's a detective - Detective Stewart. They clearly already know him.
CAROLINE: Is there anything the matter?
DET STEWART: I thought I'd better warn you - you're about to be subpoenaed.
The twins are shocked - they hadn't heard anything so thought the case had gone away, but in fact, as Detective Stewart explains, it was just going through the legal machine.
DET STEWART: As witnesses, you certainly picked the big two.
CAROLINE: Drugs and murder. Terrific.
Christina was hoping they wouldn't have to go to court. Det Stewart explains that Carter might have an accomplice - and since they've been in the paper recently, they'll be very easy to find.
DET STEWART: Sorry, but I'm advising that you go into hiding again.
DET STEWART: Just till you've given your evidence. After we wrap up the case, it'll be all clear for you.
CAROLINE: We can't go into hiding.
CAROLINE: Well, my work, it's here at Lassiter's
CHRISTINA: And I'm married to the boss!
DET STEWART: Oh. Congratulations.
CHRISTINA: And I can't go away yet, I want to be here when he gets back.
DET STEWART: And when will that be?
CHRISTINA: Just a couple of days. But I have to be at home, and he won't want to go into hiding, he's a businessman. We'll be separated again!
CAROLINE: And I can't just disappear from my job. Us going into hiding just isn't practical anymore.
DET STEWART: It is if you want to be safe! Think about it! Carter could have an accomplice that doesn't want you giving evidence against his mate. Look, I don't want to alarm you, but...
CHRISTINA: Well, you're doing a very good job!
DET STEWART: If you insist on staying here, you'll have to take precautions to ensure your safety. Keep your heads down and your mouths shut about this.
CHRISTINA: Are you saying our lives are in danger?
DET STEWART: That's a definite possibility.
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