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Neighbours Episode 1395 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1395
Australian airdate: 22/03/91
UK airdate: 24/03/92
UK Gold: 06/03/98
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
It's April Fool's Day and Melanie has sewed Toby's scosk together(!)
Harold comes in with the oil from the garden and asks Joe to take it to his geologist gardening client for analysis. There might be crude oil under the house!
JOE: Crude oil under the house?! I had heard there was quite a bit of natural gas around Ramsay Street...
When Joe is out of the room, Harold tells Toby that he's playing a trick on Joe and Madge and swears him to secrecy.
When Harold has gone, Joe tells Toby that Harold is losing it - it's the oil from the car that they knocked over in the garden!
Christina is sulking that Paul is away for another week.
CHRISTINA: I'm not exactly sure that I got married - did I doze off and dream it?
Caroline says that the deal Paul is doing will make them financially secure, so it's worth another week. Caroline says she's made up with Adam, but there's still a lot to sort out - Adam keeps assuming things about her. She'll have to talk to him.
Glen has got a day off today. He tells Jim he'll contribute to the housekeeping soon, but he's a bit skint at the moment after buying Matt's car. Jim offers to help him do up Bertha's mechanical problems, they can soon get it sorted.
Ramsay Street
Caroline goes across to see Adam who is helping Doug to load the ute. She tells him she'd like to have "a chat" about their relationship. He agrees to come over to her house later.
Madge tells Toby that she know Harold is playing a joke on her, but she's going along with it, telling Toby not to say anything! Toby is so confused he decides to leave(!)
Joe comes in through the back door, bearing the oil in a reverence. He says his friend has confirmed it to be crude oil of the "very highest standard"(!) He says that Madge and Harold are going to be millionaires!
Front drive of No.26
Glen and Jim are mending Bertha. Glen is feeling really welcome at the Robinsons - even Todd has let him use his walkman. Jim tells Glen that he's happy to give him a home, but he's no do-gooder, he enjoys having his family around him.
Outside the Waterhole
Caroline and Christina are looking at colour schemes for the Waterhole. Adam comes up and asks Caroline to dinner, but she's too busy. Doug comes over and tells Christina that there's a big bunch of flowers outside her house that was delivered this morning. Doug jokes that Paul will be off with all the American women and Christina is not amused.
Coffee Shop
madge is sitting at a table reading a magazine and chatting to Harold. Toby comes along looking for Joe - he's lost his lunch money. Harold says he'll make him a sandwich and a milkshake - after all, they'll be rich soon(!) Toby rolls his eyes. He says he's fed up of everyone fooling everyone and Madge and Harold start to laugh and say "April Fool".
Outside the Waterhole
Madge and Harold come over to the table where Doug and Joe are sitting and pretend that they're about to chuck in their jobs. They thank Joe for the news about the oil well - and tell him that they've decided to buy another house down by the water. Joe suddenly looks very worried and tells them they shouldn't chuck in their jobs until he hears back from the geologist. But they pretend not to listen and rush off.
Jim and Glen are visiting the twins. Adam comes around to see Caroline. She tells him they need to have a talk, so everyone else makes themselves scarce.
Joe is pacing the floors, worried about Madge and Harold chucking in their jobs. Toby just laughs and tells him it'll work out. Madge and Harold come round and tells Joe that they've got some news - they've put the Coffee Shop up for sale and Madge has resigned from her job. Also, they've booked first class tickets to go round the world on the QE2. Joe is forced to confess that it was just a prank. They all start to laugh and shout "April Fool".
Caroline says she still doesn't know where she stands with Adam. He tells her that wants the freedom to do his own thing as well as go out with her, and Caroline says that's what she wants too. They'll have an open relationship.
Glen has bought some beers and he and Jim are relaxing on the sofa with one. Glen is pleased about his car. Jim just gets through saying how well things are going at the moment when he opens a letter and it's not good news.
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