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Neighbours Episode 1393 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1393
Australian airdate: 20/03/91
UK airdate: 20/03/92
UK Gold: 04/03/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Melanie is quite upset that Matt has shot through to Adelaide - she thought they were good friends. Joe says he was just mixed up and will probably call her later. Melanie tells Joe that Gemma is gutted. Melanie brings Jan up and Toby pricks up his ears.
TOBY: Who's Jan?
JOE: A...a...a business associate of mine. You've never met her. She deals with...er...garden gnomes.
Apparently Gemma has been crying in her room all night. Madge has had a letter back from the hotel resort they visited about the "stolen" towels. Apparently they had a good laugh over their conflicting excuses(!)
HAROLD: I don't think I'll ever get over the guilt.
MADGE: Anyone would think you'd pulled a bank job!
HAROLD: I never want to hear about this sordid case again.
But they have returned Harold's cheque, and he puts it safely away in his pocket(!)
Dorothy and Ryan have finished the decorating. They chat about Helen and Ryan tells Dorothy that he's off to an interview today. Before he can elaborate, the phone rings. It's Dorothy's friend, Winnie, so Ryan just heads off.
Melanie is helping Joe with his book-keeping. Toby is puzzled that the good plates were out last night and Joe says Melanie cooked a nice meal and he wanted to do it justice. He quickly sends Toby off to find his hat.
MELANIE: Joe, why dont' you want Toby to know that you went on a date with Jan?
JOE: It's a little bit awkward.
JOE: I don't want Toby thinking I'm...being disloyal to Kerry.
MELANIE: Joe, Toby would never think that.
JOE: You reckon?
She sits down with him. Joe explains he got on really well with Jan, but when things looked like things might "progress"...he just couldn't. Melanie apologises for match-making, but Joe says she was just trying to help. But in the future, he'll do his own match-making. Melanie just wants Joe to be happy. Joe thanks her for all she does around the house and looking after the kids, especially considering she's just a lodger.
JOE: You're pretty special, Mel.
Helen's Hospital Room
Helen is sitting up in bed doing a crossword when Todd randomly walks in(!)
HELEN:(without looking up) How do you spell "Dostoievsky"?
TODD: ...I'd have to look it up.
Helen looks up in surprise and delight.
HELEN: Todd! Oh, Todd!
They hug.
Todd and Helen are catching up.
HELEN: I just can't take it in. You're here.
Todd apparently phoned Josh, who let him know where Helen was. He feels it's his fault - if he hadn't run away, none of this would ever have happened.
Helen reassures him that she'll be fine, and asks him if he's coming home. Todd doesn't answer.
Madge and Harold took Toby and Sky to the circus last night, and now Toby is practising magic tricks. Madge and Harold ask how Joe's evening went, but he is evasive. Harold asks Joe to change the oil in his car for him. Madge tells Harold off for being tight.
Ramsay Street
Joe is changing Harold's oil and Toby is gardening. Joe awkwardly brings up the subject of his having a date and Toby is very casual about it - he knew there was something up.
JOE: What do you think about it, Tobe? Me going out with another woman?
TOBY:(shrugs) Doesn't worry me.
JOE: Yeah...I've been sweating it, you know...Kerry and that.
TOBY: I reckon Kerry would have wanted you to go out with other girls.
JOE: You really think so?
TOBY: Yeah, you're still pretty young and I reckon you ought to spread it around a bit!
JOE: Thanks for the advice, mate!
While they're talking, the oil spills on to the ground.
Helen's Hospital Room
Todd tells Helen that he's working as a farm labourer now - he moves on if people get too curious. Helen tells him about Glen and his relationship to Jim. Todd is surprised.
HELEN: Everyone wants you home, Todd. I've missed you dreadfully, we've all been worried sick! We didn't even know if...
TODD: I can't go back, not now.
HELEN: It's quite alright you know. Assault charges are pending against that gang who attacked you, and nobody's made any complaint against you for your little escapade.
TODD: So I won't go to a detention centre?
HELEN: Of course you won't!
Todd admits that's what Josh said, but he didn't believe him. Helen assures him it's the truth - Todd can pick up his life where he left off.
The nurse comes in to get Helen ready to see the doctor. Todd promises to wait outside.
Dorothy asks Harold if Ryan can work at the Coffee Shop for a while. Harold isn't keen - Ryan was rather indifferent about the Coffee Shop when he worked there, but Dorothy talks him round.
Madge asks bitchily how things are going between Dorothy and Jim.
DOROTHY: Hotter and more passionate than anything you could imagine, Madge.
MADGE: Oh, I don't know, I've been around!
DOROTHY: So I've heard!
Harold looks rather worried(!) He notices that Dorothy has left her hat behind, so Madge says she'll take it over later.
Garden of No.24
Joe and Toby are having a water-fight. Harold comes out to check that everything is in order and says that Joe has cut the azaleas back too far. He docks Joe $40 from his pay.
Madge has brought Dorothy's hat around, and also brought Dorothy some biscuits as a peace-offering. Dorothy offers her a cup of tea, and says she'd like to talk to her about the crossing outside the school that needs re-painting. Madge advises her to put it in writing.
Madge invites Dorothy and Jim(!) to dinner tonight. Ryan comes in while they're talk and tries to tell Dorothy about his job interview, but she waves him away.
Melanie and Sky are playing hide and seek when Joe and Toby come in. Joe tells her about his pay being docked by Harold and says he won't get away with it.
Helen's Hospital Room
Todd has come back, much to Helen's relief. Apparently Helen has to stay in for a couple of days for observation, but she'll be fine.
HELEN: You are coming back to Erinsborough, aren't you?
TODD: I don't know, Helen. I feel a bit stupid.
HELEN:(gently) Todd, stop acting so foolishly, you belong at home. With us.
Todd wonders if Jim will be as accommodating as Helen, but Helen assures him that he will be.
TODD: I guess you're right.
HELEN: You know I am.
TODD: Well, I'll give it another try.
Helen tells him to call Jim to pick him up, but Todd wants to take the train. He's used to looking after himself, and he'll make his own way home.
Dorothy and Madge are arguing about whether roads are a Federal matter.
When Madge has gone, Ryan comes into the kitchen. She tells Ryan that he can start in the Coffee Shop tomorrow and the school library are keeping open a position for him that he can take up in a few months.
RYAN:(interrupting) They said I've got it.
DOROTHY: Yes, library assistant. If you like the work, we can see about enrolling you in a Library Studies course.
RYAN: Not your jobs, mine!
DOROTHY: What job?
RYAN: I've signed up.
DOROTHY: Signed up? What are you talking about?
RYAN: I've joined the Army!
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