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Neighbours Episode 1374 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1374
Australian airdate: 21/02/91
UK airdate: 24/02/92
UK Gold: 05/02/98
Writer: Dominic Burke
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Diane Hinkley: Jan Fraser
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
It seems that Ryan has been behind Dorothy's back and got enquired after Colin (Dorothy's ex-husband) with the prison service. She accuses him of being insensitive but Ryan reckons he just wants to know who is uncle is, he claims. Dorothy says Colin was released from prison four years ago and she doesn't know where he is now.
DOROTHY: You were prying, and you know it. If you pull another stunt like this I'll have you out of the house so fast your feet won't touch the ground.
Doug comes in to find Pam reading through a nursing brochure. Doug doesn't want her to start work again, but Pam says she's had enough of waiting on Doug and the kids. Anyway, Adam and Cody are right behind her.
Coffee Shop
Cody, Melissa and Josh are hanging out. Melissa and Josh are laughing about him switching the signs on the boys' and girls' changing rooms, but Cody is absorbed in missing Todd.
Ryan comes in and is in a very bad mood. Melissa thinks that Ryan needs to get a girlfriend(!)
They start talking about Mr Gibbs and Melissa is still against him.
Pam is serving up the dinner and moaning at Doug for being such a useless cook. Pam is still determined to go into nursing.
Dorothy and Ryan are having a row. He accuses her of being down on him constantly. Dorothy says that Colin was a mistake and a chapter of her life that she doesn't want re-opened. She wants him to respect her wishes while living under her roof.
(The following morning)
Ryan wakes Dorothy up - he's up early making a banana smoothie before his post shift. Before he goes, Dorothy congratulates him on his new job and Ryan apologises for digging stuff up. They agree to be friends again.
Coffee Shop
Joe comes in for breakfast and tells Pam that Melanie has made it home - they put her ashore at the first port of call.
A lady comes in and recognises Pam - it's Diane Healey. They hug. Apparently Diane is the new administrator at the hospital. In the background, Joe resigns himself to making his own coffee(!)
Pam and Diane sit at a table and chat. It seems that they both started out in nursing in the "old days" together. Diane isn't married - she says she's "married to nursing". Diane is delighted to hear that Pam is thinking about going back to nursing - Erinsborough Hospital has such staff shortages that they're run off their feet. She assures Pam that she'd be fine with a bit of a refresher course.
Josh and Melissa are watching the changing rooms from a distance, but noone has gone into them yet. Cody is fretting about Todd not sending her a Valentine's card. Josh gives his card to Melissa.
Ryan is dozing, but is woken up by Joe. Joe has come to see if Ryan could help him with his landscaping and brings in his post too. To their surprise, there's a Valentine's card for Dorothy!
RYAN: Do you want to steam it open and have a look?
JOE: No way, mate! You're a postman. You should know better!
Coffee Shop
Diane has come back at lunch-time to encourage Pam still further to go back into nursing. The refresher course is just six weeks theory and six weeks' practical. Pam is quite pleased, but she says that the main challenge is Doug.
Cody wants to go home to check her post. Josh reports that Mr Gibbs went into the wrong changing room by mistake! Melissa starts ranting that he's a perve and a weirdo. Cody tries to reason with her, but Melissa rushes off to see Dorothy.
Melissa catches up with Dorothy and tells her about Mr Gibbs going into the girls' changing room. Dorothy says he was just the victim of a practical joke - and he's a cricket teacher. She tells Melissa off very severely for spreading false rumours about Mr Gibbs.
Cody has received Todd's card but quickly hides it when Pam and Doug come in. Pam is looking for her old nursing manuals. Cody is very pleased that Pam is going ahead with the nursing plan, and thinks it's fate that she ran into Diane today. Cody offers to have a word with Doug about his attitude!
Coffee Shop
Josh tells Melissa off for accusing Mr Gibbs over an honest mistake. He's fed up of Melissa trying to start a witch-hunt. Melissa huffs and says Josh has been sucked in by Mr Gibbs like everyone else.
Doug is moaning that Pam won't be around the house much if she gets a job back in nursing. Pam says she has decided to take the refreshes course and after that she might go back to work full time. Doug is very angry, but Pam's says she just wants to see if she's still got what it takes.
DOUG: (banging his fist on the table, angrily) Your place is here with your family!
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