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Neighbours Episode 1370 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1370 (Sky Bishop is returned to Joe Mangel)
Australian airdate: 15/02/91
UK airdate: 18/02/92
UK Gold: 30/01/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe invites Eric in and asks him what's going on - his wife hung up the phone on him.
ERIC: Sandy and I...we're having a few problems.
JOE: Oh, right. Well I don't see how you having a blue with your missus should interfere with me seeing Sky.
ERIC: The problems concern Sky.
JOE: How's that?
ERIC: W-Well...it's...it's Sandy, she...
JOE: Go on, I'm listening.
ERIC: Don't get me wrong. Sandy loves Sky...nearly as much as I do.
JOE: But not *as* much.
ERIC: They were right as rain together when it was only for short periods. But...my wife is finding it hard to be a full-time mother.
JOE: It's a full-time job, what did you expect?
ERIC: Sandy's job means a hell of a lot to her.
JOE: Well, what are you doing?! I mean, you can't look after a kid and be a hot-shot executive!
ERIC: She didn't understand the full consequences...the kid's at an active age...
JOE:(angrily) And you put us through that court case?!
ERIC: Sandy is the main-stay of the marketing side of our cosmetics range.
JOE: Good for Sandy.
ERIC: Today I stormed out of the house.
JOE: You took Sky.
ERIC: No, I left her with Sandy...she loves Sky, she'd never do her any harm. But she wouldn't talk to you on the phone or answer the door. She needed time. We both did.
JOE: I don't want Sky to see you two at each other's throats!
ERIC: But this was about Sky! You see, she never really wanted to take Sky in the first place.
JOE: She doesn't want her?!!
ERIC: It's all my doing. I thought I could convince her.
JOE: That's why Sandy hardly ever fronted up at court! You put us all through hell, mate! (Shaking him) You put us all through hell, especially Sky! I ought to smash your face in! But you're not worth it.
He steps back from Eric and hugs Toby.
ERIC: Sandy doesn't want to start in New Zealand with Sky. She said it's her or the child.
There is a pause.
ERIC: I can't get by without Sandy.
JOE:(quietly) Well, I'll be.
TOBY: What is it, Dad?
JOE: Sky's coming home.
TOBY: Yeah?!
JOE: Yeah. (To Eric) Think that's the best for everyone, don't you?
TOBY: When's she coming, Dad?
ERIC:(trying not cry) How do you feel about today, sport?
TOBY: Excellent!
ERIC:(to Joe) That OK by you?
JOE:(emotionally) Yeah.
ERIC: I'll go home and get her. Get it over with.
He walks out. Toby jumps on Joe and cheers, while Joe hugs him back, looking completely shell-shocked.
Paul and Jim are going through the finer points of the wedding. Paul tells Jim that he did invite Glen to come to the wedding, but he declined. They chat about the situation in Vietnam and Paul thinks Jim should explain the name-change issue to Glen. Jim doesn't think Glen will listen though.
Ramsay Street
Matt and Adam unload some beer from the back of the car while Melanie watches them from the window. They talk loudly about bucks nights to wind up Melanie and the twins.
Adam comes round and Christina tells him off for the 4 kegs of beer they saw him unloading. Adam hints that there's going to be a stripper too(!) He tells Christina not to be a hypocrite - the girls had a wild night, so now it's the boys turn!
Toby has made a banner to celebrate Sky's return home and it's hung up in the living room. Toby is a bit sad that they had to put off the fishing trip, but Joe assures him that it's just a postponement.
There's a knock at the door and it's Eric with Sky. Joe is nearly in tears as he greets her.
ERIC: Well, I'd better get going then.
JOE: Yeah.
ERIC: Bye, bye Sky.
SKY: Bye-bye!
He closes the door behind him as Joe and Toby fuss over Sky.
The twins are interrogating Paul about the bucks' night, but he doesn't know anything - the guys are organising it. Paul kisses Christina and says he won't see her again until she's about to become Mrs Robinson! She's still worried about the bucks' night though.
Melanie and Joe are explaining to Toby and Sky about hen and bucks' night traditions. Madge and Harold are going to babysit the kids tonight. Melanie warns Joe to keep things calm tonight. He tries not to laugh.
The Office
Paul is about to leave the office early and Caroline looks rather alarmed(!) He asks Caroline to wait in the outer office while he makes "a personal phonecall". Caroline listens at the door to Paul asking someone for "absolute discretion".
PAUL:(into the phone) No, four girls sounds quite sufficient, thanks!
Later at No.22
The twins and Melanie are still discussing the bucks' night. After a while they hear raucous music and screaming.
Cut to - Robinsons
Joe is alone in the living room playing a tape that sounds like raucous partygoers. But there isn't really a raucous party going out, the guys are just playing cards in the kitchen(!)
Christina is looking out of the window and hears Joe pretending to shout at a stripper(!)
Christina decides to phone the Robinson house. Paul answers it (the tape of raucous partygoers is still playing). Paul tells her that they're just having a quiet game of poker. Christina slams the phone down.
CHRISTINA: We're not even married and he's already lying to me!
No.22, the following morning
Christina is very nervous about the wedding. Adam comes in pretending to have a sever hangover.
ADAM: I cannot remember a wilder night! That even beats the 1988 med students ball, and that was one for the record books!
Christina worriedly asks him where Paul is.
ADAM: Oh, poor old Paul. He'll be lucky to make it back in time for the wedding.
CHRISTINA: What do you mean by that?!
Adam says they dumped Paul somewhere. Christina rushes out!
Paul and Jim are having a quiet breakfast when there comes a furious knocking on the door. It's Christina.
CHRISTINA: Where is Paul?!?!
JIM: In the kitchen.
CHRISTINA: Oh, don't you lie to me!
JIM:(surprised) I'm not!
CHRISTINA: You just make sure you track him down and get him to the church on time! Do I make myself clear?
Jim leads her into the kitchen.
CHRISTINA:(in horror) Don't touch me! This is terrible, it's bad luck if you touch me on our wedding day. It's even worse if you see me!
She runs off.
Joe is nursing a hangover.
Joe groans and tells him to be gentle.
TOBY: That good, eh?!
Joe tells Toby that it he should learn a lesson from him - "not to take up the grog!" He groans and asks Matt to look after the kids for a bit.
JOE: I'm going to cut me head off. Toby, get the axe.
TOBY: Yeah, sure Dad!
Christina is stressing out about seeing Paul before the wedding - it's bad luck. Now she has a funny feeling that something will go wrong.
Jim is making toast and rehearsing his wedding speech. Paul is worried about Christina and thinks they might have taken their fake wild bucks party joke too far.
JIM: Don't worry, Paul. No weddings in Ramsay Street ever go smoothly!
PAUL: Maybe this one's going to be different.
JIM:(laughing) We'll see!
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