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Neighbours Episode 1228 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1228
Australian airdate: 20/06/90
UK airdate: 01/08/91
UK Gold: 16/07/97
Writer: John Upton
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Daniel/Graham
Number 24
Harold and Madge are back at home, having milk and biscuits at the table. Harold is complaining about Clarrie, telling Madge that he doesn't know what she sees in him. Madge says that she thinks he's charming and she's sorry if Harold is upset. Harold denies being upset, but describes Clarrie as a "shyster". Madge reminds him that he's a professor and there's more to him than meets the eye, and she adds that Dorothy had it coming.
HAROLD: The man is her father, and yet he treats her abominably.
MADGE: He's the only person I know to put that woman in her place! It's like striking gold.
HAROLD: When he wasn't putting her down, he was buttering you up. Good grief. And he didn't mean a word of it? Oh, he wasn't being sincere?
Madge tells Harold that she thinks he's just jealous and she can't help it if she happens to turn heads. She says that Harold wouldn't understand that.
HAROLD: Oh, wouldn't I just? I do have my admirers, without any encouragement from me, I might add!
MADGE: What are we talking here, male sex symbol?
HAROLD: I'm talking about Dorothy, who's made it quite plain that she harbours certain feelings. Don't say I don't tell you everything.
MADGE: Oh, you're having me on!
Harold denies it, and Madge vows to "kill the witch". Harold reminds Madge that she was the one who advised him to change his image, and tells her that Dorothy even sent him a floral tribute. As she was the one to send it, Madge finally cottons on that there's been a misunderstanding, but doesn't say anything, instead advising Harold to enjoy the admiration.
Madge changes the subject and reminds him that Gemma's room isn't ready yet and she arrives first thing tomorrow. He assures her that they'll get it done.
MADGE: Well in that case... drink your milk, Mr. Sex Symbol!
Harold laughs.
Matt's at the bar when Joe storms in. Joe complains about Matt leaving him to deal with Kerry. Matt starts to apologise, but Joe then says sorry himself and tells him that he'll calm down after he's had a couple of beers. They sit down together, and Matt tells Joe that Kerry could be right, and Joe should at least read the baby books first to see what it is that he's objecting to. Joe doesn't want to talk about it, and instead proposes a game of darts. They invite Christina, who's also at the bar, to have a go too. She doesn't know how to play but they promise to teach her.
Number 26
It's the next morning. Jim tells Helen that the house looks like a home again, but Helen remarks that there's still something missing. Jim protests, telling her enough is enough. He explains that he has spoken to Beverly but it's like talking to a brick wall. Helen asks if he's spoken about the real issues, and Jim realises that she's still talking about "that woman in New York". He assures her that the woman isn't an issue and it's not a big deal. Helen thinks if she's not an issue then he should tell that to Beverly, but Jim won't. He says that after Beverly met Ewan, she told him that trust is the key to everything. Helen says that communication is necessary too. Jim says that under the circumstances he had reason to wonder about Ewan, but Beverly said that he should trust her, so she should trust him too in the same situation. Helen says that she'd like to knock their heads together, and Jim leaves, explaining that he has to go and see Matt.
Bus station
Harold and Madge are waiting for Gemma. Passengers are disembarking a bus that has just arrived but they can't see Gemma anywhere. The last passenger gets off and so Harold and Madge go inside to the information desk to see what's going on. Madge explains the situation to the man behind the counter and asks if Gemma could be on the next bus instead. The worker explains that they're expecting another bus from Brisbane in another half an hour, then the final one arrives 2 hours after that. Harold asks if he can check the passenger list, but the worker explains that he can't because the computers are down. Harold and Madge decide to wait.
MADGE: I hope this isn't an omen. Do you think we've done the right thing, taking on another teenager?
Number 26
Helen is about to leave the house, but there's a knock at the door. She opens the door, only to find Gemma, who introduces herself. Helen welcomes her in, and Gemma explains that she got an earlier bus and there's nobody at Harold and Madge's house. Helen realises that they must still be at the station, but tells her that she has to be at the gallery in 15 minutes. Helen decides that Gemma can leave her things at Number 26 for now, and leave a note at Harold and Madge's to say that she will meet them at the Coffee Shop. Gemma apologises for being a nuisance but Helen won't hear it and goes off to get her a writing pad for the note.
Number 32
Kerry is making breakfast in the kitchen, and Joe walks in, looking slightly worse for wear after drinking the night before. She tells him that she's making him eggs, and has to take over from Dawn at the market later. She reminds him that he promised to help, but Joe assures her that he remembers and says they can meet at Lassiter's because he has to water some plants there. Joe says that he doesn't want any eggs, and would prefer cereal as it's something soggy.
KERRY: I hope that you're feeling really horrible.
JOE: Guilty, your honour. Listen Kez, all that jumping up and down and yelling, I'm sorry.
KERRY: Does this mean you'll go along with the water birth?
JOE: I didn't say that. Look, if I read up on it, right, and we both know what's going on, will you do something for me? Just... check out the risks. Maybe other possibilities? I'm worried about you, Kez.
KERRY: Well, I suppose that's a fair exchange.
JOE: That's great. Really great.
Kerry gives an awkward smile.
Number 24
Madge is on the phone to Tom, who apparently thinks that Gemma will probably knock on the door at any minute. She says goodbye and puts the phone down. Madge explains to Harold that Tom thinks she may have got an earlier bus, but Harold is annoyed, asking why she didn't wait at the station or at the house. Harold wonders if she's left a note but Madge says she hasn't.
HAROLD: I just hope the girl didn't forget to get back on the bus at one of the stops.
MADGE: Oh, Harold, she would have phoned, she's not a complete fool.
Harold speculates that Gemma may have other friends in the area who she has gone to visit first, but Madge says if that's the case then she's very inconsiderate and she'll tell her so in no uncertain terms. Harold says that he'll go back to the station to be there for the next bus arrival. Harold reassures Madge that Gemma won't have got into any trouble in "quiet old Erinsborough", but Madge is unconvinced. Harold leaves.
Coffee Shop
The shop is empty and Eddie is busy writing out a card, wondering aloud whether to write that the recipient is "one of the best" or "one of a kind". Gemma walks in and asks if Eddie is Harold Bishop. Eddie says that he's "Harold Bishop Junior" but then gives up the act and introduces himself properly. Gemma explains who she is and Eddie tells her that she'll be staying with him too because he's living at Harold and Madge's house at the moment. Gemma explains to him about what's happened so Eddie decides to phone up the bus station just in case Harold and Madge are still waiting. Eddie offers to make her breakfast and asks the person on the other end of the phone to make an announcement at the station to alert Harold. He is put on hold, and Gemma asks what Harold is like. Eddie asks her what she's heard.
GEMMA: Mrs. Daniels said that he's a vegetarian, and he's allergic to almost everything.
EDDIE: That's right, and he thinks there's only one way to do things. His way. Apart from that, he's a genuine pussycat. Big softie. Trust me. He's even got a sense of humour. Well, sort of.
GEMMA: I hope so.
The bus station has had no luck locating Harold so Eddie decides to leave a message instead and gets breakfast going for Gemma.
Christina is playing darts again but Joe, who's at the bar, teases her for her technique. She tells him that she enjoyed last night and wants more practice. Kerry comes in with Sky and agrees to have a game too. Matt and Jim enter too and Matt notices the new interest in darts that has developed all of a sudden. Joe tells Matt that he's agreed to do some research about the water birth, and asks for Jim's opinion. Jim says that giving birth is the most natural thing in the world and there's no need to learn about it in books, but Kerry disagrees, saying that there's always room for improvement. Matt says that whatever the method, Joe should be there.
JOE: Oh, keep it down, mate.
KERRY: There's no way that you're not going to be there.
JOE: It's alright for you, darling. What if I faint?
Kerry laughs.
Ramsay Street
Madge is standing in the driveway outside Number 24, where Helen has just pulled up. Helen asks if she has managed to track down Gemma, explaining that she left a note. Madge says that Gemma left the note in the letterbox, which they don't check on a Saturday morning. Madge says that she finally phoned her from the Coffee Shop to explain where to find it. Helen apologises, saying that it's her fault because she had an appointment and was rushing. Madge explains that Harold is still hunting at bus stations, and suddenly she feels very old. Helen tells Madge that she admires her for taking on another youngster, but Madge worries that it could be foolhardiness. Helen assures her that Gemma seems very nice. Madge asks for more reassurance that she's not making a terrible mistake!
Coffee Shop
Eddie gets off the phone and tells Gemma that Harold still hasn't got the message. It turns out that they've planned a joke to play on Harold, playing on his vegetarianism and allergies. At that moment, Eddie spots Harold outside and hides behind the counter, leaving Gemma working the till. Harold walks in and is shocked to see Gemma behind the counter.
HAROLD: And who might you be, may I ask?
GEMMA: I'm a friend of Eddie's. He owns the shop.
We see Eddie laughing behind the counter.
GEMMA: You look to me like a vegetarian, am I right? Would you like a coffee? Oh, no, you're not a coffee person, how about a herbal tea? In fact, you also to look to me like you've got a problem with allergies. Cats, fur coats, that sort of thing? Now, would that be an accurate picture?
Harold gives an awkward laugh.
Coffee Shop
Time has passed and Harold is now laughing away with Eddie and Gemma, telling them that he was completely fooled, thinking that Gemma was some sort of clairvoyant! Gemma apologises for the earlier mix-up and Harold tells her it's fine, but advises her to stay at the station next time. Eddie tells Harold that he's going to continue trying to drum up interest in the mobile business this afternoon. Harold agrees it's a good idea but reminds him that their number one priority has to be the shop. Gemma apologises again for causing trouble earlier, and is once again assured that it's okay.
Eddie then picks up another floral tribute from behind the counter and tells Harold that it arrived this morning.
HAROLD: Oh dear.
EDDIE: He may be a hard-head in business, but someone out there thinks he's very special.
GEMMA: Oh, that doesn't surprise me!
HAROLD: Oh dear, oh dear.
Kerry is playing darts with Christina as Joe reads his baby book on another table, with Matt and Jim sitting with him. Joe is amazed by some of the facts in the book; one of them is that the personality of the infant can be determined by the mood of the mother in the months before birth. Jim reminds him that it can be determined by lots of other things and that he has to keep these facts in perspective. Joe says that the wonder of childbirth makes a man feel good, but a moody Jim says that a mother after birth would give him a different answer. Joe asks what's wrong with him, but he insists that he's just seeing things as they really are. Joe says that the whole thing is a miracle, but Jim thinks that the real miracle is how the parents put up with their kids for the next twenty years. He adds that he's glad that he and Bev never started a family and says he has leave to speak with Paul about the workshop. Before going, he assures Matt that his job is safe; if the workshop has to close, there'll be a job for him at a garage not too far away.
Number 24
Madge is dressed up but tells Gemma that she can't find her earrings. Gemma offers to lend her a pair but Madge says that the pair she's looking for go perfectly with her outfit; she has to make a good impression at function meetings. Harold and Eddie bring in a mattress from outside to put in Gemma's bedroom, and Madge apologises to her for not getting everything ready in time. Madge finally finds her earrings and says she feels guilty that they have to go out on Gemma's first night, but Gemma says it's fine. They leave.
Eddie is also going out for a date and is the next person to apologise to Gemma, who tells him that his date will be knocked out by his appearance. He tells her that she'll have plenty of company on Monday when she starts school, and leaves too. Gemma sits alone at the kitchen table, looking unhappy.
Number 26
It's the next morning and Helen and Jim are having breakfast. She asks him if he's going to see Beverly today but he says no. Helen says things can only work out if he gives things a try and explains things.
JIM: You're still going on about New York, aren't you? No trust, no relationship.
The phone rings and Jim gets up to answer it. He tells the person on the other end of the phone that he can be at the airport in half an hour. He then hangs up, and tells Helen that he was just talking to the woman in question.
JIM: She just arrived from New York. I'm going to pick her up and bring her back here.
HELEN: What?
JIM: She's going to stay with us for a week or two.
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Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1228
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Joe Mangel, Eddie Buckingham, Matt Robinson, Christina Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1228
Joe Mangel, Eddie Buckingham, Matt Robinson, Christina Alessi

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1228
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Madge Bishop, Bus Station Attendant, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1228
Madge Bishop, Bus Station Attendant, Harold Bishop

Gemma Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1228
Gemma Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1228
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1228
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Eddie Buckingham, Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1228
Eddie Buckingham, Gemma Ramsay

Gemma Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1228
Gemma Ramsay

Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop, Christina Alessi, Jim Robinson, Matt Robinson, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1228
Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop, Christina Alessi, Jim Robinson, Matt Robinson, Joe Mangel

Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1228
Helen Daniels, Madge Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1228
Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Eddie Buckingham in Neighbours Episode 1228
Harold Bishop, Eddie Buckingham

Matt Robinson, Joe Mangel, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1228
Matt Robinson, Joe Mangel, Jim Robinson

Gemma Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1228
Gemma Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1228
Jim Robinson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1228
Helen Daniels

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