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Neighbours Episode 1141 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1141
Australian airdate: 16/02/90
UK airdate: 01/04/91
UK Gold: 14/03/97
Summary/Images by: Graham
Hilary telling a shocked- looking Matt that the two of them are going back to Adelaide.
Joe telling Kerry that Noelene is coming down to take Toby back to live with her - for good.
No. 32
Kerry comments in shock that Noelene's working nights at the casino; how can she look after Toby when she's not even going to *be* there? Joe mutters that she said something about working the day shift at reception; she's got her nights free now. Kerry shrugs sadly and asks:
KERRY: When's she coming?
JOE: Tomorrow arvo. She's not wasting any time. Oh... I don't want to lose him, Kez.
KERRY: Neither do I.
Joe growls that Noelene's got a hide dragging Toby off because *she* wants him. He adds angrily that he's not going to give him back on *her* say- so. Kerry says she doesn't know what they can do: Noelene has always said she'd want Toby back once she was settled. Joe exclaims:
JOE: But he's settled *here*. He's got mates and school. He's probably even not going to want to go, is he? I mean, you remember how he jacked up when we talked about moving to the country?
KERRY (gently): Joe, that's different. Toby *loves* living with Noelene - he still talks about their camping trip.
JOE: Pah! Proves nothing.
KERRY: She's his mother, Joe.
JOE (snaps): Bad luck. Toby just can't run off with her on her say- so, no way. He's *our* kid; he's part of our family and Noelene's just going to have to wear that.
With that, Joe storms out of the room, leaving Kerry looking worried.
No. 24
Bronwyn is talking to Henry on the 'phone in the kitchen, smiling that it's a great idea! She tells him that she'll write to him tomorrow and hangs up. Sharon, who has emerged from her bedroom and started listening, asks what's so great! Bronwyn explains that Henry was just telling her about some new gimmick he's thinking of trying out for his radio show. Changing the subject, she asks Sharon - who's peering in various of the kitchen cupboards - what she's looking for. Sharon explains that she needs some pins for Lee's dress. Bronwyn asks her how it's going. Sharon tells her:
SHARON: Coco Chanel, eat your heart out!
No. 30
Hilary is sitting on the couch in the lounge room, looking at some papers. Matt comes in and asks her what she's up to. She tells him:
HILARY: There are innumerable details to consider when one is moving interstate - so I'm making out a list so I won't overlook anything. Organisation is the key.
MATT: Right. Mum, I-
HILARY: I'm going to have to transfer accounts, find a reliable removalist, organise accommodation - oh, and speak to the vet about Arthur.
Matt sighs heavily before asking:
MATT: Do I have any say in this whatsoever?
HILARY: Yes, of course you do. Do you think we should look for a house in Dulwich or Kensington? Or perhaps you'd like to be near your foster parents?
MATT: I don't mean where we're going to live; I'm talking about whether I go at *all*.
HILARY (looking surprised): *Course* you're coming with me, Matthew!
MATT: Mum, I understand why you want to leave Erinsborough, and that's fine - but I don't *want* to leave. Mum, it's taken me a long time to feel comfortable here. Now I have friends, I've got a beaut job... I don't want to lose that.
HILARY: But you have friends in *Adelaide*, Matthew. Anyway, it wouldn't be very difficult for you to readjust. You might even enjoy going back to school.
MATT: No. No, I like the job that I've got with Jim - and it was beaut of him to offer it to me. I'd feel slack if I skipped out on it now.
HILARY: You know, he won't have any trouble finding a replacement.
MATT (murmurs): That's easy to *say*...
HILARY: If you really have your heart set on becoming a mechanic, you could find an apprenticeship in Adelaide.
Lee comes into the room as Hilary asks Matt if there's some *other* reason he doesn't want to leave. Hilary looks at the girl and muses:
HILARY: Ah - the penny drops.
She then tells Matt that she'll leave him to mull over the situation. She adds pointedly that, of course, it really comes down to a question of priorities... With that, she leaves the room. When she's gone, Lee asks Matt what's up. Matt, however, tells her that it's nothing; nothing important...
No. 32
Toby finishes making a poster and he shows Kerry. It says 'WE NEED OUR PLAYGRUOND'. Kerry smiles that it's fantastic - although his spelling's a little on the creative side! She then asks him if he thinks some other kids in his class will make posters too, as the more support they get, the more chance they'll have of winning. Toby exclaims enthusiastically that his teacher's a real greenie: she might even let them do the posters as a project! Joe comes in at that moment and asks what's going on. Kerry explains that she and Toby are working on their campaign strategy. She asks Joe if he wants to take over, as she has to work out what she's going to say to the Erinsborough News when they talk to her. Joe, however, says he thinks he'll pass, as he wants to have a bit of a chat to Toby. Toby asks in concern if he's in trouble. Joe crouches down to him and says:
JOE: No. It's just, um... well, your old cheese is coming down. Tomorrow.
TOBY (exclaims): *Mum*? You mean to *live*?
JOE: Oh, no.
TOBY: Good - I *like* going up to stay with her in Darwin.
JOE: Yeah? Well, it's, um, just for a holiday.
TOBY: Great! Can I go and sort out my camping photos? I want them ready for when mum's here.
Kerry looks warily at Joe and then tells Toby that he can. Toby runs out of the room, leaving Kerry to ask Joe in concern why he didn't tell Toby the whole story. Joe just replies:
JOE: Well, he's not going anywhere, is he? Don't want to upset him.
No. 24
Bronwyn and Sharon are standing by the front door. They're dressed up for the Ball. Bronwyn asks her sister where their escorts are, but Sharon assures her that they'll be there! Bronwyn goes to put her shoes on. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Sharon opens it to Matt, Nick and Ryan. She smiles that they all look very handsome this evening! Matt tells her that she looks pretty cute herself! Sharon beams at Ryan that he scrubs up very well! Nick tells Sharon that they just saw the limo pulling up and he asks where the others are. At that moment, Lee emerges from the bedroom area. Sharon has transformed Gloria's dress, and Matt beams at her:
MATT: Wow! Hot stuff!
LEE: You really like it?
MATT: Yeah, it's great!
Ryan asks where *his* date is. Sharon tells him that she's fussing around somewhere. Ryan looks at Nick and Matt and asks if Bronwyn's as pretty as Sharon says. Nick and Matt glance at each other conspiratorially before Nick replies:
NICK: Um, well, she has a great personality, don't you think?
MATT: Yes! Yes, yes - a great personality, and she's smart and kind and...
NICK: ...Witty. But pretty?
LEE: Oh come on, guys - she's not *that* bad.
RYAN (looking wary): I don't think this is such a good idea after all.
Bronwyn emerges from the bedroom area at that moment, though, and she smiles at the guys that they look great! Sharon then introduces Ryan to her sister. Ryan stares at her, open- mouthed. He tells Bronwyn that it's really great to meet her. With that, he takes her arm and escorts her out. Sharon stands there, looking slightly worried.
No. 32
Toby is looking through his camping photos in the lounge room. Kerry is still making posters, but she says she thinks her hands are about to fall off! Joe suggests that she sign off for the night. Looking at Toby, he adds that it's time *he* hit the sack. Toby groans that he thought he'd be able to *skip* school tomorrow because of his mum coming down. Kerry tells him that Noelene will still be there when he gets home. With that, Toby kisses her and Joe goodnight and heads off to bed. When he's gone, Kerry says to Joe in concern:
KERRY: Joe, do you think you might've misjudged Toby's feelings? I mean, he *is* pretty eager to see Noelene.
JOE (dismissively): Oh, it doesn't mean a thing. No, all we've got to do is make Noels back off.
KERRY: *We*? Joe, I *can't*. It's not my place to get involved. You and Noelene are going to have to sort this out between yourselves.
Joe sighs heavily.
Outside the Artistic Community's Annual Ball
Lee, Sharon and Bronwyn are sitting on a bench outside the Ball venue. Sharon is grinning that Ryan's a pretty groovy dancer - as Bronny would know...! Bronwyn looks at her sharply. She then shrugs that he's OK! Sharon gasps:
SHARON: *OK*?! All the girls at school reckon he's hotter than River Phoenix!
LEE (grins): But not *you*, of course!
Sharon then asks both Bronwyn and Lee if Ryan happened to say anything to either of them about her. Bronwyn, however, says she's sorry. Sharon mutters:
SHARON: That would be right. Probably heard what they've been saying about me at school and got turned right off. I mean, who would want to go out with Shaz the slut?
BRONWYN: I think he's a little bit better than *that*.
SHARON: I hope so...
Across the courtyard, Ryan, Matt and Nick are standing together by a burger van, talking, Ryan remarking:
RYAN: Bronny's fantastic, isn't she!
MATT: Yeah - if you like brains, beauty and top personality!
RYAN: Yeah, well, I wouldn't mind catching *her* wave!
Nick tells him to go for it! Ryan asks if she isn't engaged to that guy in New Zealand. Matt just shrugs that he doesn't know! Nick adds conspiratorially that Henry's been gone for a while; Bronwyn must be feeling quite lonely by now. Ryan smiles that they can't have *that*! He then orders one- with- the- lot from the burger seller, before adding:
RYAN: On second thoughts, hold the onions.
Matt and Nick grin at each other!
No. 32
Toby is lying on the lounge room floor in the near- dark. A small candle is burning in front of him. Joe walks in suddenly and asks Toby if he knows what time it is. Toby replies that he was too excited to sleep, so he thought he'd put the photos in an album for his mum to see. Joe sits down with him and looks at a photo in the album. He asks what it is, and Toby grins that it's from when they went to a reptile park one day and a guy tried to hand Noelene a snake! Joe murmurs:
JOE: Come on, mate, it's bedtime, eh? Give you a lift?
He then blows out the candle.
No. 24
Lee, Matt, Sharon, Ryan, Bronwyn and Nick are all sitting around the lounge room. Bronwyn offers more coffee, but Matt says he's got to get going as he's got work in the morning. Sharon says she might go to bed too. Nick adds that *he'd* better shove off - he can't get in the way of Sharon's beauty sleep! Ryan says to Bronwyn:
RYAN: Do you mind if I stay for another cup?
BRONWYN: Yeah, that's fine by me!
Sharon says quickly that *she* might have another cup too. She sits back down, next to Ryan, and asks him how he's enjoying Erinsborough High. Ryan tells her that he's meeting some great people! He then looks at Bronwyn and asks:
RYAN: Do you ever miss the country?
BRONWYN: Yeah, sometimes. I mean, it's a lot different to *here*. I think city life suits Sharon a lot more than *me*.
SHARON (grins): It sure does - like, I don't have to wait so long for new movies to come out! What kind of movies do *you* like, Ryan?
RYAN: Oh, any sort, really.
SHARON: Really? Well, maybe we could - [adds quickly] we *all* could - go out and see one one night?
RYAN: Yeah, maybe.
Bronwyn lets out a fake yawn suddenly and says she's quite tired after all; she might leave them to it. Ryan says to her quickly that he'll see her soon, he hopes. Bronwyn just nods and heads off to her room. When she's gone, Sharon asks Ryan if he'd like something to eat. Ryan, however, looks at his watch and says he didn't realise how late it was; he'd better get going. He heads off, leaving Sharon looking disappointed.
No. 30
Matt and Lee are sitting on the couch, kissing, but Matt pulls away and asks Lee why he gets the impression that she's not all there. Lee tells him that she was just thinking about when she walked in on him and Hilary earlier; she hates it when she knows something's going on but nobody will tell her what. Matt hesitates before sighing:
MATT: Mum's going back to Adelaide and she expects me to go with her.
LEE: And will you?
MATT: I don't know. I don't know... I mean, she's been so stressed with all this tax business and breaking off her engagement with Muir. I didn't want to upset her any more. Maybe we could both go together?
LEE: I'm sorry, Matt, but I'm not going to move all the way to Adelaide just to live with Hilary. It's hard enough living with her *here*.
MATT: Yeah, well, where does that leave *us*?
LEE: *You* tell *me*. There's no stopping us going ahead with our plan to get a place together. We've both got jobs.
MATT: Yeah, I know... and I guess mum knows that I've made new friends... got a job... a new apprenticeship would be pretty hard to come by... And I don't want to leave *you*.
LEE: Then stay! Your mum'll understand.
MATT (sighs): Yeah, maybe. Maybe you're right.
LEE: Course I am. It'll be OK.
Matt doesn't look so convinced.
No. 30
The next morning, Matt is standing in the lounge room and he calls to Lee to get out there now if she wants a lift to work. Lee walks in and tells him that they'll get a paper on the way so that she can look at some houses to share during her breaks. Hilary comes in and says a cheery good morning. She asks Matt if he's seen her address book anywhere, as she needs to contact Edith and tell her about their move. Matt replies that he hasn't seen it. Hilary then tells Lee:
HILARY: I'm sorry we haven't given you much notice of our plans, but you shouldn't have much trouble finding accommodation just for yourself. You might like to try one of those share places.
She then asks Matt to look for the address book in the kitchen while *she* looks in her room. She walks off again. When she's gone, Lee asks Matt why he didn't tell Hilary he's staying. Matt replies:
MATT: I *will* - just as soon as I find the right time.
LEE: Don't you think you'd better say something soon, or you'll be telling her on your way to Adelaide...
No. 32
Noelene has arrived, and she's sitting in the lounge room with Kerry and Joe, thanking them for putting her up without much warning. Kerry tells her that she's very welcome there. Joe says to his ex- wife:
JOE: What about this new job of yours? Good hours?
NOELENE: Yeah! 9 - 5:30. It'll work out great with Tobe.
JOE: Who's going to watch him after school?
NOELENE: I'm living with another single mum. She's not working, so there's no prob. And she's got a kid Toby's age. You know what? I reckon they're gonna be great mates.
JOE (curtly): No new bloke hanging around? We don't want a repeat performance of last time, do we?
NOELENE: What's the hassle, Joe? You sound like you don't want Toby coming up to Darwin.
JOE (snaps): Well maybe I think it's wrong to drag a kid away from his home just because you want him to hang around the house for a few hours a day.
NOELENE (retorts): His home is with *me* - and I bet he's tickled pink about it.
Kerry interjects and tells Noelene that Joe hasn't actually told Tobe about her wanting him to live with her. Noelene glares at Joe and demands:
NOELENE: Why not? What are you playing at?
JOE (angrily): It's not a game, Noelene. Toby's not some toy you can toss back and forth when you feel like it.
NOELENE: Now just a second, Joe-
Kerry interrupts and warns them that arguing isn't going to get them anywhere. She suggests that they go and unpack Noelene's bag and give them both a chance to calm down.
No. 24
Bronwyn is sitting at the kitchen table, writing a letter to Henry. Sharon emerges from her room and starts peering over her sister's shoulder! She asks her what she's telling him about: the Ball last night? Bronwyn nods:
BRONWYN: Among other things. I've been meaning to talk to *you* about something, too.
SHARON: Oo, that sounds a bit heavy! What's up?
BRONWYN: Well, the radio station in New Zealand want to put Henry on a contract.
SHARON (excitedly): Yeah? How long for?
BRONWYN: Three years!
SHARON (gasps): Three years? That's fantastic, Bronny! My future brother- in- law, the radio star: I always knew he'd do it!
Sharon's face then drops as she asks:
SHARON: What about *you*?
BRONWYN: Well, that's just it. He wants me to go over and join him as soon as I can so we can get married. I *was* going to tell you about it last night, but I didn't want to spoil your evening.
SHARON (murmurs): So you're going?
Bronwyn nods her head. Sharon exclaims that that's really fantastic - but it's clear her heart isn't in it, and she begins to break down. Bronwyn assures her that she won't be going for a while - she's still got to look after the house while Madge and Harold are away, and Henry needs some time to find a place for them to live. Sharon asks her sister if she isn't dying to get over to New Zealand now that she knows Henry isn't coming back. Bronwyn shrugs that she's waited this long; a little longer won't kill her. She gives an upset Sharon a hug.
No. 32
Kerry, Joe and Noelene are all standing in the lounge room, Joe snapping at his ex- wife:
JOE: Come off it - Toby's *settled*. He's got a new mum... a little sister... What's the point of dragging him up north to live when he's got everything he needs *here*?
NOELENE: He hasn't got *me*. Don't forget you were only meant to look after him until I got on my feet again. I want him back now, Joe, whether you like it or not.
JOE (yells): Well you've got Buckley's.
NOELENE (snaps): Rubbish.
At that moment, the front door bangs and Toby runs in. Noelene gives him a warm hug and remarks on how big he is! Toby, however, asks her if she and his dad are having a blue, as he heard them yelling from outside. Joe insists that it's nothing to worry about. Noelene tells him that she thinks it's time Toby knew what was going on. Joe retorts that they shouldn't drag *him* into it until they've sorted out what *they're* doing. Noelene snaps back that there's nothing to sort out. Kerry interjects and suggests that maybe they *should* explain to Toby. Toby asks what's up. Noelene tells him:
NOELENE: I didn't just come down from Darwin for a holiday. I want to take you back with me.
TOBY: To live?
NOELENE: That's right.
Joe tells Toby that his mum doesn't realise he doesn't want to leave all his friends and family in Erinsborough. Noelene tells Toby:
NOELENE: I'm living in a house now. There's a little boy there who's just your age. I'll take you camping whenever you want - every weekend, if you like. How does that sound?
Toby doesn't respond. Kerry remarks that this is all happening pretty fast, and she suggests to Joe and Noelene that maybe they should let *Toby* have a say in where he wants to live. Noelene nods that that's fine by her. She goes on:
NOELENE: Are you ready to come and live with mum, Tobe?
JOE: Hang on - we want him to stay with *us*. [To Toby] And don't you worry about saying no to *her*, either.
Toby just sits there, looking unsure about what to do.
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Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1141
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1141
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies

Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1141
Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson

Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1141
Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1141
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Nick Page, Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1141
Nick Page, Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1141
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1141
Sharon Davies

Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1141
Lee Maloney

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1141
Bronwyn Davies

Ryan McLachlan, Matt Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1141
Ryan McLachlan, Matt Robinson, Nick Page

Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1141
Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel

Ryan McLachlan, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1141
Ryan McLachlan, Sharon Davies

Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1141
Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney

Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1141
Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Hilary Robinson

Joe Mangel, Noelene Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1141
Joe Mangel, Noelene Mangel

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1141
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Noelene Mangel, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1141
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Noelene Mangel, Toby Mangel

Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1141
Toby Mangel

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