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Neighbours Episode 1134 from 1990 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1134
Australian airdate: 08/02/90
UK airdate: 22/03/91
UK Gold: 06/03/97
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Jamie goes out of the house when Des is on the phone.
Ramsay Street
Des and Bronwyn are frantically calling for Jamie. They decide to go door-to-door and ask the neighbours if they've seen him (Why?! If they'd seen him, they'd have brought him straight back!)
Beverly and Helen are wrapping Todd's present. Jim comes in and snipes at Beverly about being late with the gift.
JIM: I don't know why you're bothering to wrap it since it's no longer a surprise.
BEVERLY: Alright, Jim, don't go on. I've said I'm sorry, but yesterday was a very busy day for me and I simply forgot.
JIM: If you could bear to be away from the surgery for a few moments to be with your family you might remember birthdays!
BEVERLY: Oh, don't exaggerate. What about Neil and his family? They deserve a holiday with him after all the time he filled in for me when I was looking after...
HELEN: I'm sure Todd understands the situation.
JIM: Well, I'm not!
The doorbell rings and Helen sends Jim off to answer it. Helen tells Beverly that Todd won't mind extending his birthday for another day!
It's Bronwyn at the door looking for Jamie. Jim, Beverly and Helen agree to help look for him.
Matt and Lee are snogging on the sofa. Sharon and Hilary are arguing about schoolbooks. Matt and Lee are enjoying not being at school, although working isn't all that easy either. Sharon is feeling a bit left out at school, she hasn't seen her friends much over the holiday.
Jamie still hasn't been found and it's dark. Des and Kerry are talking to a policeman. He asks if Jamie has any special hiding place or if he was upset in any way. Des is getting really upset as the policeman goes through the possibilities, including kidnap(!)
Bronwyn and Kerry try to calm Des down, saying that Sky wanders off all the time when Kerry's not looking.
DES:(trying not to cry) He's scared of the dark!
Ramsay Street
Joe and Helen have been out looking but there's no sign of Jamie. Joe asks the policeman if he thinks Jamie could have been snatched. The policeman thinks it's a possibility since Jamie's been missing for so long.
JOE: You think we've lost him, don't you?
POLICEMAN: Well...realistically, Mr Mangel, in cases like these we've usually found the child by this time...and since we haven't...well I think there is a chance that we won't.
No.32, the following morning
Des is beside himself with worry - Jamie still hasn't been found.
DES: I promised Daph that I would look after him.
KERRY: Des, you can't blame yourself. It's hard when you're a single parent. I know. It's easy to feel you're not doing the right thing.
DES: I should have been concentrating on him rather than just worrying about work!
KERRY: You've been trying to provide a home and security for Jamie. You haven't been neglecting him, Des.
DES: Oh, the hell I haven't! With this new job, abseiling, the BAM course...I would have been lucky if I'd spent two minutes with him!
JOE: Fair go, Dezzie!
DES: Mrs Kirkwood told me to take Jamie out of the creche because he was playing up too much. All he wanted to do was to spend some time with me. So I shoved him off on to Helen because I was going to a business conference!
Kerry tries to reassure Des, but he won't be moved.
DES: I've got to find him and show him that I can do better...I CAN do better! He's all I've got!
Coffee Shop
Beverly is buying her lunch when a man comes in. He knocks Hilary's seat on the way in and she is not impressed. He asks directions to the Town Hall. Hilary walks out, forgetting to pay.
Sharon's friends aren't happy with her because they haven't seen her all summer. She finds herself sitting alone in the playground.
The Workshop
Matt arrives and is surprised to find the workshop closed. He opens up and immediately hears a little voice shouting for help - it's Jamie! He's locked in Joe's combi in the workshop and seems perfectly alright. Matt picks him up and goes off to call Des.
The Office
Helen is filling in for Paul, Melanie and Caroline when Hilary comes in. She wants to look at the Lassiter's reservations database. She wants to check on a Barry Dwyer. It seems that she recognised the man in the Coffee Shop.
HILARY: I never thought I'd see him again.
HELEN: Hilary, you're not making sense...who's Barry Dwyer?
HILARY: Someone I've often thought about..dreamt about...but I never really imagined I'd see him again. Now he's here.
Joe is overjoyed to hear the news about Jamie and Des has already gone to pick him up. He must have crept into the combi when Joe was stacking it.
Just then, Des, Jim and Matt arrive home with Jamie.
DES:(clapping Matt on the shoulder) You, mate, you're the best!
MATT: All I did was turn up for work!
Des thanks them all for their help. He is very emotional.
DES:(to Jamie) You're not going out of my sight, little mate. I promise.
Sharon's friends tell her they don't want to hang out with her because she's "easy". Apparently the guys are calling her "Shaz the Slut"!
Joe and Des are having a beer. Des says that he's got to stop being so casual with Jamie from now on. The new job is meant to be for Jamie's sake, for his future, but right now is the most important thing.
Beverly is heading off for work, saying she might be a little late home. She tells Jim that Paul has asked her to be the on-call doctor for Lassiter's.
JIM: I hope you said no.
BEVERLY: I told him I'd be glad to do it.
JIM: But haven't you got enough on your plate with Neil away? We barely see you as it is!
BEVERLY: Neil won't be away forever, and it's not a big deal. My name will appear on the hotel services brochure - I probably won't be called in except for emergencies.JIM: Darling, you've got a full schedule at the surgery, you do house calls and you attend at the hospital, isn't that enough?
HELEN: Jim, I think it was very thoughtful of Paul to offer her the work, keep it in the family!
JIM: It won't be a family if Beverly's never home.
BEVERLY: Jim, you are making a mountain out of a molehill! I'll see you both tonight.
Sharon is telling Bronwyn how upset she is about the gossip at school. Bronwyn doesn't think the girls are worth hanging out with if they're going to be nasty.
SHARON: What am I going to do?
BRONWYN: I don't know.
SHARON: Kill myself!
Bronwyn says she can see why the girls might talk like that and Sharon is most offended.
Hilary tells Matt that she has to tell him something.
HILARY: I saw your father today.
Matt is stunned when he hears that his father is staying at Lassiter's. Apparently he's on a travel agent's convention. Matt can't believe that Hilary didn't speak to him, but Hilary felt she couldn't.
HILARY: Personally I'd prefer that you didn't see him, but in all fairness to you, the decision must be yours. Here's his name and room number at Lassiter's. It's up to you.
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Des Clarke, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1134
Des Clarke, Bronwyn Davies

Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson

Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson

Policeman in Neighbours Episode 1134

Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1134
Kerry Bishop, Des Clarke

Joe Mangel, Helen Daniels, Policeman in Neighbours Episode 1134
Joe Mangel, Helen Daniels, Policeman

Joe Mangel, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1134
Joe Mangel, Des Clarke

Barry Dwyer in Neighbours Episode 1134
Barry Dwyer

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Hilary Robinson

Lisa, Sharon Davies, Sarah in Neighbours Episode 1134
Lisa, Sharon Davies, Sarah

Matt Robinson, Jamie Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1134
Matt Robinson, Jamie Clarke

Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1134
Hilary Robinson, Helen Daniels

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Jim Robinson, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Jim Robinson, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke, Matt Robinson

Lisa, Sharon Davies, Sarah in Neighbours Episode 1134
Lisa, Sharon Davies, Sarah

Joe Mangel, Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1134
Joe Mangel, Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop

Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1134
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson

Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1134
Matt Robinson

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