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Neighbours Episode 1113 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1113 (1989 Season Finale - Beverly Marshall is blackmailed by baby Rhys's father)
Australian airdate: 13/12/89
UK airdate: 21/02/91
UK Gold: 05/02/97
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Lee Maloney Maree Ackehurst
Mr. Muir Roger Boyce
Cass Boyle Carolyn Ferrie
Debra Turner Daisy Cameron
Adam Delaney Joel Richardson
Doctor Boone Alex Vasiljevic
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Gloria telling Paul that she's going to testify and tell the police about the scare tactics.
- Beverly telling Jim that baby Rhys is suffering from bronchiolitis and sobbing that she can't lose him...
No. 26
Todd, Nick, Lee, Matt, Bronwyn and Sharon are all sitting round the lounge room. Nick puts on some music and congratulates Lee on her job at the Coffee Shop. Sharon sighs that there goes *her* idea for a summer job over the holidays. Matt remarks that she didn't say anything about wanting to do that. Todd comments that heaps of kids in his class are going for jobs at the fast food joints. Sharon, however, exclaims:
SHARON: I don't want to work with a bunch of *kids*!
Matt says *he's* been thinking of getting a job - anything to get away from summer school. Todd tells him that he could help with mowing lawns until Joe gets back. Matt, however, thanks him but says he needs something that pays a bit more money. Todd looks at Nick and asks him what *he's* going to do. He announces:
NICK: I'm going to get a *real* job. I'm not going back to school.
SHARON (looking shocked): What?!
MATT: Since when?!
NICK: Since I got my end-of-year results. You saw how I went. No use in *me* going into Year 12.
Bronwyn asks him what he's going to do, and he replies that he'll have a go at getting an apprenticeship with a commercial artist. Bronwyn remarks that he tried that once before, but Nick points out that he hadn't finished Year 11 then - and with an art exhibition behind him, he stands a better chance. Bronwyn then comments that with everyone rushing off to get jobs, it doesn't sound like their summer holidays will be much fun. Matt, however, insists that even if he gets a job he's still going to party! Sharon declares:
SHARON: There is no time like right now, guys! Why are we sitting around talking when we should be out celebrating the end of school?!
Lee asks if they haven't still got a week of school left. Sharon tells her:
SHARON: Yeah, but we never do anything in the last week - and Bronny and I are going to Narrabri as soon as school's over, anyway.
TODD: Yeah, and I'll probably be going to Adelaide to visit mum.
MATT: Yep - and I'll be in Adelaide with the foster parents for Christmas, most probably. [To Lee] You don't mind, do you?
LEE: No, of course not.
SHARON: So you see: we won't all be together again until after the new year - so come on: let's party!
Matt suggests a pool party at No. 30. Everyone rushes out to get their heatwave survival kit!
Coffee Shop
Kenneth Muir is sitting at a table, waiting for Hilary. She arrives and apologises for keeping him waiting. As she sits down, she comments that it's very warm. Kenneth asks if she'd rather go somewhere more salubrious, but Hilary shrugs that she only suggested the Coffee Shop because she had some business to attend to at the Robinson Corporation. Harold comes over and comments to Hilary coolly that she's the *last* person he expected to show her face there today. Looking surprised, Hilary retorts that she can't see *why*. Harold says:
HAROLD: Oh, you can't. You think it's perfectly all right just to show up here as if nothing has gone wrong? Well, I'm sorry, I'm not prepared to serve you.
HILARY (looking astonished): Mr. Bishop, this is ridiculous - I haven't done anything wrong.
HAROLD: Wrong, no... no, no, no I suppose you have a right to report me to the Health Department about the possum.
HILARY (retorts): I did no such thing.
HAROLD: You *didn't*? Ah, erm-
KENNETH (looking sheepish): Miss. Robinson didn't report you to the Department of Health. *I* did.
HAROLD: *You*?!
Kenneth explains that he was very disturbed to see Bronwyn keeping pets in the kitchen; he felt it was his duty. Harold assures him tersely that the Health Inspector found no cause for alarm, and Kenneth says he's very pleased to hear that. Harold turns to Hilary and asks if he can get *her* something. Hilary, however, retorts:
HILARY: Actually, Mr. Bishop, we've decided to eat *elsewhere* - *haven't* we, Kenneth.
KENNETH: Er, yes.
With that, Hilary and Kenneth Muir leave. Harold stands there looking flabbergasted.
No. 24
Madge is making a cake in the kitchen when Helen comes in through the back door and remarks that it's a bit hot to be baking. Madge explains that she couldn't put off making the Christmas cake any longer. Helen comments that she's left it a bit late this year. Madge says wistfully:
MADGE: Not that it's going to be a very *traditional* Christmas, anyway: Henry's in New Zealand... Scott and Charlene up in Brisbane... Kerry and Joe have gone away fruit picking... and Bronwyn's going to her father's place. Hardly seems like Christmas at *all*.
Helen says she's worried that it's not going to be much of a Christmas in *their* house, either, and she explains about Rhys being sick and in hospital. Harold comes in at that moment and comments that it's a scorcher out there. Madge remarks that he's home early, and Harold explains that it was so quiet that he decided to close up; everyone has apparently decided to go to the beach. He heads over to the fridge and opens it. As he does so, a piece of paper falls off the door and he picks it up. He looks at it and Madge explains that it's her Lotto ticket: she missed the draw on telly and will have to check the numbers in the paper tomorrow. Harold offers Helen an ice-tea. She's miles away, though, and Madge tells Harold about little Rhys being very sick. Harold offers his sympathies.
Jim and Beverly emerge from a treatment room and go to a coffee machine in the corridor. Jim remarks grimly to Beverly that Rhys looks pretty sick. Beverly tells him that it always looks worse than it is - especially when they're in oxygen tents and hooked up to drips and monitors; *and* when they're so young. Jim, however, soothes:
JIM: Hey... you don't have to put on your bedside manner with *me*.
BEVERLY (murmurs): It's just that it makes me feel better when really all I want to do is fall apart.
Beverly goes on that she supposes she wants to do what *all* parents do: put her faith in the doctors, but she knows there's a limit to everything and it depends on how much fight there is in Rhys. The two of them sit down and Jim comments:
JIM: He's always seemed a feisty little fellow to *me*. He'll make it.
BEVERLY (meekly): Promise?
JIM (sincerely): Yeah, I promise.
Ramsay Street/Back yard of No. 30
Lee, Sharon, Nick, Todd and Matt meet in the street outside No. 30, with several lilos, beach balls and food and drinks! Nick asks Matt if he reckons Hilary will be OK about this, but Matt shrugs that she's not there to ask, so what else are they supposed to do in a heatwave?! Bronwyn joins them and they start to march round to the back of No. 30. They stop in astonishment, though, as they find Hilary in the swimming pool! They then watch in horror as Mr. Muir dives in and Hilary chastises:
HILARY: Kenneth! If you don't behave yourself, I won't allow you to be pool monitor anymore!
Matt, Sharon and the others turn away in embarrassment!
Beverly and Jim are sitting in the corridor, waiting nervously. A doctor comes along and tells them that Rhys seems to be responding to the drugs and is breathing without too much trouble; they should be able to take him home within about 48 hours. The doctor leaves them. Jim comments to a relieved-looking Beverly that maybe she can go home and get some sleep at last. Beverly, however, says she'd like to go and *sit* with Rhys for a while. Jim accepts this and tells her that he won't be long: he just wants to let Helen know.
No. 26
Madge is standing with Helen in the kitchen at No. 26 as they sort out Christmas decorations. Helen is telling Madge about how when she dropped Mr. Matheson at the hotel, he asked her in for a drink to celebrate his 'non-retirement'. Madge smiles:
MADGE: Sounds as though you made quite an impression!
HELEN: You needn't sound so surprised!
MADGE: No, I think it's terrific! That plus the fact that you actually drove the car. Maybe now you'll stop all this nonsense about being ready for the scrapheap.
The 'phone starts ringing as the kids troop in. Helen answers it and exclaims in relief when Jim comes on and tells her about Rhys. Sharon tells Madge about Hilary and Mr. Muir being in the pool, adding bitterly that if the Headmaster's going to be in the pool all summer, they may as well have stayed at school. Helen hangs up the 'phone and turns and tells everyone that Rhys is going to be all right and will be coming home in a couple of days. She adds with a smile:
HELEN: So it looks as if we'll be having a wonderful Christmas after all!
She then asks what happened to the pool party. Madge explains about Hilary and Mr. Muir. Helen comments that there'll be other times. Sharon, however, tells her:
SHARON: No, that's just *it*: Bronny and I are going back to Narrabri for Christmas at the end of next week, and Todd and Matt are off to Adelaide-
HELEN (looking surprised): You too, Matt?
Madge suggests suddenly that they hold the pool party at her and Harold's place. She adds that it would be nice if *all* of Ramsay Street got together for an early Christmas. Helen smiles that that's a wonderful idea! Madge remarks that if everyone's going next week, the party will have to be tomorrow! She adds that she'll leave Helen to notify everybody. Helen says she'll call Paul to tell him about Rhys, and she'll go and see Hilary *now*.
Ramsay Street
Kenneth Muir is walking to his car, commenting to Hilary as he does that the dip in the pool was very refreshing! He gets into his car and drives off. Helen walks over and joins Hilary. She invites her to the Christmas party at Madge's tomorrow, adding that *everyone's* invited. Hilary comments that it's rather early for a Christmas party, but Helen explains that she's doing it for the kids: by the end of next week, they'll all be off somewhere with their parents for a while. She then asks Hilary if she's going to Adelaide with Matt. A look of surprise crosses Hilary's face and she says blankly:
HILARY: Pardon?
HELEN: Well, I was just told that Matt was going to Adelaide when term ends - I assume to spend Christmas with his foster parents.
HILARY (tersely): Well... he hasn't said anything to *me* about it - but then I suppose that would not have *occurred* to him...
HELEN: I'm sure that isn't true; perhaps I misunderstood? But if he *should* want to go, you won't take it too badly, will you?
HILARY (looking downcast): This was to be our first Christmas together - just the two of us. I was looking forward to it a great deal.
HELEN: Hilary, try and look on tomorrow's party as something special, hm? Make it a happy day.
With that, Helen heads back to No. 26, leaving Hilary looking upset.
No. 24
The next morning, Madge and Harold are busy working in the kitchen. Bronwyn comes in from outside with the newspaper and Madge asks eagerly if her photograph's in. Bronwyn shows her and reads:
BRONWYN: 'Mrs. Madge Bishop demonstrates her bouncing technique on reporter Stuart Burns'!
Harold doesn't look very impressed! Bronwyn reads on:
BRONWYN: 'Mrs. Bishop's husband demonstrated his own unique approach to self-defence by placing an ice bucket over the offender's head. Obviously he leaves the tough customers to his wife!'
Madge and Bronwyn both burst out laughing. Harold mutters that he finds the whole article most undignified. Madge, however, retorts that if it encourages other women to take up self-defence, it's been very worthwhile. Harold takes the paper from Bronwyn. He stares at the page it's open at and a look of astonishment suddenly crosses his face. He says:
HAROLD: Madge... look, look, look... the Lotto numbers. I'm *sure* some of those numbers are on your ticket.
MADGE (sighs): Harold, I never get more than two or three numbers.
HAROLD: Well, that doesn't mean you shouldn't check - not that I approve, of course!
Madge asks him what he did with the ticket. Harold starts looking around, but can't find it. He asks what will happen if they've won and he can't find it. Madge just sighs at him to get out of her way: she's got a party to organise!
No. 30
Lee and Matt are in the lounge room with Hilary and Sharon. Lee asks Matt how long he might stay in Adelaide for, but Matt says he isn't sure yet. Hilary asks him if Margaret has actually *asked* him to spend Christmas in Adelaide. Matt admits that she hasn't actually *asked* him, and Hilary says coolly:
HILARY: Then I hope you're giving *her* a better idea of your intentions than you're giving *me*. I mean, you just assume you can go skipping off to Adelaide without consulting me. Now, I may have made plans. For one thing, we haven't yet sorted out what's to become of these summer classes.
MATT (coolly): There is nothing wrong with me wanting to go home for Christmas. Mum, they haven't seen me in ages, OK?
Hilary asks about Lee: Matt twisted Hilary's arm for her to stay and then he's going off and leaving her. Lee insists that that's OK. Hilary adds angrily that she may have *organised* things.
MATT (snaps): And never mind what *I* want, right? I've had *enough*. I'm going to go to Adelaide, if only because I need time to *think*.
HILARY: About *what*?
MATT: *Everything*.
Matt snaps at Hilary that she's got everything mapped out for him. Hilary insists that she wants to help him make the right decision. Matt, however, retorts that they're *his* decisions - and he's going to *make* them, starting with going home for Christmas. He adds coldly:
MATT: The way I feel right now, I'm not even that sure that I want to come *back*.
With that, he storms out of the room. Lee watches him go, then looks at Hilary in concern.
No. 24
Sometime later, Matt, Sharon and Lee are decorating a Christmas tree at the Bishops'. Helen, Harold and Hilary are standing by a table laden with food. Nick is sitting in one of the armchairs watching proceedings. Sharon says she wonders what presents her dad will come up with this year: he's pretty hopeless without their mum. Matt says *he's* thinking of asking Hilary for some money to put towards a motor scooter! Helen asks Nick what *he'd* like. He smiles:
NICK: A job?!
HELEN: Ha ha! I wish you'd think about going back to school. I mean, even if you just scrape through Year 12, you'll have a much better chance of landing a job than you have *now*.
Bronwyn joins everyone and Madge asks her to give Hilary a hand with the rest of the food. Sharon teases Bronwyn that she'd better do what Madge says, or she might turn nasty! Madge goes to demonstrate a karate chop, just as Jim comes in and grins:
JIM: What's this: Erinsborough's answer to Emma Peel?!
There are puzzled looks from the younger residents of the street! Madge demonstrates her self-defence techniques on Jim by bending his arm up behind his back!
No. 26
Beverly opens the front door to find Debra and a guy standing there. Beverly asks Debra in surprise what she's doing there, and the guy tells her:
GUY: She's very worried about little Andrew - I mean Rhys.
The guy then explains that he's Adam - Rhys' father. He and Debra step inside as Beverly assures them that Rhys is *fine*. Adam retorts coolly:
ADAM: That's not what *we* heard. A friend of Debra's is a nurse at the hospital. She said the kid was real sick, didn't she?
DEBRA (nods): Yeah, she said-
ADAM (interrupting): Debra's very upset. She thinks maybe you're not taking proper care of him.
BEVERLY (to Debra): You must have known I'd make sure he got the best care available?
DEBRA: I don't know...
ADAM: Debra had begun to think we'd made a mistake letting you be the legal guardian. Now, if you could just prove to her how much you really *love* the baby...
BEVERLY (frowns): What's *that* supposed to mean?
ADAM: Well... maybe a Christmas present for Debra? Say... a thousand bucks?
BEVERLY (gasps): Blackmail!
ADAM: There's no need to see it that way. It's just a way of showing how much the baby *means* to you.
DEBRA (warily): Adam...
ADAM (to Beverly): Of course, if you really don't think Rhys is *worth* it...
Beverly stares at Adam and then mutters that she'll write him a cheque. As she goes to the desk, Adam tells her to make it out to cash. He stands there looking pleased with himself. Debra looks worried.
No. 24
Matt and Lee are in the kitchen, and Lee asks Matt how serious he is about staying in Adelaide. Matt, however, says he isn't sure: he doesn't want to leave *her*, but he just can't stand the thought of Hilary breathing down his neck all next year. Lee suggests that, now that she's got a job, maybe if he comes back they can get a place together? Matt smiles and asks her if she's serious. She nods that she is. The two of them start kissing passionately - but are interrupted by a sudden, loud clearing of a female throat. They break apart to find Hilary staring at them. Matt tries to say:
MATT: We were just-
HILARY (curtly): Oh come on, Matthew, I'm no fool. You didn't seriously expect me to believe that you two were just good friends, did you?
MATT (sighs): Mum, if you're going to start getting heavy about it, then...; what you going to do, anyway? Throw Lee out?
HILARY: No, of course not. She can stay here while you're in Adelaide and then we'll decide what to do when you return.
Matt and Lee, looking surprised and relieved, thank her. Madge walks over at that moment, saying they're a bit short of paper plates. As she bends to get them out of a cupboard, she finds her Lotto ticket. She gives the plates to Hilary and then picks up the newspaper to check her numbers.
Over in the lounge room, the Ramsay Street residents are chatting. Sharon is telling Jim that she's checked the papers for jobs, but there's nothing going: she wants something *glamorous*! Jim smiles that she could always come and work for him at the garage: he's had no luck interesting Nick or Todd! Matt joins them and says:
MATT: Hey, Jim, will that job still be available when I get back?
JIM (smiles): It is yours on your return, my son!
Beverly walks in through the front door and Jim, looking at the expression on her race, asks her if everything's all right. She just murmurs that she's fine. A loud shriek suddenly rings out and Madge dashes over:
MADGE: Harold! We've won! We've won!
HAROLD: Won what?!
MADGE: Second division! It's amazing!
PAUL (exclaims): That's got to be worth *thousands*!
HAROLD: How *many* thousands?!
BRONWYN (grins): I didn't think you *approved* of gambling, Harold!
HAROLD (shrugs nonchalantly): Oh, Lotto's hardly gambling! [To Madge] How *many* thousands?!
MADGE: I don't know - I have to divide up the prize pool - but it could change our lives!
HELEN (beams): It's going to be a happy Christmas for *everyone*!
JIM: I'll drink to that!
Jim grabs a glass and, as Madge kisses Harold, proposes:
JIM: Merry Christmas, everybody!
Harold starts singing 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' and everyone else joins in as they stand round the tree, enjoying the festive season. Beverly looks worried and upset, though. She takes a few paces away from everyone else, leaving the rest of the Ramsay Street residents to enjoy singing:
ALL: "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
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Nick Page, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1113
Nick Page, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1113
Todd Landers

Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop, Kenneth Muir in Neighbours Episode 1113
Hilary Robinson, Harold Bishop, Kenneth Muir

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1113
Harold Bishop

Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1113
Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1113
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Lee Maloney, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Todd Landers, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1113
Lee Maloney, Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Nick Page, Todd Landers, Matt Robinson

Kenneth Muir, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1113
Kenneth Muir, Hilary Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1113
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1113
Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels

Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Matt Robinson, Todd Landers, Lee Maloney, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1113
Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies, Matt Robinson, Todd Landers, Lee Maloney, Nick Page

Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1113
Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1113
Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1113
Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney

Nick Page, Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1113
Nick Page, Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney, Sharon Davies

Debra Turner in Neighbours Episode 1113
Debra Turner

Debra Turner, Beverly Robinson, Adam Delaney in Neighbours Episode 1113
Debra Turner, Beverly Robinson, Adam Delaney

Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1113
Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1113
Hilary Robinson

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1113
Madge Bishop

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1113
Beverly Robinson

Nick Page, Bronwyn Davies, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson, Jim Robinson, Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1113
Nick Page, Bronwyn Davies, Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson, Matt Robinson, Jim Robinson, Sharon Davies, Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

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