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Neighbours Episode 1102 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1102
Australian airdate: 28/11/89
UK airdate: 06/02/91
UK Gold: 21/01/97
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Joe snapping that when he finds out who 'Dear George' is, he'll tear him limb from limb. Kerry looking worried.
No. 24
Harold opens the front door to Melanie and then heads out to work. Melanie heads through to the kitchen and sits down at the table with Bronwyn, who asks quickly:
BRONWYN: Did you send the lettergram?
MELANIE: Yep! Erinsborough News should have it by now.
BRONWYN: Did you remember the bit about the paper so we can recognise him?
MELANIE (nods): Uh-huh!
Melanie adds that it's exciting: she feels like she's in a James Bond movie! Bronwyn says more seriously that she's still not keen about making arrangements to meet some strange bloke they know nothing about. Melanie, however, points out:
MELANIE: We know he's male - a very *mature* male. I mean, he'd *have* to be to give all that good advice to people.
BRONWYN: Yeah, right!
MELANIE: And I reckon he's probably really good-looking, too. Most mature men are, you know?! Gee, I wonder whether he's married...!
No. 32
A man is standing on the front step of No. 32, handing Kerry the lettergram and telling her that it was delivered to the office. He heads off and Kerry walks through to the lounge room, where she opens the lettergram and reads it. A look of concern crosses her face. She quickly hides the sheet of paper, though, as Joe storms in, yelling at Toby that he's not going on that canoeing trip and that's final. He starts hunting around for his invoice book and Kerry tells him that it's in the middle drawer of the dresser. Toby cries at his dad:
TOBY: It's not fair. Just because you and granddad had a fight, I have to miss out on a canoeing trip.
JOE: Yeah, well, that's life, mate.
Kerry asks Joe if he doesn't think he's being a bit unreasonable. Joe, however, just mutters at her:
JOE: Don't *you* start.
Lochy calls suddenly from the front door to ask if she can come in. At the sound of her voice, Bouncer gets up off the armchair and walks round behind it! Joe asks Lochy if she's come for the dog. Lochy asks where he is. Joe looks around and, finding Bouncer has suddenly disappeared, asks *Toby* where he is. Toby, however, just shrugs. Kerry spots him suddenly, hiding behind the chair, and Joe goes and puts a leash on him. Toby mutters:
TOBY: He doesn't want to go in any pet show - especially not with *her*. [He glares at Lochy.]
JOE: Course he does! It'll be a day out for him, mate! He might run into some old dog mates!
With that he hands the leash to Lochy, who heads out. As Toby watches them in annoyance, Kerry says gently:
KERRY: I'm sure she'll look after him, Tobe.
TOBY (retorts): She'd better.
No. 26
Jim joins Beverly in the lounge room. She's talking on the 'phone to the solicitor, and when she hangs up she tells him that Debra visited her mother, and her mother told her that their solicitor was trying to get in touch, so she rang Mr. Hennessey this morning. Jim asks:
JIM: Did she have any objection to us applying for legal guardianship?
BEVERLY: Apparently not - and she's agreed to make an appearance at the hearing tomorrow. Mr. Hennessey seems to think she'll sign Rhys over without any problems.
Jim exclaims that that's terrific news! Beverly, going and sitting down at the kitchen table, doesn't look so convinced. Jim insists:
JIM: If Debra really wanted him back, surely she would've contacted us herself long ago?
BEVERLY (uncertainly): I suppose so...
JIM: What are you worrying about?
BEVERLY: Well, it seems so *easy*; *too* easy. Oh, I don't know - maybe I'm just worried about the court case tomorrow.
JIM: There is nothing to worry about. This time tomorrow, Rhys will be our baby,
With that, Jim kisses Beverly on the forehead. She smiles at him happily.
Reception area/Office of the Robinson Corporation
Des is standing in the reception area at the Robinson Corporation, looking pensive. He hesitates outside the door to the office and sighs heavily before going in and apologising to Paul for being late. Paul looks at his watch and shrugs that he didn't realise. Des explains that he had an appointment with the employment agency. Paul asks him how he went, and Des replies that they seemed confident of finding him another job if he can fix up his CV. Paul asks what's wrong with it. Des tells him:
DES: They say it's outdated; I need a professional to jazz it up a bit.
PAUL: Oh, no, no, no, don't do that, mate - it'll cost you an arm and a leg. Do it yourself and get Melanie to retype it.
DES: But they want it first thing tomorrow.
PAUL: Better get cracking, then, eh!
Paul then stands up and asks Des if he's sure he won't consider staying on. He adds that he knows he was out of line when he went off at him and Melanie yesterday, and it won't happen again - and he thinks Des would be *great* for the job. Des, however, says:
DES: Look, mate, don't think I don't appreciate the offer, because I *do*. Like I said yesterday, it just wouldn't work you being my boss. Let's just stick to being friends.
PAUL: Yeah, OK, OK. Just remember: until I find somebody else - *if* I find somebody else - the offer stays open, eh?
Des nods in acceptance and then goes to get on with his CV
Coffee Shop
Kerry is sitting at a table with Sky and Harold. Harold offers Sky some apple cake, but Kerry warns him that if her daughter grows up with a sweet tooth, he'll lay the blame squarely on her grandfather! Harold muses that she'll pick up far worse habits from her new *step*father. Kerry's face drops, and she mutters:
KERRY: I was *wondering* when you'd try and drag Joe into this conversation.
HAROLD (smugly): How was he this morning?
KERRY: Still in a foul mood. He's forbidden Toby to go on the canoeing trip with you.
HAROLD: Oh, I say - that's rather unfair, isn't it?
KERRY (pointedly): Yes, *isn't* it.
HAROLD: The man's a bad sport, that's *his* trouble. He can dish it out but he can't take it.
KERRY: *I* wasn't too impressed with *your* little practical joke, either. Joe lost the best part of a day's pay fixing those chairs yesterday: money we can't afford to lose.
HAROLD: I thought business was picking up...?
KERRY: A little. But a little isn't enough.
HAROLD: Well, as I said, I can always help out with a small loan.
KERRY: Thanks, dad. We'll manage.
Another customer comes in and Harold goes to see to him. Kerry takes out a copy of the Erinsborough News and places it on the table. A few moments later, the shop door opens and Melanie and Bronwyn walk in. They look around and then sit down at the table next to Kerry's. Bronwyn suggests to Melanie that the man who came in ahead of them might be 'Dear George', but Melanie looks at him and says he's not old enough, and he hasn't got a newspaper. Bronwyn looks round at Kerry, who gives her a bright wave! She then sighs at Melanie:
BRONWYN: I guess we *are* a little early.
MELANIE: Yeah - and he *is* a writer.
BRONWYN (looking bemused): What's *that* got to do with it?!
MELANIE: Well, you know what writers are like: they live in a world of their own; time just slips by for them! He's probably sitting in his den right now. I hope he's got curly grey hair-
BRONWYN: He's probably short, fat and balding!
MELANIE: He doesn't *sound* bald!
Kerry, Bronwyn and Melanie continue to sit there, oblivious to why they're all there!
Coffee Shop
A short time later, Harold serves Jim with a takeaway coffee. As Jim goes to head out, he stops by Bronwyn and Melanie's table and tells Melanie quietly that he popped into the office a moment ago and both Des and Paul are wondering where she's got to. Melanie thanks him and he heads off. Melanie throws a copy of the Erinsborough News down on the table and sighs:
MELANIE: What am I going to do *now*?
Kerry notices the paper and a look of astonishment crosses her face. She quickly packs away her own copy of the paper as Bronwyn tells Melanie to go back to work and *she'll* wait for him. Melanie, however, sighs that he's not going to come: he would've been there by now if he was going to come; he doesn't care if she loses her job or not. Kerry walks over to them suddenly and asks if either of them has the time, as her watch has stopped. Melanie looks at *her* watch and replies that it's 11:20am. Kerry then asks:
KERRY: What's the matter, Melanie? You look upset.
MELANIE: So would *you* be if you were just about to lose your job - and it's all 'Dear George's' fault.
KERRY: You mean that guy who writes for the Erinsborough News?
MELANIE: Yeah, him. What a creep.
KERRY: I'm not following you...
Bronwyn explains:
BRONWYN: Melanie wrote a letter to 'Dear George' about Paul. If it gets published, Paul'll know she wrote it and... [She indicates slicing her throat]
MELANIE: Yeah, and so I asked him to come here so I could explain, but he hasn't turned up.
KERRY: Well, maybe he won't publish the letter.
MELANIE: Why not? He's published all the *others*.
KERRY (warily): *What* others?
BRONWYN (explains): Melanie's been writing *lots* of letters - about people in Ramsay Street: Nick and Sharon... me and Henry...
KERRY (exclaims at Melanie): *You* wrote those? Melanie, don't you realise the trouble you've caused?
BRONWYN: She didn't mean any harm, Kerry... you know...
MELANIE (cries): It's just that 'Dear George' gives such good advice and everyone in Ramsay Street was having so many problems...
KERRY: Yeah, well, he probably wouldn't have answered the letters if he knew they'd come from one person. If the others find out you wrote them, they'll want to *murder* you!
MELANIE: Yeah, well, I'd rather get murdered than lose my job!
KERRY: Look, don't worry, I don't think you'll lose your job over it. Really. Everything will be OK. See you later.
With that, Kerry picks up Sky and makes a hurried exit. Melanie sighs at Bronwyn:
MELANIE: What would *she* know?
Grounds behind the Lassiter's Complex
Paul is standing with Joe, indicating the grounds where they're standing and saying he thinks it's a good area for a native garden. Kerry dashes over and marches past them, barely paying them any attention. Joe calls after her, asking where his sangers are. Kerry, however, calls back that she forgot: he'll just have to brave Harold and get them himself; she's in a rush. Joe watches her go, commenting to Paul in surprise:
JOE: Where's *she* off to?
No. 26
Beverly opens the front door of No. 26 to find Debra standing on the step. A look of astonishment crosses her face before she invites the girl in. Debra looks around and comments that it's a nice place. Beverly thanks her. She then says:
BEVERLY: I expect you came to see Rhys?
DEBRA: *Rhys*? Is *that* what you call him?
BEVERLY: Well, you never told me his name.
DEBRA: Andrew.
BEVERLY (acknowledges): Andrew.
DEBRA: I like ordinary names - especially for boys - but if you're going to adopt him-
BEVERLY: No, no, not adopt - we can't do that. You see, technically, for Jim and I to adopt, we would've had to have been on a waiting list for a number of years; but because of the circumstances with Rhys - *Andrew* - the courts may look at things a little differently. It's not as binding as adoption, and we do need your permission, but what we're applying for is legal guardianship.
DEBRA: Same diff: I sign a form and you get my baby.
Beverly smiles weakly. Debra then tells her:
DEBRA: You can afford to give him more than Adam and me ever could, that's for sure.
Beverly says she's just put Rhys down for a nap, but she can wake him... Debra, however, retorts that she came to see *her*. Beverly says carefully:
BEVERLY: Don't you think it would be better if you spoke to our solicitor?
DEBRA: *Him*? No thanks! All that mumbo-jumbo. Why'd you have to go and make it all so complicated?
BEVERLY: Debra, I'm quite happy to look after Rhys - Andrew - but you can't expect to land a baby on someone and leave him there indefinitely.
DEBRA: Why not? I knew you'd take good care of him.
Beverly looks at a loss for words.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Melanie is sitting at her desk, apparently miles away, when the main door opens and Kerry bursts in. She says quickly:
KERRY: Melanie, about 'Dear George'...
MELANIE (glumly): He didn't turn up. I'm gonna lose my job for *sure*.
KERRY: No, it's all right. Listen, I actually know 'George', and I've spoken to him and he's promised not to publish your letter.
MELANIE (happily): You're kidding! That's *fantastic*! Who is he? What's he like?!
KERRY: Well, I promised to keep it a secret. Besides, it's not important anymore because he's resigning; he won't be doing the column.
MELANIE: What a shame - he gave such good advice.
KERRY: Well, I think he realised he could be even *more* trouble for people if he wasn't very careful. The responsibility's a bit too much.
Des emerges from the office suddenly and, seeing Kerry there, says hello to her and Sky. Melanie tells him that she's typed that résumé for him. Kerry says she'd better be off, and she makes a quick exit. Des looks at some sheets of paper Melanie hands him and asks if it reads all right. The two of them sit down in the coffee area and Melanie suggests that he could probably take out the two pages about the training programmes he did while he was at the bank - they might liven it up a bit! Des sighs and asks if it's not spicy enough. Melanie suggests that he make it more personal and put in his hobbies and interests. Des asks if she means when he learned to do pottery. Melanie comments that he speaks Japanese, doesn't he? Des replies that he doesn't speak it very well, but Melanie points out that he doesn't have to tell *them* that! She then makes a note on the CV: 'Speaks fluent Japanese' before standing up, ripping up the current version of the CV and telling Des that she's re-writing it! She adds:
MELANIE: Don't look so worried, Des, I *know* about this: I've been for *dozens* of job interviews!
No. 32
Toby is playing in the lounge room when the front door opens and Bouncer trots in. Toby looks at him happily and says he thought he'd got lost! Lochy comes in with a large rosette with 'First Prize' on it and tells Toby that they won. Kerry comes in as Toby says indignantly:
TOBY: *Course* he won! He's the best dog in Erinsborough.
Lochy says she's going to hang the rosette on her bedroom wall. Toby, however, retorts that it's going in Bouncer's kennel, where it belongs. The two of them start struggling over it, but Kerry interrupts them and grabs it from them both. She then asks if she can trust them to stop squabbling while she goes and organises some dinner. Lochy asks if she can have a sandwich. Toby, however, picks up the plate of sandwiches on the coffee table and start feeding them to Bouncer! Lochy walks off in a huff!
No. 26
Beverly and Debra emerge from the bedroom area, Debra commenting that he seems so *big*! Jim comes in through the back door at that moment, and Beverly introduces him and Debra to each other. She tells Jim that Debra has come to see exactly what their intentions are with Rhys - or Andrew, as she calls him. Jim comments to Debra:
JIM: I thought Mr. Hennessey would've explained all that.
DEBRA: He tried, but it was pretty confusing. I thought maybe Dr. Marshall might help explain it to me.
JIM: And did she?
DEBRA: Yeah, I know exactly where I stand, now.
Jim invites Debra to sit down. She sits at the kitchen table, and Jim remarks:
JIM: Bev was saying you had a pretty rough time of things after the baby was born.
DEBRA (nods): Wasn't much fun - but everything's OK now. Adam - that's Andrew's dad - we're back together.
JIM: Good.
DEBRA: And mum and me are getting on all right.
JIM: The future sounds very promising for you, then.
With that, Debra says she'd better make tracks. As he sees her out, Jim asks if she's still planning on being at the hearing tomorrow. Debra smiles that she'll be there all right. After he's closed the door, Jim puts his arm around Beverly and says:
JIM: Well. What do you make of all *that*?
BEVERLY (sighs in concern): I don't know...
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Des is reading through his new-look CV as Melanie stands next to him, grinning. He reads aloud:
DES: 'Des cut short a very promising career as a stockbroker-' [Looking astonished] As a *stockbroker*? - 'so he could study accountancy'. [To Melanie] Where did you get *this* from?
Melanie shrugs that he said he worked at the stock exchange when he finished school! Des exclaims:
DES: And I've got a black belt in karate?!
MELANIE: Well, you studied Japanese... that's the same sort of thing!
Melanie adds quickly that she was only trying to *help*. Des tells her that he really appreciates it, but shouldn't they stick to the original one? Melanie sighs that she ripped it up. Des shrugs that she'll have to do it again. The main door opens suddenly and Bronwyn comes in. She offers Melanie a lift home, but she declines, explaining that she's got to work back. Paul emerges from the office and asks Des if he's got time for a quick one at the Waterhole. He and Des head out, Des asking Melanie as they do so to make sure his résumé gets in the mail. When they've gone, Bronwyn says to Melanie:
BRONWYN: I waited an hour at the Coffee Shop, but 'George' didn't show up.
MELANIE: Oh, it's all right: he's not going to publish the letter! He's resigning. I'll explain it to you all later on, but I've got to get this done first. [She indicates Des's CV]
Bronwyn asks her if she really has to do it *now*. Melanie loads some paper into the typewriter and starts to say that Des will *kill* her if she doesn't-. She breaks off, though, and smiles to herself:
MELANIE: Then again, *my* version *was* better, wasn't it? You'll thank me for this one day, Des Clarke!
With that, Melanie takes the re-written CV out of the bin and begins folding it up, ready to post!
No. 32
Toby and Lochy are still arguing in the lounge room over the rosette. Joe walks in and snaps at them to knock it off. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Kerry goes to get it. Harold is on the step and Kerry invites him in. When Joe sees who it is, he mutters:
JOE: Oh no, what do *you* want?
KERRY (sternly): Dad has come to apologise.
JOE (snaps): *Has* he?
HAROLD: Yes. I-I regret that my actions have caused you financial difficulties, Joe. Me getting you to repair those chairs was a childish way of airing my grievances, and two wrongs don't make a right.
JOE (slightly calmer): Yeah, well, maybe I was a bit rough on you too, mate.
HAROLD: Oh no, no, as a matter of fact you did me a great favour!
JOE (looking surprised): How's *that*?
HAROLD: Well, 'Daphne's Dazzling Discount Day' turned out to be a huge success: brought in more business than I can possibly handle. I'm very grateful to you!
Kerry then tells Joe:
KERRY: Dad has offered to lend us some money.
Joe glares at Harold and snaps angrily:
JOE: You old goat!
KERRY (chastises): Joe!
JOE: Oh, he hasn't come here to apologise; he's just come here to stir up trouble.
Toby and Lochy start struggling over the rosette again as well as Harold snaps at Joe:
HAROLD: Of all the low-minded, petty men I've ever met, you are the worst, Joe Mangel.
JOE: Who the hell do you think you are, coming over here with your mealy-mouthed apology? I don't want a cent of your rotten money.
HAROLD: If *you* don't care about my daughter's welfare, then *I* most certainly *do*.
Kerry, looking frustrated at Harold and Joe's altercation and Toby and Lochy's struggle over the rosette yells suddenly:
Everyone shuts up and looks at her. Kerry snaps at them that they're arguing like a pack of wolves; they should all be ashamed of themselves; it's petty squabbling and enough's enough. She then tells everyone to shake hands. Toby looks at Lochy meekly. He then hands her the rosette reluctantly and shakes her hand. Kerry turns to Joe and tells him that her father came over in good faith, and all he did was shout him down. Joe says to Harold:
JOE: Yeah, well, mate, maybe I shot off on the wrong foot. No hard feelings, eh?
Harold accepts the apology, but then suddenly needs to sneeze. He puts his hand over his nose and mouth - and then uses the same hand to shake *Joe's*!
No. 26
Jim is in the kitchen, preparing dinner, when Beverly emerges from Rhys's room with an empty bottle and comments that seeing his mother again certainly hasn't affected his appetite. Jim remarks that he didn't realise Debra *saw* him. Beverly tells him:
BEVERLY: She didn't seem very interested at first, but in retrospect I wonder if it wasn't just for *my* benefit.
JIM: Darling, if Debra wanted Rhys back, she would've said something, surely.
BEVERLY: She wasn't giving much away, was she? Why *else* would she come here today?
JIM: I gather *you* didn't buy her excuse either. 'Andrew'. Not a bad sort of name, I suppose.
BEVERLY (tears welling-up): She must have cared *something* for him before she gave him up to me; enough to give him a *name*. Jim, what if she won't sign the consent form?
JIM (gently): Hey, we're going to court tomorrow with Rhys, and when we come home, Rhys is going to be our baby - for *good*.
BEVERLY (sobs): I couldn't stand to lose him, Jim - not *now*...
With that, Beverly collapses into Jim's arms, as he insists soothingly:
JIM: We're not going to lose him. Don't worry.
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Melanie Pearson, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1102
Melanie Pearson, Bronwyn Davies

Joe Mangel, Bouncer, Toby Mangel, Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1102
Joe Mangel, Bouncer, Toby Mangel, Lochy McLachlan

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 1102
Des Clarke

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Paul Robinson

Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1102
Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop

Bronwyn Davies, Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Bronwyn Davies, Kerry Bishop, Sky Bishop, Melanie Pearson

Paul Robinson, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1102
Paul Robinson, Joe Mangel

Debra Turner, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Debra Turner, Beverly Robinson

Melanie Pearson, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1102
Melanie Pearson, Sky Bishop, Kerry Bishop

Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson

Lochy McLachlan, Kerry Bishop, Bouncer, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1102
Lochy McLachlan, Kerry Bishop, Bouncer, Toby Mangel

Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Des Clarke, Melanie Pearson

Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1102
Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel, Harold Bishop, Lochy McLachlan in Neighbours Episode 1102
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel, Harold Bishop, Lochy McLachlan

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1102
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

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