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Neighbours Episode 1090 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1090
Australian airdate: 10/11/89
UK airdate: 21/01/91
UK Gold: 03/01/97
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Lee Maloney Maree Ackehurst
Summary/Images by: Graham
Joe, Henry and Toby being caught at the haunted house by a man who demands to know what they're doing there.
Haunted house
Joe starts to splutter that he knows this seems funny, but they're not burglars or anything. Henry adds that they didn't break in - the door was unlocked. Toby cries:
TOBY: We were only looking for a ghost!
A woman comes in behind the man. The man turns to her and tells her to call the police. She stands and stares at the intruders. At that moment, Lee calls down that it's all right: it's *her* fault they're here. She and Matt come downstairs and the man, clearly recognising Lee, asks her what's going on. She explains that she cut out from home: she got sick of all the fights - so she nicked the key that he gave her mum and came to stay *there*. The man asks if that means her parents don't know where she is. Lee admits that they don't. Toby stares at Lee and exclaims:
TOBY: I know her. Lochy and I were playing with her in the park.
LEE: I was your ghost. Sorry if I scared you.
The man comments that this still doesn't explain who all the others are. Lee explains that she was pretending to be a ghost. Joe adds that he was trying to prove to Toby that this wasn't a haunted house. The man growls that this doesn't give them the right to trespass. He then looks at Matt and asks who *he* is. Lee says quickly:
LEE: A friend. He just brought me a torch and some food.
Henry says in be bemusement:
HENRY: Matt... I wish we'd known you knew about this. It would've saved us all a lot of strife.
The woman suggests to her husband that they'd better call his brother and let him know Lee's there. Lee cries that she doesn't want to go back there, and with that, she runs out the door. Matt goes after her, leaving the man to growl at Joe, Henry and Toby that this is a lovely situation to return home to.
No. 24
The next morning, Bronwyn and Harold are sitting at the kitchen table as Madge says to Henry in the kitchen that he's lucky he wasn't *arrested*. Henry comments that they *would* have been if Lee hadn't turned up when she did. Harold says he thinks it's dreadful a girl like that running away from home. Bronwyn packs up her books and goes to get ready for work. Harold heads outside to give his plants a spray. Madge asks Henry:
MADGE: What's going to happen to her?
MADGE: This Lee. I mean, heaven knows *where* she'll end up.
HENRY: Yeah, well, she sure didn't want to go home. Matt went looking for her, but she was out of sight by the time he hit the street. You know, he must've got to like her because he was really worried.
Bronwyn re-emerges from her and Henry's room and smiles that she thinks she did really well in her Maths exam last night. Madge smiles back that that's good. Harold comes back in from outside and asks uncertainly if anyone's moved his new plants from out the front. Madge and Henry both say *they* haven't touched them. Harold exclaims:
HAROLD: They've been taken. *All* of them.
Bronwyn asks him if he thinks they've been stolen, and he replies that that's the only possible explanation. A look of fury crosses Madge's face and she snaps that that's $250 down the drain.
No. 32
Toby finishes packing his suitcase on the kitchen table. Joe grins at his son that it'll be good to see his mum again, and Toby smiles that he can tell her all about the haunted house. Kerry says she hopes *Lee's* all right. The 'phone starts ringing and Joe goes to answer it as Toby says to Kerry that he wonders why Lee said all the stuff about having a rich family and a good job. Kerry tells him:
KERRY: Sometimes people say things that aren't true because they want you to like them.
TOBY (looking thoughtful): We would've liked her anyway, wouldn't we?
KERRY: Yeah, we would! Lee was probably pretending because *she* was unhappy with the truth. She must've been having a pretty hard time to want to be on her own.
Joe hangs up the 'phone and tells Toby that it's time to go: he's got to pick up some plants from the nursery on the way to the airport. Kerry smiles at Toby:
KERRY: We'll miss you, you know? Lochy will, too.
TOBY: Yeah! She's gonna be mad when she finds out that I was at the haunted house last night and she wasn't!
Kerry tells Toby to say hi to his mum for her. Toby tells Kerry to tell Lochy not to do anything until he gets back, as he doesn't want to miss any fun! With that, he and Joe head out.
Coffee shop
Lee is sitting at a table, on her own. She picks up her bill and heads to the counter, where she says awkwardly to Harold:
LEE: I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have ordered anything I couldn't pay for, but-
HAROLD (aghast): You can't *pay*?
LEE: Well, no - but I could do some dishes or something. I just had to have something to eat.
HAROLD (tersely): But you--; well, I admire your honesty for owning up instead of running away, but really... ordering food that you can't pay for is tantamount to *stealing*.
LEE: But I'm offering to work for it.
HAROLD: Huh! Where would I be if I let everyone do *that*? I'd have a place full of workers and I wouldn't be taking in any money. No... I mean honestly, you young people, you've got to realise you've got responsibilities you've got to face up to.
At that moment, the door to the shop opens and Matt comes in. He says a quiet:
MATT: Hi, Lee.
Harold looks at Matt in surprise and asks if he *knows* the young lady. Matt nods that she's a friend of his. Harold suggests that in that case Matt could possibly pay her bill, because it would seem that she's unable. He hands Matt the bill and Matt takes some money out of his pocket. Lee sits there looking embarrassed.
Coffee shop
Sometime later, in the kitchen, Harold is peering out through the hatch into the main shop and saying to Bronwyn that he's sure Hilary wouldn't approve of Matt going with a girl like that. Bronwyn says she wonders where he knows her from. Harold recalls that Matt called her 'Lee', and says he's almost positive that that's the girl Henry saw at the haunted house last night. He adds that he wonders if he should call the police. Bronwyn, however, points out that it's not really any of their business. Out in the shop, Matt and Lee are sitting at a table, Matt saying:
MATT: So where did you spend the night?
LEE: The railway station.
MATT (looking worried): Lee, you can't *do* that - it's *dangerous*.
LEE: Yeah, I know. It was pretty cold, too - but I didn't have anywhere else to go.
MATT: Yeah, I know. Why don't you talk to your aunt and uncle? I mean, maybe they can help you?
LEE: Come on, they'd only try to send me home again. I couldn't hack that.
Matt then says:
MATT: Look, why don't you let *me* help you find somewhere to stay? Meet me after school, OK? We'll talk about it.
Lee thanks him and smiles that it's good to have someone on *her* side for a change.
No. 24/Radio station studio
Later in the day, Bronwyn and Madge are sitting at the kitchen table, Bronwyn studying but with the radio on. The two women are listening to Henry's talkback show and he announces that he has a caller on the line who says she's Cass of Elliott Park. He asks Cass what she'd like to get off her chest. An upset-sounding young woman comes on and says flatly:
CASS: I just wanted to talk to someone. I get pretty lonely.
HENRY (grins): Friends in short supply, are they?!
CASS: I don't have *any*. My father's an invalid and I've looked after him for the past couple of years since I left school. I've lost touch with anyone I knew before - not that I was ever very popular: no one really *likes* ugly girls.
HENRY (exclaims): Ugly?! Oh, I don't believe that! I can tell by the sound of your voice that you are really beautiful!
CASS (snaps): I'm not. I'm plainer than plain. No one's ever asked me out and no guy's even looked twice at me.
HENRY (more seriously): Oh come on, it can't be as bad as that. Maybe you just need to make bit more of an effort?
CASS (mutters): I should've *known* you wouldn't understand. No one ever *does*. I don't reckon life's worth living anymore. I'm *sick* of it.
HENRY: Oh come, don't talk that way.
CASS: Why not? I *mean* it. I just don't wanna go on living.
With that, Cass slams down the 'phone. In the studio, Henry looks suddenly perturbed. Ted Morrow appears in the window outside the studio and Henry says quickly on-air:
HENRY: Well, I, er, seem to have lost the call, folks. Cass - if you've still got the radio on, I- I'm sorry if I said the wrong thing. I wish you'd call me back.
At No. 24, Madge and Bronwyn sit there looking worried. At the studio, Henry puts on another record. At No. 24, Madge says to Bronwyn:
MADGE: I hope she doesn't do anything silly.
BRONWYN (nervously): Yeah. I think Henry blew it...
No. 32
Kerry is vacuuming the kitchen floor when Joe arrives home from the airport. He asks where Sky is and Kerry tells him that she's having a nap. Joe says he's got a ute full of plants outside. Kerry comments that she hopes they didn't cost money, but Joe beams that they didn't cost a cent: this nursery wants him to win the competition as it's good publicity for them. Kerry remarks:
KERRY: They really are determined to get you on-side, aren't they?
JOE: Yeah, yeah, they want Joe the Gardener to be their man - and if I win the gardening competition they're going to be really wanting me for regular promotions, stuff like that. There could be big biccies in it!
Changing the subject slightly, Kerry tells Joe that Hilary is making waves about calling the council unless he gets rid of the statues. Joe, however, retorts that the council will probably congratulate him on adding a bit of class to the place! He adds that he'll slip Hilary a few pots: that'll shut her up! Kerry says warily:
KERRY: Joe... I really don't think those statues *do* make the place look classy.
JOE: What?! [In a posh voice] Course they do, Kerry!
No. 30
Matt opens the front door to No. 30 and invites Lee in, telling her there's no one there. They head into the lounge room and sit down as Matt explains that Hilary's at the library and Sharon's probably helping out at the Coffee Shop. Lee asks if Sharon is his sister. Matt muses that sometimes you'd think so! He adds:
MATT: She's all right. You'll like her. She probably won't mind sharing a room with you, anyway.
LEE (exclaims): Sharing a room?!
MATT: Yeah, well, I can't think of anywhere *else* for you to stay.
LEE: Yeah, but will your *mum* let me stay?
MATT: Yeah! I'll talk her into it!
Lee says uncertainly that she doesn't want to cause any trouble. Matt, however, retorts that he doesn't want her spending her nights on railway stations and park benches. He adds, though, that it's probably not a good idea to tell Hilary the whole truth, as she probably wouldn't be too keen on housing a runaway. Lee asks what they tell her, then. Matt says:
MATT: I thought we could say that you were a friend of mine from Adelaide - see, that's where I come from. She's hardly going to turn away an old friend, is she?
Radio station studio/No. 24
A record is playing on the radio. Ted Morrow heads into the studio at the station and tells Henry that he's got Cass on the general line: she wants to speak to him off-air. Henry stands up and asks Ted to take over while he goes and talks to her. Ted, however, says he's had it put through to line 3: he wants Henry to talk to her on-air. He adds that it's great radio! Henry doesn't look happy, but he sits back down, stops the record and says warily to the listeners:
HENRY: Hi, folk. Well, what do you know? It seems we have Cass of Elliott Park back on the line.
He presses a button on his console and then says:
HENRY: I'm glad you called back, Cass.
CASS (cries): I said I wanted to talk to you *off* air. I can hear us on the radio.
HENRY: They put you through to me here. It's OK. Listen, I just wanted to apologise for being so flip before - I didn't mean to upset you.
CASS: And I wanted to tell you you shouldn't be doing a job like that - not if you don't care about people.
HENRY: But I *do* care. Listen - I know you're feeling pretty low right now...
At No. 24, Madge and Bronwyn look at each other. At the studio, Henry continues:
HENRY: ...and I want to *help*.
CASS: How *can* you?
HENRY: Maybe, er... maybe by just talking. You said you were lonely: well, I'd like to be your friend.
CASS (more brightly): I don't get much chance to talk to people; I don't go out a lot - just to shop and the library.
HENRY: You like reading?
CASS: Yeah - detective novels and other stuff.
HENRY: Who's your favourite author?
CASS: You'll only laugh...
HENRY (smiles): No I won't - cross my heart!
CASS: I like Virginia Andrews: her books are *great*.
Ted Morrow smiles as Henry keeps the conversation going. Henry says to Cass:
HENRY: Oh. I've never read one of hers. I hear they're pretty good.
CASS: They're great! They made a film of one of them, but I haven't seen it.
HENRY: How come, if you like her stuff so much?
CASS: It's no fun going to the movies by yourself - and no one will want to go with *me*.
HENRY: I don't know why you're on such a downer about yourself, Cass - you sound like a really nice girl.
CASS: It's the way I *look*.
HENRY: Looks aren't *everything*.
CASS (bitterly): It's always the beautiful people who say that.
HENRY: Hey - I'm not beautiful. Devastatingly handsome, perhaps! Just slightly gorgeous...!
Cass giggles. Henry says quickly:
HENRY: I know *one* thing, Cass: you've got a great laugh and I reckon you've got a terrific personality.
CASS (mutters): Boys don't care about your personality. If you're ugly, *no one's* interested.
HENRY: I don't agree. Most people realise it's what's on the inside that counts. Listen, I reckon there'd be plenty of guys out there who'd *love* to go out with a girl like you.
CASS: What about *you*? I bet *you* wouldn't go out with me.
Henry hesitates, looking suddenly nervous, before saying:
HENRY: Sure I would.
At No. 24, Bronwyn looks at Madge and exclaims:
On the radio, Cass says:
CASS: Oh yeah?
HENRY: I'll prove it. Make a date.
CASS: Do you mean it?
HENRY: Hey - I'll take you out whenever you say.
At No. 24, Bronwyn and Madge sit looking shocked.
No. 30
Lee and Matt are sitting on the lounge room floor, Lee asking Matt if he didn't know Hilary was his mum 'til then. Matt explains that he'd always assumed his foster parents were his real parents until he wanted to apply for a motorbike licence and got a copy of his birth certificate. He adds that he decided he should get to know Hilary, so he moved down to Erinsborough to live. Lee asks what Hilary's *like*. Matt says:
MATT: OK... She's strange... you've got to get to know her. She's kind of straight.
LEE: Then how's she going to feel about *me*?
MATT: Well, I was thinking, maybe just for her sake, you could get yourself tidied up a bit, you know? Put on some clean clothes.
LEE: The way I shot through last night, I didn't have time to pack!
Matt says he'll go and get her clothes, but Lee points out that if he turns up at the house, her Uncle Rod will realise he knows where she is. Matt suggests that they could borrow some, then - from Kerry. Lee asks if that's the woman she met in the park: she had a little girl with her. Matt nods that that's her. He tells Lee to have a shower and he'll duck next door. With that, he heads off, leaving Lee looking relieved.
No. 24
Bronwyn slams a cupboard door shut in the kitchen. From the table, Madge says to her:
MADGE: Oh come on, love, Henry only said he'd go out with that girl 'cos he was put on the spot. He won't go through with it.
Bronwyn, however, retorts that he'll *have* to: it would be terrible to let her down like that. Madge asks her what she's so upset about, then, and Bronwyn huffs:
BRONWYN: That he said he'd go out with her in the *first* place.
Madge comments that he thinks Henry only wanted to give the girl a lift - and his mouth's always worked faster than his brain! Bronwyn sighs that if this can happen on community radio, who knows what could happen on a commercial station? Madge, however, insists that Henry has got himself into an awkward situation and he'll get himself out of it. She adds that she's sure Bronwyn has nothing to worry about.
Radio station studio
Henry is saying to Ted Morrow that he's not sure he's cut out for this sort of stuff after all. Ted, however, tells Henry that he did a great job: his listeners will be hanging in there to hear how the date goes. Henry exclaims:
HENRY: Yeah, but I didn't mean that to happen. I don't want to make a sideshow out of this. The kid's feeling really unhappy about herself. I don't want to make it worse.
Ted, however, says it seems to him that Henry has a real chance to help her - and the way Henry handled himself today gives him the impression he's got a big future in this industry. Henry sighs:
HENRY: What about Cass?
TED: You have to take her out. As I said, our listeners will be dying to know what happens. It'll be great publicity. You have to see it through to the end, mate...
Henry doesn't look at all convinced.
No. 32
Kerry is potting up some plants in the kitchen when Matt knocks on the back door and comes in. He explains that he wanted to ask a favour: he wants to borrow some of her clothes. Kerry stares at him and says a bemused:
MATT (quickly): Oh, not for me! No, for a friend of mine. She came over from Adelaide and her luggage got lost in transit.
KERRY: Oh! Poor kid. We about the same size?
MATT: Oh... yeah... I guess so. Well, you've met her. She said she saw you down the park with Toby and Lochy.
KERRY: Oh yeah... Lee... Yeah.
Kerry then comments that Toby said Lee was the ghost at that house and had run away from home. Matt admits that that's right. Kerry says:
KERRY: So you know her from Adelaide?
MATT (admits): Well, not really, no.
Kerry asks Matt if he wants to tell her what this is about. Matt explains that Lee was having trouble at home, but it got too much for her, so she just cleared out; she's got nowhere to stay so he thought she could come and stay with *them*. Kerry remarks:
KERRY: Hilary won't like that, will she?
Matt doesn't respond, and Kerry realises:
KERRY: Ah... so that's where the Adelaide story comes in.
Kerry then asks Matt if he doesn't think he's asking for trouble, lying to his mum. Matt, however, insists that he's got to do *something* to help Lee. Kerry smiles that he seems very concerned about this girl, seeing he's only just met her. Matt shrugs:
MATT: Yeah, well, I like her, you know? I mean... there's something about her. I don't know.
KERRY: OK. I'll lend her the clothes, but I'm not going to lie to Hilary for you.
MATT: You don't have to lie to her, just... well, just don't say anything.
KERRY: All right. Don't you think Lee should at least call her parents, though, just to tell them she's OK?
Matt says he's going to talk to her about that. He then asks Kerry if *she* didn't just take off from home. Kerry replies that she told her father she was leaving. Matt asks:
MATT: Didn't he try and stop you?
MATT: And so what did you do?
KERRY (hesitates then shrugs): I took off.
Ramsay Street
Harold pulls up in his car outside No. 32, where Joe is working in the garden. He smiles:
HAROLD: Those statues really are awful, Joe!
JOE (indignantly): Yeah? Well, you know what *I* reckon, Harry? I reckon that's just jealousy talking.
HAROLD: Jealous? What - of *those*?!
Joe marches over to Harold's car and snaps:
JOE: You're really worried you're not going to win this garden competition, aren't you? You wait 'til you see this garden when it gets all the extra plants in.
He then points to a plant in a pot at the side of the garden by the pavement and taunts that it's a got a huge name and is really unusual and will really impress the judges. Harold stares at the plant and then climbs out of his car, saying tersely:
HAROLD: Yes, well, it's quite expensive, I know *that*, because I bought one just like it yesterday. It was stolen overnight.
JOE: Yeah? What rotten mongrels.
HAROLD (examining the plant): In fact, it looked just *like* that one.
JOE: Nah, mate, no, no way, it couldn't be. Anyway, you're not going to get another one of *them* in a hurry.
Harold says he was a little worried that he wouldn't remember the correct botanical name, so he wrote it down on the back of the planting instructions. He lifts a tag out of the plant pot and exclaims:
HAROLD: And there is it: there, look, in my handwriting.
Joe stares at the tag as Harold declares:
HAROLD: That is my plant. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if these were *all* my plants. I can't *believe* this of you, Joe.
JOE: Believe what? Harry, what are you on about?
HAROLD (snaps): You have stolen my plants, and that makes you nothing better than a common thief.
Joe stares at Harold in astonishment.
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Joan, Rod in Neighbours Episode 1090
Joan, Rod

Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel, Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1090
Henry Ramsay, Joe Mangel, Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson, Toby Mangel

Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1090
Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Toby Mangel, Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1090
Toby Mangel, Sky Bishop, Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Harold Bishop, Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1090
Harold Bishop, Lee Maloney

Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1090
Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop

Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney in Neighbours Episode 1090
Matt Robinson, Lee Maloney

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1090
Henry Ramsay

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1090
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop

Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1090
Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1090
Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop

Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1090
Lee Maloney, Matt Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1090
Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Ted Morrow in Neighbours Episode 1090
Henry Ramsay, Ted Morrow

Matt Robinson, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1090
Matt Robinson, Kerry Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1090
Harold Bishop

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1090
Joe Mangel

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