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Neighbours Episode 1085 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1085
Australian airdate: 03/11/89
UK airdate: 14/01/91
UK Gold: 29/12/96
Director: Peter Dodds
Guests: Lucy Robinson – Sasha Close
Lochy – Amber Kilpatrick
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Lochy and Toby searching for a ghost at a supposedly-haunted house and Lochy letting out a piercing scream when she and Toby see a human outline silhouetted against the wall upstairs.
Haunted House
Lochy and Toby go running down the stairs, Lochy screaming over and over. They dash outside and Lochy asks Toby in terror if *he* saw what *she* saw. Toby asks her what *she* saw. Lochy says she thought it was a man. Toby says:
TOBY: With a big coat and a hat?
LOCHY: Holding a gun or a knife... *Told* you the place was haunted.
TOBY (uncertainly): Do ghosts have guns?
The two of them don't wait to find out, and they run off, still looking scared.
No. 26
Todd and Lucy are mucking around with the soap suds as they help Nick do the washing-up. Helen joins them and says she'll put the kettle on. Lucy offers to do it, but Helen insists that she still has two hands! Todd tells her to sit down, and she goes and takes a seat at the table. Lucy says:
LUCY: What would you like, gran? A cup of cocoa?
HELEN (sarcastically): And a sleeping pill?
LUCY (seriously): Haven't you been sleeping very well?
HELEN (muses): Never mind!
Helen then tells everyone that they've done enough for her today: it's time to relax. Nick and Todd head off to bed. Lucy comments that it's not that late, but Helen tells her that she has to have her beauty sleep. Lucy heads off reluctantly to her room. There's suddenly a thumping on the back door and Madge calls out. Helen goes and lets her in and exclaims:
HELEN: Thank goodness it's you!
MADGE: Why? Who did you expect it to be?
HELEN: Oh, no one - it's just that I've had enough celebration for one day.
Madge comments that that's a pity, and she hands over a small, flat package. Helen thanks her, adding:
HELEN: ...as long as it isn't bed socks or a pillow!
MADGE (looking surprised): Why would anyone want to give you a pillow?
HELEN (sighs): I'm a geriatric - haven't you noticed?! Reached the stage where all I can do is lie in bed and read!
MADGE (exclaims): *You*?!
HELEN: *Lucy* thinks so.
Madge comments that a pillow might not be such a bad idea: she's just done a double shift at the Waterhole and is bushed! She then tells Helen to open her present and take her mind off things. Helen opens the gift to reveal another book. She exclaims:
HELEN: Modern art. Thank heavens for that!
She adds that *that* really makes her feel young again!
No. 32
The front door opens at No. 32 and Toby and Bouncer creep in. All of a sudden, Toby hears a moaning noise - and Joe appears behind him, a blanket wrapped round his shoulders! Toby stares at him and then shrieks that he thought Joe was a ghost! Joe stares back at his son and asks him suspiciously why he's dressed. Toby starts to say he went for a walk with Bouncer - but then he cries:
TOBY: Dad, it was horrible. It was *this* big [he indicates above his head] and it was coming for us down the stairs!
Joe tells him to slow down! They head into the lounge room and Toby explains that it was a ghost: he and Lochy *saw* him. Joe muses that Lochy's in on this, is she? Toby insists that the house she took him to is haunted. Joe asks him what he was doing sneaking out at night - but he then suggests they talk about it in the morning, and he tells Toby to go to bed. Toby asks if he can sleep in Joe and Kerry's bed. Joe, however, ignores this and says:
JOE: I just remembered: guess who 'phoned when you were supposed to be asleep? Noels!
TOBY (exclaims): Mum?!
JOE: Yep. She's got a couple of weeks off. She wants you to go up to Darwin and visit her. Next week: what do you reckon?
TOBY: Does that mean I'll have to miss out on school?
JOE (laughs): I *thought* you'd be heartbroken! Come on, Ghostbuster: bed!
No. 26
The next morning, in the kitchen, Todd is asking Nick why he can't do some gardening on the weekend. Nick just mutters that he's got *better* things to do. Helen hands them both lunchboxes for school and then heads off to get ready for work. Todd asks Nick what *else* he's got to do on the weekends now he's broken up with Sharon. Nick retorts:
NICK: Plenty. Plenty.
TODD (grins): Oh yeah? What's her name?!
NICK: Girls! That's all you think about!
TODD: Come on, who is she?
NICK: No one - I'm not interested.
TODD (teases): It wouldn't be, er, Lucy, would it?
NICK (mutters): Todd, just because *you've* got a one-track mind. I saw the way you were carrying on with her last night. So much for poor old Melissa.
TODD: What's *that* supposed to mean? We write to each other every day.
NICK: Told her about you and Lucy?
TODD (blankly): What do you mean?
NICK: Don't worry - you're hopeless! Oh well - you won't mind so much when Melissa gets herself a Yank boyfriend.
TODD (warns): Why don't you lay off, mate - just 'cos *you* got dumped...
NICK (tersely): Yeah, well, it won't happen again, that's for sure - no way. Any girl who goes out with me better watch themselves. 'Love 'em and leave 'em.' That's my motto from now on...
Coffee Shop
Melanie walks into the Coffee Shop with a large box. Harold, who's standing behind the counter, asks what's in it and Melanie tells him that it's pigs for the fête. Melanie shows him one and asks if he recognises it. It's been decorated and has black hair. Melanie tells him that it's Hilary! Harold chuckles! Melanie goes on that she's got one of nearly everyone in Ramsay Street, and she shows him pigs in the style of Nick and Helen, Jim and Sharon, and Madge! She then shows him her very favourite one: Reverend Richards! Harold's face drops and Melanie says in concern:
MELANIE: You don't think anyone will *mind*, do you?
HAROLD (warily): Well... oh, I suppose not. They're for a good cause, and they really are very good. I think anyone with a sense of humour would see the funny side, yes!
MELANIE: Good - 'cos I saved the very best to the very last. You!
She then takes out another pig, which is wearing glasses, and stands it on Harold's shoulder!
No. 26
Helen arrives home. Lucy is sitting on the couch, and she leaps up and turns down the volume of the music she's playing, explaining that she was just checking out some of Nick and Todd's records. The two of them head through to the kitchen. Helen says she's bought some quiche and thought she'd make a nice fresh salad to go with it - and she has some cake for dessert. Lucy tells her that she shouldn't have come home from work to make lunch for her, but Helen insists that she thought it would be nice for them to have lunch together - and it's a break from work, too. Lucy comments:
LUCY: You really shouldn't be working at *all* when you're not well.
HELEN: But I'm as fit as a fiddle!
LUCY: And eating such rich food. It's not good for-
HELEN (interrupts coolly): Oldies like me?
LUCY: No... I just thought-
HELEN: Look, young lady, I have the stomach of a twenty-year-old. Not the face, perhaps, but the stomach!
LUCY: All right. But *I'll* make the salad: you sit down and rest. People who've had strokes should get *plenty* of rest. I read that in a book.
HELEN: Did the book also say that we should be measured up early for our coffins, just in case?
LUCY (insists): I'm only trying to help.
HELEN: Oh, darling, I'm perfectly all right. Look at me - I'm fine!
LUCY: All the time I was away at school, I worried. Now I'm home, I want to look after you.
With that, Lucy goes to change the record that's playing on the stereo to something more quiet. Helen rolls her eyes!
No. 32
Todd steps into No. 32, having found the front door open. Joe emerges from the kitchen and mutters darkly:
JOE: Looking for clients, mate?
The two of them head into the lounge room and Todd says he's really sorry about that. Joe asks him angrily if he knows how much business he lost. Todd goes on that things are getting pretty hard: schoolwork's getting fairly heavy. Joe warns him that they're really good customers: Todd can't let them go. Todd mutters:
TODD: Yeah. Try telling *Nick* that. I can't do it all on me own.
JOE: He's been sick!
TODD: It's not just that. Ever since he busted up with Sharon, he won't do a *thing*.
JOE: It's a hard life, tycoon!
TODD: Look, do you wanna take them back - I mean your old clients?
JOE: Oh, I don't think they'd want me, mate, after *you*.
TODD: Oh, come on, Joe.
JOE: No, no, business is bound to get better now I've been on the air. I mean... TV shows... who knows?
Todd insists that he's sorry - he really is. Joe sighs:
JOE: They happy enough with your work?
TODD: Well, yeah.
JOE: Well, how about you help me with a few odd jobs every now and then; busy times?
TODD (eagerly): You mean it?!
JOE: Yeah, well, I can't go wrong, can I, with a whiz kid like you on the team!
Todd asks if Nick can come along as well. Joe agrees reluctantly!
Coffee Shop
Harold serves Madge with a cup of coffee at the counter. Melanie comes in and asks Harold for some cake. She notices that Madge is reading the Erinsborough News, and she asks her if she's read the 'Dear George' section yet. Madge replies that she hasn't got past the first page yet. Melanie grabs the paper - much to Madge's clear annoyance - and turns to the page! Harold muses that 'Dear George's advice is dangerous. Melanie reads out a letter from 'Ugly 16' in which 'Dear George' tells the girl to dump the guy she's seeing. She then declares that that's what *she* reckons too. Harold exclaims:
HAROLD: Mrs. Mangel... she would've done things differently. A little tact - that's what's needed.
Melanie, changing the subject, asks Madge if the Coffee Shop chocolate cake is good. Madge shrugs that she could make a better one. She adds that she intends to win the cake competition at the fête this year - although it won't be the same without old Mangel: it's no fun without competition. Melanie says *she'll* enter! Madge asks her if she's been experimenting on Clive and Des! Melanie sighs:
MELANIE: Yeah, but Des's stove doesn't work very well. I always seem to burn things!
MADGE: You're probably not used to it. Pity - you won't be able to practise.
Harold returns with the chocolate cake and asks what's wrong. Melanie explains about how she was going to enter the cake competition but Des's stove doesn't work very well for cakes. Harold suggests that Melanie could use *theirs*! Madge frowns at him! Melanie beams that she'll bring all the ingredients over!
No. 32
Toby opens the front door of No. 32 to Lochy, who heads inside with a copy of the Erinsborough News. She tells him that she saw their ghost on TV this morning and now he's in the paper! Toby asks how a ghost can be on TV. Lochy explains:
LOCHY: He's not a *ghost*, that's how.
TOBY: Last night he was!
LOCHY: See, he escaped from jail, this man-
TOBY: You said it was a ghost.
LOCHY: I made a mistake.
TOBY: You made it up - and you're making *this* up, too.
LOCHY: Am not! You know how I know it's him? Overcoat and hat, it says. That's what he was wearing last night, remember?
Toby looks at the newspaper article about Ted 'The Fixer' Ryan. Lochy tells him:
LOCHY: He escaped from jail: that's why he had the gun.
TOBY (uncertainly): Yeah...?
LOCHY: How much d'you wanna bet it's him?
TOBY (warily): I guess you're right.
LOCHY: And guess what else.
TOBY: What?
LOCHY (grins): There's a reward!
No. 32
A while later, Joe is dialling a number on the telephone in the hallway as Toby stands with Lochy and says he's going to buy a computer and a whole room full of mixed lollies! Lochy says *she's* getting a four-wheel drive and a yacht! Joe mutters that the police aren't going to believe him, but Toby insists that they *saw* him. Joe mutters:
JOE: Why didn't you kids pull this stunt when *Kerry's* looking after you?!
With that, Joe gets through to the desk sergeant. Toby and Lochy head into the lounge room and Lochy says they might be on TV too. Toby adds that the kids at school will want their autograph! A few moments later, Joe comes in and smiles:
JOE: Well, you two, eh? Who'd have thought? I just dunno!
TOBY (beams): It *was* him, wasn't it!
JOE: Where did you say this haunted house was again last night?
TOBY: Not far away. Why?
JOE: Interstate, they caught this bloke - last night, when you saw him floating around Erinsborough somewhere! Funny, eh?!
Lochy and Toby exclaim that it *must* have been a ghost! Joe sighs that the two of them need their heads read!
No. 26
Nick is sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. Lucy has made him a sandwich, but he tells her he doesn't want it. Lucy starts eating the sandwich herself, saying as she does so that if Nick doesn't want to talk about it, it's all right by *her*. Nick asks her what she's talking about. Lucy replies:
LUCY: Sharon.
NICK (darkly): Oh, that.
LUCY: I wish I had hair like hers. Mine looks just yuck. A friend of mine at school, *she's* blonde. Boys fall all over her. It's not fair.
Lucy then asks Nick how come he and Sharon broke up, but Nick doesn't respond. Lucy tells him:
LUCY: *I* had a boyfriend a while ago. He dropped me. I still think about it sometimes. It actually hurts, you know, in *here*. [She indicates her heart] 'Plenty more fish in the sea': that's what everyone kept saying - but they didn't understand what it was like to get dumped.
NICK: I know how you feel. *I* didn't drop *Sharon*; *she* dropped *me*. I still don't know why.
Lucy tells Nick that there's half of the sandwich left. Nick asks what's in it and Lucy tells him that it's Vegemite and onion. She adds that Todd told her that it's Nick's favourite. Nick sighs that that was Todd getting back at him! Lucy tries to force-feed it to him!
No. 24
Melanie is working at the kitchen table, looking at a recipe book in front of her and asking why anyone would put dried fruit in a chocolate cake. Madge tells her that she appears to be making a boiled fruit cake, and she turns the page of Melanie's recipe book back to the correct set of instructions! Melanie sighs that she's hopeless at this! Helen asks her if she's done much baking. Madge explains that Des's oven doesn't work very well with cakes. Helen remarks:
HELEN: He'll have to get it fixed if he's bringing Jane back with him.
MADGE: Do you *really* think they're going to get married in England?
MELANIE (dreamily): How romantic - a wedding in-
Madge stops Melanie quickly as she starts pouring flour from a packet into the mixing bowl and tells her that she has to *sift* it before she puts it in. Melanie exclaims that it says on the packet that it's already sifted! She then groans that she's done it all wrong. She adds that her *mum* never did any sifting! Madge tells her not to worry - it's only a trial run. She then asks Melanie if she's got the oven on. Melanie says she's not ready yet, but Madge tells her that she has to pre-heat it to 'moderate'. Melanie goes to the oven and, looking at it, says:
MELANIE: Well where does it say that on the stove? All I can see is a dumb bunch of numbers.
MADGE (grins): Helen will show you!
Helen gets up and shows Melanie the settings. Melanie sighs that she thinks she might be better at office work than she is at this! Madge says to Helen:
MADGE: Speaking of which, have you heard from Paul?
HELEN: He should be home soon.
MADGE: With or without Gail?
HELEN: He's not quite sure. He sounded very flat.
MADGE: Oh well. The sooner it's sorted out, the better, either way.
HELEN (declares): One of the advantages of old age, you know: you eventually get over *everything*!
Made smiles that she doesn't want to hear any more of this: the sooner Helen's out of the office and back behind her easel, the better! Melanie asks in surprise:
MELANIE: Are you *leaving* us, Mr. Daniels?
HELEN: Well, Jim and I can't stay there forever. He has to reopen his workshop.
MELANIE: Oh. I'm going to miss you terribly.
Harold comes in from the back garden and asks how the cake's going. Melanie tells him that it's a bit lumpy. Madge muses to Helen quietly:
MADGE: So much for the competition!
No. 26
Nick and Lucy are kneeling on the lounge room floor, Lucy teasing Nick that he's a messy eater. Nick grins that she's a dag! He then goes on:
NICK: You've changed, you know? So much.
LUCY: How do you mean?
NICK: I don't know... You're just... just different.
LUCY: *Good* different?
NICK: Why did you ask Todd about my favourite food? What did you want to know for?
LUCY (shrugs): Just wondered.
NICK: What *else* did you ask him?
LUCY: Nothing.
NICK: Do you *like* Todd?
LUCY: He's all right.
NICK: No, I mean, do you *like* him-
LUCY: Todd... he's too young.
Lucy then discovers some bread on the floor and she teases Nick that he didn't eat his crusts. She grins and tells him to eat it! She pushes it towards his mouth, but Nick takes hold of her wrists and pushes her backwards so that she ends up on the couch and he ends up on top of her. The two of them stare into each other's eyes for several seconds. Nick then says gently:
NICK: I like your hair the way it *is*.
LUCY: Do you?
NICK: I wouldn't have said so if I didn't mean it.
LUCY: That's good.
NICK: Hey...
LUCY: What?
NICK: Oh, nothing.
With that, the two of them start kissing passionately. Neither of them notices Todd emerge from the kitchen and stand there watching them...
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Lochy McLachlan, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1085
Lochy McLachlan, Toby Mangel

Nick Page, Lucy Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1085
Nick Page, Lucy Robinson, Todd Landers

Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1085
Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels

Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1085
Toby Mangel, Joe Mangel

Todd Landers, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1085
Todd Landers, Nick Page

Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1085
Melanie Pearson

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1085
Harold Bishop

 in Neighbours Episode 1085

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1085
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Todd Landers, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1085
Todd Landers, Joe Mangel

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson in Neighbours Episode 1085
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Melanie Pearson

Lochy McLachlan, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1085
Lochy McLachlan, Toby Mangel

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1085
Joe Mangel

Nick Page, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1085
Nick Page, Lucy Robinson

Helen Daniels, Melanie Pearson, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1085
Helen Daniels, Melanie Pearson, Madge Bishop

Nick Page, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1085
Nick Page, Lucy Robinson

Nick Page, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1085
Nick Page, Lucy Robinson

Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1085
Todd Landers

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