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Neighbours Episode 1079 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1079
Australian airdate: 26/10/89
UK airdate: 04/01/91
UK Gold: 19/12/96
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Graham
Sharon telling Nick that she doesn't want to get back with him.
Nick says he doesn't understand; why now, all of a sudden? Sharon, however, tells him that she's been thinking about it since their argument: thinking about herself and where she's going. She adds that she wishes she felt differently - she doesn't want to hurt him - but it just had to be said. She explains:
SHARON: Being so close all the time, I was starting to feel as if I couldn't breathe; I mean, everything I did was either for you or for us. I even lost weight to make myself more attractive for *you*; I should've been doing it for *myself*.
NICK: The end result was the same.
SHARON: It's the *reason* that's important. I don't think I can handle your jealousy, either.
NICK: I'm not that jealous.
SHARON: What about when I wanted to take Matt to the dance? And the way you carried on when some of the other guys started to pay me some attention?
NICK: Sharon, if I'm jealous, it's because of the way I feel about you, all right?
SHARON: It's just not right for *me*.
NICK: Is there someone else?
SHARON: No! No, that's not the reason I'm doing this at *all*. But yeah, I do think I should see some other guys.
NICK (bitterly): All right. So I wasn't good enough?
SHARON: Don't be stupid. Seeing other people isn't the reason I'm doing this. I just... I need to be myself for a while.
NICK: Why didn't you say something... why didn't you say something before, if it was such a problem?
SHARON: You never gave me the chance.
NICK: Can't we talk about it now?
SHARON: It won't make any difference.
NICK: How do you know unless we give it a try? *Please...*
Sharon stands there. She then murmurs reluctantly:
SHARON: All right...
No. 26
Melissa is standing with Jim in the lounge room, waiting for Todd. Jim calls to him and he calls back that he'll be two secs. Beverly joins them, holding Rhys, and Melissa starts fussing over him! She asks if she can hold him. Beverly hands him over and tells Melissa to make sure she supports his head. Melissa asks her how long she'll be looking after him, and Beverly replies that it depends when his mother's ready to take him back. Jim frowns:
JIM: I thought you said it was only a couple of days.
BEVERLY: I *did* - but it might be a little bit longer.
Todd emerges from his room and Melissa tells him that her dad said they can go on a picnic tomorrow! Todd, however, sighs that he's got to do some gardening. Melissa offers to help and Todd smiles that that would be great. The two of them head out to the cinema. Jim goes with them, to give them a lift. Beverly starts fussing over Rhys.
No. 24
Henry and Bronwyn are getting ready to go out. Henry tells Harold and Madge that they should come too: whack on the dancing shoes and live a little! Harold asks Madge what she thinks, but she tells him that they'd look silly in a disco at their age! There's a knock on the front door suddenly and Henry goes to answer it. To his surprise, he finds Ted Morrow standing on the step. He invites him in and introduces him to everyone. Morrow then tells Henry that he's dropped in because one of the announcers has called in sick, so he needs a replacement. He asks Henry if *he* could do it. Henry asks when it is and Morrow replies that it's tomorrow afternoon. Harold asks what kind of programme it is and Morrow tells him it's classical. Henry's face drops. Morrow asks him:
MORROW: Do you understand enough about classical music to play host?
HENRY (carefully): No worries, Ted. Er, being a musician myself, I have a wide range of tastes - *musical* tastes - and, well look, yes, I think I'll be up to that.
Morrow tells Henry that he's saved him a lot of worry. With that, he heads to the door and Henry sees him out. When he's gone, Bronwyn says tersely:
BRONWYN: Henry Ramsay, you're a liar. You don't know the first *thing* about classical music.
HENRY: Well, I can learn.
MADGE: In less than twenty-four hours?
HENRY: I'll do a crash course. Harold, will you teach me?
HAROLD (aghast): It's taken me all my *life* to learn about classical music.
HENRY: Some people are slow learners; I'm very quick. Will you help me?
HAROLD: Oh, I suppose I can show you the basics.
Henry tells Harold that he'll love him forever! The two of them then head over to Harold's record collection, leaving Bronwyn to exclaim to Madge:
BRONWYN: So much for our night out!
Nick is saying to Sharon that if it's just finding new interests, why can't she go out and look for them? Sharon, however, sighs that it's more than just that. Nick says he was hoping he could talk some sense into her, but obviously he was wrong. Sharon murmurs that perhaps she'd better go. She tries to give Nick a hug, but he pushes her away. Sharon says:
SHARON: Nick, I still want us to be friends.
Nick, however, retorts:
NICK: Just forget it.
With that, Sharon walks out, leaving Nick sitting in his hospital bed, looking upset.
No. 26
The next morning, Beverly is sitting on the couch with a grizzling Rhys. Todd emerges from his bedroom and says he's going to get an early start on the gardening. Jim comments that he thought Todd did his *homework* on Sundays, but Todd says he'll do it tonight. Jim warns him not to let his studies suffer because of the gardening. Todd listens and then heads out. Rhys stops crying as Jim sits down with Beverly and asks:
JIM: Shouldn't we have heard from Debra by now?
BEVERLY: Oh, not necessarily.
JIM: We can't look after him for *too* long, you know? I mean, there must come a time when it's our responsibility to hand him over to the proper authorities.
BEVERLY: If that times comes, we *will* - but Debra implied in her note she'll be back, and I believe her.
Jim comments that it's been three days since Debra contacted them: maybe she's decided to abandon him; she doesn't care one iota for the kid and Beverly's stuck with it. Beverly, however, retorts:
BEVERLY: I am not 'stuck' with it.
JIM (angrily): Oh right, you're not stuck with it; *we're* stuck with it. The whole blasted family's stuck with it.
Rhys starts grizzling again and Beverly calms him with a bottle. She then turns to Jim and says coolly:
BEVERLY: I am not handing Rhys over to any welfare authorities because Debra will be back for him. In the meantime, I intend to look after him as best I can. Now, if that doesn't suit you or anyone else, I'm sorry, but too bad - because that's the way it is.
Jim looks at Beverly in concern.
No. 24
In the lounge room, Henry is asking Harold questions about his classical music question. Harold sighs that Henry will never get this radio programme right. Henry, however, insists that he's got all morning! Madge emerges from her room and joins Bronwyn in the kitchen. Madge is wearing the red dress with large white spots that she bought at the clothes-swapping party, and she asks Bronwyn what she thinks. Bronwyn murmurs warily that it looks good. She adds:
BRONWYN: So long as you're comfortable wearing it.
MADGE (grimly): *That* bad, eh?
MADGE: Helen said it made me look like a blimp!
Madge heads into the lounge room and asks Harold if he's ready for church. Harold looks at her and exclaims:
HAROLD: Good lord, you're not going to wear *that*, are you?
MADGE (sharply): Why? What's wrong with it?
HAROLD: Well, it's um...
MADGE: What?
HAROLD: Well, you know... um...
MADGE: Makes me look like a blimp, eh? Or maybe a barrel?
HAROLD: I wouldn't go *that* far.
Looking annoyed, Madge throws down her handbag furiously and heads off to change! Harold comments to Henry:
HAROLD: I really don't understand that woman sometimes!
A back garden
Melissa is sitting on a rug in Todd's customer's back garden as Todd mows the lawn. He turns off the mower and sits down with Melissa, who offers him a cold drink. She pours it from a flask and Todd drinks it and exclaims that it's great. He then comments that they should be at the beach on a day like today. Melissa points out that the holidays are coming up soon and he can hit the sand whenever he likes then. Todd smiles:
TODD: You'll have to come *with* me.
MELISSA: Oh, I can't. We're going away.
TODD: I thought your dad was OS.
MELISSA: He *is* for three months - but mum's taking me and Sean up to the beach house.
TODD: For the whole break?
MELISSA: Yeah, I'm afraid so.
Melissa then suggests to Todd that he could come *with* them: there's plenty of room and she's sure her mum wouldn't mind. She adds that she'll ask her tonight. A look of delight crosses Todd's face.
Back garden of No. 30
Bronwyn and Sharon are lying on towels in the back garden, Sharon telling Bronwyn that she wanted to stay friends with Nick, but that's all; she *likes* him, but she doesn't love him. She adds that she thinks she'd better go and see him again and patch things up. Bronwyn asks:
BRONWYN: Are you *sure* you want to call it quits? I always thought that Nick meant *everything* to you.
SHARON: He *did*. That was the whole problem. I think it's time to think about what *I* want, Bronny; put *myself* first for a change.
BRONWYN: And the only way to do that was to split?
SHARON: Yeah. How *else* could I do it?
BRONWYN: I don't know. I just hope it's worth it. It seems to me you've got a great thing going with Nick, and giving up on him's a pretty big price to pay to find yourself; but if that's what you really want...
SHARON: It *is*. I'm just sorry I've hurt him so much in the process, especially when he's feeling so awful already - but it is right for *me*.
Beverly is in Nick's room, asking him how he's feeling. He tells her that he's all right, he guesses. Beverly asks what the problem is, and Nick mutters:
NICK: Maybe I'm just suffering some after-effects. Clive told me what I could expect: headaches... mood swings... depression. You should've told me about them.
Beverly asks Nick if he *is* depressed. He shrugs that he is a bit. Beverly asks what about, but Nick replies that it doesn't matter. Beverly tells him to concentrate on getting well. She then adds that she'd better make tracks, as she left Jim holding the baby!
Radio station studio/No. 24
Henry is practicing trying to pronounce the names of various pieces of music, characters in operas and composers, but is struggling. At No. 24, Madge and Harold are listening to the radio on the kitchen counter, and Madge comments that Henry's doing OK so far. Harold nods that he seems to be stumbling his way through it - 'stumbling' being the operative word! The 'phone starts ringing suddenly. Harold answers it and Henry comes on, saying he's got Tosca coming up next and he needs some help. Harold explains how to pronounce some of the characters' names. Henry then asks him what he thinks of the programme so far and Harold tells him warily:
HAROLD: Entertaining...!
Henry accepts this! He then gets back to his show, sitting back and reeling off a string of facts written on a clipboard about Tosca - and looking increasingly shocked by the story of the opera as he does so!
No. 26
Todd is with Jim in the kitchen, and he asks him if he can spend a bit of his holidays with the Jarretts at their holiday house. Jim hesitates, but then says that if it's OK with the Jarretts, he doesn't see any reason why not. Todd heads off to the bathroom as Beverly comes into the kitchen with Rhys. Jim comments that the baby is wearing new clothes, and he asks where they came from. Beverly tells him that she bought them yesterday, along with some toys. Jim sighs and says:
JIM: Beverly, don't you think you're going a bit overboard? I mean, it's silly spending a whole lot of money on a baby that's not even yours.
BEVERLY: Oh rubbish! Why should the child go without just because his mother's having a few problems?
JIM: But if this goes on much longer, you won't *want* to give him up. Do it now, before it's too late.
BEVERLY: Jim, I told you this morning: I intend to look after Rhys until his mother's ready for him.
JIM: I just don't think you're being very professional, that's all.
BEVERLY (coolly): I think 'professional' is a subject that's been *exhausted* around here lately, don't you?
JIM: I still think you're making a big mistake.
BEVERLY (snaps): Well, you think what you like. I am not giving up this baby and that's all there is to it. So let's drop the subject, shall we?
Radio station studio
The piece of music Henry is playing finishes and he says enthusiastically into the microphone:
HENRY: Yo, what an ending eh?! Went on a bit long, though, didn't it? Thought old Tosca was *never* gonna take the plunge!
He continues his spiel at a hundred miles per hour - but Ted Morrow comes into the studio suddenly and Henry immediately slows right down and puts on a very serious voice as he introduces Haydn's Trumpet Concerto. He starts the record on the turntable and then says meekly:
HENRY: Hi Ted!
MORROW (acknowledges): Henry.
HENRY: Some of these la-di-da composers... it's a bit hard to get your tongue round their names!
MORROW (grimly): That, I'm afraid, has been painfully obvious.
HENRY: You've been listening in, have you?
MORROW (nods): Unfortunately.
HENRY: Haven't done too well, have I?
MORROW: Not terribly.
HENRY: Do I still have a job?
MORROW: Not in *this* department.
HENRY (sighs): I thought you were gonna say that. Time to pack the bags, eh?
MORROW: No! I just think you should stick to the Billboard programme in future. Don't you?
HENRY: Oh! So I'm not fired?!
Henry then thanks Morrow, looking relieved!
Nick is lying in bed when there's a knock on the door to his room and Sharon comes in. He looks at her and asks her gruffly what she wants. She replies that she wanted to see him. She asks how he's feeling and he tells her that he's better than he was last night. He apologises for blowing his top, but Sharon assures him that that's OK: she was pretty blunt. Nick tells her that he's glad she came, and she reminds him that she said she wanted to be friends. Nick asks:
NICK: Is that *all* we are?
SHARON (nods): Sorry.
No. 26
Todd and Jim are sitting watching TV as Beverly opens the front door and finds Melissa standing on the step. She invites her in. Todd stands up and asks Melissa what's up. She tells him sadly:
MELISSA: We can't spend our holidays together. Everything's changed.
TODD: *Why*?
MELISSA: Dad's taking us *all* overseas.
TODD (looking worried): For *three months*?
MELISSA: Worse - we'll be away for six months at *least*. We're not going to be able to see each other for *ages*...
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Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1079
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Beverly Robinson, Melissa Jarrett, Baby Rhys in Neighbours Episode 1079
Beverly Robinson, Melissa Jarrett, Baby Rhys

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1079
Jim Robinson

Ted Morrow, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1079
Ted Morrow, Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1079
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1079
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Beverly Robinson, Baby Rhys, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1079
Beverly Robinson, Baby Rhys, Jim Robinson

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1079
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop

Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1079
Melissa Jarrett, Todd Landers

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1079
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Beverly Robinson, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1079
Beverly Robinson, Nick Page

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1079
Henry Ramsay

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1079
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Baby Rhys, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1079
Baby Rhys, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Ted Morrow, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1079
Ted Morrow, Henry Ramsay

Sharon Davies, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1079
Sharon Davies, Nick Page

Melissa Jarrett in Neighbours Episode 1079
Melissa Jarrett

Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1079
Toby Mangel

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