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Neighbours Episode 1070 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1070
Australian airdate: 13/10/89
UK airdate: 20/12/90
UK Gold: 06/12/96
Writer: Tim Schildberger
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
Paul pleading with Beverly to help him find his children.
No. 26
Jim says to Beverly coolly:
JIM: For pity's sake, just tell him.
BEVERLY (angrily): You're trying to force me into doing something I know is *wrong*.
JIM (retorts): What - you're saying what's happening to Paul is *right*? The man's life's in *ruins*.
Beverly hesitates. She looks at Jim and at Paul and then sighs reluctantly:
BEVERLY: All right - I'll do it.
Paul gives her a hug and tells her she's not going to regret this. He asks her when she can do it, but she retorts that she'll do it in her own time. She adds coldly that if this should backfire in any way, *she's* the one who has to live with it.
Back garden of No. 24
Harold is singing the opening lines of 'Onward Christian Soldiers'. As he breaks off, he tells Madge he'd forgotten how wonderful it was, singing in the choir! Madge smiles that he sang beautifully - but now that he's recharged his batteries, why doesn't he put his energies into the garden?! Harold looks around and comments that it's not *that* bad. Madge muses:
MADGE: Oo no - if you like *weeds*.
HAROLD: Yeah, well, I've decided to *do* something about that. I'm going to buy some weed-killer and a spray gun.
MADGE: Don't *buy* one; borrow one from Joe.
HAROLD: No, no, no, no. I don't like borrowing tools. Though, mind you, it is all in the family now, isn't it? Yes, I just might ask him - certainly make my job easier.
Madge tells him slyly that she wouldn't like him to wear himself out *entirely*... Harold asks what else she had in mind. He then realises what she's implying! Madge tells him that Henry and Bronwyn will be back soon, and it might be their last night alone together. They kiss and Madge adds that they'll have to make sure nothing spoils things for them this time. Harold nods:
HAROLD: Tonight shall be sacred. It shall be for us and us alone, eh?
No. 28
Des is wearing his dressing gown and looking half asleep as he opens the front door. Paul bursts in and beams:
PAUL: Oh, Dessie, Dessie, I know where they are, mate!
DES (blankly): Who?
PAUL: Gail and the triplets! They're in Tasmania, staying with her real father. She must have asked him to lie when I rang, or something.
Des asks Paul when he found out, but Paul exclaims that that doesn't matter; he rang the hospital and mother and babies are doing just fine! Des shakes Paul's hand and offers his congratulations. He then asks:
DES: What are they?
PAUL: Two boys and a girl!
DES: Fantastic!
Des then asks Paul what he's going to do now. Paul replies happily that he's going to go and see Gail and sort things out, of course. He then asks Des if he'd mind looking after the business while he's gone. Des assures him that there's no problems; Paul should just concentrate on Gail. As Paul heads to the door, he tells Des:
PAUL: Right through this whole thing, you've... well, you've just been terrific. Thanks a lot.
Des pats Paul on the shoulder and says warmly that he hopes it works out. With that, Paul dashes off to catch a 'plane.
No. 32
Joe and Kerry's furniture has been delivered and there is a new suite in the lounge room. Joe and Kerry kneel down by the occasional table in the middle as Kerry says she doesn't see a way out of it: she thinks they should get Des in to help, as he should be able to work out some kind of plan to help pay all the money back. Joe sighs:
JOE: Yeah, I s'pose. I just hate feeling like a drongo in front of him, that's all.
KERRY: You're *not* a drongo. Not a big one, anyway!
Kerry goes on that they just have to get their act together so they don't get themselves into any *real* trouble. Joe mutters that he wouldn't mind feeding some trouble to the bludger who's been taking his customers off him. The front door opens suddenly and Harold comes in. He looks around at the new furniture and comments that it's very nice indeed. He then looks at Kerry and smiles:
HAROLD: And how's the new Mrs. Mangel?
KERRY: No, I'm still Bishop.
HAROLD: Well, yes, I know, dear. I was referring to-
KERRY: No - I haven't changed my name. I think there's only room in this neighbourhood for *one* Mrs. Mangel - I wouldn't want anyone confusing us!
Harold, looking put-out, says he thought Kerry would wear the name with pride. Joe, however, assures him that it's nothing against his mum or him: he and Kerry are married, but Kerry doesn't have to change her name to prove it. Harold muses:
HAROLD: It's your marriage, I suppose. Far be it for me to interfere.
KERRY: Exactly!
Kerry then asks Harold what they can do for him. Harold tells Joe that he was wondering if he could borrow a garden sprayer, as he thought he might spruce up the yard: he was thinking of entering the Erinsborough Garden Competition. Joe tells Harold that the gear's under the house: he can help himself, but he needs it back this arvo as he's got some jobs on. Harold thanks him and smiles that it'll make his job much easier. Joe grins:
JOE: Who knows - you might win first prize!
No. 26
Jim opens the front door to find Clive standing on the step. He asks if Beverly's there, and Jim invites him in. They head through to the kitchen where, noticing a grim expression on Clive's face, Beverly asks if something's wrong. Clive says:
CLIVE: You told Paul where Gail is.
BEVERLY (looking taken aback): How did you know?
CLIVE: He 'phoned the hospital last night, not long after you called. Gail found out, so her doctor then 'phoned *me*.
BEVERLY: How did she take it?
CLIVE: Badly, from what I can gather. Her blood pressure's up anyway, so finding out that Paul knows where she is didn't help matters.
Beverly looks at Jim and snaps that that's what she was *frightened* of. She then turns back to Clive and explains that it became a question of loyalties. Clive says he knows being a doctor isn't easy, but the patient's always got to come first. Jim warns him angrily:
JIM: Fair go, mate - Paul was in a *hell* of a state.
Beverly asks Clive if he came over just to tell her off. Clive replies reluctantly:
CLIVE: No. I thought you should know that the doctor treating Gail told me he's going to lodge a complaint against you with the Medical Board.
JIM: What does *that* mean?
BEVERLY (snaps): It means I've broken the medical code of ethics and now I'll have to answer for it - thanks to *you*.
Front yard of No. 24
Harold is spraying the front garden with weed killer. Madge is doing crouched down nearby, and she comments that the weed killer smells awful: it's probably lethal. She asks Harold if he has to spray so much, but Harold retorts that if he's going to win the gardening competition he has to make absolutely sure all the weeds are gone. He adds that he won't be much longer. He then changes the subject slightly and asks Madge if he should do a very heavy prune and go for the pristine look, or randomly throw bulbs around and try for a splash of colour. Madge muses:
MADGE: Whatever inspires you, Harold - just so long as you keep working. It's so long since you helped out around here, I was thinking of buying a garden gnome for company!
HAROLD (knowingly): And a lucky little fella he'd be too, eh?!
Harold realises suddenly that he's run out of weed-killer. Madge comments that Joe isn't going to be too happy, but Harold assures her that he's already taken care of that, and he holds up a small jar, the contents of which he tips into the reservoir of the sprayer. He then adds that he'd better get it back to Joe, as he wants to use it this afternoon.
No. 26
Beverly, Jim and Clive are sitting at the kitchen table, Clive saying to Beverly that he wishes she'd rung him first: he might have been able to help. Beverly sighs:
BEVERLY: Maybe. I just felt so *pressured* - and every time I looked at Paul I felt guilty, as if what had happened to him was my fault.
Jim chips in that if this doctor *does* complain, surely they can explain the position Bev was in? Clive, however, tells him that when it comes to a breach of patient confidentiality, there really is no argument. Jim asks what they can *do* to Bev. Clive replies:
CLIVE: That depends. If Gail suffers any ill effects as a direct result of her breach of trust, then she could be in trouble.
JIM: Gail's all right, isn't she?
CLIVE: For the moment she is, yeah.
BEVERLY (snaps): Yes, but when Paul turns up at the hospital, who knows *how* that's going to affect her.
CLIVE: Exactly.
BEVERLY (mutters_: I don't know how I allowed myself to be talked into this.
CLIVE: Look, I know things look a bit grim right now, but Gail will probably be OK and you'll just get a *warning* from the Medical Board. They're not going to get too heavy with a first offender.
Jim clears his throat pointedly and says:
JIM: Er, Beverly was accused of malpractice once before by a relative of a patient. She was cleared.
BEVERLY (sarcastically): My record's going to look *great*, isn't it? What sort of a doctor *am* I?
CLIVE: A fine one - you *know* that.
BEVERLY: Do I? *You* wouldn't've told Paul, would you?
CLIVE: I don't know. I'd like to think I'd always maintain a patient's trust, but who's to say something mightn't happen to put *me* in an impossible position?
BEVERLY (demands): And just what might that position *be*? You obviously don't think you would've told given *my* circumstances.
CLIVE: I don't *know*, Beverly - we all react differently. Look, with any luck, this whole thing will blow over fairly quickly.
With that, Clive says he'd better get going. When he's gone, Jim tells Beverly that they've got to look at this thing positively. Beverly, however, retorts furiously:
BEVERLY: It's all very well for *you* - you got what *you* wanted; but in the process you put me in a position that will cause me strife with the Medical Board, so don't you expect me to smile and say everything's fine.
No. 28
Des is looking at a pile of receipts that Kerry has handed him, and he exclaims that she and Joe don't do things by halves! Kerry comments that they must have been crazy: somehow they convinced themselves they *needed* it all. She then asks Des what they do. Des tells her:
DES: First thing - cut up all your credit cards.
KERRY: Oo... Joe won't like *that*. He's very attached to those little things!
DES: It's gotta be done.
KERRY: All right. Then what?
DES: Well, I'll work out a repayment plan, which you'll have to stick to. Other than that, you'll just have to tighten your belt for a while.
KERRY: So it's not a complete disaster?
DES: No, no, of course not - you'll just have to watch your pennies, that's all.
Kerry tells Des that she's been thinking of getting some part-time work, and Des nods that that's not a bad idea. He then suggests to her that if Joe isn't too hot at handling the finances, maybe she should give it a go herself? Kerry muses that she didn't marry Joe to become his keeper - and she doesn't think *he'd* be too happy about the idea, either. Des points out that she couldn't do worse! Kerry smiles that she'll keep it in mind. She then thanks Des and adds that she hopes Jane realises what a terrific guy she's got waiting here for her. Des says:
DES: Yeah, I really miss her. It just seems like forever!
No. 26
Beverly is sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. There's a knock on the door, but she ignores it. Jim emerges from the kitchen and looks at her before going to the door himself. He finds Gloria standing on the step and he mutters:
JIM: My day gets better all the time.
Gloria asks Jim if she can have a word. He lets her in and Beverly gets up and says she'll leave the two of them to talk in peace. Jim then asks Gloria what he gets: the bad news or the bad news. Gloria, however, tells him:
GLORIA: I've just been to see the police. I told them who sold those parts to Rob.
A look of relief crosses Jim's face. Gloria goes on that she's sorry she put him through a hard time, but it was really hard dobbing-in a mate of Rob's. Jim assures her that she's done the right thing. He asks if the police said anything about dropping his charges. Gloria smiles that now that they've got the supplier, they'll leave *him* alone. Jim beams at Gloria that she's made his day.
Front yard of No. 26
Joe is doing some gardening as Kerry approaches him. He asks her what the verdict is: does Clarkey reckon they're going to get chucked in the clink?! Kerry smiles but explains that Des thinks they should cut up all their credit cards. Joe frowns that that's a bit steep, but Kerry tells him that it's so that they don't get into any more trouble. Joe insists that they *won't*. Gloria walks over suddenly and smiles that it's the newlyweds! She then asks Kerry what it feels like being the new Mrs. Mangel! Kerry, however, explains that she's still 'Bishop': she didn't want to change her name. Gloria giggles:
GLORIA: Who'd blame ya?! Who'd wanna follow in the old girl's footsteps, eh? How *is* the old girl, eh?
JOE (looking put-out at Gloria's comment about his mother!): She's still recovering. She's just had a *major* heart operation.
Gloria says she's sorry. She then looks around at the garden and comments that Joe's keen, working on a Sunday. Joe asks her if *her* garden could do with a bit of an overhaul. Gloria looks at a nearby bed of flowers - several of which have started wilting. She comments:
GLORIA: Not if it's going to end up looking like *that*, mate.
A look of shock crosses Joe's face and he exclaims that they weren't like that *before*. He adds that it must be sabotage, before then groaning:
JOE: Oh, Jim's going to hang me up by the... tonsils!
No. 26
Beverly is chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Jim approaches her and tries to kiss her, but she pulls away. Looking annoyed, Jim asks her when she's going to stop treating him like he's an ogre. Beverly, however, retorts that she's not treating him like *anything*. Jim sighs that he said he was sorry; what *more* could he do? He adds that he was only doing what he thought was best for the family, including her and Gail. Beverly, however, snaps:
BEVERLY: If you had any concern for either of us, you would've let us alone, then Gail could've contacted Paul in her own time and *I* wouldn't have been forced into this mess.
JIM: We didn't force you to do *anything*.
BEVERLY: Emotionally blackmailed, then. Call it what you like.
JIM: I'd call it 'being loyal to the family'. I mean, you and Clive keep raving on about what's ethically right and ethically wrong; well, as far as I'm concerned, what you did *was* the right thing.
BEVERLY: Yes - for *you*; but I'm a doctor, for God's sake - I can't *afford* to keep getting warnings from the Medical Board.
JIM: It's only happened once.
BEVERLY: And now it's happening again - and this time I *am* guilty. If anything happens to Gail, they would be quite justified in striking me off the register.
JIM: Well, if you're quite determined to look at the worst possible outcome...
BEVERLY: Jim, I am sick to my stomach about these things - about whether my patients can ever trust me again...
JIM: Then for your own sake, you've got to stop over-reacting.
BEVERLY (coolly): I am not *inventing* any of this. These are all possibilities that I am facing right now - and you have made it very clear that I will be dealing with them alone.
JIM: What's *that* supposed to mean?
BEVERLY: It means that when it comes to family loyalties, it's quite clear where your priorities lie - and they are certainly not with *me*.
With that, Beverly storms off.
No. 24
It's evening-time. Harold and Madge are sitting on the couch and Gloria is sitting in an armchair. Harold is saying he's glad justice has prevailed - he'd hate to see an innocent man go to prison. Gloria sighs that she knows she should have done something about it sooner, but that guy was a real mate to Rob. She adds that when Rob died, dobbing in his mate just didn't seem true to his memory. She then says she'd like to think that they could all be friends again, and Harold says it would be good to bury the hatchet. He then looks at his watch and says to Madge knowingly that he thinks it's time they got organised! Gloria comments:
GLORIA: Going out, are you?
HAROLD: Not really...
MADGE: No, we're just having a nice, quiet dinner at home.
GLORIA: That sounds lovely. *I* never do much cooking now - not unless one of the boys drops in.
HAROLD: And you're seeing Dean tonight, are you?
GLORIA: No... all on my own...
Madge glances at Harold being saying:
MADGE: Gloria, we really *would* like to ask you stay for dinner, but, um, ever since Henry and Bronwyn went away, we've been trying to have a nice romantic evening together, and this might be our last chance.
GLORIA: Say no more. Keep the home fires burning - eh, Harold?!
HAROLD: Er - quite!
With that, Gloria takes her leave, telling Harold and Madge as she does so to have fun!
No. 32
Joe is talking on the 'phone, asking the person on the other end if they're *sure* the flowers are dying. He listens and then slams down the 'phone. Kerry joins him and comments that that's the third person tonight: what is he *doing* to these people? Joe exclaims:
JOE: I haven't got a clue - but they're cancelling work left, right and centre. I mean, first Jim's azaleas cark it; now they're *all* dying on me.
KERRY: Well you must have done *something*.
JOE: Yeah, but *what*? I mean, I haven't done it on purpose. It's not as though we can afford it right now.
Kerry tells Joe to come and sit down, tell her exactly what happened today, and maybe they can work out what went wrong. They sit down and Joe sighs:
JOE: I mowed a few lawns, raked some leaves, sprayed for bugs-
KERRY: What did you spray with?
JOE: Oh, you know, that old spray I've had for yonks. The one I loaned Harry... today.
KERRY (warily): Are you thinking what *I'm* thinking?
JOE: Ah, no, he's put something *else* in it. He's a dead man...
No. 24
Harold and Madge are sitting on the couch, Madge wearing her new negligee. Harold feeds her a forkful of strawberries and cream, saying as he does so that he feels a lucky man tonight! Madge beams that they *are* delicious! Harold, however, tells her:
HAROLD: No, no, no, I mean this is our night of romance and I intend to be romantic!
MADGE: Well, you romance away - you won't find me resisting!
Harold kisses Madge on her hand and then gradually works his way up her arm as he says:
HAROLD: Have I told you how absolutely... and utterly... ravishing-
Before he can get any further, though, there's a hammering on the front door and he breaks off in frustration. There's more hammering and Madge tells Harold to get rid of whoever it is quickly. She dashes into the bedroom while Harold goes to the door. Joe barges straight in and, pointing an accusatory finger at Harold, demands angrily:
JOE: Just *what* did you put in that spray gun I loaned you?
HAROLD (blankly): I beg your pardon.
JOE: Just *what*--
HAROLD: All right, all right, all right, I heard you. No need to shout.
JOE (tersely): Mate, my career is falling down around my ears and I think it's your fault. *What* did you put in that spray?
HAROLD: Well, weed killer - and I replaced more than I used.
JOE (gasps): You moron!
HAROLD: Moron? How d-. I-
JOE: That was insecticide in there, mate, *insecticide*.
Harold stands there open-mouthed and asks if that means he sprayed his weeds with insecticide.
JOE (angrily): Give the man a banana!
HAROLD: That means that *you* sprayed...
JOE: Agent Orange, mate. I've zapped the whole neighbourhood.
HAROLD: Oh dear.
JOE: Thanks to *you*, 'dad', I've just exterminated my whole business.
Harold stands there looking worried.
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Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1070
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Des Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1070
Des Clarke, Paul Robinson

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Harold Bishop

Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1070
Clive Gibbons, Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Beverly Robinson, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 1070
Beverly Robinson, Clive Gibbons

Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop

Gloria Lewis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1070
Gloria Lewis, Jim Robinson

Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1070
Joe Mangel, Kerry Bishop, Gloria Lewis

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1070
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Gloria Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1070
Gloria Lewis

Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1070
Kerry Bishop, Joe Mangel

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Joe Mangel, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1070
Harold Bishop

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