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Neighbours Episode 1046 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1046
Australian airdate: 11/09/89
UK airdate: 16/11/90
UK Gold: 04/11/96
Writer: Tim Schildberger
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Rob Lewis Ernie Bourne
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jim telling Helen that he's taking the matter of the possible stolen car parts to the police.
No. 22
Paul comes downstairs the next morning and suggests to Gail that they go for a drive. Gail declines. Paul then suggests they go to the movies or to an art gallery, but Gail says tersely that she just wants to sit there and relax; she's tired. Paul sighs that he's just trying to be friendly. There's suddenly a rapid knocking on the front door, and Paul opens it to find Hilary on the step. She bursts in and says curtly:
HILARY: As your partner, I expect to be *told* of major staff changes.
PAUL (jovially): Yes, and I'm very well! Yourself?!
HILARY (ignoring Paul's humour): I have just heard that Jane has left. Who's going to manage the hotel in her absence?
Paul insists that it's no big deal; Jane won't be gone long and he's sure he can cope on his own.
HILARY: Yes, well, I suppose Gail's no further use at *her* stage of pregnancy.
GAIL: Thanks very much!
Hilary tells Paul that he can't possibly maintain standards battling on alone; it's quite obvious that she's going to have to assist him! Paul tries to protest, but Hilary tells him that she's been wanting to get more involved and this is a good opportunity. She adds that she doesn't want to see the business suffering. Paul sighs that he'll see her at the office shortly to run through some things. Hilary goes. Paul turns to Gail and apologises for going into the office on a Sunday. He suggests that when he comes back they do something really special. Gail just mutters:
GAIL: Sure...
No. 24
Bronwyn, Henry and Madge are sitting having breakfast at the kitchen table. Bronwyn asks Henry what he feels like doing today, but he replies:
HENRY: Nothing.
Bronwyn suggests that they go out somewhere, but Henry tells her that it's going to rain. Madge comments that Harold has probably galvanised the troops for camping in a downpour! Henry sighs:
HENRY: Maybe that's what *I* need: some survival skills; just go bush.
Bronwyn asks him what happened to Mr. Positive, but Henry sighs that he carked it. Bronwyn tells him that there's life after sales, and jobs aren't going to come and find *him*. Henry stands up and says quickly that he knows, he knows! He heads off to check the career guides again. Left alone with Madge, Bronwyn says grimly:
BRONWYN: Let's hope we don't get rained on for this wedding.
BRONWYN: As it is, rehearsals next week should be sticky enough...
MADGE: Why's that?
BRONWYN: Oh, what with Mike being Best Man and all. Things are a bit tense between us.
Madge suggests to Bronwyn that she get it sorted out before Jane gets back. Bronwyn muses that the peace offering will have to come from *her*...
Ramsay Street
Jim is sweeping leaves outside the front of No. 26. Paul is standing with him and invites him and the family to a belated birthday dinner tonight for Gail. Jim accepts, but asks Paul why he didn't suggest it for yesterday. Paul admits meekly:
PAUL: I forgot Gail's birthday...
JIM: You what?! That's the cardinal sin, my son. If I forgot *Bev's* birthday I'd be out the front door!
Paul sighs that he knows, but he's been so caught-up in work lately; it sort of slipped by. Jim asks how Gail took it. Paul admits:
PAUL: Not very well. She's playing it very cool - and that's why I thought maybe the dinner would cheer her up. What do you reckon?
JIM: Might repair *some* of the damage.
Jim then suggests they have the dinner at No. 26: he's sure Helen and Bev won't mind and it'll give Gail a rest. Jim tells Paul that he'll walk over to No. 22 with him and say 'hello' to Gail and tell her about the meal. As they do so, Paul asks Jim if he's made a decision about the workshop partnership. Jim smiles that he thinks they should go ahead with it - but he's got a small problem to deal with first.
PAUL: What's up?
JIM: Nothing really, but Rob bought some spare parts and I think they might be stolen.
PAUL (looking annoyed): Oh great - that's *all* we need. I thought he'd gone straight.
JIM: I don't know for sure that he's involved; might just be a mistake.
Paul asks Jim if he's *spoken* to Rob yet. Jim shrugs that he doesn't know how to approach him. Paul suggests that he invite him and Gloria to dinner tonight: he can come early and *he'll* be there too. Jim accepts this idea reluctantly. As Paul goes to walk off, Jim asks him if he's bought a present for Gail yet. Paul admits that he hasn't yet. Jim grins that it had better be good!
No. 22
A short time later, Gail opens the front door to Jim, who asks how her she is. She shrugs that she can't complain. Jim tells her that she *should* complain after Paul forgot her birthday. He adds that she must know Paul didn't mean to hurt her. Gail sighs:
GAIL: Yeah, well, it's not just the birthday, Jim: I hardly ever *see* him anymore. It's like he's been swallowed up by the Corporation.
Jim insists that once Jane's back, Paul will soon sort his priorities out. Gail, however, asks:
GAIL: Will he? I mean, what's going to happen when the babies are born? I don't think I'll be able to cope with them by myself.
Jim assures Gail that she won't have to; all Paul wants is what's best for her - and that's why *he's* there: Paul has organised a big family meal tonight at their place as a belated birthday party. He asks Gail if she'll be there. Gail smiles that of course she will. Jim tells her that Paul is desperate to make up for yesterday.
GAIL: Yeah, typical: he always ends up doing something really sweet. It's hard to stay angry at him for very long.
The lights flicker suddenly and a clap of thunder sounds outside, and Gail remarks grimly that it sounds like they're in for a fun afternoon!
No. 28
Mike opens the front door to Bronwyn and tells her tersely that Des and Kerry have gone out. Bronwyn, however, explains that she came to see *him*. Mike asks sarcastically:
MIKE: Should I feel honoured?
Bronwyn explains that she wants to talk about Des and Jane's wedding, and Mike gives in and invites her in. They go and sit down and Bronwyn explains that she's concerned about how the two of them haven't exactly been mates since her engagement to Henry. Mike shrugs coolly:
MIKE: That's all history now. I think I'm over it.
BRONWYN: Are you sure?
MIKE: Look, I told you: no problem. In fact, it's really hard to believe that I ever felt anything serious for you at *all*, really, isn't it?
BRONWYN: Great... I was worried about nothing.
The 'phone starts ringing. Mike goes and answers it and Jan comes on. He tells her that he's up to nothing much. He listens and then says:
MIKE: Yeah, well, to tell you the truth, I really don't want to see you again, OK? ... Well that's the way I feel. I'm really sorry, all right?
With that, Mike hangs up. Bronwyn stares at him in astonishment and exclaims:
BRONWYN: You were a bit rough.
MIKE (shrugs): She had it coming - she's been ringing me every day.
BRONWYN: You could've let her down a little *easier*.
MIKE: Why? She doesn't *mean* anything to me. Why beat around the bush? I mean, a few laughs... a bit of fun... End of story.
BRONWYN: So in other words, you used her 'til you were bored?
MIKE (coldly): *You* should know all about *that*. Anyway, if I wanted your opinion I would've asked for it.
With that, Mike walks over and opens the front door. Bronwyn takes the hint and marches out.
No. 26
It's evening-time. Rob has turned up at No. 26 and he tells Jim that Gloria is visiting Dean and will be along later. Jim offers him a beer. They head into the kitchen and Jim tells Rob that he wants to have a talk to him first, anyway.
ROB: What's on your mind, me old mate?
JIM: I'm a bit worried about those spare parts we bought, Rob.
ROB: Yeah?
JIM: Where did they come from again?
ROB: I told you before: me mate from the race track got them; he deals straight with the manufacturer.
JIM: Some of the parts are second-hand, Rob.
ROB: Well, I don't know where he got *those* from. Is there a problem?
JIM: Well, I think they might be stolen.
ROB: Don't be ridiculous!
JIM: Rob, I picked up a list of stolen spares from the police and some of the serial numbers match.
ROB: Bloody hell!
JIM: You didn't know anything about it?
ROB: Course not - it's the first I've heard.
JIM: That's a relief - we can go to the police together, then.
ROB (nervously): No... you don't want to involve *them*.
JIM: I don't think we've got a choice, Rob
Rob suggests quickly that he should have a chat with his mate, first, but Jim says he thinks they should clear the air with the police first, tell them they didn't know the parts were stolen and give them the name of Rob's mate. Rob sits there looking worried.
Office/Reception Area of the Robinson Corporation
Hilary is staring at figures on the computer screen in the office and commenting that there seems to be a lot of waste in Housekeeping. Paul retorts that Lassiter's is a fairly high-class hotel, and they have to change a lot of things every day whether they use them or *not*. Hilary, however, tells him that some of the staff must be stealing, and she thinks a thorough staff inspection is required.
PAUL (coolly): Oh great, great - so you're not going to let anyone have any holidays, and those that don't leave in absolute disgust are going to be strip-searched and interrogated. Fabulous! Great!
Hilary insists that if the staff are honest, they have nothing to worry about. Paul, putting on his jacket, asks if they can talk about this tomorrow, as he's going home. Hilary tells him as he does so that the entire computer inventory system needs reorganisation.
PAUL (shrugs): Fine, fine. Well, you do what you like, because I'm going home.
As Paul heads out into the reception area, Hilary follows him and remarks that she expected more dedication: he's spent the whole day *complaining*.
PAUL (tersely): That's just it, Hilary: I have spent the *whole day*. Now I'm going. Goodbye. Farewell. Adieu!
Hilary says she'll be there bright and early in the morning: she has a lot of sorting out to do.
No. 24
Henry is searching in the lounge room for his Big Pig record. He tells Bronwyn that he hopes it hasn't been nicked, as one of the dads at the school dance offered him a DJ spot at his club. Bronwyn suggests eagerly that this could be his new career, but Henry laughs and tells her that it's not the sort of thing you do for forty years! Bronwyn, however, tells him that he could be a *radio* DJ. Henry points out that you need experience, but Bronwyn suggests that he could join the community radio station: they're always advertising in the Erinsborough News. Henry grabs the paper and opens it. Bronwyn points out the ad and reads:
BRONWYN: There: "Wanted. Volunteer announcer wanted for Radio Erinsborough."
HENRY: "Anyone interested should contact the station manager or send an audition tape."
Bronwyn smiles that that would be perfect: he'll be excellent!
HENRY: Yes, all right - yes, I'll do it; only - let's hope I can cope with the fame!
No. 26
Jim opens the front door to Paul, who comments that it's pouring outside. He apologises for being late, explaining that he just escaped from Hilary. They head into the kitchen, where Rob is still sitting at the kitchen table. Jim tells Paul that Bev is tied up at the hospital, broken foot and all. Paul then asks Jim if he and Rob have had a chance to talk about the spare parts problem yet. Jim nods:
JIM: Rob and I talked about it. He didn't know the parts were stolen.
PAUL (to Rob, in disbelief): Oh come on, Rob, you must've known *something*?
ROB: I didn't have a clue.
PAUL (demands): Then why were the parts so cheap?
ROB: You learn not to ask too many questions in this business. Besides, he was a mate.
PAUL: Some mate!
ROB (coolly): I *trust* me mates.
PAUL: Even if they've broken the law?
ROB: You don't *know* that.
PAUL: All right, then, what's his name?
ROB: None of your damned business!
Paul challenges:
PAUL: The reason you can't tell me is because if the police bust him, they'll be after *you*, too.
ROB (snaps): You've got me tried and convicted already.
PAUL: Well it's not the *first* time you've been caught with your hand in the till, *is it*?
Rob stands up and yells that that was a long time ago. Jim interjects that this is getting out of hand. He turns to Rob and tells him that he's sorry, but they do have to find out all the details. Paul doesn't notice Gail appearing in the back doorway as he snaps at Rob:
PAUL: I'm waiting for you to tell me differently, but you can't, can you, because you're up to your *neck* in this racket. But this time you've been stupid enough to involve your *family*.
Gail walks in and asks what the hell is going on. Rob tells her to leave it for now. Paul snaps that the *police* aren't going to be prepared to leave it. Gail asks if someone will please explain to her what's going on. Paul snaps:
PAUL: Let's face it, Rob: you've stolen before and you're up to your neck in it again, but this time you've involved *dad*.
ROB (furiously): Are you calling me a thief?
PAUL: Oh of *course* you're a thief.
GAIL (aghast): Paul!
Jim chips in and tells Paul that that's enough. Rob looks at Jim and asks if *he* believes Paul. Jim just stands there open-mouthed. With that, Rob storms out.
Ramsay Street
Outside, Rob dashes to his car in the pouring rain and climbs in.
No. 26
Gail yells at Paul:
GAIL: You don't care *who* you tread on, do you?
She runs out after her father.
Ramsay Street
Rob starts his car and roars off down the road as Gail runs down the driveway of No. 26, yelling after him to stop. As she does so, she stumbles in the rain and falls onto her front. Jim and Paul run out of the house after her. Seeing Gail lying there, Paul dashes over to her in horror. As he picks her up and cradles her in his arms, she cries:
GAIL: The babies...
Sometime later, Paul joins Jim in a corridor and Jim asks if there's any news. Paul tells him that Beverly said there's no broken bones, but she's still checking on the triplets - but she wouldn't let him stay because he was apparently upsetting Gail too much. Jim points out that it was probably because Paul was so hard on *Rob*, but Paul retorts that Rob wouldn't have shot through like that unless he was guilty. Paul cries:
PAUL: Dad... I love her *so much*. I don't know *what* I'm going to do if anything happens to the triplets...
Jim tells Paul not to start thinking the worst: she'll be all right. Paul asks about Rob and Jim replies that he rang him at home but there was no reply. Paul mutters that he's probably gone round to his mate's place to *warn* him.
JIM: You really are convinced he's guilty, aren't you?
PAUL: Oh dad, it is pretty obvious, isn't it? The problem now is how is Gail going to react when he finally *does* own up?
No. 28
Mike opens the front door to find Bronwyn standing on the step again. He mutters:
MIKE: Well. What's the topic of this *evening's* lecture?
Bronwyn apologises for this morning, and as she heads inside adds that she didn't mean to have a go at him; she came round to make friends. She adds that he's *so bitter*. Mike mutters at her to get to the point.
BRONWYN: Look, I don't care *what* you say to me, OK? I know I've hurt you. But I hate to think I've *made* you like this. You've become so cold and angry.
MIKE: What do you mean?
BRONWYN: You've become so blunt with all your friends - and the way you treat women: it's pretty awful.
Mike admits that, OK, he was really hurt, but at least it woke him up and made him realise that the last thing he wanted at the moment was to be tied down; he just wants to have a good time. Bronwyn, however, asks how come he never looks *happy*. She goes on that it seems to her like he's hitting out at everyone around him. Mike retorts that what he does is none of her business. Bronwyn sighs:
BRONWYN: I can't help it. I *care* about you, Mike - I really do.
She asks if they can be friends. Mike shrugs that they can try, but it won't be easy to forget everything.
No. 24
Henry follows Madge into the kitchen, saying she must have *some* ideas! Madge, however, tells him that she'd never even *heard* of Radio Erinsborough until today! Henry tells her that it provides quality shows for a community audience! Madge asks if anyone listens to it! They go and sit down in the lounge room and Madge tells Henry that she doesn't see why he can't just do what he's been doing at the dances.
HENRY: Radio is different.
MADGE: As far as *I* can see, you still have to speak clearly so your audience can hear every word.
Bronwyn comes in as the 'phone starts ringing. Madge answers it. Henry and Bronwyn both listen as Madge says with a concerned look on her face:
MADGE: Well just how dangerous *is* it? ... I see... Well, yes, I'll let Mr. Mangel know; and you'll let me know if there are any further developments, won't you? Right. Thank you. Bye bye.
As Madge hangs up, Henry and Bronwyn both start asking who that was and what's happened. Madge tells them:
MADGE: First of all, I think everybody's all right; it's just that Harold and the cubs got cut off by a flash flood. They're safe, though, and hopefully, if the level subsides, they'll be able to get back across tomorrow.
She stands there looking worried.
Paul helps Gail along the corridor and they join Jim, who asks Gail how she's feeling. Gail replies that she's incredibly lucky: there's no damage to the babies or her. Paul asks if there's anything he can get her. Gail sighs that she just wants to go home, have a bath and go to bed. The three of them start walking down the corridor, just as a patient is wheeled past them on a trolley, their head wrapped in bandages. Gail stares at the person and exclaims in horror:
GAIL: My father!
She runs up to the orderlies pulling the trolley and cries:
GAIL: That's my dad!
Paul has to hold her back from following Rob as he's pushed into a treatment room. She looks horrified.
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Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1046
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Jim Robinson, Gail Robinson

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1046
Mike Young

Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1046
Rob Lewis

Hilary Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Hilary Robinson, Paul Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1046
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Paul Robinson

Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1046
Gail Robinson, Rob Lewis

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1046
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1046
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1046
Madge Bishop

Rob Lewis in Neighbours Episode 1046
Rob Lewis

Jim Robinson, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1046
Jim Robinson, Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson

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