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Neighbours Episode 1015 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1015
Australian airdate: 28/07/89
UK airdate: 04/10/90
UK Gold: 20/09/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Gail picking up a pen in a shop and inadvertently putting it in her handbag while taking out a tissue.
Gail being stopped by a security guard after being caught for shoplifting.
No. 26
Jamie is playing on the floor of the lounge room at No. 26 while Helen sits on the couch, sketching. Beverly comes in, holding Cujo, and Helen remarks that she's home early. Beverly explains that she and Jim are planning a quiet night together before he heads off to Brisbane in the morning. She then asks Helen if she's babysitting and Helen explains that Des is up to his ears in tax accounting and asked her if she'd mind Jamie for a while. She looks at Cujo and smiles:
HELEN: Is this the Chihuahua I've heard about?
Beverly puts the dog down next to Jamie and explains that Katie and Toby have christened it 'Cujo'. She adds that she caught Joe in the street near her surgery trying to *sell* him to passers- by for $100! Helen remarks that as a pure- bred she's sure he's worth at *least* that. Beverly just retorts that he's not Joe's property to sell. Helen asks:
HELEN: You going to keep him?
BEVERLY: No, he'll have to be returned to Jonathan as soon as he's out of hospital.
HELEN: When will *that* be?
BEVERLY: Well, not long. Despite all his fears, he's generally one of the healthiest people I've ever met! He's getting his strength back very quickly - but he *has* started telling me he loves me again...
HELEN: Oh no... What are you going to *do* with that man?
BEVERLY: Well, I'll have to see him through it - at least until he leaves hospital. He's so demanding: keeps insisting he has to see *me* all the time. Lucky we've been quiet at the surgery lately.
HELEN (remarks): Sounds like emotional blackmail to *me*.
BEVERLY: Oh, I suppose so, but what can I do? I'll take a hard line with him one he's fully recovered.
Helen suggests to Beverly that she not let Jim know that she's still running around after Jonathan Whiting...
Coffee Shop
Henry is standing with Bronwyn in the kitchen at the Coffee Shop, saying:
HENRY: You gave up because of *me*, didn't you?
BRONWYN: In a way-
HENRY: Well, I don't *want* you to. I know Mike's a mate and he's trying to help, and I accept that. You *do* need his help to pass the exam, don't you?
BRONWYN (admits): It's a bit of a struggle on my own - but Henry, our relationship is more important to me than *anything*.
HENRY: And to me too! I'm not going to ruin it by being jealous. Now listen: I want you to tell Mike you'll keep studying with him.
With that, Henry takes Bronwyn's hand and leads her out into the main shop. Bronwyn tries to protest, but it's no good. Mike is standing by the counter and Henry tells him that Bronwyn's got something to say. Bronwyn looks at Mike and says to him reluctantly:
BRONWYN: I'd appreciate it if we could continue to study together.
MIKE: Oh, no worries. Good to see we're all being sensible about it. We can start tonight, if you like.
BRONWYN (quickly): No, not tonight - I want to spend the evening with Henry.
MIKE: Well, tomorrow night.
Henry exclaims that that's great! He tells Bronwyn that he'll pick her up after work and he heads out. Mike goes with him. Harold walks over to Bronwyn and remarks to her that she looks a little worried. Bronwyn, however, insists that she's fine, and she heads back into the kitchen. Harold is alone in the main shop when Madge comes in with Gail and asks him urgently to get Gail a cup of tea with milk and lots of sugar. Harold exclaims:
HAROLD: What on earth has happened?
MADGE: Oh, a silly mistake. The police wouldn't listen.
HAROLD (gasps): The *police*?
GAIL (murmurs): Yeah, it was awful...
MADGE (presses): Harold, the tea - *please*.
Harold heads behind the counter. Madge joins him and explains quietly that Gail inadvertently left a department store with something in her bag that she hadn't paid for, and they've charged her with shoplifting. Harold exclaims:
HAROLD: Good heavens!
With that, Madge rejoins Gail and tells her that the tea won't be long. Gail thanks her for coming to the police station with her. Madge says she's stunned it *came* to that: she was *sure* the shop manager would accept Gail's explanation. Gail remarks that that's probably what *every* shoplifter says: that it was an accident. Harold brings over the tea as Madge says to Gail:
MADGE: Surely he could see that you were a respectable- looking person?
HAROLD: Oh ho, a lot of respectable- looking people shoplift, Madge. It may be the only crime they ever commit; they say it's some sort of cry for attention.
MADGE (retorts): Harold, it was nothing *like* that. It was an oversight.
Gail explains that she realised she hadn't paid for the pen just a second before store security caught up with her. Harold says to Madge that he hopes *she* wasn't part of this. Madge retorts that she wasn't even *there* when Gail put the pen in her bag; the store detective *knew* that; she arrived a moment afterwards. Gail says that's what sort of distracted her: she and Madge were going to have coffee and they got talking and she just forgot all about the pen. Harold asks her why on earth she put it in her bag in the first place. Gail, beginning to break down, says:
GAIL: I started sneezing, and I was getting some tissues out of my bag, and my hands were full and... I don't know... it just *happened*.
MADGE (grimly): And then they interrogated her like a common criminal.
GAIL (sadly): They made me turn out the contents of my bag and pockets... It was so humiliating.
MADGE: Then they called the police in and she had to go down to the station and go through the whole thing *again*.
GAIL: I had to sign a statement and... they even took my fingerprints...
MADGE (gently): Come on, now, drink your tea - it might help.
GAIL (sobs): It's just like a *nightmare*. I mean, it's not *over* yet: now I've got to appear in court as well.
HAROLD: Oh dear, this *won't* look good - if the story gets out, I mean.
MADGE: Oh Harold, for heaven's sake, don't make things *worse*.
HAROLD (insists): I'm only trying to think of Paul and the business.
Harold then asks Gail if she wants him to *get* Paul. Gail, however, says quickly that she wants to pull herself together. Madge tells her to just sit there and try and calm down. She adds pointedly:
MADGE: We're all right, now, thank you, Harold.
Harold takes the hint and leaves them. When he's gone, Madge says to Gail reassuringly:
MADGE: It'll be all right. I'm sure the magistrate will believe your story. It'll all blow over - you'll see.
Gail doesn't look convinced, though.
No. 26
Beverly is standing in the lounge room, cuddling Cujo. Helen emerges from the bedroom area and Beverly smiles that Cujo's a cute little thing. Helen nods that *Jamie* certainly thinks so! The 'phone rings suddenly and Beverly hands Cujo to Helen before answering. She picks up, listens and then asks if there's *really* a problem. She listens again and then sighs that she'll come now. She hangs up and tells Helen that she has to go back to the hospital. Helen asks:
HELEN: An emergency of some sort?
BEVERLY: Oh, I don't think so.
HELEN (warily): Jonathan Whiting?
BEVERLY: Yes. He claims there's something wrong, but he won't let the doctors examine him. Insists he wants *me*.
HELEN (warns): You shouldn't go...
BEVERLY: Well, if there *is* nothing wrong, I'll make it clear to him that this is the last time. With any luck, I might be back before Jim gets home.
With that, Beverly heads out.
Office/Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Jim is sitting at the chair opposite Paul's desk, telling Paul - who's sorting out some files - that he's only going to stay up in Brisbane long enough to make the place habitable for the kids. Paul says he wishes he could come up and give Jim a hand, but he's snowed under *there*. Jim comments:
JIM: In a way, losing the engineering works has been a blessing in disguise: minimal stress and I really enjoy working with my hands. It's great not having that brain strain all the time.
PAUL (casually): Dad, when you had the engineering works, did you, um, did you ever get any chest pains?
JIM: No. I was under stress a lot of the time, but I don't recall any pain. Why do you ask?
PAUL: Oh, nothing.
JIM: Have *you* been getting pains?
PAUL: No, it's probably just indigestion, I'd say.
JIM: How consistent has it been?
PAUL: Oh, it's pretty consistent.
JIM: You should see Beverly - get her to check it out.
PAUL: Oh, no, I don't think it's anything to worry about.
JIM (sternly): Paul, if you've been getting chest pain, you know it could be your heart. Why take the risk?
Unknown to either Paul or Jim, Gail is out in the reception area and can overhear the conversation. She listens as Paul says he can't *afford* to have chest problems: he's got too much to *do* with his life. Jim insists that he should avoid stress wherever possible - but first, he should see Beverly and find out what's wrong. Gail stands there looking worried.
No. 28
Mike is preparing dinner when there's a knock on the front door. He goes to answer it and looks surprised to find Bronwyn standing on the step. He comments that he didn't think she wanted to study tonight. Bronwyn replies that she *doesn't*. She then holds out a text book and explains that she used it as an excuse to pop across: she wants to talk. Mike invites her in. She steps inside and says hesitantly:
BRONWYN: Um, the thing is, Mike, I want to keep studying with you, but that has to be all there is to it. I shouldn't've let you kiss me the other day and I don't want it to happen again.
MIKE: It's all right. Listen, I was out of line and I'm sorry. I don't want to lose your friendship, so I am prepared to keep things strictly platonic.
BRONWYN: You mean that?
MIKE: Yeah, absolutely.
BRONWYN: Then I'll be fine.
Mike adds that he likes helping: that's why he became a teacher. Looking relieved, Bronwyn smiles that she'd better get back, and she heads out. Mike closes the door behind her, a thoughtful look on his face.
No. 26
Jim is sitting with Paul and Jamie in the lounge room. He calls to Helen - who's in the kitchen - and asks if Beverly said what time she'd be back. Helen replies that she said she'd be fairly quick: one of her hospital patients wanted to see her. Jim asks if it was Jonathan Whiting. Helen shrugs quickly that it could've been. Paul stands up and says he'd better get home or Gail will be wondering where he is. Jim, however, retorts:
JIM: No, no, no, hang on. Gail's *used* to you working late - she won't suspect anything. I want you to see Beverly as soon as possible.
Paul insists that it's probably a lot of fuss about nothing. The front door opens at that moment and Beverly comes in. Jim asks her what Jonathan wanted that took so long. Beverly replies that there was an emergency while she was there: she had to help out. Jim presses tersely:
JIM: But you went *back* because of Jonathan, didn't you?
BEVERLY (admits): Yes - he *is* my patient.
JIM: Well, he *shouldn't* be. We shouldn't have his *dog* in the house. You should've let Joe sell it.
BEVERLY: It doesn't *belong* to him.
JIM: It doesn't belong to *you* either, unless you've decided to start *accepting* Mr. Whiting's gifts.
BEVERLY: Of course I haven't. I intend to return it to him.
JIM: Well, I want it out of the house. Katie is getting more and more attached to it: she'll be upset when you have to give it back.
BEVERLY (admits): I didn't think of that.
JIM (curtly): Let Joe sell it, tell Mr. Whiting what you've done and tell him you don't want any more gifts and that should be the end of it.
BEVERLY (sighs): All right - if it'll make you happy.
She then looks around for Cujo and asks where he's got to. Everyone starts looking for the dog, but no one realises he's under an upturned bucket that Jamie has placed on top of him!
No. 24
Bronwyn is preparing dinner in the kitchen and Henry smiles that he's starving! The two of them kiss and Bronwyn tells Henry that she's very proud of him for the way he insisted she go back and study with Mike. She adds that he's got absolutely nothing to worry about: he can trust her. Henry beams:
HENRY: Don't you think I know that?
Madge dashes out of the bedroom area suddenly, exclaiming that she can't find her black handbag *anywhere*. Harold picks up the bag from beside him and hands it over. Madge thanks him and asks him if he's going to be ready to drive her to the Waterhole. Harold stands up and says:
HAROLD: I'm ready *now*. I'm only sorry that it's only a five- minute trip - it's the only chance I've had to speak to you all day.
MADGE: Oh Harold, I'm sorry I can't have dinner with you, but by the time you get home from the Coffee Shop, I'm getting ready for work. I suppose it's something we'll just have to put up with for a while.
HAROLD: Oh well - I suppose it's only more or less what I said to Henry today: something one has to bear with for a brief period - though I *will* be glad when your nightshifts are over.
Madge comments that that depends how long Ron has to stay with his mother. Harold then says more tersely:
HAROLD: The only chance we *did* get to talk today, you gave me the rough edge of your tongue.
MADGE: What do you mean?
HAROLD: Well, you spoke to me very sharply over that business with Gail.
MADGE: You *were* being less than tactful...
HAROLD: What *I* want to know is how can you be sure she didn't *mean* to take that pen?
MADGE: Oh, don't be silly. Gail wouldn't do a thing like that; she's forgetful, that's all. A *lot* of pregnant women go through that - I know *I* did.
With that, Madge says she doesn't want to argue about it anymore, and the two of them go to head out. As they open the front door, though, they find Gail standing on the step. Madge says she's sorry, but if she doesn't get going, she's going to be late. Gail, however, says:
GAIL: I won't keep you. I just wanted to let you know that I've decided not to tell Paul about anything that's happened today.
Madge asks warily if that's wise, as he's bound to find out eventually. Harold adds that a woman shouldn't keep something like that from her husband. Gail explains:
GAIL: I've just discovered that he's been having chest pains, and I really don't want to put him under any more stress - so I'd appreciate it if you don't mention anything to him.
Harold says tersely that he still doesn't think it's right. Gail insists that she's doing it for Paul's own good. Harold shrugs that it's up to her. Madge tells Gail that they're not going to say a word - and hopefully she'll find out Paul's all right and she can tell him *then*.
No. 26
Helen heads into the house and tells Jim that Des had a good laugh when she told him that it took them over ten minutes to find out that Jamie had hidden Cujo under his beach bucket! Jim says *Joe* was delighted to see the pup - he's still keen to try to turn it into ready cash! Changing the subject, Helen comments to Jim that he was a bit unreasonable with Beverly: she can't believe he could be jealous of someone like Jonathan Whiting. Jim, however, insists:
JIM: Jealousy has nothing to *do* with it. The man's a nutcase. He's also a karate expert. I don't want him being obsessed with my wife. I mean, it could turn nasty and god knows *what* could happen.
Helen tells him that Beverly's convinced that Whiting's harmless. Jim, however, retorts that you can never be sure with an unstable character like that: he wants Beverly to sever all ties with him. Helen says:
HELEN: She will - as soon as he's fit enough to leave hospital.
JIM: *I* want her to do it *now*. I'm *leaving* tomorrow, remember?
Helen warns him to handle it gently. Beverly and Paul emerge from the bedroom area at that moment, Paul doing up his shirt. Jim asks if everything's all right, and Beverly tells him that they are as far as she can tell, but she wants Paul to organise an ECG tomorrow. Helen asks in concern if there could be a problem. Beverly, however, assures her:
BEVERLY: Not necessarily. People under stress often suffer chest pains without it being anything to do with the heart - but we *do* need all the facts. [To Paul] Sorry I can't be completely reassuring at this stage.
PAUL: It's OK - I understand.
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Mike is taking the newspaper out of No. 28's mailbox. He watches as Henry loads up Bertha's boot in the driveway of No. 24 and then as Harold fast- walks down the driveway and heads off down the street. He wanders over to Henry and, indicating Harold, remarks:
MIKE: That's an unusual style he's got there!
HENRY: Yeah - it's sort of a cross between a duck and a drum majorette!
MIKE: Busy day for you, is it?
HENRY: Nah, no, not really. Things have quietened up a bit. Not much grows this time of year.
MIKE: Good time to be up north, I suppose.
HENRY: Yeah! Yeah!
MIKE: Hey, er, how are Scott and Charlene coping after the truck accident?
HENRY: Oh, not bad. It's lucky they weren't there at the time: apparently, the semi ploughed through the living room *and* their bedroom; made a real mess of the house.
MIKE: It's rotten luck, isn't it? I hear that *Jim's* going up to help.
HENRY: Yeah. It sounds like it's going to be a pretty big job to even make the place *liveable* again.
MIKE: Yeah. *I'd* like to go, but I just can't get the time off school, you know? You know what Scott's like: he's never been much of a handyman, so *he* won't be much use to Jim, will he? It's a pity they haven't got someone like *you* up there...
HENRY: Yeah, well, I can turn my hand to *most* things.
MIKE: Yeah, I reckon you'd be pretty valuable, you know? And you were saying the work's pretty quiet *here*. Yeah, I know what I'd do if *I* were you. Anyway, I'll catch you later.
With that, Mike walks off, leaving Henry looking thoughtful.
No. 24
Madge is sitting at the kitchen table with Bronwyn, saying she's sorry she missed Harold. Henry comes in through the back door suddenly, beaming:
HENRY: I am the bearer of news!
MADGE: Why? Something interesting happening?
HENRY: I'm off to Brissie!
BRONWYN (exclaims): What? When?
HENRY: Today! I've had a word to Joe about it and he reckons he can handle the work I've got lined up for a while.
Madge smiles that that's lovely of him: Charlene will be so grateful. She asks him how he's going to get there. Henry says he'll have to hope Bertha gets him up there. Madge, however, muses that she probably won't get him out of Erinsborough! - so she and Harold will pay the airfare: it'll make them feel they're *doing* something. She heads off to write a cheque. When she's gone, Henry turns to Bronwyn and says:
HENRY:*You* don't mind, do you, Bron? Give you a chance to study in peace.
BRONWYN (looking disappointed): But we've just started getting things back on an even keel...
HENRY: Yes, and absence makes the heart grow fonder. Things will be *great* when I get back. I'll come back a new man.
BRONWYN: Henry, I'm-
HENRY: And it's proving how much I really trust you, isn't it?
With that, Henry gives Bronwyn a hug. He can't see how worried she looks.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul hangs up the 'phone and tells Gail - who's standing at the filing cabinet - that he's got an ECG at 9:30am. He adds that it's only a formality - he doesn't think there's *really* anything wrong with his heart. Gail murmurs that she hopes not. Paul nods:
PAUL: I could tell you were worried about it all night.
GAIL: Well, I had a lot on my mind.
PAUL: Gail, I don't want you worrying about me unnecessarily, hey?
A police officer walks into the office suddenly. Gail stares at him and says to him quickly that perhaps they could talk outside. The officer, however, explains that he's looking for Paul, to arrange the return of the stolen vehicles they've recovered. Paul invites the officer to take a seat. Gail tells Paul that she thought she could handle it to save him time, but Paul insists that it's all right. He then sits down at his desk and asks the officer if he's caught that Rick Grace character yet. The officer nods that they got him yesterday afternoon. Paul declares:
PAUL: Good. I hope you lock he and his pals up and throw away the key. As far as*I'm* concerned, that's what thieves deserve, eh?
Gail stands there looking worried.
No. 26
Helen and Beverly are washing and wiping dishes in the kitchen, and Helen is telling Beverly that Jim's *real* worry is that she might come to some harm. Beverly replies that she hardly thinks *that's* likely to happen, but she *is* glad that Jim's concerned for her welfare, rather than jealous of Jonathan. Helen then remarks that Beverly never did tell her what the problem was last night. Beverly explains that Whiting was convinced his appendectomy wound had become infected - but in fact it's healing remarkably well. Jim comes in and declares:
JIM: I'm all ready to go!
BEVERLY (smiles): I'll be off to the surgery as soon as you leave.
JIM: Are you going to the hospital today?
BEVERLY: Yes, I have some patients to see - including Jonathan.
JIM: And?
BEVERLY: I shall tell him to find a new GP.
JIM (smiles): Good for you!
The two of them then kiss each other goodbye. Henry comes in through the back door, carrying a large backpack, and Jim muses:
JIM: You're keen, aren't you?!
HENRY: Yeah, well, I haven't seen Lennie in yonks!
Helen tells Jim to give her love to Scott and Charlene. With that, Henry and Jim head out.
Coffee Shop
Harold is setting up the tables in the Coffee Shop. He remarks to Bronwyn, who's behind the counter:
HAROLD: Isn't that just like Henry, to take off like that?
BRONWYN: Well, he wants to help.
HAROLD: I'm not being *critical*; I'm just saying that that's the sort of thing Henry *does*: very impulsive boy, dropping everything at a moment's notice.
BRONWYN (mutters): Yes, well, I'm not exactly thrilled about being one of the things he dropped.
HAROLD: Oh come on... it's only for a short while. Anyway, these little separations are a very good test: you can tell how you feel for a person by how much you miss them.
BRONWYN (frowns): Relationships shouldn't have to be *tested* all the time.
The shop door opens and Mike comes in. He heads over to the counter and asks Bronwyn for a ham and salad sandwich. Bronwyn says she'll go and get some ham from the kitchen. As she heads round to the front of the counter, Mike says to her:
MIKE: Is tonight still on? For me to help you, I mean.
BRONWYN: Yep. I'll really be able to get into it now, because Henry's gone up to Brisbane.
MIKE (looking thoughtful): Ah, right.
BRONWYN: He and Jim should be on their way to the airport by now.
MIKE: That's good. We should be able to achieve a whole lot while he's away...
With that, Bronwyn heads into the kitchen, leaving Mike standing with a sly look on his face...
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Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1015
Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jamie Clarke, Cujo in Neighbours Episode 1015
Jamie Clarke, Cujo

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1015
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1015
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Gail Robinson

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1015
Gail Robinson

Helen Daniels, Cujo, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1015
Helen Daniels, Cujo, Beverly Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1015
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1015
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1015
Jim Robinson

Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1015
Beverly Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1015
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1015
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1015
Harold Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1015
Henry Ramsay, Mike Young

Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1015
Madge Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1015
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies, Madge Bishop

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Policeman in Neighbours Episode 1015
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Policeman

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1015
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1015
Jim Robinson, Henry Ramsay, Beverly Robinson, Helen Daniels

Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1015
Bronwyn Davies, Harold Bishop

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 1015
Mike Young

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