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Neighbours Episode 1012 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1012
Australian airdate: 25/07/89
UK airdate: 01/10/90
UK Gold: 17/09/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Joe and Kerry finding out about Cujo the dog. Bouncer licking the plate of rat poison that Joe has left on the outside steps.
Back yard of No. 32
In the store room, Toby tells Joe and Kerry that Cujo hardly makes any noise or mess or *anything*. Kerry smiles that he *is* a funny little dog! Joe, however, says he wants to know what he's doing living in their store room. Toby explains:
TOBY: Well... we thought if you knew about it you wouldn't let us keep him.
JOE: Dead right, mate. Where'd you dig it up, anyway?
KATIE: A delivery man brought it over to our house as a present for Aunty Bev. Uncle Jim already got rid of *one* dog. He was so cute - I didn't want him to go.
Toby pleads to Joe and asks if they can keep him. Kerry suggests that they go inside and discuss it. Toby and Katie head outside. Joe lingers with Kerry and asks her what she reckons. Kerry smiles that they're just being kids. All of a sudden, they hear Toby cry out:
TOBY: Dad! Quick!
They dash outside to find Bouncer lying on the ground, Toby and Katie stroking him. Toby cries that Bouncer's had some of the poison. Joe cries in horror that he forgot about that. He asks Kerry to get the kids upstairs; he'll take Bouncer to the vet's. Toby asks if he'll be OK. Joe says he doesn't know: he'll get him checked out to make sure. With that, he picks Bouncer up and starts running down the path to the front gate. Kerry, Toby and Katie watch in concern.
No. 24
Madge arrives home, sighing:
MADGE: What a day.
Harold joins her from the kitchen and starts giving her a foot-rub on the couch as he asks if there was some problem at work. Madge explains that she had to call a staff meeting just before she was due to walk out the door, as Ron's mother's sick and he had to go and look after her; that leaves *her* without a nightshift bar replacement. Harold asks:
HAROLD: Did you find a replacement?
MADGE: Mmm. You're looking at her.
Henry walks over as Harold sighs at Madge that they'll never *see* each other. Madge says she's sorry, but she had no choice. Harold goes off to check on dinner. Henry sits down with Madge and remarks:
HENRY: So it *can* be done, eh?
MADGE: What?
HENRY: A couple *can* work out problems as they come up. Wish I knew your secret, mum.
He looks across sadly to where Bronwyn's helping Harold with dinner in the kitchen.
No. 26
Todd and Nick are sitting at the kitchen table, doing their homework, when Jim comes in through the back door. He asks where the rest of the family are and Nick tells him that Beverly dropped Helen off at the art gallery on the way to visit that Jonathan guy. Jim asks in astonishment what she's gone to see *him* for, and Nick explains that apparently he's really sick this time: something about a burst appendix. Todd adds that Katie's over at the Mangel house. Jim asks if Beverly said anything about dinner. Todd looks at Nick and then tells Jim that Beverly said they could have takeaway! Jim, however, spots a note on the 'fridge and remarks that it says *there* that he should cook something nice and healthy. Nick asks warily:
NICK: Do you have to?
TODD: Yeah, no offence but we're still recovering from *last* time you cooked!
Jim gives in and says he'll get changed and they'll go and get Katie and pick up some food.
No. 28
Mike opens the front door to find Harold on the step. He asks if Des is in, but Mike retorts sourly that he's gone to show Jane off with some people he used to work with. They head inside as Harold explains that he was going to ask Des if he'd sponsor him in the Erinsborough Hospital Walkathon. Mike asks how much he was thinking of. Harold replies that it's what the sponsor feels like giving. He adds that it's for a wonderful cause... Mike muses:
MIKE: Yeah... I'd like to help you, but, er... well, you're not exactly the *fittest* bloke I've ever seen. And how do I know you're going to walk enough kilometres to make it worthwhile?
HAROLD: I'll do my best - and my training is already underway.
MIKE: Yeah, look, maybe I'll be better off sponsoring someone else. Might raise more money.
HAROLD (indignantly): I think I just might surprise you when the time comes.
MIKE (giving in): Yeah, all right, Harold. I'll do a deal with you: I'll sponsor you one dollar now, and if you keep up the training and the workouts we'll make it *two* dollars.
Harold thanks Mike and puts him down for $2. He then asks him when he expects Des back. Mike, however, shrugs:
MIKE: I don't know. You can only do so much boasting in one day, can't you?
HAROLD: Now, now, you mustn't begrudge him that, you know? *Or* Jane.
Changing the subject, Mike asks Harold how things are at *his* place. Harold nods that they're fine. Mike comments that he thought things might be a little rocky between Henry and Bronwyn. Harold frowns:
HAROLD: Whatever brought you to *that* conclusion?
MIKE: Well, Bronwyn hasn't exactly been the happiest little study partner lately. What's the story?
HAROLD: Oh, it's nothing really. Henry is just a little worried that Bronwyn is always so busy. And I must say that your study sessions aren't helping any.
MIKE: Bronny needs all the help she can get with the exams, you know?
HAROLD: Oh yes, granted - but I tend to agree with Henry: she doesn't seem willing to make any time for *him*. Well, she spends every given opportunity *here*.
MIKE: Well... Henry is a big boy. It's not like I'm trying to take her away from him or anything, is it...?
No. 24
Bronwyn is sitting at the kitchen table, studying, when Henry emerges from their bedroom and goes and kisses her on the top of the head. She sighs that she's working. Henry smiles that he just thought he'd come and say hello. Bronwyn, however, asks him if he'll stand a little further away. Henry asks in irritation what's up with her *now*. Bronwyn just tells him to buzz off. Henry mutters:
HENRY: Pardon me for breathing, 'Einstein'. What's the big deal here, anyway? Ever since you came back from Mike's you've just been off with the fairies or Oscar the Grouch.
BRONWYN: I'm just worried about these exams.
HENRY: Are you sure that's all?
BRONWYN (retorts): Yes, I'm positive. Now, will you *please* leave me alone?
HENRY (mutters): Anything you say.
He walks off. Bronwyn sits at the table looking worried.
No. 32
Toby and Katie are sitting on the couch in the lounge room. They can overhear as Kerry tells Jim in the hallway about Joe having taken Bouncer to the vet. Jim asks how the kids are taking it. Kerry replies that they're worried, but she and Joe are being pretty positive about it all. Jim invites her and Toby to come over for dinner. Kerry, however, says she thinks they'll wait. In the lounge room, Toby asks Katie:
TOBY: Do you reckon we should tell them about the video, now?
KATIE: I guess so. They already know about Cujo, so we can't get in any *more* trouble, can we?
Jim and Kerry come in and Jim tells Katie that it's time to go. Katie, however, says she and Toby have something to show them. Toby puts the video on. Jim watches it and smiles that it's great. Katie, however, tells him to look at what's happening in the background. Toby adds that they filmed this the same day Paul's car was stolen. Jim stares at the screen and, seeing the red car in the background, exclaims that it *is* Paul's car. Seeing it parked outside 'Murdock Panels' he goes on that he knows Les Murdock: they deal with him all the time; he wouldn't be involved in a stolen-car racket. Katie asks him what he's going to do. Jim says he'll go and see Les first thing in the morning. Katie asks him if he's going to try and solve a crime! Jim smiles:
JIM: The *police* will do that, darling, but this video's a great start. Well done, you guys!
Toby beams at Katie that they're real detectives now! He adds that he's glad he took that video camera out! Joe comes in at that moment and asks suspiciously what that is about the video camera. Kerry, however, asks him how Bouncer is. Joe replies:
JOE: The vet's still got him; reckons it's best if he stays overnight.
TOBY: Is he going to be all right, dad?
JOE: Oh sure, mate, sure.
Joe looks at Kerry and Jim warily, though.
No. 24
The next morning, Harold is wearing his tracksuit and is warming up in the kitchen as he says he's going to swap breakfast for a good, crisp walk around the oval. Madge warns him to take it easy: she doesn't want to cart him off to the hospital! With that, Harold heads out, saying he'll see them in an hour. Sitting at the table with Bronwyn, Henry muses:
HENRY: *Hour*? He'll be lucky if he lasts ten minutes!
A short time later, Harold is strolling around the park, stretching as he does so - but he winces slightly in pain as he turns his arms! He leans against a tree and raises his leg to do some stretching - but he almost becomes stuck! A woman walks past and glances at him. He smiles:
HAROLD: Hello! Just warming up!
The woman walks past, briskly. Harold watches her, thoughtfully.
No. 26
Nick and Todd are in the kitchen, getting breakfast, when Jim comes in and remarks that they're up early. Nick says they can't waste their day off. Todd adds that there's a teacher's strike - but it's only at the High School, so Katie's still got to go. Jim asks if *Katie* knows that. Nick replies that she's already had breakfast and is over the road checking on Bouncer. Changing the subject, Jim asks the boys what they're doing on their day off. Nick smiles that they're hitting the board ramp. Jim asks in concern:
JIM: Shouldn't you be catching up on some schoolwork?
TODD: Would *you*?
JIM (admits): No!
He offers the boys a lift, adding that he's got to go and see Les Murdock about Paul's car. Nick asks him if he thinks it'll still be in one piece or in the same state. Jim admits that he doesn't - but he's hoping Murdock can give him some clue who did it. Nick wishes him luck.
Harold is walking along at a rapid pace, following the technique of the woman he saw earlier. He's clearly out of breath, though, and he has to stop to recover. The woman walks over suddenly and asks him in concern if he's all right. Harold coughs and pants that he just needs to catch his breath. The woman tells him:
WOMAN: You could save yourself some pain, you know!
WOMAN: Well, if you don't mind me saying, your technique isn't quite right.
HAROLD (indignantly): I used to do quite a lot of this sort of thing, you know? I was quite good at it!
WOMAN (smiles): Perhaps you've forgotten a few things.
Harold then introduces himself. The woman tells him that she's Robyn Taylor. They shake hands and Robyn explains that he has to make sure both feet follow a line like a tightrope and he has to co-ordinate his arms with his hips.
No. 32
Katie and Toby are sitting on the couch. Toby asks Joe if he can ring the vet again, but Joe points out that he just rang them ten minutes ago; it's too early: no one's there. Kerry tells him that he might as well try, and Joe gives in. He heads out to the hallway and picks up the 'phone. A few seconds later he comes back in and mutters that they're engaged now - but at least they know there's someone there. He pinches the bridge of his nose. He then realises that Kerry, Katie and Toby are all staring at him, and he asks:
JOE: What are you looking at me like *that* for? Oh, you don't want me to go down there *now*?
TOBY: Oh come on, dad. I won't be able to get through the day not knowing if Bouncer's dead or not.
JOE: Oh, he's not *dead*.
KATIE: How do you *know*?
Kerry tells Joe that it'll only take him ten minutes; she'll stay and mind the kids. Joe gives in. Toby cries:
TOBY: Hurry, dad!
No. 28
Bronwyn has turned up at No. 28, and she's telling Mike that she wanted to catch him before he went to school. Mike, however, says she didn't need to rush: there's a teacher's strike on. He adds that he's a little busy, but she can come back later if she wants. Bronwyn says quickly that that's what she wants to talk to him about. She goes on:
BRONWYN: Um... I don't think I'll be studying with you anymore.
Mike lets Bronwyn inside as he sighs:
MIKE: Bronwyn, I thought we'd *been* though all of this. Why not?
BRONWYN: It's making Henry too upset.
MIKE: It's got nothing to *do* with Henry.
BRONWYN: Please, let me finish. It's not fair to him, me spending all my time with you - and after what happened the other day, I'd feel too guilty studying here.
MIKE: There's nothing to feel guilty about.
BRONWYN: Yes there is. Mike, I can't stand here and tell you I'm not attracted to you - because I *am*. But there's more to a relationship than simple attraction. I owe Henry the trust and loyalty he's been showing *me* lately.
MIKE: I did say that I wouldn't put any pressure on you - and I *can* keep my feelings under control, you know?
BRONWYN (retorts): I don't want you to have those feelings in the *first* place. I'm sorry, but I'm Henry's girlfriend and I intend to *stay* that way.
MIKE (mutters): All right - if that's the way you want it.
BRONWYN (sighs): I know I'm being a bit blunt, but I want to get this all sorted out before it gets out of hand and hurts someone.
MIKE: I don't suppose there's any way of changing your mind?
Bronwyn doesn't answer. Instead, she just murmurs:
BRONWYN: Thanks for being so understanding.
MIKE (bitterly): Didn't have much choice, did I...?
No. 28
A while later, the front door of No. 28 opens and Kerry comes in. Mike is standing by the kitchen counter, looking glum. Kerry says she's come over to check on Sky. Mike, however, tells her that Des has just taken her and Jamie down to the shop to get some milk. He then asks if there's any more news on Bouncer, but Kerry replies that there isn't yet. Seeing the expression on Mike's face, she asks if everything's OK. Mike nods that it is, but Kerry persists:
KERRY: Come on - what's up?
MIKE (hesitantly): Well... it seems I've hit a snag in my new relationship.
KERRY: What's happened?
MIKE: Well, I thought everything was OK, but it's not. I think I tried to rush things too much.
Kerry asks who she is: anyone she knows? Mike, however, shrugs:
MIKE: What's the point? She doesn't want anything to do with me.
KERRY: Well, maybe she just wants some time - unless, of course, she says she hates you!
MIKE: No, no, no, no, she *did* say she was attracted to me.
KERRY: Well, there you go. Just sit back, give her some space, some time to sort herself out.
Mike murmurs that maybe she's right. With that, Kerry heads off. Mike goes and sits down at the table, looking happier.
No. 24
Harold has arrived home and is enthusing to Madge that there's nothing like a good walk round the oval on a crisp winter's morning with the sun still waking up. Madge tells him that she's glad he enjoyed himself. Harold turns to Bronwyn - who's sitting eating breakfast - and tells her that a good walk would help *her* prepare for a day of study. He demonstrates his newly-learned speed-walking technique and Madge smiles:
MADGE: Ooo, the waddle's improved!
HAROLD: Ah yes, well, you might well laugh, but a bit of exercise would do *you* the world of good, too.
MADGE (firmly): If you think that I am going to go prancing round the oval at the crack of dawn, you've got another think coming! Anyway, nightshift at the Waterhole will give me all the exercise I need. You'll just have to find yourself *another* walk partner.
HAROLD: Well, I may have already *done* that. I met a *very* pleasant person down at the park this morning: Robyn Taylor. That's where I got all my tips.
At that moment, Henry emerges from the bedroom area. Harold goes off to have a shower. Madge heads off to the bedrooms as well. Left alone with Henry, Bronwyn asks if she can talk to him for a minute. She tells him:
BRONWYN: I've decided to give up the coaching lessons with Mike.
HENRY (a smile forming): Why?
BRONWYN: Because I wasn't being fair to you. You're trying your hardest to compromise and do the right thing by me and I've been taking it for granted. I don't want to lose you.
HENRY (sincerely): You won't. There's no way.
The two of them hug fondly, Henry looking happier than he has for a long time.
Murdock Panels
Jim pulls up in his car outside the place he saw in Toby and Katie's video. He tells Todd and Nick to wait there: he won't be long. He climbs out of the car, leaving Nick and Todd to admire the old cars dotted around the yard. Nick suggests they go and check them out. They climb out of the car!
No. 32
Kerry is standing with Katie and Toby in the lounge room, telling them that they can have five more minutes, then they've got to go to school. Toby cries that he wants Joe to come home *now*. At that moment, Joe comes in - alone. Toby and Katie run over to him and Toby says:
TOBY: Dad! How's Bouncer?
JOE: Well, er, it was touch and go there for a while, mate, and I'm no expert on this sort of thing, so I've, er, brought home someone who knows a lot more about it. Come in, doctor.
The 'doctor' is Bouncer, who trots in looking happy and healthy! Toby and Katie start fussing over him as Joe smiles that he's fine!
Murdock Panels
Jim is standing with Les Murdock outside the workshop, saying:
JIM: So when the kids showed me the video and I recognised this place, well, I thought I'd better come and see if you knew anything about it.
MURDOCK: Geez, mate. Let's see... a few days ago, you reckon?
JIM: Yeah. Look, you don't have to worry about being involved. The police will understand that you didn't know the car was stolen.
MURDOCK: So the police don't know you're here?
JIM: No, not yet.
MURDOCK: Right... Sorry, Jim, I really can't remember.
JIM: But surely you must keep records of the cars you work on?
MURDOCK: Yeah, we do, but-
Jim is looking around, and he points to a car suddenly and says:
JIM: What about *that* one?
He heads inside the workshop, where a car is parked with its windscreen covered in newspaper. He stares at it and then picks up a number plate lying on the floor with 'P R' on it and exclaims:
JIM: It *is* Paul's!
MURDOCK: Yeah. I remember it coming in, but one of the *other* guys is looking after it.
JIM: *Which* guy? Is he here?
MURDOCK: No. Er, no, it's his day off.
Jim then asks if he can use the 'phone. Murdock points out the 'phone and Jim says he's going to call the police. He turns his back on Murdock and therefore doesn't notice as the man picks up a large wrench and lifts it up over his head, ready to hit Jim with it...
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Kerry Bishop, Cujo, Toby Mangel, Katie Landers, Bouncer, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1012
Kerry Bishop, Cujo, Toby Mangel, Katie Landers, Bouncer, Joe Mangel

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1012
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Todd Landers, Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 1012
Todd Landers, Nick Page

Mike Young, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1012
Mike Young, Harold Bishop

Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1012
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Toby Mangel, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 1012
Toby Mangel, Katie Landers

Kerry Bishop, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1012
Kerry Bishop, Jim Robinson, Katie Landers, Toby Mangel

Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1012
Henry Ramsay, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1012
Harold Bishop

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1012
Jim Robinson

Robyn Taylor, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1012
Robyn Taylor, Harold Bishop

Robyn Taylor in Neighbours Episode 1012
Robyn Taylor

Kerry Bishop, Katie Landers, Toby Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1012
Kerry Bishop, Katie Landers, Toby Mangel

Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1012
Mike Young, Bronwyn Davies

Mike Young, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1012
Mike Young, Kerry Bishop

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 1012
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Bronwyn Davies

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1012
Henry Ramsay

Nick Page, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1012
Nick Page, Jim Robinson, Todd Landers

Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel, Bouncer, Katie Landers, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 1012
Kerry Bishop, Toby Mangel, Bouncer, Katie Landers, Joe Mangel

Les Murdock, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1012
Les Murdock, Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Les Murdock in Neighbours Episode 1012
Jim Robinson, Les Murdock

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