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Neighbours Episode 1004 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1004
Australian airdate: 13/07/89
UK airdate: 19/09/90
UK Gold: 05/09/96
Director: Mandy Smith
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jim announcing that he's going to sort out Jonathan Whiting once and for all after he sends Beverly an Old English Sheepdog as a gift.
No. 24
Madge is looking for a pen in the kitchen dresser as Helen stands and says she wonders what the new owners will be like. Madge shrugs that Mrs. Carlyle seems all right - although all she does is complain about the size of the kitchen. Helen comments in surprise that the place is fine! Madge mutters that she'd better not rip the guts out of the place. Helen grins:
HELEN: I don't think you'll be able to use the word 'guts' when you're being the Countess of Doon!
Madge muses that moving from barmaid to Countess is quite a leap. She goes on sadly that it was all so romantic at the beginning, but that's worn off now: all she really wants to do is stay in Erinsborough with her family and friends. Helen suggests that she should tell Harold. Madge, however, replies that she can't: it means so much to him:
MADGE: If I stop Harold going to Scotland, he would resent me for the rest of his life.
With that, and having found a pen, she signs the contract and asks Helen to witness it. Helen signs the form, asking as she does so what Henry and Bronwyn are planning to do. Madge tells her that they're looking for a small flat somewhere. She adds fondly:
MADGE: For all Henry's carry-on, I'm going to miss him - *and* Charlene; not that I see much of her these days.
HELEN: They're going to miss you too. And you know *we* will...
MADGE (tears welling-up): Oh Helen... Never mind... At least *Harold* will be happy...
Coffee Shop
Henry is sitting at the counter in the Coffee Shop as Harold sets up for the day. Harold sighs that the people he's interviewed up 'til now have been absolutely hopeless: they couldn't manage a hot-dog stand, let alone a coffee shop. Henry comments that they can't *all* have been like that. Harold retorts that they've been overly-ambitious yuppies who were only looking for something to fill in their time until a better opportunity turned up. He adds:
HAROLD: No, no, Henry, no, I've got to find somebody who's... really *good* to replace me.
HENRY: You know what, big guy? I don't reckon you're going to find *anyone* you think's good enough, because you don't really want to hand the reins over to anyone else.
Harold, however, pooh-poohs that idea, saying he's just looking for somebody who's honest... hard-working... clean... respectable... and someone with a good set of moral values. Harold smiles:
HENRY: Ah. Well, Reverend Sampson might be the man for the job!
HAROLD (ignoring Henry!): I'm sure there are people around who come up to my criteria; they're just not applying for the job, that's all.
Henry tells Harold that he's not the *only* one having a hard time: it's not easy to get a flat; the only reasonable one he and Bronwyn have seen that they can half-way afford is in Elliott Park, and he didn't want to move out of Erinsborough. Harold suggests that the move might be a *good* thing: at least it would take Bronwyn away from *Mike's* influence... A thoughtful look crosses Henry's face, but he muses that that's the *only* thing he likes about moving away. Harold declares:
HAROLD: We must follow our destinies, Henry, wherever they may lead.
HENRY: Even if it's to a dingy little flat in Elliott Park, eh?
HAROLD: Or a ruined castle in Scotland. Fate beckons; we must go.
At that moment, the Coffee Shop door opens and a large, tattooed, bearded man comes in. Harold stares at him as he says gruffly:
MAN: You Bishop?
HAROLD (looking aghast): Er, yes, yes, I am.
MAN: I'm here to see you about that job.
Henry looks at Harold!
No. 22
Gail is standing by the front door. She calls to Paul that they're going to be late, and Paul dashes downstairs, putting on his jacket and saying he's not even awake yet! Gail comments that she *was* a bit restless. Paul, however, smiles that she got up about twenty times last night! He then suggests they have an early night tonight. Gail suggests that they get a takeaway and just lie about! With that, they head off to work.
No. 26
Nick comes into the kitchen holding a pile of books. Todd asks what they're all for and Nick explains that it's so that he can do a bit of general knowledge study at lunchtime. He adds that he wishes he knew what questions Jim was setting. Todd asks:
TODD: Do you want me to try and find out?
NICK (hesitates before saying): No. No, I don't want to cheat.
TODD: Yeah, it wouldn't prove you're any smarter, would it? I shouldn't've suggested it.
NICK: Yeah, well, the thing is, I don't know if I *am* any smarter than Matt.
Todd points out that Matt's repeating Year 11. Nick, however, sighs that he's never going end up being a professor. Todd tells him that he can still beat him in this quiz, and Nick muses:
NICK: I hope so - for Helen's sake: she's shown a lot of faith in me.
Todd then apologises to Nick for hassling him at the weekend. Nick shakes his hand and explains that it just got him down that Todd could handle some of the Year 11 stuff better than *he* could. Beverly comes into the kitchen at that moment and asks Nick and Todd if they're not going to be late. Nick explains that they thought they'd better tell her. Beverly asks blankly:
BEVERLY: Tell me what?
TODD: About Uncle Jim and the dog.
BEVERLY: *What* dog?
NICK: The one that was delivered. For *you*. The big sheepdog.
TODD: Yeah, Uncle Jim got really cranky; said we couldn't keep it.
Beverly just stands there looking confused, and she asks what they mean that a sheepdog was delivered for her. Nick explains that it was from that guy who's been sending her all the presents. Todd adds:
TODD: Uncle Jim got his address out of your book. He said he was going over there to deal with him once and for all.
BEVERLY (groans): Oh no...
Sharon comes in through the back door as Nick asks Beverly in surprise if she doesn't *want* Jim to take care of this guy. Beverly replies:
BEVERLY: Well, there are a few things about Jonathan Whiting that Jim doesn't know...
A street
Jim is walking along a street, the Sheepdog in tow. He stops outside a house where a man is piling up small blocks of wood in his front garden and then using karate chops to split them in half! He heads up the path cautiously and says he's looking for Jonathan Whiting. The man nods that that's him. Jim asks for a word and Whiting says he'll be with him in a second. He then piles three pieces of wood on top of each other and chops them into pieces with his hand! Jim stands there warily!
Jonathan Whiting's front garden
A few moments later, Whiting asks Jim what he can do for him. Jim replies sternly:
JIM: It's about the dog.
WHITING (looking at the dog): Isn't that the dog I sent Dr. Marshall?
JIM: Yeah, well, the point is she can't accept it.
WHITING: Why not? Who are you, anyway?
JIM: I'm her husband.
WHITING: Ah, well, Mr. Marshall-
JIM: *Robinson*. My name's *Robinson*. Beverly kept her maiden name when we were married, for professional reasons.
WHITING: Right. So what's the problem? I mean, doesn't she like it? It's worth a fair bit.
JIM: Well, the thing is that your presents are causing a few headaches at home.
WHITING: I'm simply trying to say thanks to Dr. Marshall for her kindness and understanding. I've got... medical problems.
JIM: You look fit enough to *me*.
WHITING: Yeah, well, I've gotta work at it - and with *my* medical history I've got to stay in shape.
Jim tells Whiting warily that Beverly reckons most of his illnesses are psychosomatic. Whiting replies firmly:
JONATHAN: Well, they're real enough to *me*. I'm suffering a lot. I need help and I'm getting it - and I appreciate it: she's a wonderful woman.
Jim nods that she is - but Whiting's paying his bills; he doesn't need to give her gifts - they're making her feel uncomfortable. Whiting smiles that *every* woman likes gifts. Jim just hands over the dog's lead and tells Whiting that it's too big, he should return it and get his money back and leave it at that. Whiting doesn't respond. Jim just tells him that it was nice to meet him, and he walks off.
No. 26
Sometime later, Helen is preparing lunch in the kitchen while Jim sits at the table, sighing that he doesn't know why he let himself be conned into setting the questions for the quiz. Helen tells him that the kids thought he'd be fair and impartial. The front door bangs suddenly and Beverly dashes in. She heads straight over to Jim and tells him that she's been worrying all morning about how he got on with Jonathan Whiting. Jim remarks that he didn't realise she knew anything about it. Beverly explains:
BEVERLY: The boys told me. They said you were pretty angry when you left.
JIM: Ah, well, I'd calmed down by the time I got there.
BEVERLY: I'm glad, because I forgot to tell you he's a karate expert!
JIM: So I discovered!
Helen exclaims:
HELEN: You didn't have a run-in with him?
JIM: No, no. I arrived to find him smashing lumps of wood with his bare hands, so I was particularly polite and tactful. Just the same, I think he got the message.
Jonathan Whiting's house
Jonathan Whiting is in his house, calling Canine Kennels to tell them that he'll have to return the English Sheepdog he purchased the other day as it was too big.
Coffee Shop
Nick, Sharon and Todd come into the Coffee Shop after school, Nick commenting that the last period with Mike was pretty rough. The three of them sit down at a table and Harold comes over. Nick and Todd order milkshakes, but Sharon just asks for a glass of water. Todd looks at her in concern, but she insists:
SHARON: I've got to stick to my diet, Todd.
HAROLD (coolly): We do sell *diet* drinks, you know?
Madge comes in as Harold returns to the counter, and she tells him that she just dropped in to let him know that the contract note is signed and witnessed. Harold asks her if she dropped it in to the estate agent, but she admits that she left in a bit of a hurry and forgot about it. Harold sighs heavily but shrugs that tomorrow will do. Madge goes to head out, but Harold stops her and tells her that Kerry rang and asked if they could babysit Sky tonight. Madge replies:
MADGE: That shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, you'll want to spend as much time as possible with her before we leave, won't you?
With that, Madge walks out, leaving Harold looking suddenly thoughtful.
No. 22
It's evening-time and Gail is talking on the 'phone to her father. She tells him to give her love to Gloria and she then hangs up. She and Paul are both wearing their pyjamas, and as she rejoins Paul on the couch, she declares that she's leaving the 'phone off the hook for the rest of the night! She goes to take some food, but exclaims in surprise that Paul's eaten all the dim sims! She adds that she was *dying* for a dim sim - so he'll have to go and get some more!
PAUL: Oh come on, I'm not getting dressed and going out all over again!
GAIL: Oh. So me and the kids go hungry, huh?!
PAUL: There's plenty of *other* stuff left.
GAIL: We *want* dim sims - don't we, kids! [She looks down at her belly!]
Paul, however, sighs:
PAUL: Not tonight, Gags, please, eh?
Gail gives in. She adds that she's only letting him off the hook because she knows what a busy day he's had. Staring into space, she goes on:
GAIL: You know, even being in the office for a few hours makes me realise how much rest I need. You know, I actually *enjoy* letting Jane take the brunt of my old responsibility. Considering her age, she's doing incredibly well: she's got a terrific career ahead of her if she wants it. That's if Des is prepared to let her go on with it. I wonder if they've discussed that - I mean, he might be looking at a stay-at-home mother and wife for Jamie.
Gail turns to glance at Paul and realises that he's fallen asleep! She sighs:
GAIL: Great! You're going to be *wonderful* company!
She then stands up and tells him to snooze-on while *she* goes and buys herself some dim sims to eat all by herself!
No. 26
Dinner is over. Helen tells Beverly that Todd and Nick have offered to do the dishes. Sharon serves coffee and Helen and Beverly head through to the lounge room. Sharon says she has to get back to do her homework. Nick asks her if she can't stay and help him study for the quiz. Sharon, however, says:
SHARON: Look, Nick, I may as well tell you: I've agreed to help Matt.
TODD (exclaims): You're supposed to be *Nick's* girl, though.
SHARON: Yeah, well, I *am* - but he's got everyone *here* helping him and Matt hasn't got anyone except Hilary. How would *you* like to be stuck with her, hm? Yuk!
Nick says quickly but lightheartedly:
NICK: As long as it's study's all you do with him!
SHARON: Of course! *You're* my boyfriend and no one else!
With that, Sharon gives Nick a kiss and heads out. As she passes through the lounge room, Beverly smiles at her that she's doing a great job sticking to her diet. Jim comes in just as Sharon opens the door and he asks if his dinner's ready, as he's starving! Beverly asks why he's so late and Jim explains that a car he was working on turned out to be more complicated than he thought. He then asks:
JIM: No sign of Jonathan Whiting?
BEVERLY (smiles): No! My first day in weeks without him turning up at the surgery without a list of incredible new symptoms!
HELEN: Looks as if your visit did the trick, Jim!
JIM: Yeah, yeah. Thought it would!
BEVERLY (grins mischievously): Well, I don't know that I won't miss wondering what the next gift might be...!
Jonathan Whiting's house
Jonathan Whiting is holding a Chihuahua, telling it:
JONATHAN: Dr. Marshall's going to love *you*!
Parade of shops/No. 22
Gail emerges from the Chinese takeaway. She has a long coat on over her pyjamas to protect her from the rain that's pouring down. She reaches for her car keys but realises suddenly that she doesn't have them. She looks inside the car and notices that they're in the ignition - and the doors are locked. She dashes into a nearby 'phone box and dials a number.
At No. 22, the 'phone is off the hook and Paul is lying back on the couch, fast asleep.
In the 'phone box, Gail hangs up, looking annoyed with herself. She then reaches into the bag of dim sims and starts eating!
By Gail's car
A short time later, Gail is using a nail file to try and break into her car! The alarm goes off, though, and a few seconds later two police officers appear. One of them says curtly:
POLICE OFFICER: I hope that's your car, lady...
No. 24
There's a rumble of thunder outside. Madge and Harold are sitting in the lounge room when Henry emerges from his bedroom and asks if Bronwyn isn't back yet. Madge points out that it's early yet: she and Mike will probably be studying for another hour or two. Henry mutters:
HENRY: Terrific.
He heads to the window and looks outside. Madge remarks:
MADGE: For someone who has sworn not to be jealous, you're giving a pretty good imitation.
HENRY (retorts): I am *not* jealous. I am *not* jealous. I am *not*. I am *not*.
MADGE: That convinced me...!
Sky starts crying and Harold goes to see to her. When he's gone, Madge tells Henry that he's really got nothing to be jealous about. Henry sighs that Bronwyn used to be Mike's girlfriend. Madge points out:
MADGE: And now she's *yours* - so *trust* her.
Henry nods that she's right. With that, he declares that he's going to bed. As he heads back to his room, he murmurs repeatedly:
HENRY: I am not jealous. I am not jealous.
Harold comes back with Sky and, handing her to Madge, smiles that she's a little bit thirsty. He goes to get her a drink. As he heads to the kitchen, he stops in his tracks as Sky makes a noise that sounds like:
SKY: Grandpa!
Harold turns to Madge and exclaims excitedly:
HAROLD: Madge, did you hear that?! She called me 'grandpa'! She called me 'grandpa' for the very first time!
With that, he goes and takes Sky from Madge and lifts her up happily. As he does so, he beams:
HAROLD: Oh, it's going to be wonderful to see her develop, love, isn't it? Eh? Speaking in sentences... learning to read and write... Yes! Oh, the joys of childhood, eh?!
MADGE (flatly): Harold, we're not going to be here to see it. We'll be in Scotland.
HAROLD (his face dropping): Well, yes, but...
MADGE: Have you really thought what it means leaving Sky and Kerry behind? How much you're going to miss them?
HAROLD: Well, yes, I know, but I... I mean, they'll be able to visit us from time-to-time, surely? And there'll be letters and photos and things. Yes! It's not as if we're losing touch with them altogether!
No. 22
Paul comes downstairs, looking for Gail. There's suddenly a knock on the door and he opens it. He looks concerned as he finds a police officer standing on the step. The officer says he believes Mrs. Gail Robinson lives there. Paul asks in horror what's wrong. Gail, however, just steps inside the house and, holding out the bag of dim sims, smiles wetly:
GAIL: Want some?!
Paul gives her a loving hug!
No. 24
The next morning, Madge and Henry are sitting at the kitchen table. As Harold goes to head off to work, he reminds Madge to drop the contract note into the estate agent's. With that, he leaves. As soon as he's gone, Henry asks Madge in irritation:
HENRY: Why did he have to ask Bronny to work *today* for? I need to spend a bit of time with her.
MADGE (sighs): Henry, you are making mountains out of molehills. All Bronwyn is trying to do is *achieve* something in her life. If you can get through this, it'll be better for both of you later.
HENRY: Yes, yes, she'll have a PhD; I'll still be a dummy. She'll get a great job and earn more money than me...
MADGE: Well, so what if she *does*? Oh come on, Henry, you've got a bit of growing-up to do. If you want this relationship with Bronwyn to *work*, you've got to be more mature about it.
HENRY: I am trying, mum, I am trying.
MADGE (sympathetically): Oh yes, love, I know you are. But really, you've got to stop worrying about her becoming more well-educated than you, and about her studying with Mike. I don't think you're going to lose her for *either* of those reasons.
HENRY (murmurs): No, I guess not.
Henry then declares that Madge is right: he's acting like a jerk again; he's going to get right behind Bronny and help her achieve her ambitions in any way he can. He goes on:
HENRY: I'm going to be more grown-up. I'm going to be trusting... level-headed... serious... totally mature.
MADGE: Henry, I suggested you do a bit of growing-up, not that you undergo a personality change!
HENRY: Oh ha!
The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Madge answers it. She listens to the person at the other and then tells them that Harold has just left. She listens further and then says that if the person tells *her* what the message is, she can pass it on. She listens again and her face drops. She tells the person that she understands and thanks them for letting her know. She hangs up. Henry asks:
HENRY: What's up, mum?
MADGE (sighs): Bad news for Harold. I don't know how I'm going to tell him. It could break his heart...
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Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 1004
Madge Bishop, Helen Daniels

Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1004
Henry Ramsay, Harold Bishop

Coffee Shop applicant in Neighbours Episode 1004
Coffee Shop applicant

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1004
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 1004
Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers

Jonathan Whiting, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1004
Jonathan Whiting, Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1004
Jim Robinson

Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1004
Jonathan Whiting

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1004
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1004
Jonathan Whiting

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1004
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1004
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Nick Page, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 1004
Nick Page, Sharon Davies

Cujo, Jonathan Whiting in Neighbours Episode 1004
Cujo, Jonathan Whiting

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1004
Gail Robinson

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1004
Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop, Sky Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1004
Madge Bishop, Sky Bishop, Harold Bishop

Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1004
Gail Robinson

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1004
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 1004
Madge Bishop, Henry Ramsay

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 1004
Madge Bishop

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