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Neighbours Episode 0998 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0998
Australian airdate: 05/07/89
UK airdate: 11/09/90
UK Gold: 28/08/96
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
Paul letting slip to Mike about Des and Jane becoming engaged. Mike riding off angrily on his motorbike.
No. 24
It's evening time. Henry and Bronwyn are sitting at the kitchen table at No. 24, having dinner. Bronwyn asks Henry when he thinks Madge and Harold are going to be back from their meal out, but Henry ignores her and just mutters:
HENRY: Thanks for cooking.
He goes to put his plate in the sink, but as he does so, Bronwyn looks at him and asks him angrily how long he's going to keep this up. Henry just retorts angrily that it was supposed to be a barbecue, and all *she* did was stand around talking exams and assignments. Bronwyn points out that she didn't *make* him go; he practically insisted she take him - to keep an eye on her. She adds coldly:
BRONWYN: Maybe if you'd trusted me a bit more, you could've stayed at home.
HENRY: Ah yes, I was *wondering* when we'd come to this 'don't you trust me?' routine.
BRONWYN: Well, isn't trust what it's supposed to be all about? I mean, you spent the entire afternoon breathing down my neck and watching every move I made. Why don't you just stick me on a leash and be done with it?
HENRY: Since when has it been a crime to care about your girlfriend?
BRONWYN: You're *obsessive*, Henry - it's an entirely different thing.
Henry mutters that at least *one* good thing came out of the afternoon: at least he knew what she was doing, which is something he's never too sure of when she's with *Mike*. Bronwyn glares at him and snaps that he just went too far. She storms off to her room.
No. 28
Des emerges from the bedroom area and opens the front door to find Jim and Paul standing on the step. Jim apologises for calling so late, but explains that there's something they've got to tell him. Des invites them in and asks what's going on. Jim sighs that they blew it: they told Mike about the engagement. Paul adds that he just naturally assumed that Mike already knew. Des buries his head in his hand and asks where Mike is now. Paul replies that they don't know: he got a wild look in his eyes and took off on his bike. Des sighs:
DES: It's my fault: I should've told him by now; I was just trying to find the right moment. I was a coward.
He adds that there's no excuse: he should have told Mike first. Jim asks if they shouldn't try and *find* Mike. Des, however, points out that Mike likes to work things out by himself. He thanks Jim and Paul for telling him. The two of them turn to leave, but Des stops them and asks if he can have a word. He gets some beers out of the 'fridge, saying as he does so:
DES: I don't know how to say this, but I need to talk to *somebody*, and I've known you two longer than anyone. Do you mind?
JIM: No - happy to help if we can.
DES: Well... it's Jane: she rang her grandmother this afternoon and told her about the engagement. Apparently, she was far from impressed.
Jim chuckles that he can't imagine Mrs. Mangel being impressed with *anyone* who wanted to marry Jane! Des nods:
DES: Yeah, but it got me thinking, you know? I love Jane - I *really* love her and I want to marry her - but I'm just worried about what other people will think.
Paul tells Des that that shouldn't matter - it's what Des and Jane wants that counts. Des, however, goes on:
DES: We want to live here, right? This street's always been such a happy place and I don't want people walking up and down saying we did the wrong thing.
JIM: Des, I promise you: we're behind you - all the way.
PAUL: Course we are!
DES: Really?
JIM: Hundred per cent.
Des murmurs that he just doesn't want to see Jane hurt: he couldn't bear it.
No. 26
Beverly and Gail are sitting on the couch, chatting, Gail saying that Mike was pretty upset about it. Beverly remarks that she can't blame him - and, on the face of it, Des and Jane *are* an unexpected match; and Jane *will* be taking on someone else's child. Gail says she's sure they're aware of Jamie's needs. Todd comes in through the front door suddenly, holding a huge bunch of flowers! He tells Beverly that the card says they're for her! He hands them over and Beverly opens the envelope. She reads the note inside and then says:
BEVERLY: It's not signed, but I think I can guess. Listen to this: "For all the things you do for me."
She smiles that they must be from Jim. Gail comments that that's really romantic! Beverly adds:
BEVERLY: Romance must be in the air at the moment!
TODD (coolly): Not with *me*: I think after Alison I'll give romance a big miss.
GAIL: So young and yet so cynical!
TODD: There are other things in life!
No. 30
Sharon is in the kitchen, weighing some carrot sticks on some scales, when the front door opens and Bronwyn comes in. She looks at what Sharon's doing and asks if she isn't taking her diet a bit too far. Sharon, however, insists that it's worth it for Nick. Bronwyn sighs that she should be doing it for *herself*, not for Nick. Sharon assures her that she *is* doing it for herself - but there's no harm in trying to please him as well, is there? Bronwyn sighs and tells her:
BRONWYN: Don't mind *me* - I've just got Henry on the brain. No kidding, Shaz, he's driving me insane at the moment. This jealousy's getting even *worse*.
SHARON: Yeah, well, you *have* been ignoring him a bit lately, haven't you?
BRONWYN (exclaims): Huh! How can you ignore someone who never moves more than two inches from your side?
SHARON: Easily! You've been spending all this time studying with Mike, and what with him being so low at the moment, Henry probably feels a bit threatened.
BRONWYN (looking surprised): Why would Mike be low?
SHARON: Haven't you heard? Jane and Des are engaged!
BRONWYN (exclaims): Seriously?!
SHARON: Yeah! You know how Mike feels about *Jane*.
BRONWYN (sympathetically): Poor Mike. I bet he's feeling like nothing ever goes right for him.
SHARON: Even if he is, you should stay right out of it, otherwise Henry's going to be even *more* jealous.
BRONWYN: Well, that's just tough luck on Henry, isn't it - 'cos if he thinks I'm going to turn my back on a friend just when he needs me, then he can think again.
No. 26
Gail and Beverly are sitting on the couch, laughing at something! The front door opens suddenly and Jim and Paul arrive home. Beverly leaps up and, putting her arms around Jim, smiles:
BEVERLY: Thank you, darling, they're beautiful.
JIM (blankly): What are?
TODD (joining them from the kitchen): The flowers.
Jim looks at the flowers, which have been set out in a vase, and asks Beverly where she got them. He adds that *he* didn't send them. Todd comments that Beverly must have a secret admirer! Beverly smiles that he's *very* secret, because if he exists, he hasn't told *her*! Paul suggests that if this is going to turn into a domestic, he and Gail might go. They head out as Beverly tells Jim that she's as much in the dark about this as *he* is. Looking slightly annoyed, Jim mutters:
JIM: Yeah, OK - but whoever sent them, I'd like to know who he is: because, old-fashioned as it might seem, if my wife receives flowers, I'd prefer they came from *me*.
No. 26
A while later, Jim and Beverly sit down on the couch. Beverly asks Jim if he's sure he's OK, and he tells her that he's just put out that someone else has thought of sending her flowers before *he* did! The 'phone rings and Beverly goes to get it. Todd, lying back on the other couch, tells Jim that he should be flattered someone else fancies Beverly! Beverly hangs up the 'phone and announces that she has to make a house call to Jonathan Whiting - the biggest hypochondriac in the world. She tells Jim not to wait up, and she heads out.
No. 28
It's the next morning and Des is sitting at the kitchen table at No. 28, wearing sunglasses! Jamie is sitting with him and Des is groaning at his son:
DES: How dare you be so bright-eyed at this hour of the morning?! In fact, kiddo, seeing as your daddy's unemployed and deserves the right to sleep in, how come you're even up?!
There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Des groans, takes off his sunglasses and goes to see who it is. He finds Bronwyn standing on the step. She apologises for being early and then tells Des that Harold can't be at the Coffee Shop at lunchtime and wants to know if he can fill in. Des nods that that should be all right - he'll go and buy Jane's ring, but he should have that done by lunchtime. Bronwyn smiles that she almost forgot: that's fantastic news! She gives Des a kiss and tells him that she wants to see the ring the minute he gets into the Coffee Shop! She then goes on:
BRONWYN: Oh - my other reason for coming round: I need to organise a study time with Mike.
Des says he'll go and see if Mike's stirred. He heads to Mike's room, but returns a few moments later and says:
DES: Um... he's not there. His bed hasn't been slept in. He found out about the engagement and took off on his bike. I suppose he was pretty mad at me, he didn't want to come home, so stayed at a friend's place; didn't want to risk seeing me.
BRONWYN (sounding concerned): I hope he's OK...
DES: Yeah, he will be - you know: soon enough...
Des doesn't look convinced, though.
No. 26
Jim is preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Todd comes in to get some juice before he goes for a run. Beverly also comes in and Jim asks her what time she got in last night. Beverly replies that it was late. She goes on that she got *something* out of the visit, though:
BEVERLY: I found out who sent me the flowers.
JIM: This Whiting fellow? Don't tell me he's got a crush on you?
BEVERLY: Oh no, I think he's just grateful for all the attention he's had from me - and so he *should* be, dragging me out at all hours.
JIM: Well, if you agree to my plan, he won't be dragging you out again tomorrow night.
BEVERLY: *What* plan?
JIM: Des is a bit concerned that people in the street don't approve of the engagement, so I thought if we threw a little bit of a party, we'd show that we support them both.
BEVERLY (exclaims): Tomorrow night?!
JIM: I know it's short notice, darling, but if we don't do it now, we'll lose the momentum. I promise you not to load you with all the work.
Beverly sighs that it *is* short notice, but he's right: it *is* a good idea. Todd heads off for his run, leaving Jim to kiss Beverly and say he's going to do *his* morning exercise: reading the newspaper!
Ramsay Street
The newspaper delivery girl is riding round Ramsay Street on her bike, dropping off papers, when Jim emerges from No. 26. Des emerges from No. 28 as well and the girl hands him his paper. Jim smiles and walks over, telling Des that he's just the man he wants to see. He asks Des what he's doing tomorrow night, and Des tells him;
DES: Washing me hair! Why?!
Jim chuckles before explaining:
JIM: We thought we might throw a party for you and Jane; not a big one - just the neighbours.
DES: Oh. Thanks, Jim, that'd be nice!
JIM: You'll see: everyone thinks the engagement's a *great* idea.
DES (flatly): Except for Mike: he didn't come home last night.
JIM: Probably just needs a bit of time to lick his wounds.
DES: Yeah... I hope that's *all* it is.
Des then says he'd better get inside, as he's got ring-shopping this morning, then he's helping out at the Coffee Shop at lunchtime. Jim remarks:
JIM: It's been a while since *you've* been a sandwich-hand!
DES: Yeah! I must have memory lapse, too, 'cos I'm actually looking forward to it!
Coffee Shop
It's lunchtime, and Bronwyn and Des are working hard behind the counter at the Coffee Shop! Sharon asks Bronwyn for a glass of ice water, and Bronwyn remarks that she really *is* sticking to her diet! Jim comes in. Des heads into the kitchen as Jim walks up to the counter and tells Bronwyn and Sharon about the party they're throwing tomorrow night for Des and Jane. Bronwyn, however, asks warily if they should be having a party *now*, with Mike so upset. Jim tells her:
JIM: I take your point - really I do - but on the other hand, is it fair for Des and Jane to miss out on a celebration? They didn't fall in love just to hurt Mike.
BRONWYN (murmurs): I suppose not.
Des emerges from the kitchen and tells Jim that he's changed his mind since he said this morning about looking forward to working as a sandwich-hand again: he hasn't work so hard in *ages*! Todd comes in and orders a pop. Bronwyn goes to get it from the kitchen. Todd then asks Des what's up with Mike today, as he wasn't at school. Des frowns:
DES: You sure?
TODD: Yeah. I was supposed to have him first period for Maths, but he didn't turn up. I don't think he fronted at *all*.
Des stands there looking concerned.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Henry is sitting at a table outside the Coffee Shop. Todd emerges from the shop and asks him why he isn't inside, as it's cold out there. Henry explains glumly that he's trying to keep out of Bronny's way: things are a bit tricky between them at the moment. Sitting down, Todd remarks that he thought the two of them were getting on really well. Henry replies:
HENRY: We *did*. That was when I forgot for a while that she was a *woman*! I've always known that you could never trust a woman, so why did I get so involved with one?!
TODD (darkly): Yeah, the thing is is that they trick you.
HENRY (nods): Do they *what*.
TODD: Like Alison: she pretended that she liked me, but she didn't, not really.
HENRY (declares): Unreliable, mate, all of them.
TODD: She was just using me. I don't know why I didn't *see* it.
HENRY: Blinded by love, my little friend. It happens.
TODD: Yeah. Still, I didn't think *Bronny* was like that.
HENRY: Me either. I just don't know if I can't trust her anymore: she spends too much time with other blokes.
TODD: Well, are you sure you aren't wrong?
HENRY: Maybe... but I don't think so.
TODD: There's *one* sure way you can test it.
TODD: Do something to make sure she'll stick by you - like... like say you're going to Scotland and ask her to come with you.
HENRY (exclaims): What do they teach you at school? That's a *pathetic* idea!
TODD (mutters): I was just trying to help.
HENRY (retorts): Well, you didn't.
No. 22
Beverly puts a basket of fruit down on the kitchen counter at No. 22 and Gail asks her if she's sure she doesn't want them. Beverly explains that they bought a whole load of fruit and vegetables yesterday, and if she keeps *this* fruit it'll go off before they can eat it. Gail tells her to say 'thank you' to her Mr. Whiting. Beverly sighs:
BEVERLY: It's getting beyond a joke. I mean, the flowers were one thing, but finding this at the surgery this morning was a bit much.
Gail, however, smiles that it should be encouraged - only next time perhaps Beverly could put in an order for some caviar or smoked salmon! Beverly retorts that there's not *going* to be a next time - not if *she* can help it. She then suggests they get on with the party. Gail says she can bully Paul into getting the drinks from the Waterhole; Harold should come good with some food from the Coffee Shop; Helen and Madge could probably make a couple of casseroles; and if everyone else brings nibblies and sweets, they should be fine! She then adds:
GAIL: Tell him I'll settle for pāté!
Coffee Shop
Des is talking on the 'phone to a police Sergeant. After a few moments, he hangs up, turns to Bronwyn and Sharon and tells them in annoyance that apparently the police can't do anything: Mike is an adult, it was his decision to leave and he's only been gone a day. Sharon suggests that Des try ringing some of Mike's friends. Des sighs that he *has*, but none of them seem to know where he is. Bronwyn insists:
BRONWYN: We've got to do *something*, Des - I'm really *worried* about him.
She doesn't notice Henry coming into the shop behind her as she goes on:
BRONWYN: Mike's such a nice guy. I know he flies off the handle sometimes when he shouldn't, but I hate to think of him all alone when he should be with people who care about him and who want to support him.
DES (shrugs): We can't do anything until he gets back.
BRONWYN: Yeah, I wish he *would*. He's one of my favourite people: maybe if he were here I'd be able to comfort him.
Henry grabs Bronwyn's arm suddenly and mutters:
HENRY: Let's go outside.
He pulls her towards the door, but Bronwyn resists and demands:
BRONWYN: Who do you think you're talking to, Henry?
HENRY: It's funny: I was under the impression that you were *my* girlfriend.
BRONWYN (snaps): I *am* your girlfriend.
HENRY (curtly): Then we need to talk.
He tries again to pull Bronwyn towards the door, but she mutters:
BRONWYN: When we get home, OK?
HENRY (retorts): Fine. When we get home.
With that, Henry storms out, deliberately pushing a chair over as he heads for the door. Bronwyn stands there looking worried.
No. 24
Sometime later, Henry and Bronwyn emerge from the bedroom area at No. 24 and head into the lounge room, Henry snapping as they do so:
HENRY: I don't get it. All that's happened is that he's cut up over Jane, he's nicked off for a couple of days to get over it and *you* carry on like it's the world's greatest tragedy.
BRONWYN: I was *concerned* about him, that's all.
HENRY: How about using just a little bit of that concern over *me*? I know it's escaped your notice, Bron, but *I'm* being hurt too.
BRONWYN: *Your* problem's all in your imagination, Henry. Mike needs *help*.
HENRY: Why does it have to come from *you*?
BRONWYN (mutters): Henry, just leave it. You *know* I wouldn't do anything behind your back.
Henry just stares at Bronwyn. She demands:
BRONWYN: Don't you?
HENRY (sighs): All right. What you're basically saying is that you're committed to me, right?
BRONWYN: Yeah, of course I am.
HENRY: Good - because I've made a decision: I- I've decided to go to Scotland with mum and Harold and I want you to come with me.
Bronwyn stares at Henry for several seconds before saying:
BRONWYN: Seriously?
HENRY: Yep. Dead set.
BRONWYN (shrugs): Well... Henry... I don't know. I mean, well, I'd have to leave Sharon... Tech... my job...
HENRY (mutters): And Mike. Let's not forget Mike.
BRONWYN (snaps): Henry, I've had enough. Now, *you* are the one making Mike out to be a big deal and I am sick to death of all this jealousy.
HENRY: So you won't come to Scotland with me?
BRONWYN (retorts): I wouldn't cross the *road* with you - because right now, I don't think our relationship has any future - not if there's no trust left.
With that, Bronwyn walks off, leaving Henry looking worried.
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Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0998
Henry Ramsay, Bronwyn Davies

Des Clarke, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0998
Des Clarke, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0998
Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0998
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0998
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0998
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson

Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0998
Jim Robinson, Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers

Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0998
Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke

Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0998
Bronwyn Davies

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0998
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0998
Jim Robinson, Des Clarke

Bronwyn Davies, Jim Robinson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0998
Bronwyn Davies, Jim Robinson, Sharon Davies

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0998
Des Clarke

Todd Landers, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0998
Todd Landers, Henry Ramsay

Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0998
Beverly Robinson, Gail Robinson

Des Clarke, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies in Neighbours Episode 0998
Des Clarke, Sharon Davies, Bronwyn Davies

Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0998
Bronwyn Davies, Sharon Davies, Henry Ramsay

Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0998
Bronwyn Davies, Henry Ramsay

Henry Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0998
Henry Ramsay

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