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Neighbours Episode 0996 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0996
Australian airdate: 03/07/89
UK airdate: 07/09/90
UK Gold: 26/08/96
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Graham
Jane almost being hit by a car. Des telling Jane that he loves her.
No. 26
Toby is staying over at No. 26 and he and Katie are getting a midnight snack. Katie tells Toby that she's been thinking about his dad doing canteen duty: she hopes he's not going to be embarrassing! Helen emerges from the bedroom area and asks the two kids wearily what they're up to. Katie explains that they're hungry: they didn't eat much dinner. Toby tells Helen about Joe saying he'd do canteen duty. Helen says *she'll* be at the canteen on Tuesday and she'll try and make him feel welcome. Katie asks her if she can make sure Joe doesn't do anything silly, but Helen smiles that she's sure he'll manage perfectly. She then gives the kids ten minutes to eat their sandwich and get back to bed. With that, she heads back to her own bed, leaving Toby to sigh at Katie:
TOBY: We'll have to help dad our*selves*.
TOBY: We'll give him some lessons - so he doesn't bomb out.
No. 32
Des is sitting on the couch at No. 32 as Jane stands behind him with a towel, rubbing his hair dry. He suggests that he should go home and get changed. Jane, however, grins:
JANE: No you don't! You mightn't come back!
DES: You could bolt every door and every window and that wouldn't stop me!
Jane goes and sits down on the couch with Des and says sincerely:
JANE: I just can't believe that you *love* me.
DES: Yeah, I know; I was an idiot; I just put up this wall of excuses, like I was too old... you were too young... we're just friends... I wasn't over Daph yet... Somehow, I don't know, you managed to break through.
Jane smiles that she hopes that's true. Des assures her:
DES: It *is*. I love you. I know that now.
Jane points out warily that they felt like this once before and he changed his mind. Des, however, explains that it was that wall - but it's gone now. He adds:
DES: You know how I know?
JANE: How?
Des hesitates before declaring:
DES: I want you to marry me! Look, I know it's a big decision... just give me one cough for yes... maybe two for no!
JANE (quickly): I'd love to!
DES (looking surprised): Yeah?!
JANE: Yeah!
The two of them hug. Jane's face then drops and she asks in concern:
JANE: What about Mike?
Des suggests that he should go over and explain - but he doesn't know how... It takes several seconds before he makes any attempt to move, and he and Jane kiss passionately again before he leaves.
No. 24
Madge is sitting at the kitchen table, staring into space. Harold offers a penny for her thoughts and she explains that she's worried about Henry and Bronwyn: every time she thinks he's in a nice, stable relationship, it all blows up. She goes on that she knows he and Charlene are living their own lives, but with her thousands of miles away in Scotland, what on earth are they going to get up to? Harold sighs:
HAROLD: Oh, I see - so that's what's *really* worrying you, is it, eh? Having second thoughts about the move?
MADGE: No, not really. Well, not exactly...
Harold points out that all their children are adults and have to live their own lives - and so do *they*. Madge looks at him and declares:
MADGE: You're right. We're going.
HAROLD: You sure?
MADGE: Yes, I'm certain.
HAROLD: Then I think we should put the house on the market immediately - we could see the real-estate agent in the morning.
Looking surprised, Madge asks if it can't wait until Monday. Harold, however, gives her a look, and she sighs that she supposes they might as well get it over and done with. With that, the two of them head off to bed.
No. 28
Mike is lying asleep on the couch when Des comes in. Des goes to touch him on the shoulder, to wake him up, but then appears to think better of it. He switches off the TV and this causes Mike to stir. He asks Des how he went: did he tell Jane how he feels?
DES: Well, um, yeah.
MIKE: And it didn't make a bit of difference, right? She's still in love with you?
DES: Yeah, but Mike, there's something I have to--
MIKE: Des, forget it, all right? I don't want to hear the depressing details; I'm sorry I wasted your time.
Des tries to insist that there's much more to it, but Mike interrupts him and says:
MIKE: Des, you did your best and I really appreciate it. Now, I'm tired: I'm gonna go to bed.
With that, Mike walks off to his room, leaving Des standing there looking worried.
No. 28
It's the next morning. Des, Jamie and Mike are having breakfast and Des raises the topic of Jane again. Mike sighs and asks if they can drop the subject. Des, however, retorts that it's not that simple; he's been trying to tell Mike-. Mike interrupts and snaps:
MIKE: Why don't I tell you straight, eh? I'm not interested in Jane's sympathy or regrets, OK? You're a mate and you tried, but the whole idea was just a big mistake. Why don't we forget about it? Now, I'm going outside to work on the bike, then I'm going to go and pick up Pete and I'll be out all afternoon.
With that, Mike heads out, leaving Des to sigh heavily.
No. 24
Madge and Harold are clearing away after breakfast, Madge commenting as they do so that the looks between Henry and Bronwyn over breakfast could curdle the milk and break the jug. She adds that Henry's taking this jealousy streak much too far - and what with him taking his car to the garage just because Mike did a few repairs on it...
HAROLD: Yes, he's a lot like his mother.
MADGE (looking astonished): You're not seriously suggesting *I* behave like that?
HAROLD: Well you *can* be a trifle possessive, Madge - about your *home* as well as your family...
Madge sighs that she supposes he wants them to go straight to the estate agent after church. Harold tells her that he wouldn't press the matter if he didn't think it was for the best. Madge points out that it could still take them quite a while to get a buyer. Harold nods that they'd have to stick it out 'til they got a good price. Madge then asks:
MADGE: Have you seen Reverend Sampson, yet, about leaving the choir?
HAROLD: No - I plan on doing it this morning, though I must say I'm not looking forward to it: I feel like I'm deserting my post.
Ramsay Street
Mike is working on his bike outside No. 28 when Joe wanders along, looking at the newspaper as he does so. He starts talking about how the kids always drink all the milk, but Mike clearly isn't really listening. Katie and Toby come along the street and Toby asks Joe if they can talk to him seriously. Joe sighs that it's Sunday! Katie and Toby insist that they're serious, and Joe gives in. The kids grab his arms and escort him back to No. 30!
No. 32
Jane is wiping up something from the lounge room floor when Joe, Katie and Toby come in. Joe looks at her in surprise and asks what she's doing. She doesn't really respond, and so Joe sends the kids to the kitchen before then asking Jane if she's had a feed yet.
JANE: Yes... No... I don't think so.
JOE: Have you got the 'flu, have you? Bit light-headed? You were soaked through last night.
JANE: No, I feel wonderful.
JOE: Oh yeah? How come?
JANE: Des and I are engaged.
JOE:* What*?
JANE: It's true!
JOE: Ah, now, hold our horses; you hold *everything*, Jane.
JANE (sighs): Please, Joe, don't make a fuss.
JOE: Look, I don't want you getting hurt again - he's done the dirty on you *before*!
JANE: Will you stop worrying? Des just needed time to sort out his feelings and now he knows that he loves me, and everything's wonderful.
JOE: How come he's so sure?
JANE: Look, he wouldn't even have *contemplated* marriage before - and now he's asked *me*, and I've said yes.
JOE: Well I'll be! Oh well... Clarkey's finally come off the fence. Congratulations, mate!
Joe gives Jane a hug and says he'd better get onto his mum and break the good news. Jane, however, says she wants to break the news in the street first - it'll be a bit of a shock to a few of the neighbours - and she wants to keep things quiet for Mike's sake: Des is over there talking to him now, and she doesn't know how he's going to react. Joe, however, tells her:
JOE: Don't you worry about a thing: I was just talking to him outside. I mean, he was a little bit down, but he was OK; no cyclone warnings, nothing like that.
Toby calls to Joe suddenly from the kitchen, and he heads in there. Toby and Katie have set out some bread and fillings on the table, and Joe asks what's going on. Katie tells him that they thought he might like the extra practice.
TOBY: You don't wanna feel silly in front of all those ladies at the canteen on Tuesday, do you, dad?
Go ahead: make my breakfast!
Joe stands there looking bemused!
No. 24
Harold is sitting on the couch, staring into space. Madge joins him and tells him gently:
MADGE: Don't worry about Reverend Sampson.
HAROLD (looking disappointed): He had someone to replace me just like 'that'.
MADGE: I thought you'd be *relieved* that you weren't letting him down?
HAROLD: Well yes, but to replace me so quickly, Madge, really... it's a bit of an insult.
Madge insists that the Reverend surely didn't mean to be tactless: Harold has been a pillar of that congregation - and they'll join another church in Scotland. Changing the subject, Harold remarks that the real estate agent seemed to think they'd get a quick sale and a good price for the house. He adds that he does *appreciate* her selling her house so he can pursue his dream.
MADGE: Well that's not exactly how *I* see it.
MADGE: It is *our* house and now it's *our* dream, too.
The two of them hug, happily.
No. 32
Joe heads into the kitchen, where Toby and Katie have set out more bread and fillings. Joe sighs heavily and points out that they had sangers for *breakfast*. Toby tells him:
TOBY: They weren't very good, were they?
JOE: Yeah, well, I'm getting the hang of it. I'll be fine by Tuesday.
TOBY: You need practice or the kids will laugh at you.
Joe sighs again and asks what the first order is. He starts buttering a slice of bread. Jane comes in through the back door with some flowers which she puts in a vase. She then murmurs distantly that she thinks she'll leave them to it: if anyone wants her, she'll be at Gail's house.
JOE: Like Clarkey, you mean?
JANE (beams): *Especially* Clarkey!
Toby and Katie give Joe six out of ten for his sandwich! They suggest he do one more. Joe gives in but tells them:
JOE: I'll do one or two more, but I'll tell you what: this is the real thing - you with me, kids? This isn't practice; this is *lunch*!
Back yard of No. 26
Helen is painting in the back yard of No. 26 when Jane wanders over and asks her if she knows when Paul and Gail are coming home. Helen says she doesn't, and she asks if *she* can help. Jane explains that she was looking for a sounding board. Helen tells her to sound away! Jane announces:
JANE: Des and I are engaged!
HELEN (smiles): Well... congratulations!
JANE (warily): Can I ask why you hesitated?
HELEN: Well, I-I-I didn't really hesitate; I'm just surprised: I had no idea this was in the wind.
JANE: Neither did I 'til last night - but I'm very happy.
HELEN: I'm sure you are. This is *wonderful* news!
JANE: Yeah. I'm just a bit worried about people's reactions: the age difference... Daphne...
HELEN: Everyone will wish you well, I'm certain of that. But what about Mike? How's *he* taking the news?
JANE: I haven't spoken to him yet - but Des has: I'm sure it'll be all right.
HELEN: Yes, well, don't be surprised if he isn't terribly enthusiastic.
Helen then gives Jane a warm hug and smiles that she deserves every happiness.
No. 28
Joe is shaking Des's hand enthusiastically, saying:
JOE: Congratulations, mate. You marry a Mangel, you're one of the tribe!
He adds that if Des does one thing wrong by Jane, he's got *him* to deal with, and if that doesn't put the fear into him he'll stick his mum onto Des! He then adds meekly:
JOE: About Kerry... you know: me thinking you were trying to crack on to her. I was up the wrong tree there, mate, like a possum up a telegraph pole. Apologies.
DES: Forget it.
JOE: And listen - I'm going to patch it up with Mr. Udiwotsi too - leave it with me!
He adds that he can't have Jane marrying some out-of-work, no-hoper bludger! There's a knock at the front door as Des insists nervously that *he'll* fix the situation with Mr. Udagawa! He opens the door to Harold, and Joe asks him straight away if the bush telegraph has hit him yet. He then explains eagerly about Des and Jane getting married. Looking surprised, Harold remarks:
HAROLD: Bit sudden isn't it, Des?
DES: Yeah, I suppose it *is*!
Joe goes to get some beers and a soft drink from the 'fridge while Harold says to Des in concern:
HAROLD: Des, I like both you and Jane very much, so I feel I have the right to say this. You, er, you've heard the old saying 'Marry in haste, repent at leisure'? Hm?
DES: It's not exactly in haste, Harold; I mean, Jane and I have known each other for ages.
HAROLD: Well, yeah, yes of course you have.
With that, Harold shakes Des's hand. Joe returns with the drinks as Harold says he and Madge will have to miss the wedding, as they'll be in Scotland by the time Des and Jane take their vows. Des asks how soon they're going. Harold replies that the house is on the market - which is why he wanted to speak to Des. He indicates to Joe that this is private, and Joe steps away. Harold then tells Des:
HAROLD: I wanted to further our discussion about you buying me out of the Coffee Shop.
DES: Oh right, yeah, yeah. Well, with the superannuation coming through, it should be no probs.
HAROLD (beams): Ah, well, big changes for both of us, eh? Very exciting!
Des asks if Madge is excited about it too. Harold smiles that she's been very supportive; he thinks she's as anxious to get away as *he* is!
Ramsay Street
Madge walks down the driveway of No. 24 with a man who hands her a copy of an agreement. He then goes to his car and takes out a 'For Sale' sign, which he hammers into the earth by the front wall of the garden. He smiles at Madge:
ESTATE AGENT: Don't you worry: this place will sell in no time.
Madge stands there looking upset.
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Toby Mangel, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0996
Toby Mangel, Katie Landers

Des Clarke, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0996
Des Clarke, Jane Harris

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0996
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0996
Mike Young

Mike Young, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0996
Mike Young, Jamie Clarke, Des Clarke

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0996
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Joe Mangel, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0996
Joe Mangel, Mike Young

Jane Harris, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0996
Jane Harris, Joe Mangel

Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0996
Joe Mangel, Toby Mangel, Katie Landers

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0996
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Toby Mangel, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0996
Toby Mangel, Katie Landers

Toby Mangel, Jane Harris, Joe Mangel, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0996
Toby Mangel, Jane Harris, Joe Mangel, Katie Landers

Jane Harris, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0996
Jane Harris, Helen Daniels

Harold Bishop, Des Clarke, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0996
Harold Bishop, Des Clarke, Joe Mangel

Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0996
Madge Bishop

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