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Neighbours Episode 0993 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0993
Australian airdate: 28/06/89
UK airdate: 04/09/90
UK Gold: 21/08/96
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Summary/Images by: Graham
Todd telling Helen and Jim that Alison is going home to Adelaide and he's going with her.
No. 26
Jim asks Todd if he isn't being a little hasty, and Helen adds that no one's trying to drive Alison out of the house. Jim asks if they can sit down and talk it through. Todd, however, retorts that they've made up their minds. With that, he and Alison storm off to his bedroom, leaving Helen sighing at Jim that she honestly didn't mean to offend them. Jim tells her to give them a bit of time: they'll cool down. Beverly and Katie come in through the back door. Looking at the expressions on Jim and Helen's faces, Beverly asks what's wrong.
JIM: Alison's going back to Adelaide.
BEVERLY: That's not exactly *bad* news, is it?!
JIM: Todd's going with her.
Beverly and Katie look shocked. Beverly asks why, and Helen explains about her Alison not doing the dishes and painting her nails instead, and Todd taking her side. Katie asks what will happen to *her* if Todd goes back to Adelaide. Jim points out that Todd hasn't gone yet; they'll see if they can't change his mind.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is speaking into a Dictaphone as Gail comes in and tells him that Pearl Barker, Hilary's friend, is there. Looking astonished, Paul asks what she wants. Gail explains that she wants to meet Hilary's business partner. Paul sighs heavily and asks what she's like.
GAIL: Oo, fangs... horns... cloven hooves...!
PAUL (sighs): Gail, what is she *really* like?!
GAIL: She's lovely! Just say hello, OK?
With that, Gail opens the door to a white-haired woman in her 60s or 70s. She looks at Paul and exclaims that Hilary didn't tell her he was so handsome!
PAUL (murmurs): I wonder what she *did* tell you!
PEARL: Pardon?
Gail tells Paul that he'll have to speak up, as Pearl is hard of hearing. Pearl indicates the hearing aid she's wearing and says loudly:
PEARL: My battery's running down!
Paul welcomes her to Lassiter's and wishes her a pleasant stay. Pearl tells him that she's just come out of hospital.
PAUL: Nothing serious, I hope?
PEARL (dismissively): Oh, women's problems!
Gail gives her a look!
PAUL: Right, well, if there's anything you need at all, just yell!
Gail gives *him* a look!
No. 30
Matt, Sharon and Hilary are having dinner. Sharon is telling Hilary that she doesn't have a romantic streak *in* her: Nick was serenading her, which was a lovely thing to do, and Hilary chucked water over him. Hilary just retorts that the boy is a complete waste of time - and as for Helen suggesting that he's more intelligent than Matthew... With that, she turns to Matt and asks how his study programme is coming along.
MATT: Fine.
HILARY: How many hours have you set yourself per evening?
MATT: Um... about half an hour.
HILARY (aghast): Half?! That is totally inappropriate. According to Mr. Muir, you'll need four times that much.
Matt mutters that he may as well move his bed into the *classroom*! Hilary, however, insists that it's just a matter of planning, and she suggests he get his study timetable and she'll help him get it organised. Matt goes to his room. When he's gone, Hilary tells Sharon - who's picking at her food - that she's not leaving the table until she's finished her meal. Sharon replies that she had a snack at the Coffee Shop. Hilary, however, tells her that that's a practice she'll be discontinuing - and she can finish her meal before it gets cold. With that, Hilary gets up and leaves the room. Left on her own, Sharon takes her plate over to the bin...
No. 26
The next morning, Todd is talking to his mother on the 'phone. Beverly sits down at the kitchen table with Nick, Jim and Helen and tells them that Annette was very surprised - naturally. Jim asks if she might advise Todd against leaving. Beverly, however, points out that Annette's his mother: she's hardly going to say 'no'. Todd hangs up and he, Katie and Alison walk over to the table. Jim asks him what his mother said.
TODD: If you pay for the bus fare, she'll send you a cheque to cover it.
HELEN (pleads): Won't you change your mind? Nobody wants you to go.
TODD (flatly): No. It's OK.
HELEN: Very well. I just hope everything turns out all right for you, that's all.
With that, Helen gets up and gives Todd a hug. She then announces that she's got to be going, and she heads out. Todd asks Jim if he can drive him to the station, and Jim says he can. Nick says he's got to go and see Sharon. He shakes Todd's hand. Beverly suggests that Todd, Katie and Alison have some breakfast. Helen comes back in suddenly and remarks that she seems to have lost the brooch that Bill gave her for her 21st birthday. Alison sits there looking suddenly shifty...
No. 30
Nick comes in through the back door and tells Sharon and Matt that Todd's going back to Adelaide. Hilary comes in and, looking surprised to see Nick there, says tartly:
HILARY: You haven't actually moved in here, have you?
HILARY: Oh good. For a moment, I wasn't sure!
Hilary then suggests to Matt that they get going. Matt, however, points out that they've discussed before that he doesn't want to arrive with a member of staff. Hilary, however, points out that it's early and no one will see him arrive with her - and he'll have all that extra study time, which she'll knock off his time tonight. Matt gives in! Hilary adds:
HILARY: I'd offer you a lift too, Nick, but I'm sure you have far more important things to do than study.
With that, she and Matt head out. Nick muses to Sharon that he and Hilary are getting on better than they used to! He then asks if he can have some of the toast on the table.
SHARON: Sure - I'm not hungry.
Sharon then asks about Todd, and Nick explains about Helen giving Alison a hard time, deciding to split and Todd going with her. Sharon just stares at Nick's slice of toast as he piles it with butter and marmalade...
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Gail is sitting at the reception desk when Pearl Barker comes in. Gail asks in a raised voice:
GAIL: How are you, Miss. Barker?
PEARL (loudly!): I'm very well - although I have been better.
Paul joins them and asks Pearl what they can do for her.
PEARL: It's my room.
GAIL: You're not happy with it?
PEARL: Oh, it's lovely - but, you know, I was hoping to relax and recuperate, but what with all this drilling and hammering going on, it's just impossible.
Paul explains that they're in the middle of renovations. Pearl asks if there's any chance of moving her to a *quiet* room. Paul smiles through gritted teeth that he'll take her over to reception straight away and they'll organise it. He puts his arm round Pearl and escorts her out. She turns back to Gail and beams:
PEARL: If only I was thirty years younger!
No. 26
Todd and Alison are pashing on the sofa. When they pull apart, Todd smiles that it's great being alone together. The front door opens suddenly and Helen comes in. She asks Todd if he's all packed, and Todd nods that he's nearly there. Helen then says she's going to wash her hands and make a cup of tea. She asks Alison and Todd if they'll join her. Todd accepts, but Alison declines, and Todd quickly changes his mind. Helen then asks if either of them managed to spot her brooch. Todd tells her they didn't. Helen changes the subject and says:
HELEN: Todd, you're not going home just because of what I said to Alison, are you?
TODD: No... it's just time, that's all.
Helen smiles in relief. She walks off to the bathroom. Alison suddenly says she feels cold, and Todd tells her that he'll get her jumper from her bag. He heads into the kitchen, where Alison's bag is resting on one of the chairs at the table. He opens the bag, reaches in and then recoils his hand in pain. He reaches back into the bag more carefully and removes a brooch. He stares at it and then looks across at the lounge room. Frowning, he grabs Alison's jumper, marches back into the lounge room, throws Alison's jumper at her and says coolly:
TODD: I just pricked my finger on this brooch. It's Helen's, isn't it?
Helen comes back in at that moment and asks:
HELEN: *What's* Helen's?
Alison tells her quickly that she found her brooch outside last night.
HELEN (looking surprised): And you're only telling me about it *now*?
ALISON: Sorry - I forgot. Todd was with me, weren't you, Todd?
Helen turns to look at Todd, who doesn't respond. Helen presses that it's a simple enough question:
HELEN: *Were* you with Alison when she found my brooch?
TODD (after a brief hesitation): No - she didn't find it; *I* found it - in her bag. I'm pretty sure I know where that thirty bucks went, too.
Alison glares at Todd.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Hilary walks into the office with Pearl and tells Paul and Gail that the arrangements they've made for Miss. Barker are still not satisfactory: the noise from the workmen is still just as loud. Paul insists that it *can't* be: her room is on the other side of the hotel; *they'd* be able to hear it as well.
PEARL: I'm amazed you *can't* - it never *stops*.
Hilary says curtly that she assumed Paul and Gail would go out of their way to help a friend of hers - considering the circumstances... Paul mutters:
PAUL: Leave it to me - I'll get her another room.
With that, Hilary escorts Pearl back out. Paul sighs at Gail that the only other room that's further away from the one Pearl is in is a suite - and it's occupied. Gail shrugs that there's not much they can do, then. Paul points out that *they* didn't bail the company out with a $100,000 investment, and that is something Hilary isn't going to let them forget.
Driveway of No. 26
Todd pulls open the front passenger-side door of Jim's car, angrily. Alison demands:
ALISON: Aren't you *coming* to see me off?
TODD (bitterly): Do you care?
ALISON: What's *your* problem? They can afford thirty bucks.
TODD: Maybe - but what *else* did you nick?
ALISON: You're a great one to talk. At least I don't dob on my mates.
TODD: You made an idiot out of me - and I'm not just your mate, I'm your boyfriend.
ALISON (mutters): Don't kid yourself.
TODD: So you go around kissing *all* your mates, do you?
ALISON: *Most* of them - and they're a lot better at it than *you*.
With that, Alison climbs into the car. Jim, Helen and Beverly emerge from the house and Helen tells Todd that she's sorry this happened. Todd murmurs that he's fine. Jim climbs into the car and reverses it into the street. Todd walks down the driveway and watches it go. He looks hurt.
No. 26
A while later, Helen and Beverly are in the kitchen, Helen remarking that it's not a very good way for a young boy to begin his love life. Jim arrives home and remarks cheerily:
JIM: Well, she's not *our* problem anymore.
BEVERLY: Todd *is*.
Jim sighs and asks how he's taking it. Helen replies that it's the end of the world. Nick comes in from the lounge room and tells them that Todd's miserable: he tried to tell him that *he's* been through it all, but right now he's more worried about going through it all again him*self*. Jim asks him what he means. Nick explains that he's not crazy about the idea of Matt living so close to Sharon. He then announces that he's going to get changed and head over. Jim says he'll try and talk to Todd. He heads through to the lounge room, where Todd is sitting looking glum. He asks sadly:
TODD: You reckon she liked me at *all*?
JIM: Well of course she did.
TODD: She made out she had heaps of other guys back in Adelaide.
JIM: Well that might be true, but it doesn't mean she didn't like you as well.
TODD: Yeah, well, she lied about everything *else*.
Jim tells him that it was partly their fault as well: they shouldn't have opened their home to a perfect stranger. Todd points out that it worked with *Nick*, but Jim reminds him that Helen spoke up for Nick, and she's usually a pretty good judge of character.
TODD: What did she think of Alison?
JIM: Er, well, let's just say that, um, she had her reservations.
TODD: I wish she would've told *me* about them.
JIM: Would you have listened?
TODD: Probably not.
Jim suggests they get this into perspective: it's the first time Todd has been hurt by someone and it's unlikely to be the last. Todd, however, declares that he's had it with women!
No. 30
Matt and Sharon are in the kitchen and Matt remarks that Todd didn't look very happy. Sharon shrugs that he's at that stage. Matt comments that *she* doesn't look that happy either. Sharon mutters at him not to give her a hard time. Hilary comes in and asks Matt curtly if he's not studying yet.
MATT: This may come as a bit of a shock to you, Hilary, but there are some waking moments during the day when I do do something else!
HILARY: *I* don't call it 'something else', I call it 'nothing at all'.
MATT (grins): I know - it's great, isn't it?!
Changing the subject, Hilary tells Sharon that it's her turn on kitchen duty tonight. Sharon, however, replies that she won't be eating anything, as she's not hungry. Hilary asks curtly if she's been snacking at the Coffee Shop again. Sharon retorts that she hasn't; she just doesn't feel like anything to eat. Hilary tells her tersely:
HILARY: If you don't eat, you die.
SHARON: Oh I'll hardly cark it if I miss a single meal!
Hilary tells Sharon that she needs some exercise to build up an appetite, and she suggests she go outside and skim the leaves off the pool. Sharon gives in and goes to get changed. Hilary tells Matt that *she'll* cook tonight and *he* can start to study. Matt, however, tells her that forcing him to study isn't going to help: he's not interested in the competition and he doesn't care if Nick gets better marks than him.
HILARY: Look, I know you think Helen and I are behaving like children over this, but I only want what's best for you.
MATT: Yeah, I *know* that.
HILARY: There are no substitutes for qualifications: if you want any sort of career, you'll have to do well at school. You do *want* a career, don't you?
MATT: I don't know. I--; (shrugs) yes I guess so.
HILARY: So you see my point?
MATT (giving in): I'll get my books.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Gail is talking on the 'phone to Jane as Paul pours himself a coffee. A workman comes in and tells Paul that the men are just knocking off for a union meeting and will be back on site in half an hour or so. The man heads back out as Gail hangs up. Pearl Barker comes in and, looking upset, cries at Paul and Gail:
PEARL: I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I can't get any peace at *all*. These wretched workmen are driving me batty. I can't even hear my telly serials. I simply *have* to move to another hotel.
Gail suggests quickly that surely it's not *that* drastic? Pearl, however, retorts:
PEARL: How can you concentrate with all this noise going on?
Gail looks at Paul in surprise, as it's so quiet. Paul says loudly:
PAUL: Miss. Barker, if we weren't talking, you'd be able to hear a *pin* drop.
PEARL: A pin drop? Good heavens, you must be deafer than *I* am! There's an infernal racket going on. It's giving me a headache.
Paul appears to have a thought suddenly and he asks Pearl if he can check her hearing aid. Pearl insists indignantly that it's perfectly all right, but Paul presses her and she gives in. She hands over the aid and Paul discovers a loose wire. He fiddles with it and then hands the device back to Pearl. She exclaims:
PEARL: It's stopped! Have the workmen knocked off?!
PAUL: No, no, it was a loose wire! Just static caused the noise in your hearing aid!
Pearl apologises for the trouble and Gail wishes her an enjoyable stay. Pearl, however, then asks if she could trouble them one more time and have her original room back. Gail smiles that they'll see to it right away. With that, Pearl thanks them and heads out. When she's gone, Gail murmurs to Paul:
GAIL: Let's hope Hilary doesn't have too many *more* friends.
PAUL: Amen to that!
Back yard of No. 30
Sharon is skimming the leaves from the pool as Hilary takes down the washing, talking about the books she enjoys. She asks Sharon if she has Fitzgerald on her syllabus. Sharon just looks at her blankly and asks:
HILARY: F. Scott Fitzgerald: are you studying him this year?
SHARON: No - um, Harper Lee.
HILARY: 'To Kill a Mockingbird' - it's a wonderful book. She never wrote another, you know?
Sharon suddenly begins to look woozy, and Hilary asks in concern if she's unwell. Sharon insists quickly that she's fine; just a bit tired. Hilary mutters that she certainly hasn't worn herself out on the *leaves*. As Sharon stares at the leaves in the water, they begin to go in and out of focus. Hilary tells her not to take too long about it, and she heads back inside and closes the back door. All of a sudden, Sharon faints and falls into the water...
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Jim Robinson, Katie Landers in Neighbours Episode 0993
Jim Robinson, Katie Landers

Pearl Barker in Neighbours Episode 0993
Pearl Barker

Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0993
Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson

Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Alison Ryder, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0993
Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Alison Ryder, Todd Landers, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0993
Matt Robinson

Gail Robinson, Pearl Barker in Neighbours Episode 0993
Gail Robinson, Pearl Barker

Helen Daniels, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0993
Helen Daniels, Todd Landers

Alison Ryder in Neighbours Episode 0993
Alison Ryder

Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0993
Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Pearl Barker, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0993
Pearl Barker, Hilary Robinson

Todd Landers, Alison Ryder in Neighbours Episode 0993
Todd Landers, Alison Ryder

Todd Landers, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0993
Todd Landers, Jim Robinson

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0993
Hilary Robinson

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0993
Sharon Davies

Paul Robinson, Pearl Barker in Neighbours Episode 0993
Paul Robinson, Pearl Barker

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0993
Sharon Davies

Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0993
Sharon Davies

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