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Neighbours Episode 0988 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0988
Australian airdate: 12/06/89
UK airdate: 28/08/90
UK Gold: 14/08/96
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Graham
After Joe criticises Kerry's new hairstyle, Kerry accusing Joe of being more conservative than even Des used to be! Joe retorting that he always knew there was something going on between her and Desmond!
No. 28
Des is doing some washing-up as he listens to a tape, trying to continue learning Japanese. Kerry storms in suddenly, snapping that sometimes Joe is positively unreal. She goes on furiously:
KERRY: Can you believe this? He made me wear a hat: he thought my braids might shock his client.
DES: Well they *are* different. I kind of like 'em!
Kerry tells Des that *he* has an open mind and he's not afraid to try something new; Joe would go into shock if she so much as suggested he change his brand of beer!
DES: Yeah. Well, I hate to disillusion you, but when it comes to the crunch I'm a pretty square sort of guy myself, you know? I've enjoyed the time off, you know, but I've had enough.
KERRY (looking surprised): So you actually want to go back to work?
DES: Yeah... I miss the routine - so I'm not that different from Joe.
Kerry crosses her arms and mutters that she thanks God she's given herself some breathing space: she's just beginning to see what really makes Joe tick.
No. 32
Jane is sitting on the couch as Joe paces the floor and rants that he loves Kerry, but she can be a real ratbag sometimes: Jane should have heard her going on at Cohen this afternoon about the rich getting richer and the poor getting ground into the dust; and every time she opens her mouth it's 'Des this' and 'Des that': as soon as his back was turned, she grabbed her stuff and moved in with him. Jane insists that there's nothing going on between Des and Kerry, and suggests he and Kerry stay apart, cool down, then get back together and sort it out. Joe sits down and sighs:
JOE: I suppose you're right. You're *always* right, Jane! It's a pity you're going back to Lassiter's, you know? You could've got one of them counselling jobs!
He then asks Jane when she starts. She replies that it'll be on Monday - and she's really looking forward to it!
No. 26
Beverly, Jim, Helen and Todd are having breakfast. Beverly suggests that someone might like to wake Alison, and Todd goes to give her a call. When he's gone, Beverly remarks that Alison certainly has a healthy appetite.
HELEN: And a penchant for sleeping in: it was nearly lunchtime before she got up yesterday.
JIM (grimly): Not that she makes much of an effort when she *does* get up.
BEVERLY: Still, Todd's thrilled she's here, and that's the main thing.
JIM: Even if she does treat him as her own personal slave.
BEVERLY (smiles): Love's a wonderful thing: that's what *you* said!
Jim remembers suddenly that he's got to pay the newsagent, as he got a reminder notice. Helen says she'll do that, and she takes the notice and some money from Jim and puts them both on top of the 'fridge. Todd returns with Alison and Helen offers her breakfast. She asks for Honey Pops and lots of toast with sugar and jam!
No. 28
Des comes in through the front door, holding a newspaper and chuckling to Kerry that he just saw Harold bringing in his own garbage tin: it's not like a titled gent to be doing his own dirty work! Kerry looks at him blankly and remarks that she must've missed something. Des explains about Harold checking out his Scottish ancestry and about how he's now the Earl of Doon! Kerry laughs that she'd better get over and check this out for herself. There's suddenly a thumping on the front door. Looking annoyed, Kerry tells Des that it'll probably be Joe, and she doesn't want to speak to him. She takes the kids out the back. Des opens the door to Joe, who demands to know where Kerry is. Des retorts that she needs a bit more time: she's still a bit steamed up over the barbecue.
JOE (angrily): Since when did *you* decide if I see Kerry or not?
DES: I'm just telling you the way it is. Now, if you're smart, you'll take my advice.
JOE (retorts): Yeah, well, you take my girl. I'm awake to you, pal.
Des sighs that there's nothing going on between him and Kerry. Joe retorts that he'd like to hear that from *Kerry*. He tries to barge past Des, but Des stops him. Joe mutters that he's not going to forget this.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Jane is sitting at Gail's desk as Gail tells her that she'll tidy up a few things and then get out of her way. She then heads out to the reception area. Paul comes in and smiles at Jane that it's good to have her back - and he's not going to make a mistake like Kevin Harvey again: now that Hilary's invested in the company, the sky's the limit! Jane asks if the repairs are still a big problem. Paul tells her that the concrete still has to be fixed, but the builders assured him that it can be done section-by-section, which means they only need to vacate a few rooms at a time. Gail rejoins them and tells them that the signwriter is just about finished.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul, Gail and Jane emerge from the office and look up at where a signwriter is finishing a sign above the front of the office which says 'The Robinson Corporation incorporating Home James'. Gail smiles that it's been a struggle, but they've finally made it.
JANE: Congratulations, both of you!
PAUL: Hey, you're part of the team too. You mark my words: the Robinson Corporation's really going places now. Big-time here we come!
No. 26
The Robinsons are finishing lunch. Beverly and Jim head off back to work and Helen stands up and says she has a gallery to check out. She asks Todd to do the dishes and clear-up. Todd assures her that he'll do it before he goes back to school. Helen heads out, leaving Alison to tell Todd that she wishes he didn't have to go back to school this afternoon: it gets pretty lonely when he's not there.
TODD (uncertainly): Well... I guess I could take *one* afternoon off...
Alison exclaims that that would be great! Todd asks her what she wants to do and she suggests the pinball parlour. Todd, however, tells her sheepishly that he's not allowed to go there. Alison remarks pointedly that she didn't think he was the goody-goody type. Todd says quickly that he's not. The two of them head out, Todd saying he'll take Alison the long way, as there's something he wants to show her.
Office of the Robinson Corporation
Paul is talking to Hilary on the 'phone, sounding frustrated. He hangs up and Jane asks what Hilary was on about. Paul explains that Hilary wants them to start putting baskets of fruit and flowers in the motel rooms again, as good public relations. Jane nods that it gives customers the right impression. Paul heads out to speak to housekeeping. Gail comes in from the reception area with some figures for Jane, and she comments to Jane that it seems strange that they've swapped roles, but she'll get used to it. They start discussing the way Jane has set out figures differently to how Gail did it. Gail remarks that she would've thought *her* system was a lot simpler.
JANE: Well you don't have to worry about it anymore: *my* job now, and this is the way I'm going to do it.
GAIL: Yes... of course...
Jane then hands Gail a sheet of paper and asks her if she can type it up for her. Gail, looking put out, murmurs that she'll start on it right away.
Lassiter's Lake
Alison and Todd are sitting by the lake, Todd throwing stones into the water. Alison asks what's so special about the place, and Todd replies that he just likes coming there; he thought it would be a good place to talk. Alison asks what about. Looking awkward, Todd says:
TODD: Look, I've never said this to a girl before. I like you, Alison - I mean I really, really like you.
ALISON (smiles): I like you too, you know? Kind of cute!
TODD: You do?
ALISON (nods): Uh huh.
The two of them start pashing.
No. 28
Kerry is playing with Sky and Jamie as Des talks on the 'phone. He hangs up and tells Kerry that that was Gordon Hemmings on the 'phone - State Manager for Pacific: it looks like the holiday's over. Kerry smiles that for anyone else that would be depressing! Des, however, explains:
DES: You know Paul and Gail keep talking about Mr. Udagawa? They've been doing deals with him for ages, right?
DES: Well apparently they gave me a really big rap, right, so Udagawa's thinking about using our bank for all his business in Australia.
Kerry asks Des what that does for him personally.
DES: Well, plenty. The reason he's using our bank is because I'll be handling the deal. Hemmings, he was rapt!
Kerry muses that she'll never understand why, but Des really is rapt in his job! Des tells her that the break's been good - especially spending time with Jamie - but he wants to get back out there. Kerry asks when.
DES: Hemmings wants me to front-up tomorrow morning, meet Udagawa and clinch the deal.
He then says he's going to pop down to the shops and he might drop in on Paul and check out the background on Mr. Udagawa.
Ramsay Street
Des pull his car out of the driveway. He spots Joe working on the engine of his ute outside No. 32 and pulls up next to him. He calls:
DES: G'day, mate! Just got a call from the bank: looks like my holiday's over.
JOE: Yeah? Well tell somebody who wants to know, why don't ya?
Des gives up and drives off. A truck suddenly comes up the road and stops next to Joe. The driver tells Joe that he's got a load of bark chips for a guy in the street named Robinson, but he can't make out the number on the order. Joe, however, looks around and then points out No. 28, telling the driver that the chips are to be dumped in the middle of the driveway so it doesn't spoil the grass. With that, the driver goes and offloads the chips onto Des's drive! Joe watches and chuckles!
No. 26
Beverly and Helen arrive home to find the kitchen table hasn't been cleared. Helen sighs that Todd promised faithfully that he'd do the dishes and clean up. Beverly remarks that it's not like Todd to go back on a promise. Helen calls out for Alison, but there's no response. She concludes that the girl must have gone out somewhere. Beverly remarks that she's not sure that having Alison there is a good idea. At that moment, Todd and Alison come in through the back door and Todd explains quickly that Alison met him after school so they could walk home together. Beverly says coolly:
BEVELRY: I believe you promised Helen you'd do the dishes.
ALISON: Oh. Sorry. We'll do them now.
TODD (to Alison): You want to watch that quiz show, though, didn't you?
With that, Todd tells Alison to go and watch the telly and *he'll* do the dishes. Alison heads through to the lounge room, leaving Beverly to tell Todd that she knows Alison's his guest, but that doesn't mean he has to wait on her hand and foot.
TODD (smiles): I don't mind doing things for people I like - and I really like Alison.
Beverly looks at Helen in concern.
Reception area at the Robinson Corporation
Paul and Gail are offering Des congratulations on landing the Udagawa account. The 'phone rings and Gail goes to answer it, leaving Des to remark to Paul that he must have given him a pretty big rap to Udagawa; he just hopes he can live up to it. Paul tells Des that Udagawa will be more than impressed that Des is learning his language. Des says he might go home and start working on that tape again! He heads out and Paul follows him. Jane emerges from the office and asks Gail to retype the letter for her. Gail looks at the sheet of paper Jane hands her and says:
GAIL: You've altered it.
JANE: No, *you* altered it, and I really would prefer it the way I originally wrote it.
GAIL: Oh. I see.
JANE: And perhaps in future you could ask me before you re-write any of my correspondence?
GAIL: I just thought it was a bit formal for such an old client.
JANE: Well, you see it's *my* signature at the bottom of the letter, and it's only natural that I should approach our clients differently than you do; after all, they've only known me as a secretary until now. And I really don't think this arrangement is going to work if you expect me to be a carbon copy of yourself.
Gail points out that she was only trying to help. Jane, however, reminds Gail that she coped very well when Gail and Paul were in America. Gail mutters that she doesn't understand why Jane is making such an issue about it.
JANE: Gail, it's the way you did it, without asking me first. Now, I'd appreciate it if you stop breathing down my neck and let me get on with my job, OK?
Gail sits there looking astonished.
Ramsay Street
Joe is still working on the engine of his ute when Des drives up the street and finds the pile of woodchips blocking his driveway. He climbs out of his car and stares at the heap in disbelief! Joe calls gleefully:
JOE: What's the problem, mate?
DES (snaps): Look what some lunatic's dumped in my driveway.
JOE (chuckles): Well where *else* would you want them to dump it?
DES: I didn't want them dumped *anywhere*. I didn't *order* bark chips.
Des then calls that Joe was out the front: he must've seen who did it. Joe, however, shrugs that he wouldn't have a clue. Des, however, demands:
DES: This wouldn't be your idea of a joke, would it?
JOE: Would I do a thing like that?!
At that moment, Jim pulls up in his car and walks over to Des, who mutters at him:
DES: What do you think of the little surprise *someone* [he glares at Joe] left me?
Jim, however, explains that *he* ordered the bark chips. He apologises to Des and says he'll get a wheelbarrow and start moving them.
No. 26
Helen and Beverly are talking about the paintings Helen saw at the gallery when Jim walks in. Helen offers him a cup of tea, but Jim explains that he's got to go and collect the bark chips from Des's. Helen says she'd better get to the shops, otherwise there won't be any dessert tonight.
BEVERLY: And Alison wouldn't like *that*!
Helen goes to head out, but suddenly remembers that Jim wanted her to pay the newspaper account. She goes to get the note from the 'fridge. When she returns, she asks uncertainly:
HELEN: Did anyone take the $30 from the top of the 'fridge?
Jim and Beverly both say they didn't. Helen remarks that that's funny: she put the money with the newsagent account this morning, and the account's still there but the money's gone. Jim suggests that it could've fallen down the side of the 'fridge, but Helen tells him that she put Des's vase on top of them both so that they wouldn't fall off. Beverly asks Helen if she's sure she didn't put the money in her purse.
HELEN: *Quite* sure.
BEVERLY: Well obviously someone's taken it.
HELEN: Yes, but *who*?
BEVERLY: I don't know. It wouldn't be Todd or Katie.
JIM: Todd's done it *before*.
BEVELRY: That was a long time ago, and I think he's grown up a lot since then.
HELEN: And *Nick* certainly wouldn't dream of it.
Beverly pauses before suggesting:
BEVERLY: Alison?
HELEN: A--; yes, well, she was here on her own before she walked down to the school to meet Todd.
JIM (points out): There doesn't seem to be any other answer.
BEVERLY: We can't tell Todd his girlfriend's a thief: it would break his heart - but what *are* we going to do...?
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Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0988
Des Clarke, Kerry Bishop

Joe Mangel, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0988
Joe Mangel, Jane Harris

Alison Ryder, Beverly Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0988
Alison Ryder, Beverly Robinson

Des Clarke, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0988
Des Clarke, Joe Mangel

Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0988
Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Gail Robinson

Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0988
Gail Robinson, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Alison Ryder, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0988
Alison Ryder, Todd Landers

Jane Harris, Gail Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0988
Jane Harris, Gail Robinson

Alison Ryder, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0988
Alison Ryder, Todd Landers

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0988
Des Clarke

Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0988
Joe Mangel

Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers in Neighbours Episode 0988
Beverly Robinson, Todd Landers

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0988
Des Clarke

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0988
Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0988
Jim Robinson

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