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Neighbours Episode 0982 from 1989 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0982
Australian airdate: 13/06/89
UK airdate: 20/08/90
UK Gold: 06/08/96
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Graham
Barbara Young telling Des that she wants Mike's trust fund back. Mike walking in as Des snaps at Mrs. Young that he's glad she's not *his* mother, and telling him to butt-out.
No. 28
Des mutters to Mrs. Young:
DES: OK. Fair enough. I apologise. It was none of my business, so let's just forget it, will we? Dinner's almost ready.
Mrs. Young replies that she isn't one to harbour grudges. She heads off to freshen-up, leaving Des to tell Mike that he wants to explain. Mike, however, retorts that he knows Des thinks his mum could've done better by him in the past, but he really thinks she's trying to make up for it now. Des, though, tells Mike that his mother being in town has nothing to do with his birthday other than the fact that he turns 21: she's after Mike's trust fund. Mike demands:
MIKE: She *told* you that, did she?
DES: More or less. It wasn't hard to read between the lines.
Mike, however, snaps that if there's a problem, he and his mum will sort it out without anyone else sticking their nose in where it's not wanted.
Back yard of No. 30
Nick, Sharon and Matt are laughing about how Nick got in trouble at school for throwing his books at a fellow pupil, leading to them all getting a lunchtime detention. Hilary emerges from the house and demands to know why the three of them aren't doing their homework. She then hands Matt a paint chart and tells him to let her know what colour he decides. She walks off again, leaving Sharon to ask Matt why Hilary's letting him repaint his room when he's only staying for a little while. Matt explains that he messed up the wall with posters and stuff - but Hilary has that final say on the colours, so black is probably out of the question!
No. 26
Beverly, Jim and Helen are eating dinner when there's a knock on the back door and Harold walks in sheepishly. He murmurs stiffly that he apologises for the intrusion, before then going on that he's sure everyone is highly amused at Katie polluting their swimming pool with the crystals, but it's left a residue on the tiles that will have to be scrubbed off and he doesn't think it's fair that that's left to Madge and himself. Jim nods that he agrees. A look of surprise crosses Harold's face, and he tells everyone that he'll see them first thing in the morning. Jim, however, points out sharply that tomorrow's a work day: *he* has to go to the workshop and Beverly has surgery.
HAROLD (mutters): I see, yes: pure lip service, that's all you're good for is it?
JIM (retorts): No it isn't.
HAROLD: Well that's what it *sounds* like, Jim.
Helen suggests that it could wait until Saturday, but Harold retorts that he's not prepared to leave it that long. Jim snaps that they'll do it on Saturday morning, and as far as he's concerned, that's a fair and reasonable offer.
HAROLD: I see - so the whole thing will be done by the time you get your lazy lot motivated.
JIM (looking furious): Take a hike, Harold - and when you can discuss the matter without resorting to personal insults, you can come back.
Jim then grabs Harold's arm and starts dragging him to the front door! Beverly murmurs to Helen that she doesn't like this. The front door slams and Jim storms back into the kitchen, demanding angrily:
JIM: Can you believe that man?
BEVERLY (gasps): He came in here *looking* for a fight.
JIM: And that's exactly what he *got*. As far as I'm concerned, they can take their swimming pool and-
No. 24
Harold heads in through the front door of No. 24, rubbing his face and looking astonished. Madge asks what happened and Harold tells her about Jim grabbing him by the arm, dragging him to the door and throwing him out. He adds that he could've been seriously injured - and now he's got a migraine coming on. Madge pleads with him not to let it get to him, and she suggests that he go and have a lie-down. Harold snaps that he doesn't want them getting away with it. Madge assures him that they won't...
No. 28
Des, Mike and Barbara Young are having dinner, but the atmosphere is tense. Des decides to go and check on the kids. When he's gone, Mrs. Young asks Mike if there's anyone special in his life. Looking awkward, Mike replies that there isn't at the moment - although there was *someone*: Jenny. Mrs. Young asks what happened.
MIKE: Well... I liked her a lot; we even talked about getting married at one stage. She was in a pretty serious accident, though; needed lots of specialist medical care, which doesn't come cheap.
MRS. YOUNG: I can well imagine. Must've been a terrible burden on her family.
MIKE: No, it was on, er, *me*, actually. I had to pay all her medical expenses out of my trust fund.
MRS. YOUNG: How much did it come to?
MIKE: Everything I had.
MRS. YOUNG (sharply): You're joking...
MIKE: No, it's no joke, mum.
MRS. YOUNG (snaps): Then you're a *fool*! I don't believe it. How could you be taken in like that?
MIKE (snaps): I *wasn't* taken in; I was responsible for the accident.
MRS. YOUNG (rants): That was *our money*, Mike. We could've invested in property, done something for our future. Instead, you just frittered it away on a guilty conscience. You must've been crazy. What did you think you were doing? That was *our money*, Mike, and you've just thrown it away. I hope you're proud of yourself.
Mike stares at his mother in disbelief.
No. 30
Matt, Nick and Sharon are eating pizza in the lounge room when Hilary comes in and snaps that she wishes they'd eat in the kitchen instead of littering her lounge with crumbs and cartons. She turns to Matt and adds that she thought *he'd* know better. Matt sighs heavily and mutters at her not to start.
HILARY: I beg your pardon?
MATT: It's just that you never let up. 'Don't make a mess, Matthew', 'Tidy your room', 'Pick up all your clothes'.
Hilary just retorts that if she remained silent, they'd be living in a pigsty, which might suit Matt but would leave *her* wanting. She adds that she also doesn't want Matt growing up with common manners. She heads out of the room again, leaving Sharon to ask Matt how come Hilary cares so much about his manners. Matt shrugs that she and his family are pretty close; maybe she feels responsible for him? He then suggests that Nick and Sharon go and get their books and he'll clean up. Nick smiles:
NICK: Talk about 'under the thumb'!
With that, he and Sharon head off. Hilary rejoins Matt, who tells her that Sharon's getting suspicious about them. He then asks:
MATT: Why don't we tell her the truth? Why don't we tell *all* of them the truth? Are you *ashamed* of me?
HILARY: Of course not, Matthew - I'm ashamed of *me*; of myself. Matthew, never think for a second that I regret having you - because I don't; it's just vital that no one ever finds out that I was an unmarried mother. Now, I know that doesn't bother some people - *most* people - but it does me. That's just the way I am - and I could never live with the shame if the truth of it got out.
Matt nods his head understandingly.
No. 28
Mrs. Young is helping Mike clear away the dinner things, demanding of him as she does so:
MRS. YOUNG: Is there any chance this creature will pay it back?
MIKE (coolly): Her name's Jenny.
MRS. YOUNG: Will she pay back the money once her compensation comes through?
MIKE: I don't know.
MRS. YOUNG: Well haven't you asked her?
MIKE: No, of *course* I haven't - and quite frankly, she's going to need all the compensation she gets to provide her with a decent standard of living for the rest of her life.
MRS. YOUNG (demands): What about *our* standard of living?
MIKE: *Your* standard of living, you mean; I'm quite happy with *mine*, thanks.
MRS. YOUNG (snaps): Des had no right to sign that money over to you without my permission.
MIKE: Des signed the money over to me because I wanted it, and because Jenny needed it. He had my best interests at heart, which is a damn sight more than *you* have. You don't care about me, you just care about the *money*, don't you; well, it's gone - so why don't you go too, OK? I'll be glad to see the back of you.
MRS. YOUNG (exclaims): How dare you. I have every *right* to be angry - that was *my money*.
MIKE (snaps): Don't you understand? It's gone, OK? I'm sick of hearing about it - so why don't you just go? Get your bags and leave.
With that, Mrs. Young turns and walks off. Mike stands there looking upset.
No. 26
Beverly, Jim and Helen are sitting in the lounge room, and Beverly presses Jim to go and *talk* to Harold. Jim, however, retorts that there's no point until he takes a reasonable line. Nick and Sharon come in through the back door and Nick heads to his room to get his books, leaving Sharon to ask the Robinsons what they know about Matt's parents, the Williams family. Jim, however, replies that they don't know a *thing*. Helen adds that Hilary never mentioned them. Sharon asks if they don't think that's funny, seeing as Hilary and the Williamses are supposed to be such close friends. Beverly muses that Sharon's right: she's known Hilary for years and she's never heard her even *mention* the Williams family.
SHARON: She's so *protective* of Matt, and worried about the way he is and what people think of him.
Helen points out to Sharon that Hilary took the same attitude to *her* when her aunt left her with Hilary. Sharon says she just feels there's more to it. Helen, however, insists that she thinks Sharon is imagining things.
No. 28
Des puts Mrs. Young's cases down by the front door. Mrs. Young walks over to Mike and tells him softly that she thought he might have understood why she was so upset about him giving the money away.
MIKE (coolly): Spending it on a worthwhile cause, you mean...
Mrs. Young tells Mike that she had a terrible life with his father - and then, when he died, she thought she was entitled to a certain amount of happiness; that's why she took off overseas with the money he left her.
MIKE: And spent the whole lot?
MRS. YOUNG: Yes. It was like I was trying to make up for all the dreadful years I had with him; then when the money ran out, I realised I'd made no provision for the future.
Mike mutters that she left it a bit late, didn't she? Mrs. Young retorts that she knows it was silly, but she thought they could use the trust fund money as a deposit on a small unit; she thought that at last they could be together.
MIKE: And then I was to support you with my earnings, is that right?
MRS. YOUNG: Yes - I *am* your mother.
A car horn sounds outside and Des tells Mrs. Young that her taxi's there. Mrs. Young then says to Mike sincerely:
MRS. YOUNG: I love you, you know - despite what you might think.
MIKE: Where will you go?
MRS. YOUNG: To your Aunty Jean's - there's nowhere else I can afford.
DES (mutters): Could always get a job...
Ignoring Des, Mrs. Young says she'd better make a move. She walks to the door and Mike says:
MIKE: I'll see you, then.
MRS. YOUNG: Wouldn't it be lovely if that were true...
With that, Mrs. Young turns and walks out.
No. 30
Sharon is playing a few notes on Hilary's piano when Hilary comes in and reminds her that she's supposed to be studying. Sharon says she wishes she could play really *well*. Hilary tells her that she *could*.
MATT (teases): Yes, given the required amount of effort!
HILARY (to Matt): It's a pity *you* weren't prepared to.
Matt sighs that he's just not that interested.
HILARY (tersely): Oh, whatever is wrong with the youth of today?
Nick retorts that there's *nothing* wrong with the youth of today. Hilary tells him curtly that a boy like him wouldn't have the slightest idea of the sensitivity and discipline involved in mastering such a demanding instrument as the piano. Nick, however, stands up suddenly from where he's sitting on the floor, walks over to the piano, sits down and starts playing 'Für Elise' extremely competently. Hilary looks quite astonished!
No. 26
The next morning, Hilary is sitting at the Robinsons' kitchen table with Nick, Beverly, Jim and Helen, telling them that Nick has talent; they could've knocked her down with a feather last night when she heard him play! Beverly asks Nick where he learnt. Nick explains that it was from his gran - she taught piano for years. Hilary tells Nick that she's a qualified piano teacher; it would pain her very much to see his obvious talent go to seed. Nick, however, says he's not really interested; he wants to put all his energy into artwork now - and he's already got enough hassles with school.
HILARY (mutters): Typical of today's youth: not prepared to put in a little extra effort.
Before Nick can protest, Beverly points out to Hilary quickly that it *is* his decision. Nick goes off to gee-up Todd and Katie, leaving Beverly to change the subject and ask Hilary how she's coping with an extra teenager. Looking surprised, Hilary just shrugs that they go from day to day. Jim comments that he finds it strange that Hilary never mentioned Matt before - *or* his parents.
HILARY: Well it's all very simple: I've been a close family friend of the Williams' for many years. They felt a change of environment might help Matthew with his schoolwork. There's no mystery, Jim - and I'm sorry to disappoint you if you thought there *was*.
No. 28
Des sits down at the table with Mike, to have breakfast. Mike is looking glum. Des tells him that he knows it's easy to say, but Mike should try and buck up: he's got plenty of friends, and most of them will be at his 21st tonight. Mike, however, sighs:
MIKE: Look, Des, even aside from this thing that happened with mum, how many RSVPs have we had from Ramsay Street, eh? Hardly any. We might as well just call the whole thing off.
DES: But we're getting the band back together and everything!
MIKE: Des, let's just forget it, right? I'm sorry - I'd appreciate it if you'd tell everyone, just to save the few who *are* coming the cost of a present.
No. 26
As Beverly picks up her handbag before heading off to work, she remarks to Jim that Hilary seemed a bit defensive. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Jim opens it to find Harold and Madge on the step. He mutters:
JIM: Now *you* again.
Madge, however, barges in and snaps that they've got to talk, and she demands to know what the Robinsons are going to do about the pool.
JIM (retorts): We *were* going to clean it - but not until your husband apologises for calling my family names.
HAROLD (murmurs hesitantly): All right, I apologise.
Beverly repeats the idea of doing the cleaning-up next weekend. Madge, however, snaps that the stains could be *permanent* by then; they might have to replace the tiles. Helen asks if that's a fact or if Madge is just setting herself up as an expert. Harold mutters that they're doing it again: one minute they say they want to repair the damage, and the next they're trying to get out of it. Everyone suddenly starts talking at once, in raised voices - but they're interrupted by Des walking in and shouting over them all:
DES: That's it! That's it! That's it! Back to your corners!
Everyone stops yelling and looks at him. Des then goes on curtly that there's something much more important he wants to talk about, and that's Mike's birthday party.
MADGE: We're not going.
DES (snaps). Yes you are; you're *all* going. I mean, it's been hard enough for Mike, with this stuff about his mother. Now, hardly anybody in Ramsay Street is going to his party. How do you think that makes him feel? You know, he even asked me to cancel - but there *will be a party*, only it'll be a surprise; and you're *all* coming, whether you like it or not. Do I make myself clear?
Nick starts to say that he and Sharon won't be there because of what happened with the skateboard. Des, however, retorts that Mike risked his job doing Nick a favour; he should've dobbed Nick in to Muir for breaking into his office; does that make Mike the villain? Nick looks away meekly. Des then demands:
DES: Any other objections?
There are brief mutterings from Madge and Helen, but Des ignores these and says curtly:
DES: Good. Good. See you there.
With that, he walks out.
No. 30
Hilary is pacing the lounge room floor as she tells Matt that the Robinsons are asking questions now: they'll have to be very careful, otherwise the truth will come out sure as night follows day. Sharon walks in suddenly and demands:
SHARON: What truth? What truth?
HILARY (retorts): None of your business.
SHARON (pleads): Come on... I *live* in this house. If there's something going on, I think I have a right to know.
HILARY: Well *I* don't agree.
SHARON: It's to do with you and Matt, isn't it?
MATT: Yes.
Hilary looks at Matthew in horror. Matthew, however, tells her that they can't keep it a secret forever.
SHARON: Keep *what* a secret?
MATT: OK, I think you *do* have a right to know the full story. It'll be a relief for me to get it off my chest, anyway.
Looking horrified, Hilary appeals:
HILARY: Matthew...
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Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0982
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0982
Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Matt Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0982
Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Harold Bishop, Helen Daniels

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 0982
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0982
Mike Young

Barbara Young in Neighbours Episode 0982
Barbara Young

Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0982
Matt Robinson, Nick Page, Sharon Davies, Hilary Robinson

Mike Young, Barbara Young in Neighbours Episode 0982
Mike Young, Barbara Young

Sharon Davies, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0982
Sharon Davies, Helen Daniels

Nick Page in Neighbours Episode 0982
Nick Page

Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0982
Nick Page, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Hilary Robinson

Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0982
Des Clarke, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Nick Page, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0982
Des Clarke, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop, Nick Page, Helen Daniels, Beverly Robinson, Jim Robinson

Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson, Sharon Davies in Neighbours Episode 0982
Matt Robinson, Hilary Robinson, Sharon Davies

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0982
Hilary Robinson

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